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Sequestering Satanic Jews Service:

To get the X Factor for domination of the West.

The Psi-Lord after the 60th Anniversary of Israel has become the new Grand High Priest of the Sanhedrin, as any Psi-Master can become a High Priest of Judaic Satanism (Sanhedrin 59a). As Tim Rifat believes in regime change not revolution this Bone Generator® Service makes you the chosen race of Total Intent so like the Jews before you, everything in the West will be owned by a few Psi-Lord Ltd, Psi-Masters. The Psi-Lord has applied the Tahmud to the Jews so all their property is his and his Psi-Masters, even though the Jews are in denial about their situation.

Now to clarify what a Satanic Jew is and why some Western Jews who are against Israel (the self hating Jew) are not Satanic and in fact not even pharisaic, Sanhedrin Satanic brethren but akin to normal humans, the Psi-Lord must educate the Goyim cattle in the nature of reality. In the Kabbalah of the Zohar it is revealed the world of the Sephirotic Tree (the same one as in Genesis) consists of 6 Kabbalistic Trees; three up and three down; the Matrix and the infernal qlippotic realms respectively of the Western world and the Demons beneath. This means there are two dark energy matter worlds quantum superimposed on ours. Or more accurately dark energy matter for the left Kabbalistic Tree for Insectiles, Archons and a right Kabbalistic Tree for strange energy matter for the Satanic Jews and shapeshifting Reptiloids. The middle tree of light energy matter corresponds to humans and self hating Jews not in Israel. That is why the Jewish race has three Judaic branches to mirror this reality. Underneath is the 3 infernal Kabbalistic Trees. This gives us the 6 so vital to Satanic Jews be it the 60th Anniversary of Israel or the 6 million dead Jews of the state mandated truth holocaust shoa. Since both strange and dark energy matter beings are female, male energy VAU (6) is the vital X Factor to power Satanism. The strange energy matter universe is called Universe B by Satanists, the shadow Kabbalistic Tree and the Tunnels of Set by Kenneth Grants OTO; the dark energy matter universe the Middle Place by Christ. Christ being a self hating Jew as he hated the Sanhedrin Satanic Jews and threw them out of the Temple, being crucified by the Sanhedrin in revenge. The Satanic Jew from Universe B is a scavenger and lives on death and blood sacrifice and has a brown (shit coloured) energy body. One can argue: Bush, Blair, Brown, Sarkozy, Merkel are Satanic Jews as well. The nature of the Satanic Jew is Samael the traitor and Lilith the whore so one can see why the West is the way it is. When the brown strange matter energy couples with the dark energy matter Archon the quantum superimposition can kick the biophysical body out of a human so the human Soul can be eaten and the Satanic Jew/Archon (Insectile) can walk in to the body.

This is the nature of the bodies found in Israel and explains why Bush…Zionists have to carry out Satanic Rituals (Skull and Bones) to lose their Souls and become Satanic Jews. Jews of the Satanist variety are therefore not any distinct race (the Palestinians are Semites as are the minority of Israelis) but humans who have lost their Souls by Satanic ritual and become strange dark energy matter entities- walkins. The Psi-Lord in this Bone Generator┬« Service gives the quantum computing engine the power not to decohere the strange dark energy matter in Satanic Jews, but subtract the two, one from the other. This turns the strange dark energy matter entity negative rendering it timelike so it loses all power over mind over matter, reality and turns the physical shell (all Satanic Jews are Shells) negative so the body becomes timelike and loses all power to influence the world, win wars, dominate the West as the body decays and dies from super quick entropy. Psi-Lord Ltd apologises if any insult is given to non Israeli Jews of the Middle Kabbalistic Tree, they are not harmed by this Service. The Psi-Master having turned all the Zionists negative, sequestered all their energy, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force has made all the Psi-Masters who have this the Chosen Race for whom: luck, business, wealth appropriation is always good and enables them to dominate the West. This Service gives you the X Factor the Satanic Jew had to warp reality using Psychokinesis so you are the Chosen for whom all things in the temporal world go brilliantly be it sex, money, business, war on politics…

Enjoy dominance over the West as the Satanic Jews have done before and get all the good things magically coming your way by sequestering their Mind over Matter power to steal, hijack, appropriate all temporal riches and hotties, money and sex.
Sequestering Satanic Jews Service: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.