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Scapegoat Torture Shells Service:

In the Illuminati Satanism the scapegoat, a poor dupe to suffer publicly for the evil of the Satanist is the rule in the Anglo Demonic Reality. The killer of President Kenney was in fact a scapegoat (see Killing the King PC/BPC on this site under Anti-Illuminati Freemason PC/BPCs). In the Dorian Gray novel Oscar Wilde has a Satanist who transfers all the ageing, injury and misfortune to a Psychotronic Generator portrait of him that becomes ugly while he remains beautiful. Having set up the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave to dump evil into the Anglo race via the criminal conman Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and all his customers and the Zionist race via the thief Rob Rowe, material and human evil respectively can be dumped into Anglo Zionist torture shells. That is why I let these two of their own free will (Hyperinfinity) steal from me so I could give them my Karma. They and theirs now suffer the ageing, injury, illness, misfortune aimed at me by the Illuminati so the Illuminati all Anglo Zionists suffer at their own hands to perfect, perfecting the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave. The creation of this new potential enables Anti-Illuminati to choose 12 scapegoats. A Psi-wormhole links them to these 12 scapegoats so all the ageing, injury , illness is decohered from their Total Wave Function, decollapsed, transferred to the 12 torture shells you must name for this Service, collapsed and uses their Hyperinfinity to lock the one way download in place. Their health, youth, vigour is then transferred to you as Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity by Psi-wormhole to deage, make you healthy, vigorous and potent for sex. Once you have named 12 scapegoats you can change their names using the Bone Generator™ to any Anglo Zionist just by visualising replacement torture shell scapegoats. This scapegoat is then linked by Psi-wormhole to you the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ doing all the quantum mechanical processing. As you make a Coven 12 torture shells and one Anti-Illuminati you can then by associative Psi-wormholes lock into all the Satanic covens on the planet and through your 12 scapegoats download ageing, illness and injury into these Satanists to act as huge sinks of torture shells to give you supernatural: longevity, resistance to harm, youth and recuperative powers. After the UK government tried to beat me to death hours before they shot the innocent Brazilian in London in 2005 I developed the new scapegoat Psi-technology. If you wish to take out an Illuminati prematurely you can with this Service designate a single torture shell to download all your ageing , injury, illness into. Since MI5 try 24/7 to microwave me to death and use microwave backpacks, masers to beam my eyes to cause brain embolisms, strokes, it is standard procedure for me to download these strokes, eye damage, embolisms, brain damage into any Illuminati I choose. Signs of this are eye damage to the target as the Psi-wormhole dumps all the damage into one specific location, another part of this Service. You designate the are of the specific torture shell to be damaged taken out for strokes, heart attacks, diabetes by targeting the pancreas… The Anti-Illuminati by means of this Service becomes injury, illness and ageing resistant, like the legendary vampire or Marvels Wolverine a being that heals supernaturally quickly and stays young. It is no good being an Anti-Illuminati with the power of a demi-God if you don’t have a healthy body. The ancient Seers manifest an avatar body from the Mirror Megaverse but the Anti-Illuminati who does not wish to placate Pulsar Supernatural Spirits now has the ability to not only live longer but download physical: illness and harm into a scapegoat(s). With this Service you can also take, beauty, physical perfection from the scapegoat and download it into yourself to make you look better in all ways. So if you are fat, ugly, you can download this into the scapegoat to lose weight or become beautiful. Graham Nickells is fat so I can eat, drink anything and he or other scapegoats gets fat, older, iller, injured… One can see the Scapegoat Service is the most useful Service for an Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master™

Scapegoat Torture Shells Service $600 with Certificate

Upgrade A: Misfortune for Scapegoats Service:

In this Service we develop the Tarot Demon anti-Crowleyite Psi-Technology to sequester the Satanism of Crowley’s Books of Thoth and Law making 12Tulpas anti-tarot beings that automatically download misfortune, bad luck, curses, accidents into our 12 designated torture shells or one specific target to take it out.

The Tulpas are:

1/ My Death Tulpa to download your death into a target(s) torture shell(s)

2/ Having an accident Tulpa to download any accidents before they happen into a scapegoat so they get the car crash, fall…

3/ Violent attack Tulpa to download violent assault into a scapegoat so they get knifed, shot, beaten, poisoned not you.

4/ Death of a love one Tulpa so the scapegoat suffers the death of children, wife, husband, not you…

5/ Infidelity of partner Tulpa so the scapegoat has their wife, husband, partner, girlfriend… have sex with another person not you.

6/ Loss of Money Tulpa, so the scapegoat loses money as you gain money in all ways.

7/ Bad Luck Tulpa, you transfer your bad luck to the scapegoat so you only get good luck as the scapegoat gets beset by misfortune.

8/ Failure Tulpa so the scapegoat fails in all beneficial things and you always succeed in beneficial projects at the expense of the fortune of the scapegoat.

9/ Conspiracy Tulpa so the enemies conspiring it kill, ruin, harm you and yours become automatically the scapegoats for downfall that comes to them not you. The UK and US government have been conspiring to kill, ruin… me for decades now they are the epicentre of their own ruin such as US and Britain in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bush’s lame duck presidency, Rumsfield’s downfall, Blair and the Labour Parties forthcoming ruin, Israel’s ruin at the hands of Iran, America’s financial ruin at the hands of China, the EU’s ruin at the hand of Russia’s gas monopoly, the Rothschild’s downfall at the hands of the Pulsars races… Anglo Zionist races downfall after World War 111. Once can see the power of this anti-Council of Nine Tulpa a pre-eminent Power of an Anti-Illuminati.

