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Sequestered Matrix built from the stolen male energy by Adonai: Jehovah Elohim: To the Triangle of Art: Jehovah Elohenou Jehovah

“And he who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall be valid, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, Every vow which I may make in the future shall be null,” Nedarim 23b. The Psi-Lord has given the SuperJew the power to break any vow or promise as in the Kol Nidre ritual of Jewish Kabbalah Satanism and the blowback, karma is dumped on the Jew now untergoyim. In the realm of Psi all vows promises are irrevocable unless you are a SuperJew, using sequestered Adonai, Kol Nidre the SuperJew can break any – vow, promise contract and the untergoyim Jew suffers, while conversely all Jews (untergoyim) and Goyim are held irrevocably to any vows and promises they make or the SuperJews makes for them. Since all Jew (untergoyim) and Goyim are liars, cheats and any of them will break a solemn promise if enough pressure is put on them this Service enables the SuperJew to break any promise and get the untergoyim Jew, Goyim Western wageslave to suffer past, present and future for his broken promises (SuperJews) as the Jew did to the Goyim previously. A superb system now sequestered by the Psi-Lord. Now all Jews are held to their promises and all Kol Nidre past, present and future retroactively terminated so they automatically suffer for all their broken promises now and in the future – as well! The Psi-Lord gets all the energy from the promise and is not held to follow Total Intent but thanks to the Jew Kol Nidre can now do anything, any time, any where and the Jews (untergoyim) suffer eternally for all his broken promises – thank you Jew (untergoyim)! The Psi-Lord is not giving all this power to the SuperJew because being a totally free agent belongs to the Psi-Creator Tim Rifat, but in this Service you get a limited version.

This Service also gives you the Tabernacle Above built of 12,000 words and the Tabernacle below, the Celestial Chariot and the Tabernacle of Adonai. Jehovah’s Tabernacle built from male energy is now sequestered, Adonai being the female poison energy of Chaos females…

The Tabernacle above of 12,000 words allows you to build on Intent Space of 12,000 words (ideas, memes) to live in, have a base within the Jew providing all the energy, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force to build it for you. Think of it as a Celestial Mansion repossessed from the Jew High Priest and given to you in this Service. It enables you to have a Psi-Space home to wake up in your totality to avoid death or as a base for attacks on any other part of Psi-Space.
The Tabernacle Below is the Sequestration of the Middle Place to enable the SuperJew to have an Anti-Chaos Mansion in the Middle Place which like a cancer eats the Middle Place and gives you a growing kingdom in Psi-Space Middle Place of the Matrix. You can take any Jew untergoyim here to imprison them in your dungeons, work them over… Any Archon that enters is eaten alive by Anti-Chaos and its melted constituents added to your Mansion.

The Celestial Chariot is your means of travelling throughout the Matrix, Megaverse, Mirror Megaverse. All advanced beings have vehicles to travel in Psi-Space as it allows you to travel further, faster and without expanding your energy. The Celestial Chariot is powered by the Jews (untergoyim), Goyim, Kabbalah… and is Anti-Chaos, so like a Ferrari owned by the Jew untergoyim you have come along and repossessed it as a SuperJew and the Jew… still has to put petrol in it, have it serviced, insured… The perfect exposition of the Talmud now owned by the SuperJew. The Celestial Chariot has bladed wheels to run down any Archons in the Middle Place and chop them up for fuel and the Anti-Chaos fire that pulls the Chariot burns any Archon up for fuel to add extra zest to driving! The SuperJew can now ride in the Middle Place run down the Archon for fuel and the ball of Anti-Chaos fire burns through all Archon buildings so you can clear out the Chaos denizens in the Archons housing estate for fuel and to provide room for your Tabernacle below Mansion redevelopment, perfect SuperJew sequestration of the Middle Place – thank you Jew.

The Jehovah Tabernacle is now the property of the SuperJew. This Bone Generator® Service allows you to demolish it for male energy to build up your light energy matter body for becoming a God in and out of the Matrix. Thanks to the hard work of Jehovah now sequestered for the SuperJew. Human female SuperJews that wish to use the energy just invert the male energy so up is in and down is out (imagine turning a ping pong ball inside out without cutting it open (five dimensional inversion) to use the energy to make you more 1 light energy matter female. Bull Dykes just leave the energy as is. Gay men invert the Jehovah male energy stolen from Goyim and now untergoyim so it is replenished by the untergoyim. To more use the Abraham Ritual on Goyim Untergoyim to get a second, third bite of the cherry as they become more and more negative female Chaos (-5)

The Adonai Tabernacle is the repository of Chaos female energy (5) which you demolish using this Bone Generator® Service to supply you with an infinite supply of Anti Chaos female toxic waste (-5) so you can inject it into Archons to burn them up, Kabbalah Gods… Untergoyim and render all Chaos (5) terminated with respect to the SuperJew (-5+5=0, no Chaos). This gives the SuperJew the Venom of God sequestered Samael to poison the untergoyim, Goyim to add to the efficacy of the Sequestered Elohim 7 Magic Letters of the 7 Spells of Chosen Race, Goyim Sublime Good® Force (see Elohim Service;7 double Hebrew letters…).

