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Sequestering the Satanic Names of Kabbalah:

To reboot the Matrix for your personal use.

The Terminating Tetragrammaton Service erases the Chaos entities and all black magic and can be used as a flame thrower on the Matrix, Anglo Demonic Reality OverMatrix and Archon hell worlds. Once you have a clean slate what then? The SuperJew wishes to follow the Talmud and take over all the power and possessions of the Illuminati Satanists, locking the Illuminati in hell as the SuperJew lords it over the Matrix and carries out all the Illuminati Chaos Magic in Anti-Chaos form. Then using the Sequestered Sealing Names Service to lock what she/he wants into manifestation for the SuperJews’ pleasure and the Goyim and untergay goyim suffer endless toil be they Jew or Illuminati Goyim. The Freemason had all their Satanic rituals based on Kabbalah; Albert Pike the Grand Freemason used the Satanic Jew Eliphas Levi as his mentor to make all the American Freemasonry Satanists rituals. Now Tetragrammaton has been terminated none of them work. The SuperJew might wish to use the Matrix as his own so may wish to reboot it with herself/himself in control, the trophy wife controlling Chaos Magic while her husband wastes his time on Freemason rituals that now do not work because of the Terminating Tetragrammaton Service. As Tetragrammaton was the Satanic name of ultimate power which was the root and foundation of Satanism, Matrix and the ruling force in the world. It’s pronunciation a closely guarded secret. Now Tetragrammaton is terminated the ultimate weapon of mass destruction has descended on the Satanic West all black magic has ceased to work.

To reboot the system for the SuperJew so She/he can enjoy the Matrix as the Illuminati did prior to the SuperJew the system can be rebooted in Anti-Chaos forms chaos forms will not reboot. To become an Anti-Chaos black magician in the Matrix as a SuperJew ruling over Goyim and untergoyim (Jews) one can use the Anti-Chaos form of the Kabbalistic God Tree to reboot a new Anti-Chaos Matrix with the SuperJew in charge. Regime change from Illuminati to SuperJew. As all Kabbalah was based on Tetragrammaton only the Psi-Lords Sepher SuperJew Kabbalah now works putting the Rabbis out of work!

The Ten Stages are the Ten SuperJew Anti-Chaos Matrix divine names of Anti-Chaos magic, these are:

1/ Kether: Melekh, Adonai.

2/ Chokmah, Chai Le Shaddai.

3/ Binah, Tzabaoth, Elohim; this forms the first Triangle of Art.

4/ Chesed: Tzabaoth, Adonai.

5/ Geburah: Daath Va Eloah.

6/ Tiphereth: Gibor, Elohim; the second Triangle of Art.

7/ Netzach: El.

8/ Hoda, Elohim, He, Vau, He, Yod.

9/ Jesod: He, Vau, He, Yod; is the third Triangle of Art.

10/ The final Triangle of Art; Malkuth: Heiehe, Elohim.

11/ Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth.

12/ Shaddai, SuperJew (each SuperJew will be given a new name with this Service your personalised key to SuperJewdom).

One can see there are 4 Triangles of Art to replace Tetragrammaton and all the power from the Adonai process (see Sequestering Adonai Service) diverted to the Psi-Lord who then remanifests the Anti-Chaos Matrix with the SuperJew as the Masters of the West (chosen race Russians). This gives you the SuperUser status in the Matrix and allows you to use Illuminati Chaos Magic and lock out the Illuminati. To reboot the Matrix for yourself simply draw the 4 Triangles of Art above in that order with 1, 4, 7 and 10 point down to manifest your SuperJew Matrix; the base from left to right (2+3; 5+6; 8+9; 11+12). So SuperJew is the bottom Triangle of Art and is in the top right hand corner. Draw the Triangles Anti-Clockwise with your left hand Bone Generator® to make a negative energy debt Matrix of Anti-Chaos where the SuperJew gets fed with power, money, youth, trophy partners, fast cars, yachts, mansions… praise and all the Goyim and untergoyim pay the price in poverty, ill health, premature ageing… violent repression. Pure regime change your SuperJew name will be given with your Certificate and is reversed for all other people so you get more SuperJewdom if it is used by a thief, such as,,,,, they pay the price to you rather like the Psychotronic Generatorâ„¢ Magnets. Once you have the 4 Triangles put a picture of yourself, any goals, business, things you wish to be given to you by Goyim in the Triangles to manifest.

Sequestering the Satanic Names of Kabbalah, $400 with Certificate