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Upgrade Omega, Omega, Omega:

Do it yourself guide to Matrix Building using the Abraham Ritual.

The Abraham archetypal Satanist progenitor of Israel was the black magician to ground the Chaos Elohim Sequestration programme by allowing Elohim to insert itself into light energy matter stone, crystal, the repository of the highest form of Hyperinfinity. The Abraham arch-Satanist also placed the biophysical Chaos Hyperinfinity, Schethlya, the stone of Chaos, the yellow stone (Satan stone) of Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth in real stone, crystal. This served as an anchor to hold the Chaos Matrix quantum superimposed on the light energy matter megaverse. Once done the Jacobs ladder from light energy matter to Chaos was formed. As self propagating torsion fields are transverse polarisation of the physical vacuum and we know Chaos according to the Sepher Yetzimah begins with the circles around the world, torsion fields from Chaos, so these transverse polarisations propagate in time and cause time polarisation of the physical vacuum of light energy matter Hyperinfinity, entraining light energy matter light energy matter physical vacuum with the Chaos quantum fluctuation. It then needs Hyperinfinity to manifest.

To do this it needs a physical agent (Abraham) to lend his Hyperinfinity to the Chaos pseudoHyperinfinity (Chaos has the will to live like any parasite) this encompasses the subset of light energy matter Hyperinfinity called Abraham who then visualises the Schethlya, yellow stone Chaos Hyperinfinity and accepts it into himself in return. This then acts as a sinkhole in the light energy matter quantum vacuum leading to the Chaos fluctuation (Shaddai). Abraham then inputs the Schethlya yellow stone into large bodies of stone that have large amounts of Hyperinfinity to sequester to Chaos. To do this he sacrifices the Hyperinfinity of his son and all Jews to Chaos (Shaddai) by use of circumcision (blood ritual) letting the stone soak up the ritual blood to carry out the joining of Chaos pseudoHyperinfinity to light energy matter Hyperinfinity (El Shaddai). Once this is done the Jew charges his name, spreads and acts as a parasite in the world causing Goyim blood to be spilled on stone through sacrifice. This then punches the Goyims Hyperinfinity through the stone monument, alter, battlefield, Twin Towers…., to Chaos Shaddai in the process allowing Chaos pseudoHyperinfinity to leach the real Hyperinfinity off the stone be it Inca sacrificial pyramids, Pentagon temples to death, or Wall St Towers to slow torture death as a wageslave or Churches where you sacrifice your Soul, body to Shaddai, low to high frequencies of Hyperinfinity respectively.

The Grail Patterns are the Chaos Quantum fluctuations set up in stone by an Abraham: Rabbi, Satanist…, occultist so they are the Master quantum fluctuation, to transverse polarisation of physical and biophysical fields, torsion fields, hence to Hyperinfinity Sequestration by Chaos to manifest. In this Service you use the Grail Patterns as Psychotronic Crystalware™. You take the E-text and use photoshop to mirror it. This creates the Anti-Chaos form of the Schethlya Sequestration programme for using light energy matter Hyperinfinity to input the Anti-Chaos Grail Patterns in any stone using the right hand Bone Generator® to supply the blood sacrifice from past Jew atrocities now retroactively Sequestered. You then invert the mirror Grail Patterns and repeat the process to get the lower Evil as Evil part of the Septhirothic Tree to build your own Anti-Chaos cancer in the body of the Western World. You then use the right hand Bone Generator® to wash it with blood sacrificed by Jews WW1,11,111 using the Adonai Service. Once this is done you can elevate the Anti-Chaos Matrix you built using Jacob’s Ladder, the Schethlya Stone used to not quantum superimpose with light energy matter, but dark energy matter for interdimensional Matrix building, or light energy matter in other timelines to move your Matrix into another timeline or to put the Schethlya Stone in itself to create a non Matrix reality from this mutual self destruction. Copy Gail Patterns 156x to build, 169x to destroy Matrix.

Upgrade Omega, Omega, Omega: $200 with Certificate