10/ Transfer Success Tulpa so the scapegoat loses his her fortune so you can gain a fortune, billionaire, trillionaire, Illuminati are perfect scapegoats for this. Also it means your gambling becomes blessed by providence to the extent of the fortune of the scapegoat. Tim Rifat finds the Sanhedrin best for the scapegoats.

11/ Transfer Power Tulpas enables the Anti-Illuminati to take the power of the Illuminati, politicians of the Anglo Zionist empire so the UK and US, EU… become powerless as the Anti-Illuminati becomes the real Power in the world controlling events to make the Anti-Illuminati a centre of power in the world.

12/ Ruined Love Tulpa, to make the home family of the scapegoat fall into ruin as you get bigger and bigger houses, family success, harmony and providence. The Psi-wormhole generated by your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator scoops out the scapegoat’s God Core to give you Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity as it installs the Tulpa in your designated scapegoats to make you a Providence Engine. The Enochian Demons that control the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators are eviscerated by the anti-chaos in your Bone Generator Psi-wormhole so you can install your Tulpas in any building, altar, obelisk, pool, monument, church to make the entire Anglo Demonic Psychotronic Generator network in your town, city work for you to boost your fortune as the PGs radiate misfortune for the Anglo Zionists in their environs. Using the Enochian and Tarot Demons as eviscerated torture shells means you use the Illuminati’s own Satanist Psychotronic Generators to amplify their downfall as your success is generated by an entire town, city… This Service is an adjunct to the Matrix Killer Services to upgrade them even further for fortune.

Upgrade A $600

Upgrade B: The Dorian Gray Service;

Thos of you lucky enough to have the Six Grail Psychotronic Crystals can now make your own Anti-Illuminati portrait that erases the illness, ageing, accidents from your Reality Wave. Statisticians estimate that due to accidents even immortal will be killed by accidents after 500 years. As the Agglutinising Force (AF) holds the Quantum Wave Function together, all events depend on changing your Agglutinising Force to hurt kill you. The Grail Stones allow you to control your own Agglutinising Force to prohibit negative things happening you like Dorian Gray’s portrait. To do this set up the four Cardinal Grail Stones around a small sandbox. Charge the sand with water using the Anti-Demon Archon Water PC/BPC so you can draw a voodoo like doll simulacra of yourself in the sand… Then place the right Wand of Horus in the sandbox at the feet of the image so it appears to stand on it. Then get a picture of a torture shell, injure, age, make ill the image with a pen to deface then place under the sand box so the head is visible at the south end of your sandbox and place the left Wand of Horus on the head which contains the Goetic insectile larvae in the scapegoats brain. The left Wand of Horus takes the Agglutinising Force from the designate scapegoat and downloads it into the right Wand of Horus on the Fringe of Awareness of your image, the Fringe that controls your Psychokinetic Power over reality. As the scapegoat loses AF you gain AF, they burn out quickly so should be replaced regularly from any glossy magazine media whore, Illuminati, politician… With time the sand image fades as the sand dries, this instructs the Grail Stone Psychotronic Crystals to erase the Archon imprint on your AF; an archetype that ages, stupefies, zombifies, makes ill, accident prone and locks in an Archon flesh shell your Awareness. This Service erases your Archon body so you being to grow the body of light you had before the Fall of Man; a light body that is not locked into the rigours of the flesh but instead can remanifest outside the physical body after it fades away or dies so you have a body of Light a physical vehicle to live in the world when the AF reconfiguration has been completed. This enables the Anti-Illuminati to mimic the avatar being of the Pulsars without having to join the Pulsars. Unlike the Total Reality Wave of the Pulsars generated from the Mirror Megaverse the Anti-Illuminati Total Reality Wave is generated by your Dorian Gray picture in the Grail Stone Psychotronic Generator array. This of course means you must keep the Dorian Gray picture untouched in a safe place to keep generating a Total Reality Wave even after you are dead and gone, if disturbed you have to redo it.

Upgrade B $600

Upgrade C: Afterlife Service;

In this Service your 12 torture shells act as transmitters of imaginary number negative version hosts to your Service and Psychotronic Generator Powers so their bones act as host to viral quantum mechanical programmes that turn the Anglo Zionist race into a gestalt that harbours all your powers and Services in twisted (imaginary number) negative version so all of them suffer an inverted form of your Powers and Services, desexed, financially ruined, biophysically castrated, sterilised… to superboost the Powers and Services you have as they take on more and more Psychotronic debt to elevate you as an Anti-Illuminati. Your Dorian Gray Picture array can then be downloaded into the twelve torture shells and hence into the Anglo Zionist Race so they become one huge global gestalt of your Dorian Gray Picture becoming iller, uglier, more accident prone to empower your light body even after your physical flesh shell expires, so the Anti-Illuminati can live on even if her/his Dorian Gray Array is found. Supernatural downloading into the bones of the torture shell race enables your construct to continue in physical manifestation even after all Anglo Zionists die, their bones, fossilised by the time the Anti-Illuminati is full grown enables the replications of Pulsar longevity in energy body form to keep the best of humanity from the West. The Chinese and Russians the eventual masters of the geopolitical world embark on their own Psi-research programme to mimic my work. Having a viral download into the bones of the Western wageslave allows the Anti-Illuminati to become virtually invulnerable and distributes his Power base to gain damage resistance. The light body is of course the 2013 physical form so enables the Anti-Illuminati not only to change reality but change her/himself the scapegoat paying the price for your ascension.

