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Physical Body, Energy Body Augmentation Service – for one year.

The physical body has as its’ fundamental nature an energy field bound together by the Agglutinising Force, a ‘sticky’ field that glues together all energy bodies. As the Agglutinising Force has two components it’s counterpart is the energy (biophysical) body which in all Westerners is non existent as their Souls are locked in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison (see this site). Since the energy body controls all your Intents control of it controls you, as well as the manifestation of your physical body meaning the Archons impose on your physical energy body its’ form, shape, rapid ageing, ill health, weakness, lack of reflex speed, obesity, drug addiction, mental illness, emotional fatigue and torment… the human condition in reality an imposed condition derived from the Archons’ control of your energy, body, Soul. Soul Rescue frees your Soul to wed it to your Spirit enabling your human body to grow back to a semblance of health. A lifetime of Archon mind control means that the human still automatically carries out habits (Memes) that keep both the physical and energy body weak and Vitiated.,

The physical body, energy body Augmentation Service gives you the superhuman energies of physical and spiritual prowess associated with Shamans such as Don Juan of Castaneda fame, Chinese death touch Masters, Yogi who have total control of their body … Metahumans. Reading the Hypersite you will have found out that energy Psychotronic Fuel is the key to all Psi and in Castaneda’s’: The Power of Silence it is clear that learning protocols is useless only energy is needed to become a Psi-Master , huge amounts of fuel to build the physical and energy bodies of a Shaman, that is why the Archons consume our energy it is the vital essence of Power. Russia is now becoming a superpower because it control the oil and gas; the Middle East lost to the Zionist West as Iraq throws off occupation and Iran has nuclear weapons. Control of fuel gives power in the temporal world and the US and Britain have tried to steal it by force. Similarly the Archons, the US and British governments have tried to steal my Technology (see Warnings pages); the Parallel Beings, Perfected being; Binder of Demon Services explain how these Archon Powers have just been following a path to bleed them dry and use them for fuel by depending on their criminality and innate mood turpitude. With the advent of the Total Torment Shell in Psi-Prison of the Source, Logos (see above Services) the Psi-Lord has now limitless Power from these eternal exponential torture shells that supply boundless fuel for any Psi. Like Russia in the temporal field, Tim Rifat is now able to sell Psychotronic Fuel to any Psi-Master who wishes to develop a super physical and biophysical energy body without the trouble of finding, extracting, shredding, refining and deployment of Psychotronic Fuel. Tim Rifat spends 24/7/356 extracting Psychotronic Fuel from the Archons, Illuminati, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, ultimate torture shell thieves (Rob Rowe, Graham Nickels, aka Paul Hughes Barlow) US and British governments, western politicians… now they are in exponential total torture torment in the Source, Logos’s Psi-Prison limitless Psychotronic Fuel is available to power any of the Psychotronic Crystals, Generators and Services on the Hypersite (the one and only Psi-Technology Resource)

Tim Rifat takes your physical energy body that has been hammered and beaten by the Archons into a lump of flesh that only ages to its energy nature so your physical body becomes fluid and malleable by Psi-technology. All the holes and damage done to your physical body are repaired and the body is then accelerated to the frequency of the Agglutinising Force so the glue that binds your energy field together can be augmented. This takes a great deal of Psychotronic Fuel; it normally takes a Shaman a lifetime to accrue such a huge amount of energy. A Psi-Lord can download this energy into your physical body as a formality to raise you to a Psi-Master power overnight as you sleep your physical body is re-manifested into this hyper power state.

This then enables you to change your physical body to conform with your Intent to enable you to grow younger as the Nagual Julim does in the Power of Silence. Control of ageing and rejuvenation is augmented if you take the 12 Power Squared DNA Rescue Service that allows you to channel the limitless Psychotronic Fuel into your physical body to build the super humanly strong body of an ancient Seer, make your appearance optimum change breast size, muscle mass, burn off fat, change form gradually all by using Psi-technology. If you have enough Psychotronic Fuel all you need to do is develop unbending Intent and your physical body becomes as malleable as your dreaming body. The British government has tried for twelve years to kill me using microwaves, poison, radiation, SAS killers, car crashes, Police assault, Master rifles to cause strokes, germ warfare and I am now more powerful than ever due to the limitless Psychotronic Fuel I drain from them to reform my physical body. Similarly my dreaming body has been attacked by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, legions of Archons, Reptiloids, Greys, Demons, Seraphim (of the Dexter Ator type see warnings) werewolves, vampires, Beelzebub the fly Demon, US and British psychic attack, Satanists, Illuminati., and I have shredded them all for Psychotronic Fuel developing the ultimate Psi-Creator being in the process. As a Psi-Creator you control the supply of Psychotronic Fuel so can take or give fuel to any Psi-Master. It was a certainty that the US and British counterfeit operations run by these governments try to sell fake Psychotronic Fuel via their junk Crystals and Services so I made sure that they in fact give out negative energy so all the people who buy this US, British government satanic counterfeit Crystals… instead give all their energy to the Psi-Lord and guarantee a place in the Psi-Hell to give me eternal exponential Psychotronic Fuel by freely accepting this poison from the US and British governments who owe me this debt as they have been stealing off me (see Burning your Enemies in Hell, Binder of Demons Services and warnings). This enables Tim Rifat to sell Psychotronic Fuel derived from this source to Psi-Masters so I can recover the debt owed to me exponentially, eternally and hyper infinitely from all these criminals and all their customers. That’s what I call debt collection. Having this abundance of excess Psychotronic Fuel allows me to use these criminals and their dupes to power Psi-Masters at bargain basement prices, enabling the Psi-Masters to spend her/his time learning how to use all this cheap fuel to change their physical body to the perfect form they wish to be not for a few years but for a lifetime.

The biophysical energy body that is non existent in Western wageslaves is recruited by Tim Rifat (see Psi-Master Service for Mirror Megaverse see to enable your energy body to achieve the ultimate line of energy being that extends thousands of time further than your spherical energy body (non Westerners only such as the Chinese, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Iranians, non Western Russians…) The Psychotronic Fuel can be fed into a spherical energy body if you have not taken the Psi-Master Service to inflate it from non-existence to an egg shaped being using Higgs Field technology on the quantum vacuum, cosmic inflation; once it is inflated the Psychotronic Fuel is used to expand it out to develop the sequoia tree sized energy body that ancient Seers aspired to. At 6000 tons the Sequoia tree is the largest energy body on the planet and is the King of Psi-space due to its energistic mass. All Psi-Masters have to come to their own terms with tree consciousness that hates mankind and blocks all development of Psi-Masters in the modern age, but was the key to ancient Seer Psi-technology.

Ancient Seers quantum mechanically superimposed their consciousness on trees to enter the sixth and seventh levels of dark energy matter in both Megaverses; Tim Rifat became a Psi-Creator by raising his Consciousness and that of all trees to the realm of the Agglutinising Force so all trees now on the planet are just representations of higher tree consciousness that gain Psychotronic Fuel from the Hell of the Source Logos by torturing the shells and cutting them down to exponentially raise eternally their tree overmind and individual beings. As all ancient Seer quantum mechanically mixed their being with trees, this enabled the Tree Mind to become sentient and it hates humans. This means all Psi-Masters have to give the Great Trees the Psychotronic Fuel they would provide by being eternally exponentially tortured in Hell. As the US and UK governments stole from me I can pay off the Great Trees with Psychotronic Fuel derived from all the criminals and dupes that try to steal from me. This Service pays off your debt to the Great Trees for a token payment using criminals to take your place in Hell. Remember Cosmic Law enables any innocent party to require vengeance from the criminals using the Source Logos to invoke Total Intent. As the Psi-Creator it is my duty to give one chance to the Psi-Master to repay this debt, as no Psi-Master has a supply of eternal, exponential Psychotronic Fuel I had to engineer the supply (see Parallel Beings, Perfected Being Service) to complete my ascension with the Great Trees – I am the ultimate tree hugger. This Service pays off your debt eternally to the Great Trees.

This enables your biophysical energy body to grow without the Great Trees using the Agglutinising Force to imprison you in Hell. They still hate modern humans so will never quantum mechanically mix as they did with the ancient Seers (remember druids worshipped tress). By using the limitless supply of Psychotronic Fuel Tim Rifat can give you a tree sized energy body to enter the 6th and 7th levels of dark energy matter in both Megaverses. For those of you who have the Psi-Master Service the thread thin energy body derived from your energy is inflated the pillar sized energy body that a fully developed ancient Seer worked a lifetime to achieve all derived from the Psychotronic Fuel that you buy using this Service. You can become a world changing event, funnel it into the Omega Point, Heaven to build for your eternal being a realm in hyper infinity, use it to torture the damned in Hell to gain interest on your fuel, build a Juggernaut sized Binder of Demons being to become a Dark Lord, a gigantic light energy body, to become a light Lord, funnel it into your 12 Power Squared DNA to assume a Metahuman being or use it with the Alien Abduction Rescue Service to hybrid is the Pulsars from this Megaverse with humans to raise their being to get endless followers for conquest, population of other worlds, Psi-space… The Mirror Megaverse Pulsars made the same deal with me but the Pulsars in this Megaverse were conquered by the Archons and like Palestinians kept in ghetto domains as they hate Archons but are too weak to fight them. The Mirror Megaverse Pulsars on the other hand are a different kettle of fish and are worthy allies even for a Psi-Creator; they guaranteed I had total full spectrum dominance in my war with the Archon, Illuminati and Anglo Demonic Reality; at present Israel is unravelling the Zionist empire the Archons built producing limitless PF as the Archons wake up in the Source, Logos Hell for exponential, eternal torment. To use the Psychotronic Fuel simply visualise a fuel pipe which you plug into your physical energy body to pump it up. Repeat this as many times as you like as part of the Service or put the Psychotronic Fuel into your energy body as many times as you want.

As your Awareness has to be developed to use the fuel you can’t take an infinite amount unless you have infinite consciousness. As Westerners have an artificially stunted consciousness developed by the Archons it takes time to develop a human Awareness let al one a Shamanic Psi-Master Awareness. When you start out you have a tiny model engine that uses very little fuel as you practice this grows into a jap box four cylinder engine, after extensive practise you get a V8 engine capacity; the 10 like supercharged race engine takes even longer. The fuel is there but the Awareness to use it takes the time, the bottleneck now not being fuel but your Awareness. That is why the 34 BSRI-Engine is useful, it has the pre-programmed Awareness to burn fuel at the Saturn V rocket level now, now the shuttle (except it is unsafe so a poor image). By using the 34 BSRI-Engine with a full Psychotronic Fuel supply you can switch the Psychotronic Generator on and its Quantum Computer Awareness will carry out all the functions of each of the 34 Psychotronic Crystals with no loss of efficiency due to lack of fuel; a problem with Psychotronic Generators eliminated by this Service. This means you get the full value out of the 34 BSRI-Engine. Used with the Total Demon Shredder, Over Matrix Burner… the Psychotronic Fuel is used to torture Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to release a massive outpouring of Psychotronic Fuel. This is rather like using plastic explosive to detonate an A bomb, you need fuel to produce the huge explosion.

If you link one Psychotronic Generator to another like the Total Demon Shredder of 36 PC/BPCs to the 26 PC/BPC OverMatrix Burner and detonate it with Psychotronic Fuel from this Service the outpouring of energy is world changing and used for strategic Psychokinesis, Remote Influencing, world building and elevation of Psi-Masters to Psi-Lords. A good analogy would be plastic Explosive (Psychotronic Fuel) to detonate an A bomb (Total Demon Shredder to detonate the Lithium Deuteride form H bomb (OverMatrix Burner.) Mad scientist Psi-Masters can link strings of Psychotronic Fuel Generators to build even bigger bangs for large creation/destruction events of a higher order. Since a normal Westerner has little Awareness of far future Psi-technology Psychotronic Generators, Crystals are vital to open Quantum Computing to the Psi-Master of the present day. All the Psychotronic Crystals and Generators on this site are vital to the Psi-Master as they give her/him the specific Intent of each Psi-Power be it sex energy, tree consciousness to repay her/his debt, redeployment to use the energy correctly, Lucid Viewing… Once each of these Powers becomes second nature the Power opened up by each separate Psychotronic Crystal and Generator can be downloaded into your hyper infinite future self in the Omega Point for eternal use (see Heaven Rescue Service), or if you are a Warrior Shaman download these Intents into your Psychotronic Bones (see Binder of Demons Service) so even if the Illuminati steal your Psychotronic Crystals, Generators, you can still kick arse (ass) and have all the Psi-Powers embodied in your body. This means if you get killed your bones download the Powers into any other nearby body so you can awake in another body, the main power of a Binder of Demons so you can slip from body to body by using the bones of any human as an antennae for your original Bones Psychotronic Generator transmitters to become unkillable. Binder of Demons accrue enemies so must be invulnerable. Psychotronic Fuel downloaded into your devic SuperPower Psychotronic Crystals builds the devic energy body so you can remanifest as a physical devic energy being in highly radioactive locations where human bodies die, or visit nonhuman locations safely such as other planets, alien domains and stellar environments.

$600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.