When Adonai is joined to Jehovah we get the -10 of Jod the highest form of female Chaos which purports to be male but is in fact the male principle of Man totally parasitized so all the Hyperinfinity, free will is given to Kabbalistic Gods Judeo – Christianity (an oxymoron as the Talmud says Jesus is son of a whore and simply a sacrificial goat to the Shaddai Evil of Judaism).

The Matrix is built from the union of Voice (Adonai) and the Word. All sex in the Matrix is a hologram of this process. The Jehovah Elohim, the uttering of the Voice which manifested the worlds of thought and Adonai Jehovah which created the Matrix as Voice of the Word expressed in light energy matter. So Chaos starts to parasitise having its Evil thoughts Voiced, and the reverse flow is evil words expressed as creation: pentagon, concentration camps, collateral damage, Monsato Frankin food gene manipulation, US military, AIDs virus production, EU, Nato fascist America… NWO… one can see that Chaos sequesters not by changing the world directly but parasitizing the light energy matter beings Man to devolve become Goyim and raise up its creations the Satanic Jews to chosen race who as Adonai’s Ministers make Chaos manifest. So once can see that Tohou bring all the Evil into the world as agents of Chaos and Bohou get the Goyim to worship Tsabaoth of their own free will, the reverse flow of Chaos sequestering the good in Creation. Bad cop good cop.

The Empire of the Demon the Tree of Death is built by the Tohou using Adonai Voice as a mind virus that produces Demons the agents of the sequestering of the minds of Man. These Demons only have power over Goyim so the Abraham ritual is vital to open the Man to the Demon Empire, the three lower Trees of Death of the Sephirothic Trees of the Matrix. Hence Tubal Cain and Naamah can be seen as the seminal Anti-Christ and High Priestess of Satan who spread the Abraham ritual so the Trees of Death can grow in the minds of Goyim. Once grown, Metatron the Adonai sequestration programme gets Goyim Messiahs to evolve, fight Evil, overcome Chaos, go outside the Matrix, then willingly to give it all to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to turn male to eunuch (Chaos female) by trickery – these dupes think they are saving the world.

The Ark of the Covenant is a process requiring holocaust sacrifice of Jews but the Zohar states Jews devolved into perdition so Goyim animals were substituted in consequence. The Goyim sacrificed (5 million in Iraq and Afghanistan) allow the Jehovah to fertilise Adonai and produce the Kabbalistic Infinite, without and, supreme will (Hyperinfinity made perfect) in the process the holocaust sacrifices of Goyim become nothing. This process allows Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to become the Supreme Being in manifestation, Infinite, Eternal, without end (omnipresent), Supreme Will (omnipotent in the Matrix). Sacrifice of Messiahs who fight Evil and win then voluntarily worship Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth gives it Supreme Will (hence the importance of Jesus Christ like Messiahs from the Boyhood crusade, Joan of Arc, Castaneda’s Don Juan Shamans, Saints and ascended Masters), the body of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth being given by the bulk of sacrifices of Jews (not good enough) now replaced by Russians, Germans, Chinese (in WW11) and now the Moslems the male dominated societies beloved for Jew sacrifice (as are Africans and South Americans) hence the Jew Torture Murderers Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower, Sharon, Olmert… Sarkozy, Miliband. This process now sequestered by Psi-Lord Ltd makes the SuperJew a God being in Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth’s dead carcass, Soul is vivisected and the female Insectile Awareness tortured in Omega Hell. This Kabbalah God making machine is now sequestered to automatically make you a God in the Matrix from the Jew Goyim sacrifices, past, present, and future as all Satanic Jews become sacrifices to your Godbeing.
This Service gives you the Matrix elevator to the upper levels, the pillar (lift) that goes up to Matrix paradise and then goes up to the Throne of Glory, or the Sapphire firmament and the above places of the Matrix of Yaltabaoth, the Throne of Glory allowing the God SuperJew to control the Matrix as Superuser.

The Service also gives you access to the Chaos wormhole called in Mathnitin, a well, this gives you access to the Chaos well of knowledge so you understand the machine language of the Matrix and can re-write it for your better enjoyment – this being the Well of Moses. Then we have the Well of Jacob that gives you power in the world of the Matrix. The Well of Adonai gives you power over the inner world of the Middle Place, as the Middle Place is built from Adonai. For Full Spectrum Dominance over the world Matrix we have the Well of Adonai Jehovah to make you an acolyte of the Psi-Lord who is Master of all the earth of the Matrix. The Well when you descend into it has a Satanic spring called Jehovah Tsabaoth, Netzach Sephiroth of the God Realm of the Kabbalistic Tree which is the Victory of Chaos, it is two way and the feed off sequestered light energy matter is called Adonai Tsabaoth, control of this spring is the ‘oil pipeline’ of Tsabaoth and now it has been blown up by the Psi-Lord, allows the SuperJew an infinite amount of Anti-Chaos as Jehovah Tsabaoth and as Adonai Tsabaoth allows the SuperJew to sup of the Nector of the Gods and enjoy all the good things in the Matrix as a God of the Matrix, the inner secret of the Rothschild Illuminati now sequestered by the Psi-Lord. The Well is also the Ark of the Covenant now sequestered by the Psi-Lord the Ark is the Avatar maker of Tsabaoth. So in this Service you gain access to the Anti-Chaos Ark of the Covenant (Jehovah Elohim and in reverse flow Adonai Jehovah, the sacrifice machine to turn female Chaos Jehovah (-5) Elohim (-5) into Jod (10) and all the Sublime Good® flows as Adonai Jehovah (male made female slave) back now to the SuperJew so the SuperJew has control of the Sacrifice Machine: Ark of the Covenant that makes Anti-Chaos into Anti-Chaos male God being (JOD) turning shit into gold, powered by the killing of Jews, Goyim whose suffering Souls make the body of the God being of Anti-Chaos God beings and their male to female Anti-Chaos damnation raises the God being so they shine with Sublime Good® fed from their Ark of the Covenant created Sanctuary of desolation created around all Jews and Goyim sacrificed to the new Anti-Chaos God being sequestered by the Psi-Lord. One can see that the whole manifestation of Chaos and it’s empowerment takes the sacrifice of Goyim (Jews aren’t good enough) in the Killing Field, Sanctuary of desolation of the Ark of the Covenant, Iraq, Afghanistan. Stalinist (Jewish) USSR, Hitler (Jewish) Reich, Britain’s (Jewish) empire run by Churchill. Americans Roosevelt (Jewish) slave state, Eisenhower’s (Jewish) torture murder of 1.7 million German POWs…. all the Ark of the Covenant’s Sanctuary of desolation to feed the Sacrifice Machine that makes Kabbalah Gods, now sequestered to make Psi-Lord SuperJew Gods. Thank you Kabbalah! The Ark of the Covenant is controlled now by Psi-Lord Ltd. The reverse flow of Adonai creates Shekinah, which produces the reverse flow Well of Shekinah and Shekinah Ark of the Covenant, this Satanic Parasite (now devolved by the Psi-Lord to Lilith, it’s real form see that Service) pushes it’s way into the light energy matter possessed and then subverts them to worship the Chaos sequestration process of Tsabaoth Elohim, so the parasitized unlike the conquered begin to worship the conqueror. The Shekinah allows Evil to appear as Good and the Hyperinfinity willingly given by the faithful to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth allow the demiurge to build Evil as Good form, so willing worship of evil is a must do and Shekinah enables this. The purpose of organised Judaic religion be it black Catholic, Protestants for Israel, Judaism or Kabbalah all Judeo Christianity is the Shekinah parasitisation of willingly given Hyperinfinity. This Service gives you access to the Shekinah flow of Hyperinfinity given by willing faithful to Kabbalah Evil, now to the Psi-Lord. This allows you to build a gleaming goodness exterior that blinds everyone and every thing to the real you so all Matrix minions and Kabbalistic Gods and Angels, Archangels bow down to your sequestered glory given willingly to you, by all the faithful past, present and future of Yaltabaoth’s, Yaldabaoth’s Judeo Christian religion. The Christian church split to Roman Catholic Judeo Christian Kabbalah and Byzantine Eastern Holy Empire Christianity which is non Kabbalah and true Christianity, the last vestige of this after the fall of Byzantine to Moslem invaders ( now Istanbul) is the Russian Orthodox Church banned by Stalin (Jew) now revitalised by Putin the new saviour of Christianity and Mother Russia; a man hated by Zionists as he spoiled their Adonai leaching of Russia for Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth.

