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Samael to Lilith Sequestration Service:

The Judaic pharisaic race of Israel is the brown Circular Force strange energy matter being, the creation of Shaddai. Normal humans have a white light energy matter body in both physical and biophysical. The Judaic shell has no biophysical body but instead a brown strange energy matter installation that possesses the physical light energy matter vehicle. The archetypes of the Judaic Satanist race of the Sanhedrin Israel are Samael the female made male torture murderer, assassin, betrayer and Lilith the mother of Demons first wife of the parasitised Adam of Genesis fame. A Psi-Lord has not only to be Master of Science and mathematics but Chaos Evil as defined by the Judaic Talmud Kabbalah of the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth chosen race of evil. The creations of the Chaos Evil called Thaumiel by Kabbalah. As Thaumiel, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is a double female energy being, only female can pass on the Judaic Satanism and in fact Samael the male archetype of Israel is Naamah the female idoletory principle (worshipping money, Jew paper, authority, Zion, Israel, Bush, US military power, Western democracy rules by the Rothschilds…) fed by Goyim male energy parasitised off them to produce Samael, the Male Principle of Israel, the torture, murder, betrayer, assasin that defines the Sandhedrin Jew,

With the 60th Anniversary of Israel the Psi-Lord has reversed their black magic to steal the Male Principle of the Chinese Empire via the Australian Tesla/HAARP attacks on Burma and China. In Gerematria the hebrew black magic Satanism of number and letters of the hebrew alphabet, the Male Principle is VAU(6), female (5) HE, upper and lower the upper being Shekinah, the lower Lilith. Reversing the Israel Satanism sequestered Samael (50 in Gerematria, death) to attack Israel and the West and kill it. This Bone Generator® Service takes the process further to turn Samael back to Naamah by taking all male energy out of all the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth creation to leave Naamah (5) and Lilith (5) the double headed female evil Thaumiel in the physical world. This Service subtracts the Naamah (5) from the Lilith (5) to give Zero using the blowback of the failed Tesla Zionist attacks on Burma and China from Australia the heart of Israel in Asia. This Service allows you to turn all males into females so Alpha males become submissive, dithering, non-decision makers that always look to authority and deny any failures. The Service then subtracts the female Naamah (5) shopping mall, authority worshiper from the Lilith (5) mother of piglets, evil bitch, vindictive sow of Western, Israeli female to leave a zero sum, a self destructive, suicidal shell that can only hurt and kill itself. The Service then takes it further so the Bone Psi-Master then controls the power of Judaic Lilith female evil:-

Controls all Succubi and Incubi Demons of nocturnal Demonic sex
Archetype of all torturers, Dominatrix, police, secret police, prisons… punishers
Controls all the Demon (fish) in the Under Matrix beneath the Matrix of the West
She is the entitiy that is fed by abortion and Jewish ritual child murder so this Service can be used to blowback the process to drive aborionists and Satanists mad, self destructive, male to female to suicidal… to death; the power controlled by Samael but now controlled by the Psi-Lord.
As the mother of Demons Lilith controls all Demons so this process enables you to breed your own under your own command inimical to Israel and the West that follow only Anti-Chaos and to abort all Lilith’s Demons.
She controls the substructure of the Matrix the subconscious so can control all Jew slaves via their subconscious now in the control of the Psi-Lord.
This Service allows you to put maniacal disobedience and pride in any target as Lilith displayed to Adam.
Controls as the Screech Owl all Middle Place Demons that peck out the eyes of all Shamans that wish to escape so you can attack any US/British Remote Viewer, influencer by sequestering her/his owl, vulturine Demons and pecking out their psychic eyes to psychically blind them.
Enables you to sequester all 4 mothers of Demons in the 4 world of the Kabbalistic Tree: Lilith, Naamah, Ogeret and Mahalath.
Turns aggressive males and females into docile slave females easily controlled.
Makes all female energy decompose to female giving you the male energy from any target at will..

To use simply pull out the male energy in the target with the left hand Bone Generator® and download the Anti-Lilith power you wish with the right hand Bone Generator® Then use the left to withdraw more Sublime Good® and dump toxic waste with the right. All the Succubi, demons, Screech and bird Demons to blind psychic sight and the 4 female archpowers of Chaos Lilith, Naamah, Ogeret and Mahalath just open up a Triangle of Art composed of Shekinah, Lilith, Nahema the female Demonic archetype of impurity. Then command the Lilith sequestered powers to attack any target by putting their names in the Triangle of Art, using your left hand Bone Generator® to suck them dry of Sublime Good® right hand Bone Generator® to dump toxic waste.

Samael to Lilith Sequestration Service: $600 with Certificate

Upgrade A: Improving on the Whip of Fire:

The Whip of Fire Bone Generator® used Tsabaoth Lilith to kill, curse Jews and Goyim. There is also the Whip of Shaddai, Whip of Spirit that does not kill the target but leaves them unharmed as all they love all they built, all they own is destroyed as if by earthquake. The Whip of Spirit is used as the Whip of Fire but automatically issues from your right hand Bone Generator® to lash the victim and the left hand Bone Generator® lashes the victim to upload all the Sublime Good® from the wrecked life, property, family, empire… It’s as simple as that, you let the victim live so they can suffer more as killing would be a mercy.

The Whip of Water (Elohim) with which you lash the victim so every ones mind is turned against him or her so he or she is surrounded by enemies. The left hand Bone Generators® uploads all their Sublime Good® , the right hand Bone Generator® turns all minds against the target as you lash with left and right hand Bone Generators® Works on Rothschilds to countries such as the USA. The Whip of Breath (Sabbaoth) turns all voices against the target so the pack speaks out again and again against the victim of the Whip of Breath. Use the left and right hand Bone Generators as above. The Whip of Whip gets the Shekinah devolved to Lilith to bite its tail so the curse is made eternal, the snake biting its own tail being OUROBROUS the archetype of eternity so all evil you impose on the victim becomes eternal through all reincarnations in all afterlife in all hells from SHEOL to the Omega Hell. Use left and right Bone Generator® hands as above. Only for the truly vindictive such as Psi-Lords!

Upgrade A: $600 with Certificate

Upgrade B: Sequestering Sex Magic.

The source of all magical power, how so ever it may be derived through individual persons, is the first Serpent Lilith, the impure Spirit of Israel to attract this Spirit the magicians defile themselves by paedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia of infants. This is the practises of the Illuminati at every one of their Temples. The SuperJew Psi-Master Rabbi lets the untergoyim do the nasty stuff dumps her/his toxic waste on the paedophile, necrophiliac, cannibal Illuminati untergoyim and uploads all the Sex magic to her/himself to do this touch a picture of Bohemian Grove (one of the Illuminati Temples in Witchworld, California) with your right hand Bone Generator® to download toxic waste from you to poison the perverts (pictures of Bohemian Grave on Alex Jones’s sites). Then touch the picture of Bohemian Grave with your left hand Bone Generator® hand to upload all the sex magic the Illuminati generate, past, present and future. Since Bohemian Grave is connected with all the other Illuminati paedophile, bestiality, necrophilia Temples on the globe use this as a portal to upload all the sex magic you want as you dump Lilith, toxic waste and impotence on the Illuminati, Archons, Kabbalah.

Upgrade B: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details. !!This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer.