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Sequestering the Jewish Tarot: for the Kohen Gadol SuperJew Psi-Master of the World.

The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat as the SuperJew Grand High Priest of the Sanhedrin wishes to share the power of the Jewish Tarot with his Psi-Masters. The Jewish Tarot is now unknown to the world but for the select Sanhedrin, Rabbis in Israel that use it’s power. It is totally Satanic and gives the practical magic basis of the Kabbalah, the lesser path (Lower He) in comparison to the higher path use of the Shekinah (or more accurately to be used by the Shekinah) the ultimate weapon system of Chaos. Having killed Shekinah the powers thereof will be in a special Limited Edition Service for 2009. This Jewish Tarot gives the power mad Psi-Master the Sequestered power of Rothschild Satanic practical magic to enrich, control, possess – make yourself a Rothschild clone. As a SuperJew following the Talmud all the Rothschild Jews own is now mine though they don’t know it yet so now I’m selling off all their powers to Goyim Psi-Masters, even Jews if you are Bohou.

The Jewish Tarot is in part the knowledge of Satanic magic of Enos, using the names of the Chaos Gods to control lesser Chaos entities, the 78 Tarot Chaos entities of the Jewish Tarot. The Builders of the Tower of Babel (Nimrod of the Freemasons) used this Jewish Tarot to produce the Chaos of many tongues. All non-Matrix beings, Pulsar, Human… speak English, not because it is English, but as total telepaths, language is not a barrier. Pulsars prefer picture, cinematic communication as the bandwidth is far higher and talking is for the stupid. Be this as it may Babel was the introduction of Matrix technology to build the Chaos infrastructure of the Matrix that compartmentalises the Sequestered reality to produce Matrix boxes. The core unit of this is the 78 Chaos entities of each specific box, mini-Abaddon. Enos used the name of the Lord of Chaos to force spirits Chaos entities in accordance with the recognised procedure of magical ritual. Such was their power that they build Babel (the Matrix) to make war on Total Intent. The power of Enos magic is the pronunciation of the word and things were accomplished. They succeeded and telepathy was broken to be left with the 78 tongues (Memes) of Chaos entities.

The Rothschilds have used these 78 Chaos entities of the Matrix for total control over the Matrix. In this Bone Generator® Service we sequester the Jewish Tarot to give control of the 78 Chaos entities to the Psi-Master SuperJew. The Kabbalistic Tree is in face six Kabbalistic Trees the Sephirotic Trees, 3 up, 3 down./ Each Kabbalistic Tree has a Daath wormhole gateway to control access and enable access by Demonic powers Chorizon is the occult gatekeeper of the Matrix, Douma the Satanic Angel of Vindication so the 78 Chaos Tarot of the Jewish Tarot have the power in their Box of Abaddon, Douma and Demonic power to control that part of the Matrix, Trap, block and control Good as Evil, trap, block, and control Evil as Evil in the Matrix. Hence they are very powerful in the West rules by Kabbalah Matrix. We drive the 78 from the 4×3, where 13 denotes the pathways between the Daath of the 6 Sephirotic Trees which equals 52 the 4 being the 4 worlds of Matrix Kabbalah, true Kabbalah recognises only one Kabbalistic Tree with the 4 worlds within (six for the Sephirotic Tree); 6×4, the 6 Daaths in the 4 worlds pathways linking the 4 worlds of the Matrix Kabbalah together, which makes 24. Finally Elohah Vadaath (ALVH V DATH), the Divine Tiphareth and JHVH V DATH (Jehovah VA Daath) gives the final two, both being the number 8 in Hebrew (8 period doubling of Chaos). The Daath is the centre of the brain, intelligence of the Matrix and is the VAU stolen male principle from Goyim and is the third part of the Triangle of Art with Chokmah and Binah. So the supernal and supernal is infernal Sports of the Sephirotic Tree merge strange, dark and light energy matter trees to form Daath wormholes to Elohah and Jehovah (gateways to Shaddai and Tsaboath) So we see the Jewish Tarot is the blueprint of wormholes called Daath to build a fully sequestered world called a Matrix. Gematria gives these Daath as the 50 Gates of Understanding, 5 of Elohim x 10 of the Kabbalistic Tree = 50.

We know Samael has command of the 50th Gate as he blocked Moses from passing the 50th Gate of Understanding. So the 50 of Elohim Sephirotic Trees must be Evil as Samael is the 50, the Elohim Avatar is Sequestering the light energy matter world. As we have 6 Kabbalistic Trees in the Sephirotic Trees of the Elohim Matrix that gives us 6×50=300. Then we have the 6 Daath Gateways to Elohim, the Chaos God of light energy matter corruption, but as we have seen they are double as Daath has two God names Elohah and Jehovah so we need 6×2=12 (as the Demiurge is doubled Yaltabaoth, Yaldaboath so needs two Gateways for Evil as Good, Good as Evil) finally we have the Chaos intelligences of Tsabaoth and Shaddai, to give 300+12+2=314 the number of Metratron Shaddai, Adonai, Shekinah. Metratron being the vesture of Shaddai the Shell of Shaddai so human male principle is eaten by the Chaos God to enable Sequestration, eaten from our outside to provide the robe covering of Shaddai.

To use the Jewish Tarot you get the Tarot pack from the Internet and turn it into the Jewish Tarot. This is done by using the Bone Generator® to pen the Daath Gateways to Chaos to release the Jewish Tarot Chaos entities who like Jinn have to obey your every command the 52 minor Arcana can be used as is. The 22 Major Arcana are really 24 Major Arcana, the Chaos spirits of the 4 worlds of Matrix Kabbalah. You add two of the 4 remaining Cards to make the 24. The 4 have 8 ways of being used if order does another and these 8 ways fit with the value of 8 associated with Daath. The 8 ways also apply to the Shaddai Tsabaoth cards derived from the 4 non Arcana cards. Hence the double name for 8 in Hebrew. So though you have 78 Jewish Tarot Chaos Demons to command, there are 8 ways to command them. Those are Evil as Good, strange, light energy matter, dark energy matter, strange, normal, and shadow tarot, then the Qlippothic Evil as Evil, strange, light energy matter, dark energy matter and finally the Shaddai (master Jewish tarot) and Tsabaoth (minor Jewish Tarot). The Tarot are fully described on websites galore and Kenneth Grants OTO Shadow Tarot are readily available. To get the Meme of the Chaos Entity that is yours to command. The strange matter Tarot (the real Jewish Tarot) is the Evil version of the Tarot and Shadow Tarot (Shaddai Tsabaoth) so can be reality discovered just by making Evil all the attributes of both Tarot.

To use you simply touch the image of the Tarot with the left hand bone Generator® to open the 78 Gateways for that specific Gateway and then touch with the right hand the target for that entity be it cooperation, Sanhedrin Jew, Country, enemy, friend, wife, boss… The strange matter is defined by having the card verified, normal frat on the table, dark energy (shadow) lengthwise. For the dlippothic infernal tarot version just invert for the horizontal head to right not left as in non inverted (tine goes from left to right). For the lazy just get 78 Tarot cards and touch them with your left Bone Generator® hand and touch a target with the right hand to carry out your mission. The Quantum Computing Engine in your Bone Generators® automatically does the rest so you have the 78 Jewish tarot Chaos entities to command as the Rothschilds have done to be your personal genius to carry out your command. As the entire West from Illuminati, Freemasonry, military, politics, women, births and deaths is controlled by the Kabbalah the 78 Jewish Tarot gives the Psi-Master SuperJew the power to emulate the Rothschild Sanhedrin and make everything go your way for power, money, sex, magic and beyond. As all the Tarot users in the world use the corrupted version the Rothschild Satanist users, Jewish Tarot and the Book of Thoth Tarot magic of the OTO, Kennel Grant Satanists, to power this Bone Generator Service so you get a free lunch no power to supply, just power to use, your cake and eating it all in one package. As each strange matter, light energy matter, dark energy matter pillar of the Sephirotic Tree has 6 Daath to Tiphoreth to Daath paths, we get the 6, 6, 6, (6 Daath pathways for each pillar so this Bone Generator® can tap into all the 666 use past, present and future to add extra power to the Service for our Sanhedrin Psi-Master.

The Jewish Satanist Tarot is self generating as Daath the so called 11th Sephiroth is a Gateway to Chaos. It passed Jod 5+5 Chaos female poison (the Fallen Eve) to Man and Woman and uploads their reality 1 to make the other Jod Value 1. So we can see the exchange of Chaos 5+5 to get Mankinds reality 1. So the JOD in both Chaos directions is 5+5+1=11 the Daath Gateway. As Goyim are 7 and there are 7 Jew Satanist spells to poison them as their riches are stolen (see Sequestering Elohim) we have 7×11 (Jod poisoning and Sequestration of Mankind) = 77 controlled by the final Jod fed by Goyim which is 1 in Gematria so we get 77+1=78. So all Tarot cards are the physical anchor for the process and the Jewish Tarot the recover of all the good things; a Psychotronic Crystal® to bioparticle set up and incorporating Sublime Good® to dump all occultism, misdirection has the Goyim thinking it is for divination when it is the heart, soul, body of Jew Satanist magic. The Jew Tarot is the body of the occult beat called Kabbalah, so secret only a SuperJew like Tim Rifat can sequester it’s secrets.

Similarly JOD(5+5) He(5) VAU(5+1) He(5) = 26. We know Shaddai is 3 so 3×26 = 78. so the Tarot embody the total completion of Shaddai in Tetragrammation so any one having a Tarot deck accepts the bill for Shaddai’s Total completion – pure perfection of the Talmud. The SuperJew has Sequestered the entire Tarot process so all the Tarot owning Goyim and the Shaddai shit (now extinct killed by the Psi-Lord) the SuperJew past, present and future to perfect the SuperJew Psi-Master and also to reverse the Shaddai Total Completion so it is Omega Hell so all Jews and Goyim are cast in Omega Hell to power the process. As the Jewish Tarot has total power over Goyim the Sequestered Jewish Tarot Entities are unstoppable by Goyim the Shaddai Tetragrammaton Sequestration means the Jewish Tarot Entities must now cast all Jews into Omega Hell giving the SuperJew Tarot Master Total Power over the Satanic Jew and all Kabbalah and Kabbalistic Gods now in Omega hell for eternity and beyond.

Sequestering the Jewish Tarot: for the Kohen Gadol SuperJew Psi-Master of the World, with Certificate $1000 limited to 12 only.

Upgrade A: Jewish Tarot Letters of Satanic Power to command Matter.

In the Elohim Service you have seen that the Hebrew letters are Sigils, names, keys to power. This is because each Hebrew Satanic letter is in fact three dimensional and spins generating a Torsion field. So Psychotronic Crystalware™ of any Hebrew letter generates the power for you designated in the Elohim Service. But also the letters move along designated paths as the double letters and the 12 Matrix letters have directions. So these Hebrew letters are spinning and are moving along all the Daath wormholes Chaos gates in the Sephirothic Tree (6 Kabbalistic Trees, 3 up, 3 down), these letters generate a propagating torsion radiation known as a Torsion Wave. Torsion Waves warp, modify gravity and hence light (as light is gravity in the 5th dimension). Torsion Fields are identical tot he transverse spin polarisation of the physical vacuum, so by this method Chaos can modulate the Quantum Vacuum of the light energy matter universe and by this means build the Matrix, Chaos sequestration of light energy physical vacuum by means – a Sephirothic Tree. Torsion Field, Wave generated by the Hebrew letters spinning and bouncing around the Sephirothic Daath gateways – the high science of Chaos and Evil now sequestered by the Psi-Lord.

