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Psychic Protection Bubble Bone Generator®:

Thanks to my slaves in Israel Tim Rifat Psi-Lord can offer a comprehensive Torsionic Soliton Psychic Protection Bubble to his clients. This is a psychokinetic energy screen to protect you from physical attack by altering the Matrix manifestation at the Kether level, the first Sephiroth. From Sephir Yetzirah the Zohar blueprint for the Matrix the Jew Satanist creation is begun from lines around the world in Kether; the lines around the world being the Torsion Fields of Russian research. The Rabbis of Israel were so terrified that Cobalt 60 Amalek (see Rense Radio transcripts and Rense Radio archive of Tim Rifat), that they were given an airliner to fly over Israel (lines around the world – Israel is the world to Jew Satanists) and blow Ramshorns to summon Elohim the Voice of Chaos Evil to reboot the Matrix to protect Israel against Cobalt 60 Amalek. They use Ramshorns as they worship Satan/Samael and the Goat of Mendes is Satan – Goat, hence Ramshorns to duplicate the horns of Satan and to tap into the Lamb of God of Christians to dump all Evil on them using the Abraham Ritual.

Unfortunately they did not know that Tim Rifat had completed the Metatron Shaddai Master of the Universe that resides in Kether of the Sephir Yetzirah Matrix. So when they did their ritual, they tried to undo their own Matrix so the Matrix had to strike them down. Hence the destruction of Israel was caused by the Rabbis. Fortunately the Psychic Protection Bubble of Israel and Jews was freely given to the Psi-Lord y their mistake. Son now you can have the immunity to harm the Jews have be the payment of 24 trillion US dollars to Jewish criminal banksters for turning Americans into paupers, protection from war crimes carried out in Gaza by Israel – now Jew in the Hague World Court, magic that protected them from extermination through the centuries even when it was clear they were paedophile Satanist torture murdering cannibals, they were only cast out of Spain by Queen Izabella and England during the Middle Ages – not hunted down and lynched as would be normal. This psychic bubble of protection has always protected them and was used as a weapon of war to collapse the walls of Jerico.

Now of their own free will they have given it to Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. Thank you Rabbi bitches! It is automatic in use and is useful therefore to the rich clients who unlike Tim Rifat don’t spend 24/7 on the occult… You get automatic protection because you are the Metatron Shaddai Kether of the Sephir Yetzirah, hence your Assemblage Point is in your centre once for the downward flow from Kether and twice for the return as the Green Line around Kether that completes the Jew Satanist Matrix. The Green Line was given to Tim Rifat during the failed 2009 coup in Iran to install British Satanist Mousavi to render Iran safe by banning Cobalt 60 from the Revolutionary Guard inventory and scrapping that war plan to allow the ritual sacrifice of Iran – that failed thanks to the Psi-Lord. The death of Israel by Cobalt 60 nuclear waste means Cosmic Law also reward the psychic bubble of protection Metatrons who took away the energy shield from Israel so you get your Psychic Bubble of Protection super self charging by teh torment of the 6 million radioactive Satanists of Israel bankrupting the health core of the West. Be super safe by super Jewich get the ultimate safeguard.

Psychic Protection Bubble Bone Generator®: