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Possession Service: for temporal power.

Castaneda was the first best selling author to explain how humanity is possessed by dark energy matter entities in his; The Active Side of Infinity as well as Magical Passes. The Supernatural Spirit site is dedicated to all aspects of the supernatural but possession is the human condition so is most applicable to the Bone Psi-Master™ living in the world of the possessed. The Anti-Kabbalistic and Matrix Killer Services explain the Satanism of the occultist Illuminati and why UK government stooges like Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum sell crystals possessed by Karmic, Enochian, Kabbalistic, black magic Demons, dark energy matter parasites to infect wageslaves trying to break free from possession (see Warnings, Testimonials). What of the standard wageslave, the mortgaged, in the box, senile, unhealthy, prematurely ageing Zombie breeder who only believes what authority (Illuminati) tell her/him? They are a God send to the Bone Psi-Master™. You might ask why? Well if all humanity is possessed by dark energy matter parasites that suppress the true humans mind in the biophysical body and place a foreign installation (Castaneda’s term) that is the mind of the wageslave then the Bone Psi-Master™ has 6 to 7 billion potential slaves in the 21st Century. In this Service the Bone Generators™ are uploaded with insectile dark energy matter poison – bug killer to prevent re-infection. Then a Bone Generator™ Tulpa can be downloaded by this Service from the Bone Generator™ to possess the wageslave. You might ask isn’t this a little harsh? Unfortunately the wageslaves true mind is so stunted by a lifetime of possession that a normal wageslave cannot function without a possessing mind. It is in reality a Zombie. To understand the process one must understand that a spherical louse like dark energy matter parasite overlays the brain of the wageslave it’s dark energy matter, light energy matter hybrid form blocking the true mind of humans in the biophysical body to prevent the mind in the biophysical body from controlling the brain so isolating the human mind in Psi-Space where it can be trapped in the Archon Middle Place Psi-Space netherworld of the Matrix for dreamers. The Morphogenic Field of the human biophysical body is supposed to control by quantum manipulation the calcium resonance that forces calcium in and out of brain cells, via the supplementary Water Area in the brain and as a global process to change the potentiation of every brain cell and thus enable a quantum ensemble of events that is the human mind being run in the physical world. It’s voracious appetite is satisfied when at night it allows the human mind to interact with the brain to relive the life the parasite has given to the wageslave to cause drastic emotional turmoil that stirs up the outer layer of the human energy bodies making flares of Awareness that the parasite consumes. A centipede like dark energy matter parasite envelopes the Central Nervous System to sequester, stop the physical energy body developing to become an energy body that can move, use telekinesis, Lucid Viewing, physical mind over matter events. It also enables Remote Viewing so the wageslave eager to develop psychic powers only sees the Middle Place and physical world Remote Viewing becomes Archon controlled. This centipede dark energy matter parasite is supplemented by smaller insectoids that damage the energy bodies, bore into it, cause specific obsessions, diseases, madness, mania… Lucid Viewing the domain of Bone Psi-Masters™ is the only true psychic vision, spying, travelling as Bone Generators™ in themselves kill all parasites as Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord was taught all the bug-killer protocols by the ancient Seers and his Pulsar princess wives as well as being fully deloused himself. This means that even though surrounded by parasite ridden Zombie wageslaves the Bone Psi-Master™ never gets infected. In this Service the bug killer protocols, programmes, poisons are raised to such a high level in the Bone Psi-Master™ that the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ radiate the bug killing quantum reality fields into any wageslaves you wish and more importantly the Anglo Zionist Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators that make up the Masonic infrastructure of every Western and commonwealth town, city, sacred site. This spreads a bug killer plague via the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to kill off all the Insectile dark energy matter parasites in every wageslave as well as killing Archons, Demons, Grey in the population and Archons. The Archons use Greys and Demons to quantum superimpose over the louse brain of the wageslave as the brain louse is easily pushed out of the energy bodies of Shamans by switching off the internal dialogue, linking with the Agglutinising Force which permanently locks out the brain louse and centipede dark energy matter parasites. This works for Chinese Psi-Masters that have no Anglo Demonic Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to install Demon, Archons, Grey ADR parasites. It also works for devout Moslem who learn the entire Koran and recite it endlessly; the brain louse has a very short attention span (so wageslaves have minimal attention), killing the brain louse with the Koran and repeating verses endlessly as is done in Madras, Koranic schools makes the louse wither and die and the true mind of the Moslem has the Koranic Verses of the Holy Texts to run the human mind of the Devout Moslem. Mohammed the Prophet was the first human Psi-Master to come up with this anti-possession programme. Buddhist monks also use this approach to a lesser degree of success as Buddhists do not fight evil while Islam is based on actively fighting evil Jihad. Since the British and French occupied the Ottoman Empire Anglo Demonic Psychotronic Generators were put over the Moslem countries to re-install Demons, Archons and Greys. The War on Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Zionist terror states of Egypt, Jordan that try to secularise can be seen as the Archons desperate to re-install brain lice in Moslems.

As a Westerners the Bone Psi-Master can de louse millions of wageslaves with the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal™ bug killer programme in the Reality Field installed simply visualising a race to delouse , British, French, American and using the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators™ as super amplifiers by sequestering them. To do this simply touch with right hand to inject bug killer Reality Fields, Demon-killer, Archon-killer, Grey-killer, Were-killer… Tulpas (see Anti-Demon PC/BPCs for extensive list.) This then spreads a plague to kill the parasites and Tulpa Terminator Beings to Hunter/Killer dismember any Archons, Grey, Demon using the Anglo Demonic Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to super amplify the Hunter/Killer Tulpas. Devout Christians freed from the Demons, Greys, Archons who have memorised the entire Bible then have sufficient programming in their Human Mind to function. Even though one might argue Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth wrote the Bible the Christian Mind has a programme to run it when freed from the brain louse parasite. The standard wageslave who has nothing to run her/his human mind is truly rudderless so 12 custom Mind Control Tulpas are available with this Service to download into populations. The Bone Psi-Master™ chooses 12 of her/his general purpose Tulpas and Tim Rifat will upload them into the Bone Generators™ of the Bone Psi-Master™. If you can’t be bothered you can use the 12 Tulpas in Win Friends and Influence People Service, Tulpas Service, or any other Tulpas in your inventory. One can see now the necessity of Tulpas to the Bone Psi-Master as it allows her/him to run entire countries subliminally using Tulpas based mind control. If you are a market trader having the ability to control the wageslaves involved in buying pork bellies, coffee, sugar, oil, the wageslaves thinking up derivatives; optimistic delusion to push up the market, fear, fear, and more fear to depress… the list is huge and one can see the money to be made by manipulating the population for profit. Since the Rothschild Cabal controls the market using electronic equation computer simulations this Service skows all the coefficients of every human indicator making the Western economy uncontrollable by the Rothschilds a toy to be used by the Bone Psi-Master™ using the Money, Wealth, Fortune Service. For a politician this Service gives them full spectrum dominance. As for war it allows the Bone Psi-Master the ability to make Western armies, weak, cowardly, incompetent, self defeating as the US and Nato in Iraq and Afghanistan by controlling all Anglo Zionist soldiers, military. For the less power hungry one can control the milieu of humans around you at work to promote your agenda, so you become a more and more powerful wageslave. If you are a lothario it enables you to mind control potential sexual partners, advance your marriage to a rich lover… To a Bone Psi-Master it enables them to control all geopolitics so the World does he/she commands.

Possession Service $600 with Certificate