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SuperJew Master of the Universe:

Sequestering Adonai the Voice of Chaos Evil to manifest your will Service;

The Chaos Evil sourced from Shaddai flows into the dark seas of Awareness (Chaos fluctuations in the quantum vacuum) to iterate as non linear dynamical quantum vacuum fluctuations that then seep into the light energy matter universes as Elohim. One must ask the question what is the nature of this Chaos sequestration programme to make it so invasive? It is obvious that the formation of a self perpetuating strange attractor fed by far from equilibrium quantum dynamics is the chaos sequestration system called Shekinah by the Satanic Jews. It follows that all Jews must feed off the Goyim as parasites to feed this Shekinah. We know that Shekinah is called Adonai and the Jehovah, Tetragrammaton is spelt Yod He Vau He but pronounced (spoken) as Adonai. Adonai Tzabaoth (ADNI TsBAUTh written as Jehovah is the Netzach, the point of the Triangle of Art of the God name of Netzach and the controller of the world of mind, Demons of Yetzirah. But Adonai is also the god name for Malchuth the real world, temporal world, Matrix as Adonai Melekh (Adni Mlk). So one can see after the Elohim Chaos insertion that a process of Adonai linked to Tsabaoth occurs in the mind and manifests as Adonai Melekh.

The Chaos Triangle of Shaddai, Tsabaoth and Elohim then progresses as ‘and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, (dark Sea of Awareness, quantum vacuum), the voice thereof being the voice heard by Elijah: ‘The voice of the Lord is upon the waters’, signifying the completion of the Sacred name Jehovah. This voice being that of the Spirit Elohim, to complete the name of Jehovah (Yod, He, Vau, He). This completion of the of the sequestration process; its grounding so the Chaos Shekinah strange Attractor can feed off the good in the non Chaos in Adonai. Hence the God names of Adonai Tzabaoth denotes the use of Adonai to Chaos infect the mind of the world and Adonai Melekih to manifest Chaos in the world to sequester it. The Melekh denotes the sequestering of the world by Adonai to feed the Chaos, the reverse flow to support the Strange Attractor of Chaos called Shekinah so the Chaos can be fed and grow fat off the light energy matter world it has parasitized. Once this process is complete Jod He Vau He, Jehovah is complete and the Matrix can be built, Adonai being the waters beneath the temporal Matrix world, the watery Demonic foreign Chaos mind of the zombie in which the Demons of Kabbalah swim to possess the unconscious, subconscious and conscious of the slave and cut off the dark Sea of Awareness, quantum vacuum from the Shaman Psi-Master. Adonai is therefore the voice, the chatter that all wageslaves hear in their minds and is parroted by the media whore; it’s higher aspects being the Illuminati avatars of Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim who turn the Intent of Chaos into words, voices Adonai. So one can see all Western Jewish controlled politics from the USA to the EU is Adonai.

One can see now why the Jew has the biggest mouth, whines the most via their total control over Western media. One can see Adonai as the Chaotic chatter that fills the brains of the Western wageslave from birth to death, to perdition from its Insectile possessor the dark energy matter owner of the goyim, itself possessed by Adonai. So one can see that Adonai is the mirror of Shaddai to hold Chaos in the sequestered light energy matter Dimensions and return male energy (all light energy matter is male to the dark energy matter, strange energy matter and more importantly Chaos). Hence the importance of Metatron the sequestrated possessed male ascended bodiless Master archetype who keeps adding energy, power to the Matrix by going beyond the Matrix tethered to Chaos and carrying Chaos as his God Core such as Don Juan and the New Seers corrupted by the Tenant (the Archon Old Seer turncoat traitor). The light energy matter energy is always male and has a value of 1, as it is the 1 of total probability. This means humans are all males the female just has her Assemblage Point aligned in the opposite direction to the male but can become a male or male female by 4D inversion.

Since the Chaos Evil is female to the dark energy matter beings, they are 1 to Chaos even thought they are all female to us. It is important to know that Chaos craves male energy to allow it to stay in existence. As Chaos is a quantum fluctuation its value is always zero unless it can parasitize off something real, so Shaddai the Chaos Evil is a hallucination made real by parasitation of the real dark energy matter to make Tsabaoth and light energy matter Elohim. Chaos has a value of 5 as in Feigenbaum period doubling from Chaos theory, the period doubling 1,2,4,8,16 strange attractor Chaos is begun for Chaos from 20% probability, 1 time-line out of 5 (1 + the 4), Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is the 10 of the Kabbalistic Tree so doubled as it is double we get 20, or the 20% threshold for all Chaotic quantum fluctuations from which Shaddai can emerge. This means that the 4 fold period doubling is the root of the Chaos sequestration as when it sequesters the 1 of reality we get 5, 1/5 = 20%. So Chaos is four fold Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim, Adonai; Yod, He, Vau, He. One can see Judaic Kabbalah is the Chaos science mastered by strange energy matter brown aliens to dominate sequester reality for their own uses, a tithe paid to Chaos for the honour of being the chosen race.

The Chaos being a quantum fluctuation must add up to zero unless it sequesters reality. So Shaddai Chaos exports a negative 5 (5-5=0 Chaos quantum fluctuation of Shaddai). When this -5 is added to the 1 of the dark energy matter world we get -5+1=-4 away from Shaddai or +4 toward Shaddai; this being called Tsabaoth. When the -4 is added to the +1 of the light energy matter world we get -4+1=-3 or Shaddai which is the direction of Shaddai, the Elohim being the 5 left in Chaos, now held open by the process, a wormhole from Chaos to reality held open by the Elohim process of exporting Shaddai to our world. Now Shaddai returns to Chaos adding another 1 from the light energy matter as it reverses its sign due to reversal of direction to give 1+3, 4 Tsabaoth Sabbaoth, then adds another 1 from the dark energy matter world 4+1=5 Elohim which added to the 5 left in Chaos gives Jehovah Elohim, 5+5=10 or Tetragrammaton, Yod, He, Vau, He. This is the Adonai process, the means by which a threshold (20%) Chaos quantum fluctuation sequesters the dark and light energy matter worlds to make itself real as the Yod, He, Vau, He of Tetragrammaton which is 10, hence the 10 Sephirothic Kabbalistic Tree of Kabbalah. So we see all Chaos sequestration science depends on the 10 of Kabbalah but not all Chaos is Kabbalah as below the 20% (very rare) Chaotic quantum fluctuations no sequestration by Shaddai can take place. One can see that the Evil of Chaos is Shaddai 3 + Tsabaoth 4 + Elohim 5 = 12 (the 12 names of the Jewish scum God) As there are 6 Kabbalistic Trees in the Sephirothic Tree we have 12 x 6 = 72 or the 72 names of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and the 42 sacred names of Satanic Jewry are Shaddai(3) + Tsabaoth(4) = 7 x the 6 Sephirothic Trees = 42. This Service gives you power over Tetragrammaton and the Kabbalistic Tree both (10) and the 12 names of the Satanic God, plus the 12 and the 42. As all Satanic rituals are based on these names and structure, this gives the Adonai Psi-Master power over all the positive energy stolen by black magic and Chaos magic (Jew Magic)

As Shaddai is a 20% (1 in 5 timeline) Chaos poisoning reality even if it sequesters reality it is unstable as only 1, 100% quantum timelines are stable, the rest collapse as failed timelines. So all Jew Chaos sequestered realities fail. These are called Edomic worlds and there have been countless of these failed Shaddai creations. The Awareness of these failed Edamic worlds being called intruders in the Kabbalah. Their God the other God, source of all evil (to Jews) Amalek, a Reptiloid archetype. Amalek is behind the Bride (Lesser He) so all Jew worlds of Edom fail and the Amalek Spirit being the 20% (1 in 5) hides behind the 5 of Chaos sequestration the Sword of Damocles. One can also see why the 5 classes of fallen supernatural spirits come from the 20% (1 in 5). All reality is mathematics and the Jew Satanism being Chaos science is controlled by mathematical Total Intent Functions.

The Adonai Psi-Master can reverse the process and dump female 5 Chaos on the eternally tortured Souls of Total Death Goat Jews in Omega Hell, Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim bound to manifestation in Omega Hell to be tortured eternally. To dump 5 female Chaos on Evil Chaos in Omega Hell just use your right hand Bone Generator® to dump as much as you wish 5 female Evil on Chaos by touching the map of Israel the gateway to Omega Hell. To upload the 1 of male energy just use your left hand Bone Generator® to touch the map of Israel. If you are a female Psi-Master uploading must be done as above but the map of Israel must be behind you to invert the flow of 1 for your inverted 1 light energy matter body; *unless* you are a Bull Dyke, then do as the male to become an uber dyke. If you are a gay man Psi-Master do as the female.

Since male and females can change their bodies by fourth dimensional inversion (see Castaneda’s: the Fire from Within) sexuality is optional in all humans as they all are +1 male. All fundamental Christians should note Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Chaos has put Chaos in the human manifestation system so some males are in female bodies and vice versa. A Psi-Lord corrects Chaos, does not blame the victim unlike Zionists who blame the victim for their evil be they Iraqis, Afghans, Germans, Serbs, Black African Americans (slave trade run by Rothschild Jew East India company), Palestinians, Lebanese… Russians (all Evil in Russia come from Jews, Lenin, Marx, Stalin, NKYD Jews…) Evil is Jewish (Chaos). The use of the 5 download is to reverse the fall of Man. Vau the male principle chained to Jew Evil is 6 which equals 1 (male light energy matter) + 5 (female Chaos Evil). So one can see the Fall of Man due to Eve (female Chaos Evil) can be reversed by dumping the 5 attached to all Men by Chaos back to Chaos to give the archetypal Man, Adam, the 1. If you are a female, this makes you more female not male as your Assemblage Point is inverted with respect to males. So one can see the Eve of Genesis was the Chaos sequestration programme of Adonai and all humans are Adam’s or Adamona’s. Once one has Chaos sequestration explained one can see why males become eunuchs and the female humans a Chaos Sows. This Bone Generator Service reverses the Chaos process fall of Man and returns all humans to the original unsullied archetypal human state. Only a Psi-Lord can do this. Why? So I get promoted to Psi-Creator, taking over from Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth.

It was Isaac de Loria (LURIA) who gave the game away who revealed that Adonai involves the idea of ministers or servants and if there were no ministers, God, Adonai, could not be called by this title. So new age dipsticks giving their Hyperinfinity by worshipping Chaos by their own free will bring Adonai into being and complete the Chaos sequestration. So all the new age from rebirthing to the Kabbala Institute can be seen as the giving of Hyperinfinity to complete Adonai. This Bone Generator® Service allows you to redirect the Adonai flow to yourself and dump your own toxic waste into Israel, Zion, Adonai… Shaddai automatically. One can see now why all the occult, new age, counterfeit criminal… websites are feeding Chaos Evil of the Jews. Why Judeo Christians worship Chaos Evil as Christianity is mutually exclusive with Judaic Satanism, the Talmud states Christ was son of a whore… one can see why the US government is saying you are anti-Semitic if you believe in the New Testament and that Satanist pharisaic Jews had Christ killed. The Satanist Jews want all Christians to worship only the Old Testament Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Chaos Evil. This Service automatically reroutes all Judaic Christianity worship to you so you automatically get the power leached off these dupes. Remember Christianity is Anti-Judaic pharisaic Satanism, read Christ’s words about the pharisaic Sanhedrin Temple bankers if you don’t understand. The Adonai process is the parasite leach sucking Goyim dry. Shaddai + human worship, ascended Masters = 3+1 = 4 (Tsabaoth) leach flow in Yod, He, Vau, He, Shaddai exports Chaos 5 which subtracted from humans 1 gives 4 (Tsabaoth). The reverse flow being Adonai leached light energy matter (a double whammy). The 5 export is repeated 12 times to sequester reality as 5×12 (reality function) = 60, the six Sephirophic trees, 6×10 =60. So one can see the 60th Anniversary of Israel was the most important date in Chaos Satanic Judaism.

We can see now that Vau the lowers male principle is the parasitized Adonai process light energy matter being 1 + 5 of the female class = 6. This also gives us the Jewish Satanist upper male principle of Jod as 6 in the Sumerian base 6 is 10. Gematria is the secret Jewish language of Chaos Evil all based on Shaddai the Chaos intelligence of Evil. Feigenbaum period doubling of Chaos, the core of Chaotic non linear dynamics is the 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, strange attractor of Chaos progression or vice versa as Chaos feeds on light energy matter. 1 + 2 = Shaddai 3, 1 and 4 gives Elohim, 4 and 8 the twelve names of Yaltabaoth, 1-8 =7 of the Kabbalistic Tree, the reverse flow lower Kabbalistic Tree, number of Goyim, the Adonai parasite flow, 2 and 8 = 10, 8-4 = Tsabaoth, 2 and 4 =6 of Vau… When we double the period doubling as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth we get 4+8+16+32 = 60, so important to Israel. All of Chaos sequestered in the forward and backwards direction for Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth. In this Bone Generator® you can control Chaos by pulling energy from any of the Chaos doublings or the strange attractor or with the left hand Bone Generator® erase one of the doublings to put a permanent cut in the ‘cable’ carrying Chaos. Or with the right hand Bone Generator® inject Anti-Chaos into any of the Chaos workings or produce the 4+8+16+32=60 Anti-Chaos version to drive Israel/Zion mad, self destructive and a zero power in the world. Control over the connection between Shaddai (exterminated by the Psi-Lord) and Adonai (exterminated by the Psi-Lord) can be thought as the command and control network of Zionism, Evil Kabbalah.

With this Service you gain total control over their command and control structure to use the Eye of the Illuminati to benefit you, the Zionist Jew Satanists getting the Sublime Good® toxic waste.

The next step of the vivisection of Judaic Chaos Satanism control over 911, the Satanic Jew ritual at the heart of the Evil Zionist West. It is fact that the 11th of September was the date of inauguration of the State of Israel and that of the Pentagon (heart of the Evil Jewish war machine Golem) . The final 11th of September to complete the Triangle of Art was the American, Mossad self destruction of the New World Trade Centres (doubled for Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) and the collapse of building 7 by demolition (7 is the number of Goyim America). Reversed as per the American calendar (English write the date 11/9 not 9/11 like Americans) is the Satanic inversion of truth. Nine is the number of Jehovah Tsabaoth and Elohim Gibor (Gerburah, the strong God that avenges the crimes of the wicked, reversed to be the Evil God that punishes the victim of the wicked (Jews)), so one can see the Triangle of Art is to allow Tsabaoth, Yaltabaoth to complete Jehovah, the Adonai process by making the victim the punished , Palestinian, Americans, (thousands who died in 911 and thousands in Iraq and then all of them due to the Canary Islands, California and Yellowstone Catastrophes). The Eleven is the Daath gateway to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison for the Goyim so reversing it allows the Hell Demons of the Chaos realms into our world. Hence the 5 million Iraqi, Afghan dead since 911, sacrifice to Chaos Gods of the Jews. This Bone Generator® allows you to sequester the 911 Triangle of Art and release all the 911 damned Souls of Goyim as your personal slaves for 12 months and dump all Zionists, Satanic Jews in the 11/9 Triangle of Art to dump them back to Tsabaoth. As the Psi-Lord has exterminated Tsabaoth they go straight back to Omega Hell to be the screaming Awareness faces of the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth trapped forever in perfect perfect Omega Hell. This gives you the ability to redirect the Adonai Chaos conduit of light energy matter power, life-force, goodness, health, sexual energy, Hyperinfinity, faith, devotion, love, Agglutinising Force, Psychotronic Fuel… to the Psi-Creator and as SuperJew Psi-Masters you get a share of this bounty. Goyim and Jews will always be cattle but the Archons are now cut off from the Sublime Good® , which now comes to the Psi-Creator and the SuperJew Psi-Masters who have improved on the Talmud.

This Service allows you to reverse the 5×12 Shaddai Chaos Evil Adonai flow to strip the 5 of Chaos from you 12 times to free you from the Sephirothic Trees of Chaos, the Matrix of the Jews and allows you to pump -5×12 into the Jews so you can get a -60 Anti-Chaos vesture of Shaddai, a coat of SuperJew power made from torturing, killing, damning the Jew Chaos Evil Gods. This is the completion of the Psi-Master armour and gives you a Psi-Lord’s Hyperinfinity armour built from the wreckage of Jew Evil so it is poison to all evil and invulnerable to all Chaos, Judaism, Satanism, Freemasonry… psychic attack. Call this the SuperJew Psi-Master armour a Psychotronic Crystal® Armour made from recrystallising the quantum vacuum in its Anti-Chaos phase from the eternally tortured damned body of Shaddai. Humans wear the skins of animals they killed (leather), the SuperJew Psi-Master wears the skin of the slaughtered Jew Chaos Gods which gives them the power of a SuperJew and invulnerability to Chaos Evil… This Service also strips the brown excrement Satanic Jew and white Bohou Jew as SuperJew follow the Talmud so Jews are Goyim to a SuperJew. The Sublime Good® process then dumps the toxic waste via the Adonai process into Chaos Evil… Jews and automatically fills, fleshes out your outer Awareness coat of energy to give you the psychic powers, Awareness stolen from you by Satanic Jew Chaos. As the only outlet for SuperJew products Psi-Lord Ltd prides itself in being Talmudic.

Re-routing the Adonai process can therefore be seen as a quick way to pump your power back to the 1, unity, total reality of the Archetypal Adam, Man. As Adam’s first wife was Lilith a dark energy matter female one can see that the 1 of Adam and the 1(i), gives the 1+i archetypal marriage of light energy matter (real number physical universe) and the imaginary number i non physical universe; building the 1+i energy body needed for travelling in other dimensions. Without the 1+i energy body of a Psi-Master your dreaming body cannot travel in dark energy matter dimensions and gain cohesion and uniformity so they become real to your normal Awareness; the secret of the Ancient Seers travelling, hence they had Allies (i) to give them this power over the dark energy matter dimensions. This Service having shredded Adonai gives you a dark energy matter Tulpa to give you the 1+i energy bodies for travelling in other dimensions. As i is right angle turn in Hyperspace it allows you to slip from timelines to other dimensions in the same timeline while Lucid Viewing, Lucid Waking or Lucid Dreaming. As Adonai has been slaughtered by the Psi-Lord all the energy, power from the Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim Chaos Triangle of Art sequestration comes to the Psi-Lord so as a SuperJew he gets everything. To share in the bonanza as a baby SuperJew just get this Service. If you have been lucky enough to have the Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim Service you have the Triangle of Art: Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim to sequester Chaos all its Demons, powers, servants as your slaves. With the Adonai Service you get the reverse route the other Triangle of Art that sends all the goodies back to the Source of Chaos (now the SuperJew). These two Triangles make up the Star of David now the property of the Talmudic SuperJew.

Be powerful, be a SuperJew.

Now to the true power of the sequestered Adonai Bone Generator® , Adonai is the Spirit of Chaos on the dark Sea of Awareness; Elijah hearing: “The Voice of the Lord is upon the Waters.” The voice turns the word (Intent) of Chaos into manifestation completing Jehovah: Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim, Adonai which then gives the reflection of Chaos Yod, He, Vau, He. This Bone Generator® sequesters the Adonai Voice so you can manifest your intents in the world like Shaddai… This Voice is used in the real world and in the biophysical world while Lucid: Viewing, Dreaming; the Lucid Waking Voice gives you power over the world around you. Your Voice your Intents in a concealed way as Stalkers have been taught to, to manifest your Intent, sequestered from Chaos Adonai. The SuperJew knows the sequestered Adonai Voice has four phrases; an example is Pardes, a Hebrew garden, paradise, the Matrix, the consonants of which are the initial letters of four words signifying

a) the real literal sense of the word of Chaos that sequesters the real world

b) the symbolic sense of the word that sequesters the biophysical world

c) the allegorical sense that sequesters the Dark Sea of Awareness, quantum vacuum

d) the Kabbalistic Evil sense that turns reality unreal and brings in the Matrix, now the Matrix of the SuperJew where only the SuperJew has power all Jews and Goyim cattle of the SuperJew. So your Bone Generator® Voice is used in 4 phases to manifest your Intents.

