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Psi-Lord Rental Services:

The A list client who has found may be overwhelmed by the huge list of far future Illuminati science, magic and technology on the Hypersite, the biggest on the planet as well as being the only source of power using Illuminati techniques now owned by Psi-Lord Ltd. As the West slides into decay, depression, devolvement and death be the winner at the top of the pile the new Illuminati. As a special offer Psi-Lord Ltd offer all the products on our Hypersite as Bone Generators® (excluding the Full Spectrum Dominance Total Protection Service which costs $50,000 and protects the leaders of the free world – not the West!) This gives you all the Services and Psychotronic Crystals® Psychotronic Generators® Sublime Good® Engines as Bone Generators® (no Crystals sent) for an annual rental for $25,000. You also get rentals of all our Limited Edition Services (most will be sold out soon) to give you a complete portfolio of Full Spectrum Dominance as used by the Illuminati. If you are rich, this is a must to protect you through troubled times. As a super bonus it is open to anyone in the West be they Wall St. Trader, military or politician, as it is a rental it does not contravene our policy. If misused the rental renewal will be refused so it is failsafed. Any anti-Russians need not apply as Psi-Lord Ltd adheres to Russian Law as we are based in Moscow and Russian Federation policy is part of our due diligence. To apply you can wire the money (E-mail for details) Phone consultation is charged as an extra at $1000 per hour. All new Services and Psychotronic Crystals® are downloaded to you as Bone Generators® (no Crystals sent) downloads in the year you have rented so you get this in added value to your rental. As all Freemasonry, occult arts have been terminated by our technology we invite occultists and Freemasons to rent our Psi-Lord Rental Service to regain and add to the magic taken from them in the new regime change from Illuminati to Psi-Lord Ltd the Corporation that owns all the secrets keys to power and wealth.

First Year $25,000, rental may be changed upon renewal, but if you wish for longer periods at this rate just wire (wire only, e-mail for details) multiples of 25,000 to rent for longer periods at this price (No Discounts apply for rentals)