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Sequestering the New World Order Judaic Messiahs Service:

To get the Matrona Spirit of Jewish Wealth on Earth.

The secret teachings of the Rothschild Illuminati give the blueprint for how they take over the entire world as laid down in the Zohar. As the Super Jew Great High Priest of the Sanhedrin, the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has sequestered the whole blueprint to put Russia as head of the one world government, instead of Israel. The Zohar shows that several Messiahs are needed for the one world government. Primary Messiah is now taken by the Psi-Lord, this is the Son of Ischai Master of all, by whom the Earth is nourished, Eternal Life is possible through him only Zohar, PT). The second is the Son of Ephraim of whom: he will be driven back from Rome (Centre of power in the modern world, the USA at present) the candidate for this being the Jew Kerry who failed to become president. The third Messiah, who is the Son of Joseph (a Goyim as he is called an Ox all Goyim are cattle in Judaic texts), the Talmud stating he has to suffer violent death. The obvious candidate for this is Obama the Kenyan conman who is slated for assassination. He is the scapegoat for whom the Satanic Jews state: ‘He was wounded for our transgressions… and with his stripes we are healed. The fourth Messiah is the Son of David. The Son of Joseph is united in his mission wit the Son of David but the former is slain (Zohar, pt 111 0) so we know Obamas vice president is the Rothschild designated Son of David Satanic Messiah. The Son of Joseph overcomes the ass demon, this ox (Goyim) therefore conquers some evil purportedly endemic racism). He is the conqueror of Great Rome (USA), the number 60 is fixed for the manifestation (60th Anniversary) of Israel.

The Jewish David vice president, now president after the assassination is the conqueror of little Rome, number 6 (VAU) the eternal world, Middle Place, so sells all the worlds Souls to the Archons probably by world government, Gulag religion . McCaine and a Jew could also fit the bill, but Obama is the perfect choice as long as he has a Jew as vice president. The time of Messiah allows evil strange matter Jew Souls to be incarnated from past failed Edamic worlds so they can all be born again to perfect this creation for Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. The Great Rome will fall to pieces (USA total collapse). A Great King will rise up and conquer the world (WW111). There will be war against Israel, the chosen people (Satanist Jews, Sanhedrin) were supposed to be delivered but the Psi-Lord has arranged their deliverance to Lucifer in Omega Hell. Nuclear fire: ‘The Horse of Jacob, Joseph and Esau burnt to stubble.’ As such stubble by such fire and flame shall the nations perish (changed to the Satanic West by the Psi-Lord). All the rebuilding of Jerusalem domination of the world by the Satanic Jews and their David is cast down as it was concomitant on the Covenant made by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth which he made with Israel, broken by the Israelis as they took Israel by force and did not wait for more subtle sequestration. The Prime Messiah Ischai was supposed to reside in the Bird’s Nest and the Palace of the Sick so all the diseases and sorrows, troubles of Israel assail him as no Satanic Jew could suffer the penalty due to his misdeeds. Since the Satanic Jews broke their own Covenant with the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth creator of this evil manifestation the Psi-Lord dumps all the karma back on the Satanic Jews and adds his own IOU for eternal perfect, perfect perdition for Total Deathgoat Jews.

One can see why the Psi-Lord is a Super Jew as he uses their own blueprint, rules against them, so he could build all his Services. This Service gives you the place of the Satanic Jew in the NWO so everything goes your way as the Satanic Spirit of Matrona, the final HE separated from above to build the Matrix so you sequester the magical power of the Satanic Jew to make money, sequester property, control Goyim, get every one to dance to your tune and get some Scapegoat with a Christ complex to take your shit. You can direct Matrona the Satanic Spirit of Israel that gives them wealth, sex, power in the temporal world to be your personal servant, Genie in the bottle simply by commanding it. This Satanic cornucopia spirit gives you worldly wealth and the Satanic Jews now suffer. The David Messiah is now the Russian one world government ruler and this Service allows you to become an apostle to the new leader as commander of Satanic wealth Matrona the Jews suffer eternal perdition with your own Karma downloaded into them you create Perfect, Perfect Omega Hell using the Talmudic Jews own system on them. This allows you to open your own Triangle of Art to Sheol Abaddon hell for Goyim and resurrect them, as the Satanist Jews have killed 60 million Russians (under the Rothschild Stalin), 30 million Russians and 10 million or more Germans (under the Rothschild Hitler) and millions of Japanese under the Jew Roosevelt, millions in the first world war caused by Rothschild Jews…. French revolution (caused by Rothschild Jews), each Goyim released will be a vengeful Soul, Spirit eager to attack Talmudic Jews and Zionists. These resurrected Souls by Talmudic Law are yours to command and can be put into Tulpas if you have our Tulpa Service to create poltergeist avengers, servants. After 12 months they are free to pursue the Rothschild Jew Satanists that consigned them to Abaddon Sheol. They act as an army of vengeful Supernatural Spirits and Souls to aid you in all things Anti-Talmudic so are a beneficial resource for the Psi-Master. The mechanism simply uses left right Bone Generators® to free any Goyim Soul of choice and direct it at target or put it in a Tulpa respectively so is easy for the dumb Psi-Master, the Bone Generator® does all the real work. Simply reverse duplicate the process for any Talmudic Jew, Zionist for every Goyim Soul recovered to give you the energy for the process.

Now as the David Messiah is supposed to be the new power in the Israeli Satanic one world government, this Service vivisects that power so you get a small portion of that power over people and Demons, Tohou (Satanic Jews) and Bohou (the other Jews), so you can wield power by Anti- Satanic means over all the people around you and become a charismatic leader for business, politics, mass mind control. One can see that this Service sequesters the messianic power for your disposal so you can heal with your right hand Bone Generator® and with your left hand Bone Generator® suck all the power out of people and Demons… so they are left as your love slaves to follow your every word and whim, like an Obama devotee who panders to his every whim. All blowback goes into Obama as he is targeted for assassination by the Rothschild Satanic Jews as mandated by their Zohar, the blueprint for world domination. Be a Messiah and purchase this Bone Generator® make yourself a Messiah Service to get a piece of the Satanic Judaic Pie.

Be powerful, be a Messiah.

Sequestering the New World Order Judaic Messiahs Service: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details. !!This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer.