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Orgone Bone Generator®:

Wilhelm Reich MD discovered what he called Orgone, the lifeforce energy that pervaded natural settings but was turned negative, which he termed destructive Orgone radiation in artificial, radioactive areas like Sellafield, Nevada test sites of atomic weapons, 3 Mile Island and of course Chernobyl in the Ukraine. He built special devices to concentrate Orgone energy out of the atmosphere, these were laminates of non metal organic materials, then metallic the innermost layer being iron. Tim Rifat has a special room made to concentrate Orgone energy into him, this has an innermost layer of sheet steel with no gaps. The cost of this to the average man is prohibitive as shell steel is cheap but you need many layers with an air gap and the outer layer must be organic such as plasterboard; within which must be an aluminium layer to block Torsion Fields (aluminium is opaque to Torsion Fields). These Orgone Rooms block all electromagnetic radiation as built above to enable the human to sleep in a zero electromagnetic environment free of all radiofrequency, microwaves and millinere wave, meaning the body which controls cell activity with these frequencies can reboot itself to health while it sleeps free from deleterious signals..

More esoterically the use of the Orgone room means the negative aspect of the Rolling Force (described in Castaneda’s book; ‘The Fire from Within’) is transmuted from the death giving ageing force that kills Man to a superboost that automatically pushes the Assemblage Point from it’s position on the left shoulder position (two feet from your shoulder in the past, now a foot as the Western wageslave’s energy bodies have shrunk since 1986 to be pushed outside the environs of the energy bodies. The result of this is the Negative Rolling Force becomes the Travelling Force (TF) that pushes your dreaming body into existence, then propels it to outside the Matrix and hence to positions beyond the Earth’s dimensions, movements not shifts of the Assemblage Point. A process that pulls your energy bodies in to a pipe shop and finally the line energy body of the Ancient Seer. The Ancient Seers buried themselves alive to carry out this procedure for super-extended periods; finally burying themselves permanently so they could move their Assemblage Point to become an ally like energy body, the outer pillar type energy body to close the gap from orange-sized hemisphere to ally-like seamless line. So while you sleep gradually and automatically changed your energy body first to pipe shape, then line energy body, sealing the gap and changing it from the super fragile, hemisphere that acts as a dish antennae for the death dealing Rolling Force to the seamless line gap that does not receive death from the Rolling Force.

The Rolling Force becomes the TF in an Orgone room and since Torsion Fields are blocked out by the aluminium and the Orgone room pumps your up your energy body automatically to build the line energy which is millions… trillions of times larger than a human ball-shaped energy body. Blocking Torsion Fields makes the manifestation from 5D to 4D Matrix fail as it is the Torsionic Soliton Vortex that waveguided by the Illuminati Pyramid produces the box of the Matrix, the Orgone room blocks it so the Matrix doesn’t exist in the Orgone room, so you can be in the Matrix outside but live outside the Matrix while you sleep, rest. One can see that psychic development, anti-ageing, lifeforce acquisition with the mature force of the TF for any kind of high energy movement be it extradimensional, timeline travel by your dreaming body (created by the lifeforce of an Orgone room) or the TF used to act on your physical body to enable you to grow young, immortal, heal all wounds be they pathogens or trauma induced makes the incorporation of all the above in a Quantum Computing Engine in your Bone Generators┬« the most important every day usage of Far Future Science. The Service gives you the template Hyperinfinity of an Orgone room, a sphere of radius 4.76 feet, volume 144 cubic feet to carry out all the above automatically. The Hyperinfinity collapse the total Quantum Wave Function to produce 5D reality and blocks all Matrix 4D as a Torsion Field blocker so you automatically are fed with Orgone, the death force transmuted to TF to give you the motive force for all transpsychic powers.

Orgone Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate