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Sequestrating Pulsa D’Nura the Whip of Fire to curse and kill Illuminati:

(Lilith Tsabaoth the Whip of Fire)

This is the Shekinah cast by 10 Rabbis as the body of Shekinah to curse to kill. The 10 Rabbis used it to curse Yitzhak Rabin for returning stolen lands to the Palestinians. The 10 Rabbis intoned the Whip of Fire before Rabin’s residence in Jerusalem to curse to kill so his assassination occured. What is so special about the Whip of Fire is that it is designed to curse to kill Satanic Jews such as Rabin. The Psi-Lord used it on the torture murderer Jew of the Lebanon the genocidal war criminal Prime Minister who fell to the Whip of Fire which is now Psi-Lord Ltd property. As a SuperJew who adheres to the Talmud all Jew property, power is mine as is the Goyims. This includes the Whip of Fire Curse. This is the extreme end of curses so is not for the Western wageslave but the dedicated Psi-Master who wishes to be able to kill Satanic Jews by use of cursing at will. It also works on the Skull and Bones TOHOU Satanic Goyim such as Bush, Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel.. so has the utmost value. Lilith is the Whip, Tsabaoth Fire: So it is bringing down the wrath of Tsabaoth via Lilith.

The Whip of Fire in essence consists of bringing down the power of GEBURAH to descend like a whip on the victim. The Whip of Fire starts at ELOHIM GIBOR the Geburah Sephiroth of the Satanic God form of Kabbalah, and is an aspect of Elohim the Chaos sequestration process of light energy matter so the SHADDAI, TSABAOTH, ELOHIM GIBOR Triangle of Art is the gateway to release the Whip of Fire. The lash then travels down from this Triangle of Art, opened up of course by the left hand Bone Generator® in a clockwise (anti-chaos direction) and projected with the right hand Bone Generator® to the next step which is Samael the Arch Angelic Demon of the Kabbalah of the evil face of the Arch Demonic realm BRIAH, the next Triangle of Art is Samael, Shekinah, NAHEMA, the Bone Generators® are used as above. From there the whip lash goes to YETZIRAH, the SERAPHIM or flaming serpents of GEBURAH. The Triangle of Art is the Seraphim, Tulal Cain and Naamah. Using the Bone Generators® as above. The final part of the whip is directing the God power of Chaos to its evil as evil Kabbalah form of GOLAB the Averse qlippothic GEBURAH of the Satanic Kabbalah. The other parts of the Triangle of Art are formed by THAUMIEL and LILITH to tie in with Satanism. This completes the Yod, He, VAU, HE of the Satanist Jew that is needed for every completion of Chaos to manifestation. The four fold Chaos to 4 Triangles of Art for the 12 Powers, directions of the Judaic Matrix so the curse then is the Matrix for the target. Brown is the target of the Whip of Fire because he slandered and libelled the Russian Federation, this as an example to all other Western nations. To curse to death your own Satanic Jew just get their picture, name and put it in the 4 Triangles of Art above in the order given above to complete the Whip of Fire. This then kills the target by reshaping the Jewish made Matrix to be remanifest so all paths lead to the death of the target. Hence the Whip, the path to death. It’s Fire as all Israels’ enemies in ancient times were put in ovens and baked to death, the standard way of sacrificing to the Chaos God. All the past sacrifices to the Chaos God are freed by this Service as the new Satanic Jew, Goyim targets take on all the torture of the past victims, past present and future, to add to their torture as the Whip of Fire is a bit tame for the Psi-Lord. This gives the Psi-Master the killing capacity of the Rabbis who cursed America to cause Katrina and the California fire because of the Annapolis peace process with the Palestinians.

Sequestrating Pulsa D’Nura the Whip of Fire to curse and kill Illuminati Service:

$200 with Certificate

Upgrade A: Killing Countries and Corporations using Jew Satanic Pulsa D’nura.

The Whip of Fire: Lilith, Tsabaoth. As we saw the 10 Rabbis of the Holy Temple used the Whip of Fire to cause Katrina and the California fires because of the peace talks in Annapolis with the Palestinians, mediated by the US government, to punish America. This Upgrade A upgrades your Pulsa D’nura Whip of Fire so you can cause catastrophe to corporations or any Western or Zionist country (excluding Russia or China.) To use simply follow the above curse but the Bone Generator® power level has been stepped up from tactical to strategic levels for the Psi-Master.

Sequestrating Pulsa D’Nura the Whip of Fire Upgrade A:

$400 with Certificate

Upgrade B:

Killing is so tame when you can torture the victim so the Upgrade tunes your Pulsa D’nura so you can get a real Whip of Fire for your physical biophysical dreaming bodies which you wield with the right hand to curse the victim so their life falls apart, their loved ones die, their business collapses, they get paralysed but remain sane and alive to suffer. The more you lash the fire to torment them by giving them failure in all things be it impotence, bankruptcy, homelessness, prison, herpes as you rapidly age them by sucking out their youth using the left hand Bone Generator® Pulsa D’nura to give them psychic Satanic Jew progeria.

Sequestrating Pulsa D’Nura the Whip of Fire Upgrade B:

$200 with Certificate

Upgrade C:

We all know the Satanic Jew is behind all world torture be it the school of the Americas torture trainers, Mossads torturers in all 3rd world countries or the Jewish ownership of all hardcore pornography, sadomasochistic, bestiality enterprises. All this energy is the body of the Whip of Fire so you can download all the sexual energy lifeforce from tortured broken bodies past present and future to congressmen, senators, MPs… whipped by their Master or Dominatrix. This sex life energy is downloaded by your Whip of Fire in the left hand Bone Generator® and the right hand Bone Generator® Whip of Fire is sued on the target to give them the toxic waste from the Sublime Good® process. This is the Pure Venom of God injected by your right Whip of Fire to turn the victim totally tortured mad with depression, self hate… but sane so they can fully realise the pain. This Upgrade is recommended for the Master, Dominatrix Psi-Master SuperJew who likes to torture the victim mentally until finally they can’t stand it and suicide. A virtual sacrifice to the SuperJew.

$200 with Certificate
Upgrade D:

If you wish to be protected from Pulsa D’Nura 24/7 Psi-Lord Ltd offer Full Spectrum psychic protection (full details on Now SuperJew Kabbalistic curse killing is available to any client only we can protect you from the Whip of Fire! As it is so easy to kill or drive you mad, the millionaire has to protect himself or herself from all psychic attack called bad luck as the bad guys now are psychic Masters, Kabbalistis and military remote influencers be safe, be sure you are protected the psychic bodyguard system for the rich and famous only from Psi-Lord Ltd. If you are an assassin the Whip of Fire gives you Rothschild Zionist Illuminati power for $200. Remember the Pulsa D’Nura: Whip of Fire is the Tohou Satanic Jew curse on Jews who fall out of line so the Psi-Lord Ltd sequestered Whip of Fire will kill any Satanic Jew from the Emperor Nathaniel Rothschild to dogs bodies like Sarkozy all Satanic Jews, all killed or worse by the Whip of Fire.

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If you wish to lash the Illuminati with their own super curse: the Whip of Fire, from your own home, Psi-Lord Ltd as a public Service to humanity offer you the power to target an Illuminati with a single lash of their own Whip of Fire for $5 a lash, so all the poor Americans bankrupted, broken and destitute can use the Talmud on the Jewish, Goyim Satanist monsters.