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Psychic History:

The knowledge that supernatural spirits made people mad and ill was held by all civilisations as fact. Isaac Newton was deeply involved in black magic/occultism – it was his life work, even though he is touted as being a father of the scientific materialist Western ideology that now is taken as gospel truth. Supernatural spirits are now seen as the pervue of the psychiatric profession or the paranormal expert. suppression of fact has come about with the rise of the Anglodemonic Reality (ADR) brought into being by Zionist and British Illuminati since Elizabeth the 1st’s time. The Royal Family and hangers on regard themselves as the 13th House of Israel. In the Prince Regent’s time; 18th Century the successor to Mad George set up a supernatural spirit realm in Brighton and funded the Hellfire Clubs as the British Illuminati leader to the Rothschild Illuminati leadership that owned Britain through the Bank of England by printing all Sterling. Supernatural spirits and their control and worship are the life blood, raison d’etre for the British ruling class – the glue that binds them all together at the highest level. The renaissance and scientific revolution suppressed all knowledge of supernatural spirits and the means to control them. These demons give them for temporal power for all but the British Zionist ruling class.

This suppression of a fact known to all previous civilisations had a serious purpose, to cover up the ADR that had changed Western mankind so they no longer were human in the way of our ancestors. What had been done to Western Man since the 16th Century by the Illuminati?

The Anglo Zionist British black occultists post Elizabeth the 1st had mixed Western humanity with the dead and the demons of the dark energy matter CF realities. This meant that all Westerners now have one foot in the grave and are half alive; their bodies possessed by dead humans and dark energy matter demons. The result of this is that the new born souls of Westerners are chained to the Psi-prison of the Archons called the 12 Aeons in which all renaissance humans are kept prior to their second death; by which they ‘grey’ humans are inserted back into new born Westerners to tie by use of the dead the Anglodemonic zombie to the Archon ADR with no hope of escape. Evidence for this chain of events has come to light from leading hypnotherapy researchers. In the book: Remarkable Healings by Shakuntala Modi MD: psychiatrist discovers unexpected roots of mental and physical illness; Dr. Modi’s 15 years of psychiatric practice her use of hypnotherapy has found:-
92% of patients had earthbound spirits in them
80% of patients had more than one earthbound spirit
77% of patients had spirits of strangers within them
40% of patients had human spirits who claimed to be working for Satan
Worse still 77% of patients reported having demon entities within them.
71% of patients reported to have more than one demon entity within them

The pattern of possession was:-
66% of patients had earthbound spirits (lost souls) who had joined them during childhood and teenage years.
63% reported they had earthbound spirits who joined them in adulthood
81% of patients attributed their physical and emotional symptoms to the possessing earthbound spirits
73% of patients reported that their demon entities had the general purpose of creating problems and causing confusion for the patient
66% of patients reported that their demon entities had been attached to them since childhood and teenage years
(3 patients claimed that the demon entity attached to them while in the womb, while one reported getting an entity at birth.

In psychiatry when a child reports having an imaginary playmate, we consider it to be a product of the young child’s imagination. “But I have had many patients who reported their childhood imaginary playmate as being the possessing earthbound entities in them. These entities often claimed they liked playing with my patients when they were young and then went into their bodies at some point when the patients were sick or upset after they had surgery.” (Modi Shakuntala MD, Remarkable Healings, Hampton Roads)

The remarkable findings that 92% of Westerners had a human derived spirit of a deceased person possessing them at a subconscious, or as their conscious in most cases, with the consciousness suppressed means that most Westerners are possessed. This was not the case in ancient times where only the insectile dark energy matter entity infected humans as was the case in the Matrix. Something new had occurred in the West to link Westerners with the dead so they had a superimposition of States (a quantum mechanical term). It was shown on that the Illuminati Zionist black kabbalists with British occultists brought into being the ADR in the 16th Century during Queen Elizabeth’s reign by mixing Enochian black magic, a British invention with Jewish worship of demons the Goetia and the Abrahemelin rite – giving one’s soul to a higher power – or in this case Satanic power. This synergy enabled the Illuminati to make the ADR and gain temporal power. The Rothschilds owned half the world in the 18th Century, now own all but China and non Western countries. By the 18th century the ADR was so strong it had taken over the Western world and was used to block all escape from the Matrix. More importantly it captured all Western souls and trapped them in the 12 Aeons Psi-prison where Westerners relive life experiences and are re-directed by Archons to discard emotionality and become rational soul slaves of the Archon intent; something we have been taught all their waking lives by Western education scientific materialism and nihilism. Christ warned about these stealers of souls the Archons. After death a silver cord anchored in our soul by the Archonic Chakras (see for Chakra shredder PC/BPCs to free you from this linkage to the Psi-prison) attached to the dark energy matter larvae in our head energy centre pulls up on our soul leading us to the insectile nurse insectile to which the silver cord is attached. This jellyfish like dark energy matter insectile then passes our souls to the Archon 12 Aeons Psi-prison for processing by the Archons and their servants.

The 12 levels of the Psi-prison have the most recalcitrant, rebellious in the top 12th level hard labour, desert-like prison, to have their fight beaten out of them in a reconstruction of an earthly prison… The lowest level of the 12 Aeon Psi-prison is the eternal shopping mall for the most submissive meek fully processed Western wage slave – one who always acquiesces to what authority tells them – a true Illuminati westerner who only thinks of greed and the fear they might lose their material goods if they: speak up, job, career, house, wife, children; something they have been trained to do all their life. The 7 Aeons of Archon ‘heaven’ are the bottom 7 levels the 5 top ones the Archon hell for Western seditionists, radicals, loose cannons, outspoken critics of the West, white magicians, witches, shamans… Once there the soul is processed down the 12 levels sucking out all the lost 12 Powers of the Psi-Crosses. See and making these lost souls more and more negative to these lost 12 Powers so they become leeches, thieves of the 12 Powers in the Western humans they will be eventually injected into after the Second Death of the Soul caused by the Archons once they reach the 12th Level basement slaughterhouse of the Soul. Notice the Psi-prison shows the inversion of the Archons, the 5 Hells are nearer the Source Logos than the 7 Heavens, this inversion of the energy bodies is imprinted on all new humans birthed in the ADR by these 12 Aeon Psi-prison which acts as a huge quantum computer and engine of damnation. The twice dead human becomes the Grey, the negative energy human damned spirit that contains all 12 Powers (described on, which when empowering humans make them resistant to getting pulled into the 12 Aeon Psi-prison; but in a negative debtor state when injected into new borns the 12 Powers of the damned cancels out the 12 Power state of the new born human to shred these 12 Powers and use their corrupted energy to build the 12 Aeon Psi-prison to hold humanity in the ADR.

In Michael Newton PHD’s ‘Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls’ (Llewellyn 2001) who uses regressive hypnotherapy to talk to possessing spirits in afflicted patients:-

Dr. “Tell me what it is like to enter the mind of a body and when you usually enter?”

Spirit. “In the beginning I think of it as a betrothal. I enter my current body in the eighth month. I prefer to enter on the late side when the brain is larger so I have more to work with during the coupling”

Dr. “Isn’t there a downside to entering late? I mean you are then dealing with a more independent individual”

Spirit. “Some of my friends feel that way, I don’t. I want to be able to talk with the child when there is more mutual awareness”

Dr. (being dense to elicit a response) “Talk to a foetus – what are you saying?”

Spirit. (Laughter) “Of course we interact with the child”

Dr. “Take me through this slowly. Who says what first?”

Spirit. “The child may say, ‘who are you?’ I answer, ‘a friend who has come to play and be a part of you'”

Dr. (with deliberate provocation) “Isn’t that deceitful? You haven’t come to play, you have come to occupy this mind”

Spirit. “Oh please! Who have you been talking to? This mind and my soul were created to be together. Do you think I am some sort of foreign intruder on Earth? I have joined with babies who welcomed me as if I were expected”

Dr. “These are souls who have had a different experience”

Spirit. “Look, I know souls who are clumsy. They go in like bulls in a china shop with their over eagerness to get started with an agenda. Too much frontal energy all at once sets up resistance”

Dr. “In your current lifetime, was the child at all anxious about your entry?”

Spirit. “No, don’t know enough yet to anxious. I begin by caressing the brain. I am able to immediately project warm thoughts of love and companionship. Most babies just accept me as being part of themselves. A few hold back – like my current body”

Dr. “Oh, really! What was unusual about this foetus?”

Spirit. “It wasn’t a big deal. It’s thoughts were ‘Now that you are here who am I going to be?”

Dr. “I think that’s a very big deal. Essentially, the child is acknowledging that it’s identity depends on you”

Spirit. (patiently) “The child has begun to ask itself: ‘Who am I?’ Some children are more aware than others. A few are resistant because to them, we are an irritation to their inert beginnings – like a pearl in an oyster”

Dr. “So you don’t feel the child senses it is being forced to give up something of it’s individuality?”

Spirit. “No, we have come as souls to give the child… depth of personality. It’s being is enhanced by our presence. Without us they would largely function as unripened fruit”

Dr. “But does the child understand any of this before birth?”

Spirit. “It only knows I want to be friends so we can do things together. We begin by communicating with each other with simple things such as an uncomfortable body position in the womb. There have been times when the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck of the baby and I have calmed the child where otherwise it might have squirmed and made things worse”

Dr. “Please continue with how you assist the baby”

Spirit. “I prepare for birth, which is going to be a shock, when it happens. Imagine being forced out of a warm comfortable secure womb into the bright lights of a hospital room… the noise… having to breath air… being handled. The child appreciates my help because my primary goal now is to combat fear by soothing the brain with assurances that everything will be fine”

Dr. “I wonder what it was like for children before souls came to help them?”

Spirit. “The brain was too primitive then to conceptualise the trauma of birthing. There was little Awareness (laughs) Of course I wasn’t around in those days”

Dr. “Are you able to calm anxious mothers in this way?”

Spirit. “We must be proficient. During much of my existence I had little or no effect on my mothers if they were frightened sad or angry during pregnancy. You must be able to align your energy vibrations with both the child and the mother’s natural body rhythms. You have to harmonise three sets of wave lengths – which includes your own – to soothe the mother I might even have the baby kick the mother to let her know we are all right”

Dr. “Then at birth, I supposed the hard work of the merger is over?”

Spirit. “To be honest, the merger isn’t complete yet for me. I talk to my body as a second entity up to the age of six. It is better not to force a full meld right away. We play games as two people for a while”

Dr. “I have noticed a lot of young children talk to themselves as if they were with an imaginary playmate, is that their soul?”

Spirit. (Grinning) ” That’s right, although our guides enjoy playing with us a young children too. And have you also noticed the elderly talking to themselves a lot? They are preparing for separation at the other end in their own way”

Dr. “In general how do you feel about coming back to Earth in life after life”

Spirit. “As a gift. This is such a multifaceted planet. Sure this place brings heart ache but it is delightful too and incredibly beautiful. The human body is a marvel of form and structure. I never cease to be awed by each new body, the many different ways I can express myself in them, especially in the most important way – love”

If you think this human damned soul garbage – the Grey – is a life sucking leach let’s look at the dark energy/matter demons, injected into humans by the Archon ADR Psi-prison quantum computer damnation engine. This comes from Modi, Shakumtala MD: Remarkable Healings… Hampton Roads:-

Dr. “What role do you play in drug and alcohol addiction?”

Demon. “We play a big role. We work in groups of children and teenagers. Groups are powerful. We get in through the weak ones. Then we get inside the others when they are grown we set up memories of the good times through the transmitter type of devices into their feeling cortex. We re-stimulate the memories of highs they had… and motivate them to use drugs and alcohol to achieve the same effect.

“Drinking and using drugs can weaken and open their shields and we can come in and give them the desire to use more and more. We also send them earthbound spirits who were addicted to drugs and alcohol when they were living in their bodies. Once they enter people, they satisfy their addictions through their host. That is why drug and alcohol addicts have a hard time stopping their addictions.”

“We control and affect every thought and behaviours of human beings”

“I am a foul one. Whey do you want to bother with me?”

Dr. “Tell me are you male or female”

Demon. (Arrogantly) ” Why would I want to be human”

Dr. “(Surprised) “What do you mean, If you are not human, then what are you?”

Demon. (Laughing arrogantly) “I am a demon. I am a disciple of Satan. He is my Master and he sent me to torture this person”

Dr. “How old was Nick when you joined him?”

Demon. “Fifteen when this dumb kid was using drugs. This opened him up and I came in”

Dr. “You said you were here to torture Nick. How did you torture him?”

Demon. (Laughing) “Now lady, why do you think he is having headaches? I am doing it. I also siphon his energy so that he feels tired or drained all the time. I can create any type of problem for him. It is fun.”

Any operation on the human opens them up to possession as well. Mordi, Shakuntala: Memories of God on Creation: remembering from the subconscious mind, Hempton Roads, 2000.

“I feel that during circumcision, a large part of my soul fragmented and got lost from my penis because of the trauma, and it was replaced by a dark being. It is still here with me… From heaven, I see that dark ones vampirize the lower Chakras of the little babies during circumcision, because they cannot defend themselves. It is like sucking the light out of their bodies…”

The possession of Westerners by the ADR supernatural spirits corrupts these humans to keep them in line with the orders of the Zionist Illuminati who own the West and run it to supply the Archons with PF. Having attacked the 12 Aeons Psi-prison to raid it for PF to power my upward rise to beyond Psi-Lord I have visited every level of the 12 level Archons Psi-prison to see the dead and alive trapped in there. All Westerners still alive have a part of them displaced there by the possessing human and demonic souls they carry. The more supernatural spirits they carry the more their real self is transported to the 12 Aeon Psi-prison before death. The Archons tried to pull me into the 12 Aeon Psi-prison by brute force, once there, with the help of my Blue Pulsar Princess we set fire to the Psi-prison with the Sacred Fire that Burns all bonded beings when they burn with the Fire from Within. Now the 12 Aeons Psi-prison is burning so the Archons have got a towering inferno that supplies me with PF. When humans die the Rolling Force opens their energy bodies and rolls the Spirit component to the Eagle, the soul component is sucked up by the dark energy matter insectile passed via the silver chord to the insectile nurse’ the possessing Greys and demons keep the human soul penned in, then it is transported to the Psi-prison of the 12 Aeons for processing to squeeze all emotional energy out of it before it is killed a second time to become a Gray – a human turned into an Archon Awareness that has negative 12 power energy and is conditioned to spread the poison of the Archons into living humans. All Westerners are destined for this fate. By this means the Archons keep all Westerners in total servitude – their only purpose to act as cattle for their Archon Masters.

Having set fire to the 12 Aeons Psi-prison of the ADR Tim Rifat is using the zombie dead of the West for PF. This is a huge energy source and is the chief power source of Yaltabaoth, the Archon God – the source of all evil. By usurping the power source it enables a Psi-Lord to jump to the God level and take over from Yaltabaoth the Archon overlord. This means that any Psi-adept, Master willing to share in the PF bonanza of the 21st Century destruction of the Archon CF vermin has the option of joining in the PF ‘gold rush’ never ever to be repeated as in future times, evil like the Archon CF vermin is decimated and never ever achieves such power.

The 12 Aeons Psychotronic Fuel PC/BPCs have only one purpose to allow the Psi-Master… to LV, LD the 12 Aeon Psi-prison and burn it for Psychotronic Fuel to power the ascendancy of the Psi-Master… Psi-Lord Tim Rifat wishes to save no human, revenant, damned soul or demon, just to use for the damned souls of Westerners, for PF both alive and dead the way is open for you. Tim Rifat has only one aim to gain PF to power Psi. The 12 Aeon PF BPC/PCs are double smokey quartz PGs to burn the 12 levels of the Archon Psi-Prison for fuel and to allow you access to it before death so you cannot be trapped in it after death. Most of the human race will not believe such a thing is possible so all Westerners have been pulled into it. Chinese and non Western Russians (Putin general population…) Moslems (devout) are not in the ADR so are not yet linked to the total evil of the ADR centred on the West

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