This Bone Generator® Service enables you to sequester all 8 Hebrew Letter Torsion Fields and Waves so you gain access to the power of the Jewish Tarot Letters of Satanic Power. So the left hand Bone Generator® hoovers up the Circular Force spin of the Hebrew Letters and with the right hand Bone Generator® download the mirror megaverse spin of the Hebrew Letters. This unglues you from the matter phase of the Matrix and enables your 78 Jewish Tarot Anti-Chaos entities to not only control mind but matter as well as the Sephirothic Tree Daath gateways have been sequestrated to Anti-Chaos Mirror Megaverse torsion spin, so freeing the physical vacuum so your Anti-Chaos Jewish Tarot can change the physical vacuum in conformity with their anti and 7 double letters in both conformations = 14 and the 12 Matrix Hebrew Letters (He to Quliph) which gives 26 Satanic letters, then Mem, then Shin, to give 26 and 26. This gives 3×26 = 78. These letters must be added to your Tarot Cards to allow the Anti-Chaos Tarot change matter not just mind. As the Jewish Tarot is the Chaos pantheon of the Jews temporal power, this gives you the power ripped from the Rothschild to control the world!

Upgrade A: Jewish Tarot Letters of Satanic Power to command Matter. $600 with Certificate

Upgrade B:

The Jewish Tarot to turn Man to clay for the SuperJew.

The Sephiroth are Illuminati spheres spinning in the CF mode and also pulsing in and out to control the pulsing aspect of the Torsionic Soliton, the left side of Man that had psychic powers before his fall into Chaos thralldom with his Jew prison guards. The Sephirotic Tree has 6×10 Sephiroth, the Chaos gateway of Daath is another 6 to make 66 pulsing Torsion Field Suppressors. They suppress the Goyims psychic powers derived from his left side that pulses, so when he pulses out the Jew Tarot Sephiroth pulse is to cancel all Goyim psychic powers. The Jew has an alien shit coloured brown strange matter body so the Jew pulses in opposition to the Goyim and uses the pulsing energy bled off Goyim to boost her or his psychic power damnation of the Jew Matrix. So this makes the Jew the Chosen Race, all psychic power is bled off the Goyim as it is suppressed and the Satanic Jew feeds on this psychic power to become as a God in the world. As you might guess the seventh Kabbalistic Tree is quantum superimposed on Goyim. So we have 7 Trees of Satanic Kabbalah. That is why the number of Goyim is 7 in Gematria and also for Shekinah the Chaos power over Goyim. This gives us 7×11 Sephiroth which equals 77 add the O for Chaos, the Fool, and you have the 78 Tarot cards of the Jewish Tarot. To make your own deck get 78 cards and just unite the name of each Sephiroth on the cards, 1=11 in Hebrew if you can or print from the Internet, do this 7 times. Then just add the strange matter Evil as Good for one 11; Dark Matter Evil as Good; Matrix Good as Evil; Strange Matter Evil as Evil; Dark Matter Evil as Evil, Matrix Hell Evil as Evil; finally Goyim slave vermin and Jew slave vermin for the final 11 cards. As a SuperJew you control both Jew and Goyim. The final card simply has the Triangle of Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim, and is the Jewish Tarot Fool in Anti-Sephiroth mode. This gives you the 78 cards which produce 78 Anti-Chaos Tarot Entities that embody the Anti-Psychic Damping Field to release your psychic powers from Jew bondage. The 78 Tarot Entities in this mode give psychic power in the Matrix and are the way the Kohen has psychic power over the Goy. Now they are yours the 78 give you psychic supernatural spirit power over the Goy and Jew so you have 77 Tarot Entities to give you 11 Daat wormhole power over the 7 of Goyim and 7 of Jew and Shekinah. The O card cancels out all Chaos Evil so you can reboot anything with your 77 Anti-Chaos Tarot Powers. The Evil as Good cards give you the psychic power to benefit yourself, the Evil as Evil to dump on Goyim, Jews, strange matter Tohou, dark matter Demons and the Evil in the world, Pentagon, NATO, Bildebergers. Each Sephiroth card is tuned to the Anti-Chaos SuperJew version of the 10 Sephiroth and wormhole Daath for travelling or transporting good or evil. Once can see Tarot is the height of Occultism now the SuperJew has given you power over the Illuminati Jewish Tarot and made the Rothschilds…. Goyim.

