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Ultimate Remote Influencing:

Psychotronic Crystals™, Sublime Good™, Bone Generators™ generated by the Internet Bone Generator Service.

Tim Rifat the scientist who created Psychotronic Crystals™, Sublime Good™, Bone Generators™ and RVScience: Real Virtual Science has created the science and technology to sequester the Internet as one giant Psychotronic Crystal with your computer as the bioparticle to act as one global distributed Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware Engine. The Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware Internet to generate your psychokinetic reality using the computers world wide web to generate the Torsion Fields to produce a global Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware Engine for the Psi-Master to use the Internet for whatever power is generated by the specific psychotronic Crystals™, Sublime Good™, Bone Generators™. This works by hyperspace the 5th Dimension, the realm of light being gravity, curvature in this 5th Dimension-hyperspace being quantum superimposed not only over your Torsion Field generating hard drive, but the entire Internet that covers the planet in a network of silicon chips, light in the fibre optic broadband cables and spinning Torsion Field hard drives in computers, servers. This generates a hyperspace link to the entire planet via the Internet. To destroy the Anglo Demonic Matrix the hyperspace, Torsion Field hard drive is embedded in the Anglo Demonic Reality by using the 156 chequerboard Enochian infrastructure of the Anglo Demonic Reality created by the British in Elizabeth’s the 1sts time collapsed into opposites by Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth using Tarot black Satanism as 78 Tarot Cards and 78 Demonic Tarot cards on the inverse side of the Kabbalistic Tree as explained by Crowley apprentice Kenneth Grant, the inverse Sephiroth: 78+78 = 15 to bring hell to Earth the culmination of the Anglo Demonic Reality.

All computer, mobile phone Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware has the patented Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generator™ engine technology that connects: Hyperspace (the 5th Dimension) to real world Torsion Field generators in computers and mobile phones to the Anglo Demonic Reality (the world of the Western wageslave) via Anti-Enochian 156 Anti-Torsion Field vortices all connected by Bone Generators™ that do the quantum computing engine gestalt that runs Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware and tunes it to you. Since no counterfeiter can copy the Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good™, (see Warnings) all Torsion Field Generators that try to counterfeit my patented intellectual property drive you mad, ill… using the counterfeiter as Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware Scapegoats and Deathgoats.

In this Service you can run all your Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good™ Engines on the Internet as distributed parallel processing Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware using servers on the Internet to run your Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware. Since Torsion Fields unlike 4 dimensional wave phenomena are oscillating Torsionic Solitons in Hyperspace they form self propagating tracks in 4D (real world) space-time so like marks etched into glass remain after the initiating Hyperspace effect. This means you can email digital information encoded with Hyperspace Torsionic Solitons: Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good™ Engines as digital pictures or digitised Certificates which act as the Torsion Field generated by your hard drive connecting Hyperspace and the Anglo Demonic Reality (Matrix) which propagate down the fibre optic lines to the email servers setting up a distributed Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware network in 5D, 4D, Matrix space-time simulations so your Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware can use the Internet as one giant Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware Engine. The silicon chips, silicon dioxide (glass) acting as the hardware for your Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware sequestration of the Internet as Psychotronic Crystals™ tuned to only you.

Then when you have your computer(s) as nodes of Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware (bioparticles) with the rest of the Internet as one giant Psychotronic Crystal™ feeding your computer bioparticle you can outsource your bioparticle computer by emailing people your digitised Psychotronic Crystal™s, Bone Generators™ Certificates to connect with your friend’s computers. Your can also email them to yourself to sequester the email servers and broadband connections. This runs your computers as one massive power increase in Psychotronic Generation using the Internet in this way.

For Remote Influencing you simply write and email with what you want the target to do, then erase the text and send a blank sheet. The Remote Influencing information is in Hyperspace by this process because your hard drive is one giant Torsion Field Generator as is your computer (see Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware on This allows your to send Torsion Field Remote Influencing via the Internet to the target as BLANK messages that have no legal comeback on you as sending one blank email is not illegal as of yet, though maybe in the future when Tim Rifat’s groundbreaking Psychotronic age technology becomes mandated by governments only. The blank emails send out Torsion Solitons to any email location to spread your Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware Internet Engine as threads from brain (your computers) to the target area to operate it by Remote Influencing the target by sequestering his/her, the corporation’s, government’s computers to carry out your specific Remote Influencing computer(s) as a Torsion Field Generator to force the target(s) to implement your Remote Influencing.