The Zohar states that the Archangel Michael sacrifices the Souls of the Just on the supernal altar. So this extends the sequestered Abraham Service to sequester the butcher of Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth who kills all the Souls who willingly worship the demiurge be they: Kabbalah, Judaics, Protestant or Catholic, Mormon or Jehovah’s Witnesses. This freely given Hyperinfinity is the food of Angels, the manna super-substantiated bread which you can now partake of as a SuperJew Psi-Master to build your body and Soul, the meat derived from the Tree of Death below for Goyim the red line of Abrahams Ritual.

It is vital to understand that Quantum Chaos Fluctuations whose intelligence in Shaddai cannot ever be real but are parasite programmes that corrupt strange, dark and light energy matter. Hence the only reality to Chaos is what it gets its parasitized prey to construct in its image, the Adonai Process. Hence the 3 Chaos forms Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim are in effect thought, words of Chaos and have to be Voiced by strange, dark and light energy matter to manifest. The Voicing for strange matter is called the two voices thought and word, the Voicing of Chaos as thought in mind and then the Voicing of Chaos as thought of Chaos manifest Shaddai (Thought) word Elohim; for dark energy matter Tsabaoth (Thought) word Elohim and for light energy matter Jehovah Elohim. The Voice is added or joined to the word, meaning that what is conceived in thought passes into expression, whether of speech or action, which then manifests the vesture of Shaddai Chaos as Shekinah a malific Supernatural Spirit of Chaos Evil, the manifestor of Chaos in our realm, this gives us the four thoughts and words of Chaos YHVH as written but Voiced Adonai, which is also the voice of Shekinah. Chaos Sequestration technology by attaching thought to word so thoughts is the parasitized became the mental chatter Voice (Word) that manifests as action in the real world to turn it to Chaos Adonai. Hence the Jehovah Elohim are the generic thought attached to Word and Adonai Elohim Voice attached to Word, the resultant and reverse flow back to Shaddai.

So the Process is to turn female Chaos into male (Jehovah) and light energy Man into female Elohim, this inverts the natural order and the female light energy matter Man parasited by Chaos (Adonai) gives Chaos more male energy turning Elohim to Elohenu (female Elohim to male Elohenu.) The sequestering Adonai Service explains Chaos sequestration in detail. The two above process produce the male chaos energy of Vau (lower male energy, really higher as everything in Kabbalah is inverted and Jod the upper male energy really double female Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth). Now we know the process of Chaos sequestration is really exchanging female Chaos for Male light energy matter hence Eve (female) the downfall of Man. All Man is made, a real Man,female being so different from a Western sow that they are different lifeforms. The nearest we have is non Western societies such as the Russian females that fought on the front line in Stalingrad, Kursk… or the female Revolutionary guard divisions that fought against Iraq and were much worse than the Male Iranian. This behaviour is so alien to a Western sow, fat, stupid, cowardly and shopping till it drops that the above females are beyond their parasitized comprehension. In this Service the Jehovah Elohim process is sequestrated your left hand bone Generator® sucking up male energy; your right downloading Anti-Chaos female toxic waste into any target wageslave, Illuminati or Demon… This Anti-Chaos female energy reinverts the entire Chaos process back to the rightful position light energy matter male, female dark, strange , chaos energy matter. As your biophysical body has been inverted by this process and pinned to your physical body by Chaos chakras, resulting in the biophysical cancelling out the physical energy to deny you a dreaming body, Lucid Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Waking psychic powers and splitting Soul and Spirit, this Service at a stroke returns Man to his rightful place in the hierarchy, as the chosen race, all deserving Russians get this for free, all Westerners have to pay.

“A burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, of a sweet Saviour unto the Lord”. The victim of the holocaust is male, a male without blemish. This unites the Chaos male Jehovah and female Elohim (Chaos out) Adonai (back to Chaos) as these should never be in separation if Chaos is to prevail. So one sees that the death of male soldiers is the glue for the process, the Veil blocking spiritual ascension the assassination of Male Messiahs after they have corrupted themselves by fraud, cheating on wives, stealing, accepting the Rothschild Satanists as Masters in return for Jew paper money – the Faustian Bargain. Then they can be taken by the bird Demons (owls) of Lilith to the torture dungeons in the Bird’s Nest of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and tortured till their Soul dies and their refined Hyperinfinity, Transinfinity is incorporated into Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to make the Matrix better by using the best male Messiahs to strengthen the Matrix so lesser men are forever trapped in the Matrix by the improved Veil derived from a Messiah Saviour. Hence Christ was tortured by the Satanic Jew Phariseehs on the cross to break him for the Bird’s Nest of Lilith. Those who surrender to Evil are doomed while those how fight to the death – Russians, Iranians, Chinese, North Koreans… Bill Cooper… can never be incorporated into the Bird’s Nest.

