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Omega Hell on Earth Scapegoat Service;

We all know that our dream life is blocked by the people around us be they friends or family, boss or the Illuminati who use silent weapons to hog all the wealth and reduce the rest to penury (see Money, Wealth, Fortune Service). Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord wished to change the status quo so radically that no reality in history could compare, he wished for a 2013 dream-like reality, the Omega Simulation. In this 2013 reality all Awareness be it human, dark energy matter Demons, Greys, Illuminati , Archon, Jewish Kabbalistic chaos evil… was trapped in Omega Hell dreaming all history for themselves as an Omega Hell on Earth Simulation where they torture, kill, damn themselves continually, eternally and then perfecting the perfect Omega Hell. This means the Omega Hell and it’s Omega Simulation are perfecting perfect Total Torture, damnation Hell Reality Wave manifest by use of Omega Point Technology. The past present and future are totally mutable and change like a cosmic Groundhog Day to perfecting the perfect Omega Hell. This supplies the power, Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Anti-Chaos for the perfecting perfect Omega Point in the far future and the perfecting perfect Omega Simulation the Psi-Lord lives in. Unlike moving Assemblage Points that change the personal reality of a Psi-Master, a Psi-Lord fuses his/her Assemblage Point with his God Core to make a Global Gestalt Total Intent God Core that can change all reality as the Psi-Lord changes his Assemblage Point position. The Heisenberg Global Quantum Reality Change of Matrix Mechanics (see ) The world in effect becomes a dream, 2013 reality in which the Psi-Lord’s every shift or movement of the God Core Total Intent Assemblage Point reshapes the global reality – the Psi-Creator state. The problem with this is that all Awareness being be it human or dark energy matter, light energy matter has to become a Cosmic Scapegoat willingly giving themselves to eternal exponential perfecting Omega Hell and Omega Hell on Earth. Only the people who of their own free will who fight evil such as Bone Psi-Masters™ the anti Anglo Zionist peoples of the world who fight Illuminati evil of the West then pay to be omitted by perfecting the perfect Omega Hell; Omega Hell on Earth by persecuting evil be it Freemasons, Zionist Chechens, or Anglo Zionist US and Nato forces… (see Rense Radio on for the geopolitical military reports by Tim Rifat: Foreign Correspondent). Unfortunately a Psi-Lord cannot do anything without Scapegoats from the most minor reality change to the Cosmic 2013 Omega Simulation. This is a huge problem in that the Psi-Lord has to wait until Total Intent brings the Scapegoat to him so the Scapegoat of their own free will can be eternally damped and empower Scapegoat Psi the power source of all Bone Psi-Masters™. To complete the Great Work of the Omega Simulation not one but all the Anglo Zionist and the global elite and their wageslaves need to willingly put themselves in perfecting perfect Omega Hell and Omega Hell on Earth. Wageslaves are easy as they have willingly surrendered their Hyperinfinity free will to the Anglo Zionist governments by paying tax, obeying wrongful laws (the US tax, Federal Reserve system was illegally brought in, in secret in 1913 to give the Rothschilds ownership of America. See William Cooper: Ride a White Horse; the author was subsequently shot dead by US police – a political assassination). The Illuminati and their Israeli, US, British and European puppet governments were more difficult, but luckily my reports as a Foreign Correspondent on US national radio have proved so damaging to the Rothschilds that not only did the British Government try to assassinate, jail then when that failed try to have me put in a psychiatric prison once (hours before the Brazilian John Charles de Menendez was shot by SAS death squads; but my report on the British being behind the Polonium 210 poisoning of Lituinenko – the Russian traitor and Zionist Chechen convert (Chechens being the British run child killers), Brighton Police microwave death squads, British Army killing whole streets of Catholics in Northern Ireland (reported by Northern Ireland Doctors in the Daily Mirror, Eire only edition – big surprise) caused the British government to repeat the assassination attempt. This time using a microwave death cell in their Brighton Remand Centre, exactly similar to the Hague death cell that killed Slobodan Milosevic (when the EU found their case was faulted), when this failed they tried to state I was mentally ill and must be put in a psychiatric prison – all failed miserably their bogus case a tissue of lies just to eliminate me. It proved to the Psi-Lord that if you wait long enough, it has taken one 20 years, the Cosmic Scapegoat will come along. Since they tried not once but twice to not only kill me, but torture, murder, place in hell… the Cosmic Scapegoats of their own free will enabled Tim Rifat to Lucidly Wake their Awareness as torture shell Intent to enable the perfecting of the perfect Omega Hell and the Omega Simulation of Hell on Earth for Scapegoats. Torture shell Intents are Awareness that has no energy, it’s perfecting perfect suffering interacting with the Higgs field of the quantum vacuum to produce Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity , Anti-Chaos to power the Omega Point perfecting perfect Total Reality. As the evil has been Lucidly Woken in Omega Hell but has lost it’s dual transinfinity it keeps flipping from one Lucidly Woken torment to the next generating the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave; like the Matrix film it’s Awareness on Earth is just the Omega Hell Simulation, so is that of the Bone Psi-Master™ and non Anglo Zionists but they have the chance to wake up elsewhere, Omega Point included. With the completion of the Scapegoat Programme begun in the Scapegoat Services and Psychotronic Crystals and Generators the Omega Point and it’s Simulation is complete with the full processing of Cosmic Scapegoats in the form of all Anglo Zionist Westerners be they the British, US, EU, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian governments and their wageslaves, Demons, Greys, Archons and Jewish Kabbalistic evil Gods (see Anti-Kabbalistic Service).