Upgrade C $600

Upgrade D: Reality Scapegoat Service;

The world we live in is a reality shaped by Archon evil using dark energy matter entities described in my Matrix Killer Service, based on Anglo Satanism the Enochian, Crowley evil and Zionist Satanism of the Kabbalah and Goetic Demons – King Solomon’s black magic. In fact all the Archons in the guise of Illuminati have done is weave the dark energy matter reality and entities to superimpose them on human light energy matter reality to make it a hive-like evil veiled from true reality. The two criminal counterfeiters run by the UK government of and (see Warnings) sell crystals charged by Enochian Demons and Kabbalistic Demons according to the text of their sites as seen on the Warnings pages to use Crystals to strengthen the Matrix via duped customers. This has enabled Tim Rifat to download into his Bone Generators™ the ability to use counterfeit crystals as reality scapegoats so the Bone Psi-Master™ can use psychokinesis, mind over reality to build a dream in this reality where the 2013 Reality does not follow any of the Archon rules, instead is a malleable magical world where Psi-rules, politicians in the West such as Bush and Blair are at the mercy of Psi-Masters and the Psi-Master adds new types of reality to make a 2013 Reality. The counterfeit scapegoat crystals enable the Bone Psi-Master™ to sequester the entire Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator complex network of the West the counterfeit crystals as both Satanic crystals and the obelisks, altars, memorials, buildings, Masonic temples, pools… churches are built on Enochian Kabbalistic principles. All Freemasons follow the Solomon black magic. This Service allows you to use every Freemasonic Psychotronic Generator as a scapegoat reality engine, to change the world to ruin the Illuminati, Archons, in the process releasing Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity so you can build your reality to take over the ADR. More importantly the Reality Scapegoat means every time the Archons try to ruin you their reality gets worse and yours gets better their own Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators acting against them. The UK and US government have been trying to kill, imprison, torture me for over a decade, a decade in which I have grown in power while the Rothschilds lost Russia, China too over Africa, the American dream turned into Iraq, Afghanistan, the neo cons lost control of the US forcing Israel to start WW111 by bombing Iran and or getting Mossad to nuke America, like 911 to blame Iran to start WW111. One can see the use of reality scapegoats allows a Psi-Master the power to change the world and add to it by bringing in new reality, outlined on my Hypersite that was not real a decade ago to humans. Bone Generators™ that feed off Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators give the Bone Psi-Master™ a widely disseminated array of Satanic Psychotronic Generators that can be used in the West and Commonwealth countries to change their reality for the worse as your bubble of 2013 reality grows to encompass the world in a new world order based on sequestrated Illuminati Powers to maximise the reality scapegoat function of Bone Generators™. At some future date Bone Generator™ science and it’s applications will be tightly controlled by the Russian, Chinese, victors of WW111 until that time to become Masters of the World using these Reality Scapegoat download to superboost their psychokinetic abilities so like Tim Rifat they can control reality and bring 2013 Reality to enclose them in riches, power and reality control.

Upgrade D $600

Upgrade E: Fate Scapegoats;