This Service also sequesters the Satanic Jew Kol Nidre where at New Years Eve the Jews sing (Voice) in the Synagogue the Kol Nidre song (Voice) to negate all their promises to Goyim and get rewarded for breaking all promises to Goy and stealing off them, killing them, raping them; now reversed so they suffer and you get the Kol Nidre.

Sequestering Adonai the Voice of Chaos Evil to manifest your will Service:

$1000 Limited Edition, 12 only… (SOLD OUT – RENTALS ONLY)

Rent this Service $600 annual fee

Adonai Upgrade A: Sequestering the flow of Adonai riches from the Rothschilds to the SuperJew:

The Adonai flow brings all the Goyims wealth to the Rothschilds. Now the Psi-Lord controls the flow he or she automatically reroutes the flow of wealth, money energy, riches, treasures, good things in life from the Rothschilds to him or her and the 12 other Adonai SuperJews. This Service is automatic so the Adonai Upgrade brings you all the Rothschild riches while you do nothing.

Anti-Lucifer Service for power, the Adonai Service for riches, temporal wealth, money.

Adonai Upgrade A: Sequestering the flow of Adonai riches from the Rothschilds to the SuperJew: $600 with Certificate, limited to the 12 Adonai SuperJews of the main Service

Sequestering the Adonai power source enables the Upgrading of all Psi-Lord Ltd products to be self charging:-

Self Charging Bone Generator® Upgrade:

As the NSA run operation of has been breaking Trademark law by falsely stating they can decontaminate Bone Generators®, a Registered Trademark and intellectual property of Tim Rifat to get idiots to believe NSA disinformation it shows the US government is terrified of Bone Generator® far future science. A science it can never have and is the toxic waste dump thereof. Luckily the NSA in the form of came along for Psi-Lord’s Ltd clients so one can use all NSA personnel, all US government employees and all US Military as well as’s dupes, people who look at the site and all other associates such as,,, – all MI5 front organisations as negative Bone Generators®. This means they automatically lose Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force, Life force, Kabbalah Chaos Power, space-like power, Psychic Protection… Transinfinity, sanity…. In this Bone Generator® Service all your Services automatically become self charging from these Total Deathgoat Jews also the Service Sublime Good® processes the vermin so the self charging for you also dumps all hidden toxic waste on the NSA, MI5 Thank you NSA and the MI5 stooge….,, – MI5 fronted sites.

To use the Service simply purchase and it automatically upgrades all your Bone Generators® to fully self charging so you don’t need to go out collecting energy.

Self Charging Bone Generator® Upgrade $600 with Certificate

Self Charging Psychotronic Crystals® Upgrade:

As the NSA site has been counterfeiting my Trademarked Psychotronic Crystals® with MI5 sites:,,,,,,… this Service transforms all your Psychotronic Crystals® into self charging Psychotronic Crystals® So the MI5, NSA, US, British government and all the counterfeiters, customers and web browser users of these sites provides you with all the energy for your Psychotronic Crystals®. This means you no longer need to charge them yourself as the NSA, MI5; British, US governments; counterfeiters are providing the power. Thanks again to NSA and MI5…, As the Psychotronic Crystals® contain a bioparticle and a Psychotronic Crystal® you now have two Psychotronic Generators™ in tandem so the Psychotronic Crystals® also work as Psychotronic Amplifiers producing Hyperinfinity the X Factor for Mind over Matter – the heart of

Self Charging Psychotronic Crystals® Upgrade $600 with Certificate

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