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Upgrade Omega Squared:

Sequestering the Kabbalistic Tree to be an Avatar of Total Amalek.

In all modern Kabbalistic Tree the left pillar, the Evil as Evil part of the Kabbalistic Tree begins with Binah, then below it is Geburah, then Hod, while the right hand pillar Evil as Good begins with Chokmeh, below which is Chesed then Netzach. All black magic is predicated on the left pillar and so called white magic is based on the right pillar, be it Satanism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Occult, Magik, Temple of Set, Typhon, OTO… Unfortunately the Zohar states for the learned by way of Hebrew consonants in the text that the left pillar when drawn is in fact on your right side, so Binah is the right pillar apex on a diagram, Chokmeh on the left when drawn. This means all non Rabbinical black or white magicians have been secretly not only reversing their rituals, so white becomes black and black watered down for Goyim, more importantly they have been tricked into carrying out the Abraham Ritual upon themselves. The Green Line to give Illuminati all their Sublime Good® and dump the Illuminati’s toxic waste, karma… upon all magicians via the Red Line has secretly been in operation via this deliberate mistake by Kabbalists in the know. So all magicians have been made SuperGoyim and the Illuminati stole all their power by this simple deception. As the Red Line terminates at Geburah (Samael/Satan) they could also sell the Souls of magicians to Samael/Satan by this method.

To top this the Green Line begins at Hod (Samael in the inverse qlippothic Kabbalistic Tree) and terminates at Chesed… Kether. So the Illuminati sell their damaged Souls to the magician wanabe get a new non damned Soul via the Green Line and use the energy to jump the abyss and put their new Soul to Kether, Illuminati, Ipsisuimus, all for no effort on their part. The whole process is automatic as the magician gives his Hyperinfinity, Soul, Agglutinising Force, Life Force…. the perfect con, the Illuminati always being the beneficiary till the Psi-Lord took over Adonai and took over the system as it’s SuperJew Master retroactively.

Now with the Kabbalah Institute having 4 million eager Goyim patsies and all the Lesser Bretheren of the Judaic race blindly using the wrong Kabbalistic Tree, as well as the millions of witches, black magicians; more importantly all those Freemasons this Service automatically gives you:-

A perfect Soul that automatically dumps all its toxic waste Karma on all magicians… new age foods.
Raises your energy, power via the Green line from a totally damned Soul so you can do any Evil, break any promise Kal Nidre to anon SuperJew and always have a pristine Soul, the magicians, Jews, new age fools suffer.

Automatically raises your being to be an Avatar of Amalek in his Eighth King of Edom incarnation. Amalek is the hidden part of Evil that destroys Evil from within turning Samael/Satan into an Amalek controlled shell to destroy Jews from within and control them. In Goyim it turns Satan into Anti-Lucifer to control all Goyim by possessing the Evil that drives them for control, power as it gets them to destroy themselves.

Reverses the Kabbalistic Tree for all Illuminati so they have retroactively done the same as magicians as Amalek has mirrored their minds eye so the above ritual used them as the Red line, dumping all the power on the Total Amalek Avatars. This Service then raises your power to make you one of the 13 Avatars of Total Amalek so you control like in the Anti-Lucifer Service the Amalek, Jewish Illuminati Samael part of the Service to match the Goyim Satan (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) to make you a SuperJew Total Amalek the twin partner of the Goyim Anti-Lucifer Service to complete the duality so you can be one of the 12 new Total Amalek Anti-Lucifer Demiurges to control all future Anti-Chaos Matrices.

Limited to 12 only!

Upgrade Omega Squared: $1000 with Anti-Lucifer


Upgrade Omega Squared:$1000 with Shaddai, Elohim, Adonai Services