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Psychic Helpers Service:

Psi-Lord Tim Rifat is the only scientist capable of creating biophysical helpers to aid you in every endeavour.

All you do is send by email your list of up to 12 Psychic Helpers and Tim Rifat will:-

a Gather together the energy to create the Psychic Helper so he or she grows to full maturity free from all chaotic contamination

b The Tulpa is built from the Torsionic Soliton, the basis of all reality and is fashioned with Anti-CF energy on it’s right side and Pulsar energy on it’s left to fashion a perfected being not affected by the Archon’s evil

c You can choose a light energy matter Tulpa to be a physical discarnate helper to enable you to effect Telekinetic effects which grow in power as the Tulpa grows older and more powerful. Like a poltergeist this light energy matter being can change material physical reality and is useful for interacting, disrupting as you wish: computers, other peoples equipment, their brains, their bodies, anything around them to hurt or heal – a perfect physical discarnate helper that can manifest in the zombie body of any Demon shell once it has had it’s Demon shredded such as a Western politician, Illuminati, Freemason, banker, general, secret policeman, Thought Police, media whore of either sex… When the Tulpa is in a Demon shredded body it can take command of the zombies brain and nervous system to become its subconscious directing the evil human on a covert subliminal basis. As the Tulpa is Anti-CF it is poison to all Demons and Archons and cannot be evicted. This gives the Psi-Master a perfect means of Remote Influencing by means of possessing the possessed. As all Western power brokers, movers and shakers are Demons in human zombies. This Tulpas sequestration is the perfect method of getting Westerners to flow your commands. Will not work on non ADR humans such as the Chinese who still have their Souls. The Tulpa should be treated as a helper not servant as the Tulpa always wants to evolve and be. As I offer all my Tulpas full manifestation, evolvement as I prefer the weak ruler surround by strong advisors – one of the I Ching hexagrams as this breeds strong, courageous, loyal, independent Tulpas that never turn on their benefactor; rather than the master slave that inevitably turns into the Frankenstein syndrome of slave rebelling. I don’t have slaves for that reason.

d The dark energy matter Tulpas is your own personal biophysical helper to aid you in the world of the mind, Psi-space. As ideas, Memes, actions derive from the mind and Psi-space this Tulpa is perfect for Telepathic hypnosis, another form of Remote Influencing created from Anti-CF fields to produce the opposite of the Archons, insectile, Demons, Reptiloids, Greys, this Anti-CF entity is designed to kill any Archon… As a super powerful predator who’s prey is Archon… it enables you to protect yourself from the Demons and Greys that infest Westerners. This form of entity eats insectiles for PF to grow and relishes reptiloid meat. A biophysical terminator that grows and grows as it kills Archon vermin. These Anti-CF Tulpas have the 7 space Dimensions of inorganic dark energy matter of inorganic dark energy matter beings that are time-like and the one space-like time Dimension. A copy of the Anti-CF beings found in the Mirror Megaverse that kill off all Archon infiltration to that Mirror Megaverse, their introduction to the CF Megaverse of the Archon has been prohibited up until now, I follow no rules and as bad manners in making copies of them, the Anti-CF Tulpa is attracted to any CF dark energy matter or light energy matter vermin and attacks it for PF. Installed in a human zombie the Anti-CF Tulpa acts a Demon or Grey controlling that Westerner but with you in control of that zombie. This enables you to sequester by the Archon route any Westerner to control them by taking over their unconscious mind for undetectable control of their every thought and therefore action.

The Ultimate in Remote Influencing.

Tulpa Service $600 for 1 years Tulpa Service – comes with Authenticity Certificate.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.