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Sequestering Tubal Cain Service: controlling male Petty Tyrants in the Zionist West.

As has been shown previously the Zionist Jew is a strange matter/energy entity which in conjunction with dark energy matter vermin can replace the Soul of a human and breed true as a Tubal Cain, Satanic man and his sister NAAMAH the rotten woman. In the Zohar the brown strange matter/energy biophysical bodies of the Satanic Jews (Pharisaic, Sanhedrin) are called TOHOU: the Demons are the excrement of the earth (shit hence shit coloured) and are designated by the word TOHOU. the self hating Jews free from Demons are called BOHOU. Thanks to the work of the Rothschilds and the other 12 Satanic Illuminati’s families, the non Demonic Jew of the Bohou (that bred Christ) are the minority. This is due to the Jews of Israel breaking their covenant with God. Lilith the Serpent was condemned by God to go upon her belly this means that God took away those feet which are the support of the body: ‘But Israel who would not be supported by the law – which was built up to encompass it, as the hills stand around Jerusalem – has lent feet to the Serpent for the support of her’ (Lilith). So the birth of Israel in 1948 immediately cost all Israeli Jews and Zionists as TOHOU the brown strange dark energy matter quantum superimposition of evil in Man external damnation. The archetypes of which are Tubal Cain and his sister Naomah. This shows that not all Jews where evil, but after the advent of Israel only the self hating Jews escaped TOHOU possession. So all Israelis, Zionists such as: Bush, Blair, Brown, Merkel Sarkozy, Romney, McCaine, Clinton, Obama… are possessed TOHOU. Nathniel Rothschild being the premier Tubal Cain.

In this Service the process of TOHOU possession is explained. The archetype Adam, Man has sexual congress with the Lilith Demons of dark energy matter to breed hybrid human/dark energy matter Demons and the female archetype Eve has sexual congress with Samael the brown strange matter/energy spirit Insectile of Israel/Zion (Lilith is a Reptile, serpent dark energy matter Chaos possessed vermin) to breed strange energy matter Demons, TOHOU. Now when the human male and female have sex the quantum superimposition allows the Samael, Lilith quantum superimposition to push out the human Soul and the physical human born from the Eve will be an alien strange, dark energy matter TOHOU, Tubal Cain or NAAMAH clone. Hence only a Jew may be born from a Jewess, a possessed TOHOU Naamah Zionist Jewess. The process is described in the Zohar and explains why the Zionist Jew is the purveyor of all archetypal evil in the world. Mossad training all the tortures in South, Central, America… the Samael Spirit of TOHOU, all pornography in the USA is owned, run by Jews, the Rothschild control all politics in the West, the NAAMAH media whore idolatress Spirit of TOHOU Israel. Israel has built a Jerusalem of Masonic Satanic buildings to give legs to the Lilith Serpent, all these Satanic Freemasonry constructs funded, aid and abetted by the Rothschild and other 12 Satanic Jewish Illuminati TOHOU families comprised of Tubal Cain and NAAMAH dark energy matter, strange matter energy matter possessed entities. You can imagine the Illuminati will go insane reading their innermost secrets on this website. To add injury to insult the Quantum Computing Engine Bone Generator┬« the Psi-Lord has designed allows the poor Goyim Psi-Master to sequester all the TOHOU Tubal Cain’s to get them to do what you want, as all Petty Tyrants in the human male form are Tubal Cain’s, Bush being officially the Tubal Cain of Israel on 6 Jan 2008 on the Scroll of Bush given to the idiot in Israel by the Satanist Rabbis of Satan. The right hand Bone Generator┬« injects into the Tubal Cain Anti-Chaos to drive them mad and download your commands while the left hand Bone Generator┬« uploads all their wealth, power, energy, maleness, over the Goyim into you and, the right then dumps the negative into the Tubal Cain. This is so painful it pushes the TOHOU out of the shell and allows you with the right again to download a sequestration Tulpa so you can control all the West’s Tubal Cain’s be they politician, banker, corporate head, general; place your left hand on Israel right hand on your genitals to upload the energy for the Tulpa, then grow it in any Western female to mass produce Tulpas for sequestration upgrading the Baby Machine Service so you can get Western sows or TOHOU sows to breed sequestration Tulpas.

To increase Tulpa Archetypes get the Win Friends and Influence Service and Tulpas Service to grow armies of the Tulpas in sows to possess Tubal Cain’s.

Sequestering Tubal Cain Service: $400 with Certificate