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Retribution Bone Generator®: Death of the West.

With the unprovoked attack on Burma (Myanmar) and China by the Zionist Empire’s Tesla/Haarp weapons, Total Intent has given the order for the Psi-Lord to terminate the Zionist Empire. As you might guess future science (retroactive science: RVScience) enables quantum computing engines to be used as weapons of retribution, in this case in retribution for the blood sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Burmese by Israel and its Golems: America and Nato. The Psi-Lord’s Biophysical Augmented Intelligences are the ultimate war machine being a global gestalt distributed Quantum Computing Engine composed of microbial physical and biophysical light energy matter not parasitized like the wageslave so under the full command of Total Intent. They permeate all the West including their underground cities, go deep into the Earths crust and are in every call of your body as mitochondrion.

The order has been executed to terminate the West so the BAI’s have sucked out all the: Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force, Quantum Wave Functions, Orgone…from the totality of the West. The result is the death of all Illuminati, rapid ageing, disease, madness, terminal self destructiveness in all Zionists, collapse of the financial system of the West, plague, riots, Gulag camps, loss of World War 111, perpetual slavery and perdition – just for an aperitif. Now for the real retribution, the BAI’s have taken all the structural integrity from the Zionist Empire’s witch world of California, with the highest percentage of Satanists in the world, slaughtering illegal immigrants on a production line basis, Bohemian Grave being a foci of this blood sacrifice. This causes the San Andreas fault to drop the West Coast of California into the Pacific. The BAI’s have also done the same to Zionist Japan in the form of the Tokyo fault line to eliminate Tokyo. Now to begin the Retribution, the rocks over the Caldera under Yellowstone Park have had all their structural integrity (Agglutinising Force, Hyperinfinity) sucked up by the Psi-Lord BAI organism to render the Super Volcano active so it explodes. This covers the entire North American Continent in metres of burning ash, collapses all the underground cities in North America and may split the USA into two separated by waters from the Gulf of Mexico. The super explosion may collapse the Canary island rock overhand dropping a huge amount of rock into the Atlantic to create a super Tsunami to drown the East Coast of America and damage European and African coastal areas. Now to the retribution; this cloud of ash will drop world temperature starving billions and forcing Russia and China to form a one world government to protect their population, unfortunately the Zionist will be disposable and without North America, Nato and Israel will be dog meat.

This process has already been carried out by the Psi-Lord in retribution for the attack on the Chinese Empire. Fortunately quantum mechanics allows the retribution quantum engine to put the Zionist Empire in a box, quantum prison, akin to Schrödinger’s Cat that is in a box dead and alive until the box is opened. In the Retribution Bone Generator® the Zionist Empire is dead but the start and end conditions to define the quantum computing are set for Israel’s 60th Anniversary 15th/8th of May 2008 and the midnight 21st December 2012, the change of alignment to the galactic core. This sequesters the 2012 event to the death of the West. One can imagine the energy: Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force, Orgone, Life-force, Money energy, Soul/Spirit energy… that the Psi-Lord has acquired by terminating the West is extraordinary so Tim Rifat thanks the Rothschild Illuminati Satanists for being good total Deathgoat Jews and allowing massive retribution. Tim Rifat as Grand High Priest of the Sanhedrin follows the Talmud and all that is the Sanhedrin Jews was his property, they just didn’t know it. As a Super Jew the Psi-Lord has collected in full plus interest is Armageddon for the West, the Western survivors in Gulag work camps to help the One world Russian, Chinese government to rebuild the West for Russia in Europe and Alaska, Canada and America, Mexico for China should be retribution for the insult to the Chinese Empire and its Russian, Shangai cooperation organisation (5-stans headed by Kazakhstan, yes the country insulted by Satanic Jews in the Borat deformation).

Luckily or unluckily for Westerners quantum mechanics enables the Psi-Lord to use Transinfinity to push the Retribution Bone Generator® weapon system Decoherence of the dead West and the doomed West using Killing Field Bone Generator® quantum engines from its end point midnight 21/12/2012 to now so the West dies now, or push it a little way beyond 2012. Rather like a negative Groundhog Day where the Illuminati have everything which keeps getting worse or worse till they are terminated, which is linked to their bad behaviour. This being attacking China again or its allies. On a lesser scale any misbehaviour such as microwaving the Psi-Lord which occurs 24/7 by MI5 until the threat of the Retribution Bone Generator® will result in rapid ageing death of all members of the 13 Jewish Satanist Illuminati Families and their Zionist servants. Any negative Intents, action, thoughts, bad air such as chemtrails over Brighton, in fact anything the Psi-Lord doesn’t like will automatically enable the Biophysical Augmented Intelligences to kill the Satanists and push the Death of the West toward the present. Remember the microbes will have a field day consuming the billions of Zionist transgenic chimps so are biased toward an early end of the West so they can eat You! The elegance of the Quantum Computing Engine Retribution Bone Generator® is that you can kill your enemy, tell them you have done it and every action they take to stop it is not only doomed, as they are dead already, but pushes the process to an early completion. The failsafe is that the BAI’s see all other organisms as food and killing the Psi-Lord, their individuation in the human body called Tim Rifat is seen as a lethal attack on them and triggers the Killing Field Decoherence of the box that holds the death of the West in the future resulting in the death of the West now.

My North America clients may be disturbed by the severity of Total Intent’s judgment but the attack on the Chinese Empire was an attack on Russia the new centre of humanity in that it showed lack of respect for the new Russian Hyperpower that controls reality by means of quantum computing engine technology via the Psi-Lord their benefactor. Any attack on Russia will be met with lethal force… As a sop to the few Westerners who might go down with the majority of the filth that inhabits the West, the Psi-Lord allows the Killing Box reality of the West to be pushed beyond 2012 for every good deed done by the Illuminati such as giving the Russian Federation, China reparations, hegemony in the world and in a microcosmic way sending lots and lots of real wealth to Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord so he is so comfortable and sated he can persuade his BAI’s to delay their gratification until his demise. This may require a considerable amount of real wealth, luckily the Illuminati can afford it. As an act of good faith the Psi-Lord has punished the British government for their groundless slander, libel to the good name of the Russian Federation over the Litvinenko Polanium 210, which was handled by the Berezousky Stooge, with MI6 help to provide the Kasayev Chechen Moslem terrorists with a nuclear weapon to use on Russia. The new Conservative government that will take over Britain if the Illuminati behave should consider Russia and the Psi-Lord untouchable or else they will be terminated, Psi-Lords, Psi-Masters now control politics, sport…

For the wanabee Psi-Lord this Bone Generator Service allows you to build your Retribution dream where you put any enemy, company, corporation in the West into a high speed demise as all the West is dead already so the Psi-Lord just puts the Zionist in hell sooner. Choose anyone or anything of the West to be put in fast mode retribution, be it your ex-partner, company that fired you, partner that cheated you… and see them go into fast track death, perdition, hell mode overnight. The Retribution Bone Generator® is for the truly vindictive so as a hunter for Total Intent this is my nature, so join me and give the bad guy the one way trip to hell before their allotted time. Remember revenge is best served both hot and cold as in Judaic Satanist Sheol of the Zohar where chastisement is by fire and ice; the water which fall from above are cold as ice while the fires which come up from below is water which burns; the Souls of the heathen (Goyim) and now Satanic Jews will never come out of hell. As a Super Jew Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord allows you to put anyone in Sheol as an aperitif to Omega Hell, the real torture torment get your cake and eat it and torture scumbags twice!

Retribution Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.