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Remote Influencing Service.

The human brain lags from one second to a second and a half behind actual events according to the research of Dr Kornhuber as explained in Tim Rifat’s Remote Viewing… books, available on so there must be a non brain intervention to control all the wage slave real-time working in the Matrix. The supplementary Motor area acts as a port to enable the biophysical body to initiate brain decision making, so is the point of entry for biophysical body commands of the brain hardware. In 1979 Dr Libet found that it takes half a second or more for skin stimulation, as well as other sensory stimulation to reach brain consciousness. So all wageslaves are running half a second late. This means the brain is not controlling what happens to us but is a passive perceiver looking at a mirror image of reality half a second delayed in time; its interventions a second or more behind events and real time.

To explain this we have several hypothosies:

The brain can accurately forsee a few seconds into the future so it can react in real-time. This goes against all mechanistic Talmudic Jewish science as espoused by Einstein and the Sceptic Litman Rani the conjurer.
As SuperJews who follow the Talmud who are used to postulate a lump of grey matter can use precognition to work in real-time. We do know that the Morphogenic Field controls the brain via the Supplementary Motor Area A Field effect like the Morphogenic Field part of the biophysical field, as an energy field can according to Talmudic mechanistic science work at the speed of light, so can accurately control the body ini real-time via the brain.
It can overcome the one second or more brain lag by using quantum computing to predict one or more second into the future.
Contact is future counterpart via a quantum spinning wormhole to tell its future self what to do 2 seconds ahead of real-time
The Biophysical Body can be in a 5D Remann Manifold so it can access the Supplementary Motor Area of the brain 2 seconds ahead of real-time.
The Quantum Wave Function is collapsed, according to the Helsinki Convention of Quantum Mechanics, by the observor. The observor is the brain so the real-time world only exists one or two seconds after the so called real-time.
Or the brain is a servitor of the Biophysical Body and the Biophysical Body is the observor that collapses the Quantum Wave Function to manifest real-time events. Or the Hyperinfinity is the Bone Generators┬« of the wageslave collapse the Quantum Wave Function and the brain is a passive observer of a higher order quantum mechanical computer innate in the totality of Man. The Hyperinfinity in the bones is the only thing that collapses the Quantum Wave Function and only Hyperinfinity is involved in real-time events. Hyperinfinity runs digital quantum computing designated by, I give away my Hyperinfinity O and I do not give away my Hyperinfinity. The ensemble of which is picked up by the Supplementary Motor Area to control action and perception. We do not have time-delay problems if our local Hyperinfinity warps space-time via control of Qauntum Wave Function, to collapse the apparent time-delay. As the action of Hyperinfinite rich areas of the manifold may distort time so outside observers do not correlate with individuals time; even though the individual is a real-time with respect to himself (or herself). So one can see the science of Hyperinfity as postulated by scientist Tim Rifat explains quantum mechanically time-delay in the brain without recourse to precognition. Events such as 911 which caused random number generators to diverge from the statistical pathway before the incident can be seen to be the group mind of the Talmudic Jews of US Israel merging their Hyperinfinity to produce a large warp of space-time that was not local but global and caused greater time-dilation. Also the thousands of dead Goyim in 911 contributed all their Hyperinfinity as O’s I freely give my Hyperinfinity to Talmudic Jews, so this of its own causes random number generator.

Remote Influencing Service: $600 with Certificate