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Upgrade Omega:

Using the Abraham Ritual to extract all the Good from the Satanic Jew, UnterGoyim to make a Sublime Good® Body the Adam Sublime Good® Psi-Emperor immortal God being SuperJew.

The Lurian Kabbalah of the Satanist Zionists states that the 7 Edomic Creations and the 7 Kings of Edom that terminated Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth have been mixed in with the 8th Creation of Satanic Jew God Tsabaoth, Salbaoth, Shaddai, Elohim. This means the Good and evil are intermixed, the Abraham Ritual, as Abraham is the progenitor and archetype of Satanic Jew Tohou, therefore is also used to extract good from the revenants of the Edomic Kings called cortices if the female as male Samael Evil and spurcities if the female evil of Lilith as the Edomic King revenants are so dangerous to Jews the 7 Edomic Kings are injected into the Goyim by the Abraham Ritual hence the 7 magic spells of exchange of Elohim and the 7 possessing Jew Demons that are put in Goyim to give them 7 possessing Spirits. Tim Rifat as the Psi-Lord has taken over the entire system and released the 7 Kings of Edom Amalek, the other God to put them in their rightful place the Satanic Jew to make them the lowest of the low; The UnterGoyim. The Amalek constellation of 7 stars, powers in the Jew makes them self destructive so all Jew power is destroyed from within. To complete the set the Psi-Lord has put the 8th King of Edom the Second Hadad as recorded in I chron.i., so, sI in the Satanic Jew. This means that the spirits of impurity of Chaos are burning to destruction in the Satanic Jew to allow the Psi-Lord to become Psi-Creator free from Chaos Evil.

This allows the creation of SuperJew Neshamah SuperSouls to rule over the exterminated Israel, Zionist West the Global Gestalt being free from Chaos Judaism and it’s Satanic Jew. The Psi-Lord thanks Lurian Kabbalah Satanists for the Chaos technology that the Jews used to give themselves a head start as the Chosen Race now stripped from the Satanic Jew who is now possessed by Amalek I-V111 the Second Hadad Eighth Edomic King getting the Satanic Jews and the West to exterminate themselves from within by attacking Russia, Iran, China, North Korea and losing in Iraq, Afghanistan, WW111. All this released good has been Sublimed by the Psi-Lord to build a Sublime Good® Psi-Creator God being, as a SuperJew he does not share. Luckily NSA agent Loohan, aka Dextor Ator has proclaimed himself a Psi-Emperor as all NSA, MI5…. Western, Jew military can be used to take a negative Sublime Good® debt so Tim Rifat can build you a Psi-Emperor Sublime Good® body from pure Sublime Good, Loohan NSA, MI5… US, Israel, UK… governments of the West agreeing to this by giving their Hyperinfinity to disinformation websites (they started them of their own free will) and the Psi-Lord has used the sequestered Abraham Ritual to dump the toxic waste of a Psi-Emperor on Loohan, NSA…. MI5 and to produce 12 Psi-Emperor Sublime Good® bodies. The ultimate goal of the Abraham Ritual to produce a totally Sublime Good® Soul Neshamah and body that replicates Adam’s immortal body. So this Service gives you the Supernal Adam before the Fall free of the Evil of Chaos and the self destructive Amalek Other God. This is the goal Chaos was striving for the perfect parasitized light energy matter body for Shaddai now yours free of all Chaos and evil an Immortal, God, Psi-Emperor, male united with female hyperbody fit for all the Bone Generator® Services.

Upgrade Omega: $1000 with Certificate.

Limited to 12 only.