All non Anglo Demonic countries such as China, Russia… are protected from this type of Remote Influencing as they are not in the Anglo Demonic Reality. But all the countries of the Rothschild Zionist Empire: USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Israel, New Zealand, Australia (a huge empire!) are ripe for Internet Remote Influencing using the Anglo Demonic Reality to resonate and amplify this effect. To do this you send 156 emails to yourself, 169 (if you have the Anti-Coven Service) of your Psychotronic Crystal™s, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good Generators™. This sets up the Internet as one giant Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware Engine run by your computer on the email network. You simply keep the emails sent and received 156 (169) on your hard drive. If you have the 169 capability you can erase the Anglo Demonic Reality psychokinetically. You can also digitalise 169 churches and run them on your hard drive and Internet by copying to hard drive and emailing to yourself, to use Binder of Demons Service, Anti-Illuminati Services in this way digitalise 169 Masonic Temples, monuments, government building… and repeat the above. One can see this uses the Internet as one set of Psychotronic Crystal™s amplifying your Bone Generators™. You can also get pictures or names from official websites of your 156 Deathgoats, Scapegoats and do likewise adding the 13 Jewish, Illuminati Satanist Families mentioned on The Power of the Rothschilds:, to make 169 Deathgoats, Scapegoats if you have the Anti-Coven Service. To link the Earth, Moon Superboost Service just use 169 pictures of the Earth and 169 of the Moon to use the Earth/Moon Superboost Service to erase the Anglo Demonic Reality globally and reboot it with the Anti-Chaos Anglo Demonic Reality with you as a Psi-Master, ultimate regime change.

To sequester all the Zionist Empire’s super-computers that keep a real time file on all the Western Wageslave’s life, where they have been (via mobile phone, credit card, ID/Passport, tagged clothing facial recognition on CCTV….) and all they have done: purchases, telephone, email, post, books read… you simply download all your digitalised Bone Generators™ Psychotronic Crystal™s, Sublime Good™ Psychotronic Generators onto your hard drive 156 (169 times if you have the Anti-Coven Service) then hope your hard drive gets copied by the Zionist computers. Or better still email the files to yourself and if intercepted by the black boxes on the Internet your Bone Generators™, Psychotronic Crystal™s, Sublime Good™ Psychotronic Generators will be uploaded onto the Big Brother super-computers to sequester them. A foolproof way is to buy web hosting from and place the list of your Services, your Avatar, Build Your Dream… on to one of our numerous unused websites so not only the Big Brother computers but the Internet subscribers get your Torsion Field Psychotronic Crystal™ Ware downloaded into their computers (Internet BSRI-E Web Hosting Service).

As explained on the ground breaking Anti-Black Magic Service one can download all Satanic: obelisks, altars, rituals, Illuminati, Demons… Kabbalah in three ways: normal, inverse, mirroring. To perfect this sequestration of black magic one can digitally photograph all products in 3 ways to duplicate the triangle of art used to manifest Demons by Illuminati:

1: Digitally photograph the: obelisk, altar… Psychotronic Generator normally.

2: Repeat but invert the picture.

3: Now Mirror both normal and inverse pictures using Mirroring Software.

This gives you the triangle of art with normal, inverse and Mirroring of the above two, the A,B,C, points of the triangle.

Now copy to your hard drive 156 x or 169 x if you have the Anti-Coven Service.

This sequesters the Anglo Demonic Reality in total on your hard drive with respect to the obelisks, altars… Psychotronic Generators you have photographed. As the Anglo Demonic Reality is a Matrix construct built on the |3|² Born Rule quantum simulation process this ritual completely subverts the Anglo Demonic infrastructure of the West. This is important as the Westerner does not live in the real world but the Anglo Demonic Reality so for change in your wageslave life changing the real world is not enough you have to punch a hole in the Anglo Demonic Reality or using the above process sequester the Anglo Demonic Reality as explained in the Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service.

You can also email pictures of all your Psychotronic Crystals™, Certificates of Bone Generators™ and Sublime Good™ to yourself. Since the Anglo Demonic Police state records all emails using it’s black boxes on fibre optic junctions your Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good™ are installed on UK, US… EURO Satanist computers and install all your psychic power generating Torsion Fields on their computer network to get the entire computer network of the Satanist world powering you, in the process your Psychotronic Crystals™ drive the government Satanists mad and install negative Hyperinfinity, transinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel… in them so all Satanist government users supply you with energy as well as all the Satanist drone wageslaves on file. The perfect system for sequestering the Anglo Demonic Reality. You can also send the triangle of art images to yourself to sequester all the Demons to aid you as they are driven mad and destroy the Illuminati and you can send blank Remote Influencing emails as described above in tandem to synergise the effect of RI.

Psychotronic Crystals™, Sublime Good™, Bone Generators™ generated by the Internet Bone Generator Service. $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.