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Quantum Jumping Service:

There is a lot of garbage on the Internet about Quantum Jumping. All the Quantum Jumping on the Internet as sold as a psychic service or consultancy is bogus. Only Tim Rifat is the world expert in psychic applications of Quantum Jumping; the world’s leading scientific expert who came up with Hyperinfinity collapse of Quantum Wave Functions – the so called Quantum Jumping. Tim Rifat is the only entrepreneur scientist that holds Trademarks in Mind Over Matter®, Supernatural Spirit®, Psychotronic Generators®, Bone Generators® (the mechanism for Quantum Jumping via Hyperinfinity), Sublime Good®, Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Crystalware® in Psychic Consultancy; which via Hyperinfinity, fully defines and encapsulates Quantum Jumping. All others advertising Quantum Jumping are fraudsters, conmen or government disinformation agents such as: Paul Hughes aka Graham Nickels and, Mystical… (see warnings)

What is Quantum Jumping? Quantum Wave Functions are probability wave functions that spread out the Subatomic world as wave. Quantum Jumping occurs when the Quantum Wave Function collapses to form particles; wave to particle. There are many theories as to how and why Quantum Jumping occurs, none explain the how and why. Only from Tim Rifat the scientist, that specialises in Psi and the Occult Matrix, does a full explanation come. This is Hyperinfinity (see the Bone Generator® Service on to Quantum Jump you need Hyperinfinity. This only comes from Bone Generators® and Psychotronic Generators® as surplus Hyperinfinity resevoirs to influence Quantum Jumping consciously. Without them you cannot do controlled Quantum Jumping; you get the Chaotic Quantum Jumping that makes up the Chaos Evil of the Matrix. Quantum Wave Functions are collapsed in Matrix Quantum Jumping, keeping you in the box. The Archons use Quantum Jumping to imprison the human in the prison box of the wageslave. In this Service you get the Archon’s power over Quantum Jumping. Each of these Archon power Services can be bought seperately, but since they form only a small part of this Service, the full Quantum Jumping Service gives total control over Quantum Jumping by adding Bone Generators®; Hyperinfinity as well as Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Generators® Devic Hyperinfinity as well as Psychotronic Crystalware® for Replicant Version Hyperinfinity.

A) The Talking Bone Generator® to control the Hyperinfinity given off by the talking animals to be used by the Psi-Master. For use in your left hand (receive) right hand (to give) Bone Generators®. As 7 billion human animals talk incessantly to collapse Quantum Jumping to form the Matrix, the energy and Hyperinfinity to be used are vast. Cost $600

B) Suck dry the Talking Animals Real Vampire® In this Real Vampire® Service your Vampire feeds off the talk of the animals. This gives you the energy they expend to feed your Vampire® body. Also it gives you the power of VOICE. It makes your Voice collapse Quantum Wave Functions to create the reality you want. Sequestered Voice wageslaves used as Tulpas, Quantum Wave Functions collapsed by 7 billion slaves talking. Hyperinfinity to form the reality now yours a la Vampire®, wants automatic so you get the power Tim Rifat has displayed on US national radio. His talks collapse by Quantum Jumping the world he wants – Vampire® world. A world fit for Vampires®, the West in a dark age fit for Vampires® $600

C: Profanity Bone Generator® The human’s speech has devolved as have the humans to uttering profanity, swear words as the basics of all speech. This generates a lot of emotional energy to feed the Psi-Master by means of Bone Generators®. The more slaves swear, the more energy you get. As films are full of swearing, comics spout F words with every sentance, Twitter and the rest of the Internet are 140 word vocabularies of profanity, for the Chaotic talking animals, the energy supply is massive. All emotional energy sucked off slaves and given to Vampires®. $600

D: Profane Real Vampire® In this Service the Vampire® feeds off the evil Insectile that spouts the profanity as the foreign installation in the slaves mind. Your Vampire® sucks these originators of swearing sucking them dry automatically. As they are the evil mind of Man, and humanity is devolving to Total Evil as their human Minds erode to nothing; this Real Vampire® boosts your power dramatically, fed by the descent of human Minds to Profane Total Evil Insectile Takeover. An automatic Service to power all your Vampire® powers. $600

E: Nightmare Bone Generator® Service: Humans constantly have nightmares. Since when you dream DNA teleportation occurs. So all humans who have nightmares caused by the Insectile Chaos Entities, DNA teleportation dumps replication version DNA to age you and make broadcasters. In this Service you get immune to Insectile nightmare Archon weapon system broadcast by the nightmare victim. Since nightmare broadcasters turn the world via DNA teleportation into an iller, more aged, more evil place. To protect yourself against this Archon evil Quantum Jumping you need this Bone Generator® Service. It stops nightmares from others becoming real in your life via DNA teleportation and Quantum Jumping you into an evil nightmare life. $600

F: Nightmare Feeding Real Vampire® In this Service your Vampire® feeds off the nightmares that generate intense emotional energy from humans fed on by Archons. The Vampire® sublimes nightmares to give you pure emotional energy from the 7 billion humans that dump the highest, most valuable emotional energy are given by nightmare victims. You give the toxic waste to the nightmare feeders, the Archon, while you as the Real Vampire® are fed with the elixir of life, nectar of the Gods for the Vampire®. This Service is the food of the Gods, now the Sublime Good® food-stuff to turn Real Vampires® to their God-form. All done automatically. $600

Now why is talking so important to Quantum Jumping? The 7 billion talking animals to not act as Copenhagen Interpretation Observers to collapse the Quantum Wave Functions. No. They talk about the things told to turn them by the Insectile in their energy body, called the Human Mind; or Mr Gold in the film: Revolver by Guy Ritchie, the insane voice in your head. This dictates a list of what does and what does not exist – endlessly, 24/7. So the Quantum Wave Function has only collapsed the aspects the Insectiles want to be made manifest. All the other things that exist and are a danger to the Insectile Archons, are rendered non manifest by the insane chatter of the talking animals. Now with the advent of Quantum Jumping on the internet, what is happening? Talking about Quantum Jumping on the British and American Government run Satanic sites such as Mystical… we see fraudsters advertising Quantum Jumping. What is going on? The Illuminati desperately want to master Quantum Jumping. So they get the dumb talking animals to give time and energy to the Quantum Jumping bogus sites to collect Hyperinfinity which the Illuminati want to use for their own attempts at Quantum Jumping. Why is Quantum Jumping so vital to the Illuminati? In Quantum Jumping you can decollapse the Quantum Wave Function of the time-line you are on and collapse a New Wave Function to reach a new time-line. Go from a time-line of poverty to a time-line of riches. This technology is the Bone Generator® Service, stolen by government run counterfeitors to try and get the public buying bogus Quantum Jumping from sheisters such as… who are stealing the intellectual property of Trademarked Bone Generators® registered for Psychic Consultancy – to Quantum Jump.

The UK and American governments cannot Quantum Jump, the Bone Generator® Service that uses Hyperinfinity to decollapse Quantum Wave Functions to jump time-line to collapse Quantum Wave Functions to form a new time-line so they have to set up Quantum Jumping bogus sites stealing my intellectual property. In the Ian Banks novel Transitions, to move through the Multiverse of time-lines a drug is used. Tom O Jinn, the assassin does not need the drug but can do it by thought. Tim the Jinn, Tim Rifat Quantum Jumps because he controls Quantum Jumping Hyperinfinity: the Bone Generator® Service, fully Trademarked.

In this Service all the government programmes trying to develop Quantum Jumping are devoid of Hyperinfinity, sucked dry by this Service. An equal and opposite amount of negative Hyperinfinity is downloaded into the governments programmes to gain Hyperinfinity. All the customers and puveyors of bogus Quantum Jumping are sucked dry of Hyperinfinity and an equal and opposite amount of Hyperinfinity are downloaded into the Illuminati’s supply of Hyperinfinity. This process is then iterated (continously repeated to give you a supply of Hyperinfinity to change time-lines from the poor wageslave to rich Vampire®. Conversely all government and public Quantum Jumping faces them from wageslave Matrix time-lines to Omega Hell time-lines. Cosmic Law then pays you on top of this for damning the government and their wageslaves to Omega Hell – all done automatically by their own hand.

Omega Hell stops all government wageslave vermin Quantum Jumping, trapping them in the inverse Sublime Good® absent time-line of Omega Hell on Earth. They cannot Quantum Jump, but are trapped in a time-line where they suffer eternally as Good Shepherds (in the Bird’s Nest Kabilistic sense) suffering all possible tortures, infinitely and eternally for the Vampires® Godhood. You are as the Vampire® can Quantum Jump at will using your enemies Hyperinfinity, thankfully collected by UK and US governments for you the Real-Vampire®. You can jump from the poverty time-line to the rich time-line – all automatically.

Where does swearing and profanity come in to this Quantum Jumping. 7 billion wageslaves constantly swear. What is profanity? It is talking with peak emotional content fixated around fear and anger – the negative emotions. Emotional energy in the foodstuff of the Castaneda MudShadows, Archons, Insectiles, dark energy matter Supernatural Spirits that parasitise humans by eating the outer coat of the humans energy body – the emotional coat of Man.

The outer coat of Man is the energy of emotional energy that neables psychokinesis. So by controlling profanity via Insectile foreign installations, talking tuned to profanity can drain off emotional energy. This emotional energy is the lifeblood of Psychokenisis, changine reality: Quantum Jumping. So one can see why more and more swearing, profanity appears in the media, films, the news and the common speech of the talking animals, to turne talking to drain emotional energy from the 7 billion talking animals, tuned to Quantum Jumping. Why is this done. The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has used Hyperinfinity of the Bone Generator® Service to dump all Archons Supernatural Spirits® and their slaves into Omega Hell, Omega Hell on Earth. The Archons desperately want to escape this fate, hence the bogus Quantum Jumping travelling endeavours on the internet, now subverted by this Service for the Vampires®.

This Service automatically dumps all the Psychokinetic energy from the 7 billion swearing wageslaves into the Vampire; an equal and opposite amount of negative emotional energy, negative Psychokinetic Force is dumped into the swearing slaves and their Archon overseers. This is iterated (repeated again and again) to give the Vampire® the source of Psychokinetic Force to use to capture the Quantum Wave Function in preprogrammed packets, to be collapsed by Hyperinfinity for Quantum Jumping: Psychokinetic Force + Hyperinfinity, captures Quantum Wave Functions that are wanted and dumps Quantum Wave Functions not wanted. To Quantum Jump from Matrix time-lines of poverty and slave function, to rich time-lines where you are a Vampire®. All automatic in this Service.

To manually control Quantum Jumping you can download the negative Psychokinesis, housed in the death spot on your left shoulder blade, into any target to boost your Quantum Jumping capabilities. To do this hold your Quantum Jumping Psychotronic Generator®, Psychotronic Crystal® to the left hand should blade using your left hand. Then touch the right hand to the target and tap it 169x to download negative Hyperinfinity and Psychokinesis into the target. This can be done again and again… To boost your Quantum Jumping. This done by visualising what you want and what you don’t want as you download your death spot into 7 billion wageslaves, Archons, Rothschilds, banks, countries, governments, Memes and Demonic Gods… Supernatural Spirits®.

Swear words are sexually based, based on vaginas, coitus, or penises as the emotional energy of Man is sexual in nature. So swearing readily gives the key to the sexual energy of the swearer to those it is directed at. In this case the Insectile in the energy body of the slave being sworn at. This slave feels oppressed and becomes angry or miserable giving emotional energy to the Insectile that lives in it. When this slave swears back to the originator the process is replicated the other way redoubling it. By this means the Insectiles keep the humans energy impoverished and locked into a vicious negative feeback spiral of devolution to produce the Western wageslave. Now in this Service you get all this energy retroatively, past, present, and future, from slave and dark energy matter Insectile to power your Quantum Jumping.

Now you might not know what to do with this Quantum Jumping Power. So Tim Rifat has set up some templates to boost your material power.

The Batman® Vampire® Template.

DC Comics created the Batman Vampire® in one of their comic runs. This is a perfect Quantum Jumping default position. You get the millions of readers of Batman® comics, the billions of movie watchers of Batman® movies… to power the Quantum Jump taking you as a human to the Vampire® Batman®. You are empowered to be a superhumanly strong and agile, killing machine on top of being a Vampire®; then you automatically feed on all the humans who watched, read or had Batman® toys… by Quantum Jumping them to Omega Hell to be sucked dry, dead Vampire® victims who have retroactively fed you. One can see the power of Quantum Jumping added to Vampires®, to which is added a worldwide icon like Batman® and all his fans and people aware of Batman – all automatically your food.

Tim Rifat has used this Quantum Jumping default mode to make himself superfit after being poisoned for eyars by the British government as well as being microwaved for decades since 1996. It gives you the superfitness of Batman®, added to the power of the Vampire® with all the Hyperinfinity of every Batman® fan or any one who has come into contact with Batman®. The actual Batman® Vampire® comic book makes a perfect Psychotronic Generator® to redouble the Service with the Psychotronic Crystal® that comes with all Vampire Services. The Batman® Vampire® comic book Psychotronic Generator® allows you to use Quantum Jumping on all people and Supernatural Spirits® that come into contact with paper or wood, to dump them into Omega Hell as your Vampire® victims. They gave you their Hyperinfinity by touching the comic of their own free will. Using the Hundredth Monkey effect it can be then used not only on all Batman® comic readers but all humanity who use wood of their own free will as paper… So one can see Quantum Jumping allows Vampires® a new way of eating wageslaves, talking animals and Supernatural Spirits®, that use wood to link up to the two lowest levels of dark energy matter.

Since the Batman® comics are published by Zionists, they freely give their Hyperinfinity to the Vampire® by means of Quantum Jumping. They create the Batman®-Vampire®, the Real Vampire® Quantum Jumps to become the Batman®-Vampire®. The Zionist Satanist is sucked dry as it freely created the Batman®-Vampire® in the first place. Now you can see why this is the perfect default position for the Quantum Jumping Vampire®. A free hotline to the Zionist super rich to suck them dry 24/7 automatically. You will find when you use this Service that your physical body automatically becomes superfit as the Batman® Archetype feeds off all the younge males that wanted to be Batman® when they were a kid, so of their own free will all the young Western fans feed you their Hyperinfinity, health and youth – automatically – all facilitated by Quantum Jumping.

The Blade® Vampire®.

Similarly the Anti-Vampire® Blade® created and owned by Marvel® Comics allows the Real Vampire® using Quantum Jumping to take over the reality of the Blade® Vampire®. By doing this the Real Vampire® automatically gets all the Hyperinfinity, sexual energy youth and vigour from all the movie watchers of the Blade® Trilogy with Wesley Snipes as Blade, as well as the comic book readers of Blade. The Marvel® Corporation and the Jewish owned Hollywood industry created Blade®. So by Quantum Jumping you suck them dry of wealth, power, sexual energy, Hyperinfinity… all automatically. One can see why the Vampire® multimedia outlets of Blade® and Batman® offer the Real Vampire® the perfect free lunch. The Blade Vampire® gives you total immunity to all Vampire® weaknesses to perfect your Vampire® body by Quantum Jumping – all automatic. Blade® has been seen by billions of people so is a huge power source for a Real Vampire®. It confers onto you martial arts prowess so is good for the assassin who wishes to automatically gain assassin like abilities. Tim Rifat has used Quantum Jumping to immense effect on himself to turn himself into the Cosmic Assassin who hunts and kills by occult and psychic means only (physical violence is illegal) MI5 and the British government, military and security police – thousands dead by remote killing them to date. If you want to psychically kill people the Blade® Vampire® Quantum Jumping is a must have.

Quantum Jumping Service: $7000

6 only

To be continued.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.