We all know of people born into riches and power, the offspring of the Archons in Illuminati zombies – Archons walking into Illuminati babies – the blood lines David Lycke talks about in his excellent books; the Reptiloids he talks about are dark energy matter vermin explained on my Anti-Kabbalistic Service. This Service allows the Bone Psi-Master™ to change the past, present and future with respect to her/himself so every bone past, present and future acts a Fate Scapegoat Engine to lock Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, called Thaumiel by Zionist Illuminati, see Anti-Kabbalistic Service as the scapegoat; that suffers so your fate is not only locked into the Omega Point far future with a God-Being version of you but you can Lucidly Wake in the present as a God-Being. This God-Being needs power levels so high that all history in which Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is tortured, killed as living humans, entities so it preys on itself, the ultimate scapegoat provides the gigantic Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity sink the God-Being can tap into to manifest now even though it takes you in the far future to build that God-Being. The ultimate buy now pay later in which the scapegoat pays. Since scapegoats are an intrinsic part of Satanic, Zionist paedophile torture murder religion – goats sacrificed in black masses to bind the tortured child sacrificed to a degenerate half animal, half human Soul state to perfect the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. Every Western wageslave, the bones of the dead, Anglo Zionist and their future as the defeated after WW111 enables this Service to build in your Bone Generators™ a fate in which you reach the Omega Point in the future and in the past as a God-Being in the Omega Simulation. This loops your God Cores from the far future back tot he far future. A line energy body (invented by the Pulsar super race) not to the Mirror Megaverse but to the far future where both your God Cores (physical and biophysical) are anchored to produce a Total Reality Wave sourced in the far future that guarantees you area a Omega God-Being sleep walking along as Omega fate line defined by your line energy body. Your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ act as the loop in the line so your Assemblage Point can be in the past to dream this time line as a 2013 Omega Point Simulation in which you control reality and your path is set so you reach your far future, awaken then run your Omega Simulation – you as the Guardian Angel that steers the primitive awareness that is your present self as a Bone Generator™ to manifest 2013 Reality. This enables your God-Being to reshape the present so all aspects of far future science (RVScience) are available now, this means the world is no longer the materialistic Archon prison ADR but an Omega Point Simulation in which mind over matter is the constant for the God-Being. Fate is controlled by your God-Being that can be perfecting your Simulation and hence itself by using all bones as negative imaginary number scapegoat engines. In this process the Kabbalistic God Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth acts as the Dorian Gray Picture scapegoat engine for your God-Being. All it built, all it is degenerating and becoming a perfecting Omega hell to awake it as a Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave looped in the Omega Simulation but double terminated in the Source, Logos’s Omega Hell Psi-prison where Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the two ends of this Total Torture, Hell, Damnation Reality Wave are imprisoned in eternal exponential perfecting torment… In this process your Bone Generators™ lock into the truth of reality it has been an Omega Simulation since 1986 so like the Matrix film you wake up in the Simulation. This Matrix now an Omega Point Simulation the hardware the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators; the Bone Generators™ the hardware of the Omega Point God-Beings that roam the Simulation perfecting it for themselves – giving themselves a perfecting fate at the expense of the reality scapegoats Yaldabaoth, Yaldabaoth. As for the UK, US government have tried to kill Rifat the Omega Point Creator based in the far future it has allowed the creation of death scapegoats linked through the criminal counterfeiters of the Anglo Race Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum and the Zionist thief Rob Rowe. In this Service you can home 12 torture death shells from the Anglo Zionist Races that act as death scapegoats. They take your death so they die when the Anti-Illuminati is supposed to die. You should name one prominent torture death shell, keep the other 11 in reserve. Every 500 years an immortal is going to be killed by accident so having 12 adds up to 6000 years to the life of an Anti-Illuminati living in this dangerous world. The death spot is on the right shoulder blade (USA on the world energy body) the death spot opens the gap (the Korean region on the world body); details on the Anti-Death PC/BPCs on this site. Hence North Korea ends Anglo Zionism. The 12 death scapegoats give the Anti-Illuminati time to gain enough Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity to grow their God Cores and have a surplus to trade with Pulsars for advance age regression, rejuvenation like the Tenant uses to grow young and block the gap. Having 12 death scapegoats means your death spot can be affixed to a death shell so your right energy body can Lucidly View perfectly, the death Kabbalistic evil blocks Lucid Viewing. If you have the Psi-Master Service you can Lucidly Dream perfectly too as your symmetry has been mirrored and your left Anti-CF side Lucidly Dreams. One can then download the death of 12 Services into the 12 torture shells and hence into the Anglo Zionist Race. This turns 12 of your Services into unkillable Bone Generator™ Services that can never be stopped by the Kabbalistic Enochian Archon evil. By this means I have made all Bone Generators™ Services unblockable, unstoppable, infrangible and perfecting perfection using Graham Nickells, aka Paul Hughes Barlow the criminal conman to download the anti-death programme into Anglos, and the Zionist thief Rob Rowe to download the anti-death programme into all Zionists past present and future. In the Satanic Kabbalah the Zionist writes that all Kabbalistic world have been destroyed by the Kings of Edam, these Edamic Kings being the Source’s assassins saved from eternal torture by the Kabbalistic chaos evil to fight evil and die destroying the worlds built by the total evil of Zionism. As the Source’s latest assassin Tim Rifat downloaded his death destroying this new hive worlds of total evil into the Anglo Zionist so enabling the Psi-Lord to survive the total destruction of all evil. Since his death at the hands of the Archon Kabbalistic evil has been downloaded into the evil the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave could be set up to perfecting the perfect total torture damnation death of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (Anglo Zionist) so the Omega Hell could be made, eternal, exponential perfecting perfect Hell for all evil. This was enabled by death scapegoats, idiots who steal off you so you can give them your death which they unknowingly accept of their own free will (Hyperinfinity) so their Hyperinfinity (fate) becomes yours to choose. Fate scapegoats enabled Tim Rifat to survive to the far future , build the Omega Point, sequester all pasts and futures and upload this failed time line as the Omega Point Simulation of all times to trap evil in Omega Hell. In this Service you choose 12 Soul Death Scapegoats, transferring the death of your Soul at the hands of the Archons to 12 torture soul shells so they suffer if anyone tries to kill your Soul. Since the Archons plan to do this after your death it enables you to kill Archons and their Kabbalistic Gods as they accepted death at your hands. This enables your Bone Generator™ to give you the power to tear any Archon to pieces, it’s Gods of evil, Demons, Greys, Illuminati… in the process anti-chaos is injected into the Archon so if it is reconstructed it is in total torment a part of the Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave. Having done this to Samael the Kabbalistic assassin anti-Christ, all attempt by evil to kill off it’s Hell only make the Omega Hell a superior perfecting perfect Hell as of it’s own free will Samael attacked me, lost, so I control all aspects of evil assassins, killers that try to protect evil be they police, soldiers, Demons, Archons or evil itself. This allows the Anti-Illuminati to have 12 scapegoats from not single wageslaves but to expand the sets to 12 types of evil being: police, secret police, spies, soldiers, politicians, bankers, royal families, weapon manufacturers, tax enforcers, junk food personal, nuclear technology workers… all from the Anglo Zionist Races. This gives one a pool of scapegoats from any 12 aspects of Anglo Zionism, the wageslave of the Archons. Having death and Soul scapegoats allows you to directly link the real world with the Omega Hell of the Burn your Enemies in Hell Service. This enables the Anti-Illuminati to bridge the void of the afterlife to merge the living scapegoats via death and Soul scapegoats to the 12 torture shells in the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service. By using the Anti-Kabbalistic Service one can put the 12 Kabbalistic aspects of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Zionists call it Thaumiel into Omega Hell. Since all wageslaves of Anglo Zionism are made in it’s image one can then use 12 types of Anglo Zionist in the living world (all wageslaves define themselves by their job) to superimpose Omega Hell on the wageslave world using the death Soul scapegoat bridge to the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service with the Anti-Kabbalistic Service. By having Omega Hell on Earth for 12 types of wageslave, Illuminati Archon, Demon, Grey one burns holes in the ADR, Matrix, Over Matrix, Archon hell to leave space for and empower 12 of your Bone Generator Services. Having scapegoats for every evil Intent downloaded into your enemies means that as the Anti-Illuminati gets attacked the evil empire tears itself apart as you grow stronger. Downloading the Awareness of the 12 torture shells Kabbalistic Gods into the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators: obelisks, altars, memorial, Freemasonic temples, government buildings, worships, Nato HQ… allows you to choose 12 types Demonic Generator to transmit your 2013 Reality. Your Anti-Illuminati Freemason, Anti-Demon Archon PGs can have those 12 tortured Gods downloaded into 12 Psychotronic Crystals containing the tortured being, Soul, Awareness of a Kabbalistic God. Remember in Tolkien’s: Lord of the Rings, the ultimate Power Ring had the Sauron dark lord Awareness being Soul in the Ring to make it a perfect PG. Crystals are Spirit, Soul, entity catchers so their real Power is the ability to use the crystal capsule to trap entities to power the Intent of the Psychotronic Crystal. UK stooges like Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and fellow criminal conman Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum allow Satanists to put Enochian and Kabbalistic Demons in their Crystals to possess you to make you mad and paranoid (see Warnings) the Satanic inversion of real Psychotronic Crystals and Generators. The 12 Aeons Psi-Prison traps the Awareness of humanity to empower the Psychotronic Illuminati Freemasonic network (hence all the altars, memorials, obelisks with dead names written on them, sacrifices to the evil Gods of Kabbalah, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. That is why the West trains it’s slaves from birth to worship the paper money of the Rothschild Sanhedrin, the karmic dumps scapegoat mechanism which allow all wageslaves to be used as scapegoats for Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth by using Anti-Illuminati Bone Generators™, which since the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has expunged Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, he can download the torture shell Awareness of this vermin into Bone Generators™ to produce the perfect Psychotronic Generator™. Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal Bone Generators empowered by the damned revenant of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth that is the Awareness in Omega Hell generating the Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave to perfecting the perfect Omega Hell on Earth that since 1986 has trapped evil in the real world so chaos cannot escape; this empowers the Total Reality Wave that perfecting perfect God-Beings enables the Anti-Illuminati path and the ancient Seer path as the Mirror Megaverse Pulsars were an intrinsic part of the fall of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth.

Upgrade E $600

Upgrade F: God Core Scapegoats;

The God Core is the global gestalt Hyperinfinity that manifests the Total Quantum Wave Function of your totality, the Assemblage Point the Hyperinfinity of your local Quantum Wave Function by which you fix your Awareness on seperate realities where your God Core is placed depends where you wake up. You only wake up from dreams in this world because your God Core Hyperinfinity is here in the past. You only wake up in the 12 Aeon torture Cell for the damned because all your life you are trained to give your God Core is set in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. A Psi-Master sets his future God Core in the Omega Heaven in the far future using the Eternal Heaven Service. An ancient Seer puts present and future God Core positions in the Mirror Megaverse to set up the line energy body of the ancient Seer. An Anti Illuminati puts both present and future God Cores in the Omega Point so her/his line energy body is fixed in the far future as a God-Being manifest. A new Seer puts her/his God Core in the bodiless state when the energy body is unzipped in the past via his/her link with the nagual woman of his line and his future God Core in the Third Attention by pulling his/her totality into a God Core position of unmanifest being to set up a Total REality Wave in bodiless 5th dimensional being. Since all the wageslaves God Cores are destined for the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, the Anti-Illuminati can download this fate into 12 wageslaves since that is their future God Core position it brings their present God Core position into the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, so they wake up in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison while living, living Hell. One then places the Illuminati God Core, and Archon in a zombie as an overly on the 12 wageslaves to pull the Archon into waking up in it’s own Prison as victim, 12 Illuminatis (seeBildaberger guest list for names, commitee of 300…) On then places the 12 Kabbalistic chaos Gods of the Archons into the 12 scapegoats of Illuminati and wageslave. This pulls the 12 Zionist Gods into their own hells as victims. As the power levels for each of the Kabbalistic levels go up by a factor of 10 the fourth Archon Hell level in 10,000 times more powerful than the bottom Anglo Demonic wageslave level so placing g 12 Kabbalistic chaos Gods in their own 12 Aeon Psi-Prison as torture shells liberates 12×10,000 God Core worth of energy. By this means an Anti-Illuminati can gain 120,000 God Core worth of Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel by using the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service to sequester the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison so it becomes the Omega Hell for evil trapping it’s creators in Omega Hell. Since an Anti-Illuminati needs about 10 million God Cores to extend his/her God Core around all his energy bodies one needs God Core scapegoats to volunteer to be the portal for the Omega Hell of the 12 Archon Gods of evil. The first 12 are supplied by the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service. After that the new scapegoats need to be found, people who are thieves that steal off you so you can have them used as God Core scapegoats. AS a Psi-Lord Tim Rifat is the ultimate new Seer stalker so gets the UK government thieves of Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum to sell counterfeit crystals to be used as God Core scapegoats. By this means I gained my huge all encompassing God Core. I was even luckier in that the UK government used a national ad campaign to sell my 7 Psycrystals as occult talismans by means of we give them for free but please donate… This gave me a huge number of God Core scapegoats all used to download the 12 Archon Gods into Omega Hell. In this Service you get 12 God Core scapegoats and can reuse the God Core scapegoats above with respect to you as the UK government tried to use this counterfeit crap to block your Omega God-Being so you can use them all again with respect to you as they doubled, redoubled… their debt to Psi-Masters. By use of these God Core scapegoats one can rapidly grow one’s God Core, then download the programme into the Illuminati Freemason PGs so all the government stooges and their Illuminati Freemason masters trying to steal off you to fund the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, war on Moslems… give their God Cores to you and can be used to torture the ARchon Gods for 10,000 power God Cores.

Upgrade F $600

Upgrade G: Scapegoat Psychotronic Crystals;

The Psychotronic Crystal™ can be upgraded by making it an Anti-Chaos Psychotronic Generator™ Anti-Chaos is the reversing of evil so it attacks itself to destroy all it built. Having destroyed Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth and poisoned it’s revenant with Anti-Chaos the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has completed the creation of the Psychotronic Crystals™. In this Service you can download the ultimate scapegoat Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth transformed by the Psi-Lord into the archetypal torture shell, it’s God Cores the Total Torture hell Damnation Wave, it’s totality Anti-Chaos. Since all creatures in the Matrix are created in it’s image and all the Matrix it’s creation, this gives your 34 BSRI-Enginge and other Psychotronic Crystals their real function of sequestering all evil and turning it against tiself. This gives Anti-Chaos Psychotronic Crystals that hold Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth in manifestation even after the Total Intent global gestalt function has destroyed chaos – evil; so as Anti-Chaos it can suffer for it’s evil and as the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave act as the counter balance fuel source to the Bone Generators™ that propel Bone Psi-Masters™ to perfection and beyond on the Total Reality Wave of God Being. Anti-Chaos Psychotronic Crystals™ are only needed when Bone Psychotronic Crystals are created the former acting as the hardware to process the Total Torture Damnation Hell REality Wave that holds all Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, it’s creatures and creation in a descending perfecting Omega Hell that is the history of mankind. H explains the evil of history the good charade of the evil Yaldabaoth, and it’s evil masquerading as good Yaltabaoth the two faces of Anglo Zionism, liberal democracy which is really a prison camp for wageslaves and it’s treatment of non Zionists by torture murder ethnic cleansing as seen in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central and South America, Australia… Once you have the God of evil installed in your Psychotronic Crystals as the perfect torture shell scapegoat. Since all creatures and creation in the Matrix are in it’s image it enables the Bone Generator™ to act as a global gestalt engine shifting all your reality in the Matrix and all the people around you into following your Intent so your simulation can surf through the Matrix avoiding the evil, turning it against itself so it propels you along the path to God-Being as the evil scapegoat perfects the Omega Hell to enable it’s perfecting. This Service turns the 34 BSRI-Engine and 44 of the Anti-Demon, Anti-Demon Archon, Anti-Illuminati Freemason into a Glbal Gestalt Event Engine that uses the Matrix and it’s evil creators as the actors and stage to enact the Total Torment Hell Damnation Reality Wave to act as counterpoint to your elevation on the Total Reality Wave to God-Being, 44 of the Anti-Demon PC/BPCs are used as there are 4 levels in the Kabbalah, wageslave, Demon, ArchDemon, Kabbalistic Gods with the 4 Matrices: ADR, Matrix, Over Matrix and Archon Hell, then Sephirarth in each, but since the Keter of each of the 4 diabolical trees in mode in the double headed image of Thaumiel: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth we have 44 components of evil to burn simultaneously to power the 34 BSRI-Engine that runs the 34 power Matrix that is the non Anglo Zionist world of the Chinese… This enables the Bone Psi-Master to surf on the global events that destroy the Anglo Zionist empire of the Rothschilds and enable them to safely navigate the seminal Matrix of the 34 Powers the Chinese are regrowing to become the dominant power. So world events pull your being along the path to God-Being using the real world of Western decay and Chinese development to act as a Global Gestalt Engine to affect all events worldwide to enable you to walk the path of the Bone Psi-Master. So rather than offering one event all events are edited so your path to Omega God-Being never fails, the ultimate scapegoat enchained in your crystals by this Service acting as the counterbalance so when all world events need to be accomodated to your God-Being evolution all events are modified at the expense of all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth creation and creatures who all lose concomittant amount, the hardware for this process the Psychotronic Crystals made into Anti-Chaos Psychotronic Crystals™ by this Service to enable you to succeed not despite events but because events always propel you along the God-Being path.

Upgrade G $600

Upgrade H: Chaos Evil Scapegoats; (free with Scapegoat Service and upgrades A-G)

What is the source of evil? As all things fundamental it is mathematical. All Psi-Lords therefore by definition need to be mathematicians of a high order. Goedels Incompleteness theorem states: that any bounded system by it’s intrinsic nature has apart of the system it cannot know. This hidden part is the essence of evil a viral, worm-like unknown that not only corrupts the system but in the end sequesters it. On Earth the largest and most advanced energy bodies are those of the giant trees, Sequois… As their energy body grows it’s large Hyperinfinity and Quantum Reality Wave push the system to a vastly more ordered state, the hidden part of the system is pushed to compensate into a vastly more chaotic state. This produces quantum chaotic fluctuations that the trees emit to the outside world. These chaotic quantum fluctuations are self perfetuating in a malleable medium as as water which does not hae the high symmetric order of crystals chaotic quantum fluctuations can then evolve in this water medium and using the Hyperinfinity of water cause a catastrophic maths change in which the chaos fields can form a bounded energy field sequestered from water. A seminal chaos evil has come into being that can then sequester hive-lie Awareness of insectiles, the Archons of the dark energy matter CF realms and devolve into Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, the corruption of the Agglutinising Force Awareness’s, the Source nd the Logos. It is then capable of making Matrices to create chaos hell worlds like the human condition.

Yet Goedels Incompleteness theorem only applies to bounded systems which do not exist from the high order maths of Intent Operators, the Global Gestalt Functions which modify all lower operators such as choas. So the developing chaos functions are unknown to them being manipulated by the Intent Operators. Yes the Megaverses are maths writ large. As the chaos evil spreads it possesses the Source in the bounded domain to produce the corrupted Source which with Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth makes the trinary deity of evil… Evil though is controlled by the Intent Operators so all evil does is to map those parts of the bounded system that can be corrupted. A result of this is that all the parts of the Source that are incorruptible are mapped by this Intent process. We all know of martyrs who die to fight evil and never give in. Islam is the most extreme of these martyr religions but Christianity is built on martyrs as is Shintoism with Kamikaze pilots… One can argue forever that suicide bombers are wrong but one cannot dispute these are aspects of the Source that do not knuckle under like Western wageslaves to be loyal servants of the Matrix, cowards who worship paper money. By this process all the aspects of the Source that cannot be broken are mapped. Once this is done the creation is then switched by a catastrophe theory change into a state where the hidden parts of evil evolve to produce Amalek Awareness which sequesters evil and forces it to destroy itself because it’s job is done. In the Kabbalah books of the Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth chaos evil it states al previous creations have been destroyed by the Kings of Edam, Malekites the enemies of Zionism, the religion of the chaos evil. In this time line the chaos-evil tried to cheat by collapsing the Naz1 time line and Soviet time line (both Amalekite possessed time lines hence they are not altruistic, moral, ethical but evil sequestered by anti-evil) to produce by using Tesla technology and the occult (the Philadelphia Experiment) the Zionist time line. This failed so in 1986 a null time line was formed as all evil had been mapped by the previous Edamic creations the Source could be recovered by the Total Intent Operator in a form consisting of all the aspects that could never be broken, sequestered by evil, the invulnerable Source found by the mapping of all evil. With the Source totally pure it enabled the Total Intent Operator to create the Omega Point Simulation of all histories in which the revenant left after the Source left was chaos evil torturing, killing, damning and putting in hell itself. This is the Omega Simulation created in 1986 in this null time line. The next aspect was the creation of Anti-Chaos, trapping evil in the Omega Hell so it could not vanish like shadows in the light of Total Intent. To do this the Psi-Lord was used by Total Intent to trap the Yaltabaoth evil in the Anglo Zionist Rob Rowe’s God Core an avatar zombie host to the Kabbalistic evil God Samael and the Anglo conman Graham Nickells, aka Paul Hughes Barlow the possesed zombie of Namoah, Lilith the bottom of the Kabbalistic tree of evil. Now one can see why the evil of the Kabbalah is based on a tree. Having two torture shell Awareness’s now possessed by Anti-Chaos they could act as the Awareness of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth trapped by Total Intent in Omega Hell creating the Total Hell, Torture, Damnation Wave. This enabled Total Intent to become self aware as the Psi-Lord’s God-Being in the Omega Point and in the Mirror Megaverse enabling the creation of two line energy bodies one from the Blue Pulsar beings Mirror Megaverse and one from the perfecting perfect God-Being of the Psi-Creator in the Omega Point. These two line energy bodies intersect like the horizontal and vertical beam directions of an old style TV screen cathode ray tube. The two God Cores in the Mirror Megaverse and the two God-Beings in the Omega Point allow a 4D Simulation of all history including all dark energy matter and Mirror Megaverse light and dark energy matter to construct an Omega Simulation of all history by controlling Hyperfinite Reality Waves the moulding of a Total Wave Function of all chaos evil derived from those parts of the Source that are venal, cowardly, spineless… corruptible. The Omega Simulation can now run chaos sequestered by the Total Intent Operator making evil harm evil – Anti-Chaos. All Anti-Chaos functions can now be mapped so 1986 was the end of all Source history, now creation maps all evil doing evil to itself. As the Anti-Illuminati, left in this time line are aspects of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in which the hidden part of evil has taken them over the Amalock function they are enabled to escape the Omega Hell by using Anti0Chaos to create new things, Memes, maths… unknown to the perfect Source, Logos but a product of Intent Chaos – Anti-Chaos. This enables Total Intent to continue perfecting the perfect Source Logos to design new creations and time lines in which unknown and unique intensity functions of being are produced by the Anti-Chaos and it’s Anti-Illuminati.

Since all humans are Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth unaware of their true being the Anti-Illuminati have to get two scapegoats to download their Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth being into so they are empty vessels into which the holographic avatar of Intent can take hold. That is why all Shamans found that only the Intent of Total Freedom led out of evil all other Intents led to their personnel hell (see Castaneda’s: The Power of Silence) All ancient Seers labour under this rule but since they have helped Total Intent by helping Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord, a debt was owed so I have downloaded all the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth chaos evil of worthy ancient Seers into the torture chaos evil scapegoat be it the Tenant, Archons, Demons, Greys, Illuminati, were vermin: Enochian, Kabbalistic scum, wageslave… As well as injecting Anti-Chaos in trees and the creations of Intent so chaos can never reform. Now all evil is controlled by Intent Anti-Chaos is reality and can be used to perfect the true time lines using the Anti-Illuminati and the ancient Seers, Pulsars who gain from editing evil out of history as they perfect their God-Being. Sine the Awareness of Total Intent is the Psi-Lord as the two aspects Turan the human that transcended in 1986 to become Omega Psi-Creator and Tim (Total Intent Manifest) Total Intent made self aware by using a human in his highest form the human offered Godhood by evil who renounces it for love, the doorways to transinfinity the Agglutinising Force and Total Intent the Global Gestalt are gone so no other being can duplicate a unique event ensemble. This means no one can Remote View the far future to change the Omega Point as all Omega Point Simulations are Anti-Chaos evil and in true time lines being are Total Intent Simulations and since the entrance to Total Intent is forever closed no way can be found to corrupt Total Intent. As part of this Service the Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, which in you is installed into two torture scapegoats of my choice and Intent is installed in your being to guarantee your path to Omega Point God-Being. Since I cannot charge for Intent this Service is free to all clients who buy all the Scapegoat Services A to G so you can perfect scapegoat Psi the basis of all Anti-Chaos Anti-Illuminati power.

Scapegoat Service, with Upgrades A to H, (H free) $4800 with Certificates

Win Friends and Influence People:

The Bone Generators are tuned to enable you to Remotely Influence people in a positive manner to get them to do your bidding in all situations. US government military research spends billions on mind control, in this Service you get the positive benefits of Psi-Technology that works not the US Remote Influencing that is proven not to work – as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, China – if it worked they would now be Zionist puppet states. We are all surrounded by people we don’t like and have to listen to – bosses, government lunatics, police, or people we like but drive us mad – partners, family, children. Since all Westerners have their Soul trapped in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison we should regard all of them as zombies driven by internal Demons even they don’t like but have acquired or been broken to conform and obey to. With your Skull and Bones Generator(TM) use your left (and right hand if you have had the Psi-Master Service) to pull out the Demon, Grey, Archon, in the person to be Remotely Influenced. Then use your right hand (also left hand if you have had the Psi-Master Service) to get your Bone Generator(TM) to zap the physical and biophysical bodies of the person with Anti-CF, Chiral Pulsar Quantum Wave Function; this is tuned to poison kill all Archons, Demons, Greys that try to repossess the person. This acts like psychic rat killer and keeps the psychic vermin from re-inhabiting the person. Since their Soul is in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison permenantly if they are in the Heaven Aeons or rescuable if they are in the Hell Aeons – these type of people fight mind control and usually ruin their lives by being too rebellious at the wrong time. In this Service we leave the Soul in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison so we can install custom made Tulpas into the body, biophysical body so the person becomes a positive slave of the Bone Psi-Master. The 12 Tulpas made from the 12 types of energy stolen from the person do not drain you but use the target’s stolen energy. Simply install the Tulpa you want in the person to control their behaviour to fit your desire:-

1/ Tulpa (Psi-servant) to install total docility to your will in the target so they are forced to follow your suggestions or feel ill, worried anxious.

2/ Tulpa to install sexual desire in the target so they fantasise about having sex with you and become obsessed with your smell, looks, smile, body…

3/ Tulpa to install the desire to be liked by you as a friend so they go out of their way to help you and be co-operative to you in all ways.

4/ Tulpa to make them wish to be dominated by you so they feel good every time they obey your will and conform to your belief system.

5/ Tulpa to make them listen to all you say s if you are the most intelligent person in the world and must be obeyed.

6/ Tulpa to install fear of you so they are afraid to make you angry because this causes them to hurt themselves by accident, get bad luck, feel ill, anxious, helpless, glum, unloved…

7/ Tulpas to protect all your interests so the target is unable to damage any of your interests instead they damage themselves when they try to interfere in anything you are doing.

8/ Tulpa to install the sexual fantasy of your dreams in the person they become obsessed with your sexual peccadilloes and crave the type of weird sex you want from them and submit to all you want because their hyperinfinity (free will) was used to build this Tulpa.

9/ A Tulpa to turn all hate toward you into self destructive urges so your boss shouts at his boss, attacks officials, spends too much, drinks himself into a stupor that harms his work, gets sacked…

10/ A Tulpa to turn your hate toward a target into self destructive urges that win the target by making him systematically ruin his life forced to do this by the hyperinfinity in the Tulpa (his free will energy that guarantees he has to obey the Tulpa)

11/ A Tulpa to make the target obessively love you in every way so that they are forced to conform to your every whim by the Tulpa so that they are desperate to be loved by you and obey you to keep you happy.

12/ A Tulpa to make them a zombie for you where all their hyperinfinity (free will) is given to you so you can control them by Remote Influencing to become another body that you control, just as the Demon, Grey, Archon did previously.

Like all Luck Engines ( one Event Engine in this case the Tulpa is most effective so you are advised to install one Tulpa in one person to get 100% effectiveness. Or you can freight train them, putting one in then out, replaced by another, then out, then another, spacing them in intervals throughout the day controlled by your Bone Generators(TM). So for a boss at work Tupa: 1-3-5-7; then when they have left work Tulpa: 9-10-12 (so you can project in torment to ruin their life). As one can see this gives the Bone Psi-Master(TM) the ability to Remotely Influence his work place free from being found out. For family the Tulpa 11 is a good start and you can tailor your home life using the Tulpas mode from the hyperinfinity of friends and family; their free will shaped, sequestrated and now used by you to control them. With this Service one can truly Win Friend and Influence People using prepackaged Tulpas created by a Psi-Lord who knows everything about mind control and Psi-Technology. In this way you have the state of the art mind control technology of the far future to help your private life and to be used at work to promote your interests in all ways. Combined with the Money, Wealth, Fortune Service you can control all the business people around you to boost your business and get your enemies to destroy themselves. Look at my Warnings pages to see how my enemies are criminals thus discrediting them. As a further part of this Service Uk intelligence (an oxymoron) have been advertising 12 wishes, two of which are given free of charge. The occult branch of MI5 have been trying to collapse the 12 Powers I released for use by Bone Psi-Masters(TM) using the UK public as psychic patsys to bring two of the 12 Powers together to collapse them and give power to the Illuminati and block off the 12 powers from use (see I have made this power negative for all Illuminati so it kills and ruins them as they feed me with Psychotronic Fuel using transinfinity (see Crystal Bone Psi-Master and Sex Bone Psi-Master/Mistress Services) This means the 12 Tulpas created abov e are also powered by the Anglo Zionist population of the UK so instead of the power (hyperinfinity) of one person they have the power of 60 million Anglo Zionists (UK population) which makes the Tulpas capable of Remotely Influencing on an enormous scale as mind control depends on energy. Having a 60 million power Tulpas is extraordinary even for a Bone Psi-Master who has to build them by hand from scratch. As a Psi-Lord I get the enemy Anglo Zionists to power all my creations of their own free will so I can sequester all the hyperinfinity of them, Illuminati, Archons, Demons, Greys and because they willingly gave it to me it is unbeatable for Psi-mind control/Remote Influencing.

Win Friends and Influence People Service $600 with Certificate

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