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Psychotronic Crystals® Bone Generators®

The Bone Generator® is the far future technology to utilise the Mind Over Matter Hyperinfinity in your skeleton and optimise it into a Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal®. Life in the Megaverse(s) is abundant the majority of it being dark energy matter, Earth having also a great number of timelines with humans where history diverged. There is also Awareness in the so called inanimate world of the Earth, be it mountain, river or sea. This is the 40 types of capsule energy bodies of the devic world. They have no Assemblage Point so have no self reflection but are instead Mind over Matter Awareness where action rather than reflection (thought centred on the individuals self image) is the mode of consciousness.

Think of devic consciousness as Mind over Matter memes that do things, don’t think about how they will, have or could, don’t think about how they will, have or could (if they had the chance, big break, silver spoon, money…) do things. Potentiated Mind over Matter in the space like form that brings things to being or erases them. So as the human race has a capsule energy body that produces the physical body an energy body for the physical body and as energy body for the biophysical (left and right side Awareness) with Assemblage Point; one can see that the capsule energy body of the human body contains the Bone Generators®. So the Hyperinfinity of the human comes from the devic world one of the 40 types of capsule body of the devic inanimate world. When you die you lose the Hyperinfinity of the human body so your ghost lacks the ability to work the world by Mind over Matter, unless you are a sorcerer and have used the Bone Generator® Service protocols to transfer Hyperinfinity to your discarnate bodies, now dead and dependant on the Hyperinfinity they transferred from your body’s bones in life. So one can see Hyperinfinity the Mind over Matter X Factor is a product of the inanimate physical body’s bones – the Bone Generator®.

Now Psi-Lord Ltd has a total monopoly on all Mind over Matter technology and has also the Psychotronic Crystals® the Hyperinfinity in the 39 other devic capsule energy bodies of Earth’s inanimate matter. As one can see the calcium crystal Psychotronic Crystals® of the bones are just a small part (one fortieth at best) of the Hyperinfinity available Psychotronic Crystals® encompasses the other 39 parts of the Hyperinfinity of the Earth and as the Earth is so huge, the human race is a small fraction of its mass. So non human devic Hyperinfinity is the vast majority of all Hyperinfinity on this plane of consciousness and controls Mind over Matter even though humans think they are in control. Since the Earth’s devic Hyperinfinity is not controlled by Archons the devic world is not chaotic. The Earth Moon Boost Bone Generator® Service uses the Psychotronic Fuel inherent in the Earth and Moon but for Mind over Matter the Hyperinfinity needs to be utilised.

This rental Service allows the Psychic Powers Psi-Master to access the Earth’s Hyperinfinity in rigidly controlled parameters to raise your Hyperinfinity Bone Generator® levels to unbeatable heights that swamp out all other wannabe Psi-Masters, be they ex CIA operatives or new age gurus – all dog food to Psi-Lord Ltd, the monopoly in Mind over Matter. Since Hyperinfinity is the real money power, wealth of the Earth we don’t give Psychotronic Hyperinfinity and since we control the Bone Generators® that are the only way for a human to utilise this Mind over Matter X Factor the monopoly of all power lies with Psi-Lord Ltd. To use this Service you do nothing, the devic Hyperinfinity is added to you at one share for one year per rental. As the Earth has approximately 1x10(22) times more Hyperinfinity than a human in the lowest plane of existence (Matrix world) but far more in the 5th dimension, to all approximations all human Hyperinfinity is irrelevant and only the Bone Psi-Masters with access to Psychotronic Crystal® Hyperinfinity matter as only they can influence Mind over Matter against all opposition including Archons. As the Archon’s Moon is composed of devic Hyperinfinity this rental Service also sequesters the Archon’s Mind over Matter Hyperinfinity rendering them helpless to the Bone Psi-Master using Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generators®. So all the Full Spectrum Dominance Mind over Matter Bone Psi-Masters must have this rental!

$600 per annum plus free Certificate