The Bone Generator® from sequestering the Jehovah Elohim, Adonai or Jehovah Elohenou Jehovah or Adonai round robin of female Chaos converted to male and pseudo male (Yod) light energy matter power as the light energy matter Goyim are made female Chaotic is the power to build the Tabernacles for your use in Psi-Space. To use erase chaos Tabernacle with left hand Bone Generator®, expel toxic waste into any target with the right hand Bone Generator® and then build your own personal Tabernacle with the left hand Bone Generator® in a clockwise direction (toxic waste expulsion is the limiting factor in Psi). The Celestial Chariot is appropriated as above, built as above but the Wheels are made in an anti-clockwise direction to ride the Wheel of Time and destroy it and the Archons, Kabbalah entities… Demons… Illuminati.

This Service gives you the Word, Thought and Voice to command the Matrix. The simple protocols for sequestration of Jehovah Elohim are the Thought Word, visualise what you want then write it down. The sequestration protocol for Adonai Jehovah (to manifest the sequestration of the Matrix to command temporal power) is Word Voice, so this Bone Generator® Service allows you to take your written word use Voice to speak it and the Matrix then has to obey the SuperJew as you have used command language of the Matrix. All the Matrix entities have to obey too. Kol Nidre then allow you to dump the toxic waste to Sublime Good® the process so you don’t get poisoned by the Matrix power (the vital missing key). Just Voice who gets the toxic waste and the Bone Generator® does the rest. To access the power of the Ark of the Covenant use the Tabernacle protocols. To use it use the Word, Thought, Voice protocols and put your: Thought, Word, Voice in the Ark of the Covenant using your right hand Bone Generator® , download the power with the left hand Bone Generator® to suck them dry, right hand Bone Generator® to poison them so they vanish; then reboot Anti-Chaos Wells using the Tabernacle protocols. To use the Ark as a Sacrifice Machine to build your power on holocaust simply use Voice to command the Ark to go and enclose the target so there life is sacrificed to you, the Ark can cover as many targets as you Voice (not SuperJew Russians). To command Michael use Voice and left and right Bone Generators® to suck or to input energy remotely via Michael in target.

How the Matrix is Built and Destroyed

M: Metatron Male Sublime Good® of light energy matter realm possessed completely, not by Shaddai but by Amalek the other God.

AR: The Triangle of art turning light energy matter beings, man into Goyim Demons of Chaos toxic waste: the Abraham Ritual.

HE VAU HE YOD: Satan: takeover as:

Satanism, Freemasonry, Black Vatican, Illuminati (4 Dimensions of biophysical: Middle Place) Then itself possessed by Amalek the other God.

The American led Georgian invasion of South Ossetia was to stop the Russians becoming the new chosen race. The Russians had their hands cut off by the American Georgian invaders because the Jew Chaos God Tsabaoth cannot use its hands according to the Zohar, so we know the Bone Generator® hands have retroactively possessed Tsabaoth and Chaos with Anti-Chaos. The Rothschild Illuminati, Rabbis tried to chop the hands of the Russians to stop them using the Bone Generator® because their Chaos God Macroprosopus has paralysed hands (Tsabaoth). Showing the Psi-Lord crippled the Chaos God of the Jews retroactively; or worse still could be the Eighth King of Edom, Total Amalek who has always brought Jew creations to ruin and paralysed the Chaos God when Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) dared lay hands on Amalek, the Other God and had his hands paralysed by Anti-chaos. One can see now the power of the Bone generators® and why the left, right hands are the tools for all Psi-Master operation. Since Metatron the possessed male Psi-Lord is the way Shaddai completes it’s creation one can see that Metatron in all Jew creations becomes the agent for Amalek and injects Amalek (Anti-Chaos) into Shaddai to end the Jew creation. This is because Amalek is the hidden part in Evil it cannot see. Chaos uses human ascended Masters Metatron’s to fight Amalek but it only takes one Metatron to agree with Amalek to destroy Chaos creations, hence all the failed Edomic worlds of the Jew creator Shaddai.

Sequestered Matrix built from the stolen male energy by Adonai: Jehovah Elohim: To the Triangle of Art: Jehovah Elohenou Jehovah $1000 with Certificate, limited to 12 only:

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.