The Jewish Tarot to turn Man to clay for the SuperJew: $600 with Certificate
Upgrade C:

The Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystals® Psychotronic Generators™ Magnets:

For the first time in history the most powerful magic tool of the Illuminati is on offer to select clients. Each of the 78 Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystals® Psychotronic Generators™ Magnets is also a Sublime Good® Quantum Computing Engine dumping all the toxic waste and blow back from this next generation Judaic magic on the worldwide owners of counterfeit crystals and products from UK government Satanist patsy counterfeiters:;;’’’… So the Jewish Tarot Magnets are bioparticles sucking all the customers of the counterfeiters, governments, counterfeiters and locals. This means the Jewish Tarot Magnet Psychotronic Generators® never need charging but always get charged by all those crystals, customers and Services by counterfeiters to dupes from,,,… Each of the 78 Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Generators® is a bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® the terminus of a massive network of Psychotronic Crystals® and negative Bone Generators® sold worldwide by UK government Satanists such as and NSA Satanists such as so each Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystal® has literally thousands of sequestered counterfeit Crystals and Satanist Services from,,,, but more importantly all the people who have ever had a tarot reading, tarot readers and all Satanists that practise Tarot magic, including Crowley devotees of the Book of Thoth such as the OTO; even more importantly all the devotees of Kabbalah (4 million in the Kabbalah Institute of Madonna), 13 to 17 million Jews and every Freemason, occultist on the planet all feeding your most powerful generation magic tool in existence. Get power get it for free with no charging and have 78 Tarot Entities, which are the infrastructure of the Matrix at your beck and call. To use put all 77 Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystals® in a circle (anti-clockwise) around you and hold the Shaddai and Tsabaoth Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystals® in your left hand. This pumps energy into you from the Jewish Tarot worldwide UnterGoyim counterfeiters… Crystals and Services, talismans, occultists. To send them forth to do your bidding put the Tsabaoth Psychotronic Crystal® in your right hand Bone Generator® and then touch the target which you put in a Triangle of Art made by putting Samael on the left, Amalek on the right and below Lilith Nahema. You touch the Tsabaoth Jewish Tarot to the picture of the target and the target is attacked for as long as the Triangle of Art is in place. To upload all the good things from the target simply touch the Shaddai and Tsabaoth Judaic Tarot Psychotronic Crystals® in your left hand Bone Generator® to the target. Place the points of the Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystal® facing inward. To inject Jewish Tarot Entities use the Tsabaoth Psychotronic Crystal® point of Crystal to touch target in the Triangle of Art. To upload energy hold in left hand Bone Generator™ and touch flat base of Shaddai Tsabaoth Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystals® Psychotronic Generator™ Sublime Good® Magnets to the target. It’s as simple as that.

All the fancy stuff is done by the Quantum Computing Engines downloaded into your Bone Generators® as a free Service.

The Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystals® Psychotronic Generators™ Magnets: $3400

(only 12 sets, Limited Edition)

With Certificate

Upgrade D:

For the poor wanabee Psi-Lord offer a Jewish Tarot Magnet Psychotronic Crystal® that allows you to rent the Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Entities for 28 days to carry out Magic tasks. The Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystal® Magnet is activated by the customers touch for 28 days only, then the Service ends. It’s as simple as that. To use as above point used to send Tarot Entities held in right hand Bone Generator® hand upload energy with left hand Bone Generator® hand.

Though not as powerful as any owned Service, it gives the user a taste of the real power wielded by the SuperJew to enrich himself and become Master of the Matrix using the Jews own sequestered Chaos Judaic magic.

28 day Jewish Tarot Psychotronic Crystal® Magnet $600 can be renewed every 28 days, for a further $600.

(If you are a military government customer you must take the $25,000 annual rental option to use Jewish Tarot)

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.