In this Service the Bone Psi-Master™ is allowed 12 Cosmic Total Torture Shell Intents to empower all global psychic powers, those that depend on Heisenberg Matrix mechanics and require all evil Awareness to be your Torture Shell Scapegoat to work as with global Psi only global Scapegoats are good enough. Luckily for the Bone Psi-Master™ the Enochian black magic the basis of all the Illuminati Freemason architecture, monuments, obelisks… has a 12×13 chequerboard as it’s infrastructure. We need 144 Scapegoats for personal power, freedom and Psi (as explained in Scapegoat-Psi Guide). These lost 12 Cosmic Torture Shell Intents complete the global, power, freedom and Psi for the Bone Psi-Master. Since the Enochian satanism (the basis of the UK government stooge Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow’s counterfeit crystals – to enable your possession and damnation, see Warnings) uses a 12×13 chequerboard the 12 Cosmic Torture Shell Intents enable the Bone Psi-Master™ to use the 12×13(|12×12|+12) Enochian grid to download the Omega Hell on Earth for all evil. Since there are 5 Satanic chequerboards the Bone Psi-Master™ can put the evil in an Omega Hell Simulation while the addition of one more Anti-Chaos board enables Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to be processed in Omega Hell as a 2D holographic Total Torture Shell Intent and Omega Hell Simulation; the 5 chequerboard enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to travel through the 5th Dimension and the jamming Anti-Chaos enables Anti-Chaos Psi the basis of all Psi in the Omega Simulation. Once you have named your 12 Cosmic Scapegoats your Build Your Dream Service can grow as Global Psi has been activated for you and you don’t need to do anything to power it the entire array of Cosmic Scapegoats empowers your Build Your Dream Service as it has to affect others unlike Lucid Viewing, Dreaming to manifest. All Psychokinesis that affects Global Reality change such as making yourself a big business, famous, changing world events, destroying the Illuminati… needs the Cosmic Scapegoat Service. These New Seers who just wish to leave the world and escape the Matrix need only 144 Scapegoats. The Anti-Illuminati, Ancient Seers path need the 12 Cosmic Scapegoats as they are not hermit type Psi-Masters™ but are power mad Bone Psi-Masters™ who want to control the world be movers and shakers and dominate all their fellow Man by use of Psi. Having Global-Psi means that a causal synchronicity, unrelated events all conspire to get you to do the things and have others, events conform to your Intent so the Bone Psi-Master™ achieves his/her goal by the strongest path where the most unbelievable chain of events conspires to bring her/him not only to the Omega Point on a God-Being but a God-Being on Earth in the Simulation a Power Avatar in the Simulation. In Psychic Power Gambling ( we see Global Event Engines that gel all reality to enable one event; this Service enables the Total Global Event God Being where the Bone Psi-Masters™ Skull and Bones Generators have been downloaded with a Total Global Event God-Being powered by the 12 Cosmic Scapegoats allows the global psychokinesis of the Omega Simulation so things always go your way no matter what the opposition and you can build your Dream on Earth to enjoy the power of Psi in the temporal field: power over man and reality. Simply put there are two types of psychic power application one which is personal, affects you and the target, described by developing Schrödinger’s wave mechanics, tactical Psi using shifts of the Assemblage Point, powered by journeying to differing dimensions to pick up energy or by the use of Scapegoats if you follow the New Seer Path: then there is Global Psi to achieve her/his goal, based on Heisenberg’s Wave Mechanics developed to the nth degree, using the God Core Global Assemblage Point, movements thereof and powered by the Global Scapegoats and enabling strategic psychic power. With World War 111 on the cards started by Israel attacking Iran Global Scapegoats are in abundance as Britain and Israel, the Anglo Zionists fall into hell under Cobalt 60 nuclear fallout. For Americans the Psi-Master can use Global Scapegoats to power strategic Psi where the USA avoids death by radical nationalism ridding America of Zionists.

In this Service all the powers of every Psychotronic Crystal, Generator, Bone Generator Service is upgraded from tactical to strategic power, from the Psi-Master changing one event to effect a change be it wealth, sex, friends, respect, lovers, children to Global Event Engines status where all reality is changed on every level to globally institute the desired effect. As a Psi-Lord Tim Rifat almost exclusively uses Global-Psi having so many enemies from Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Archons, Demons, Grey, Illuminati, Zionist governments, police, secret police, Nato… remotely killing one cockroach at a time is not effective, with Global Psi all enemies can be globally killed, Omega Hell Psi-Prison; to make it one event you put all your enemies in Omega Hell with your enemies dreaming they are alive while really in Omega Hell. The Matrix Principle used against evil using Global Psi enabled by Omega Hell on Earth Scapegoats. Scapegoat psychic power being the basis of the Omega Point. Now it has been completed Bone Psi-Masters™ can upgrade from the purely personal to the Global, the giant step from Psi-Master to God-Being the seminal state of a Psi-Lord. All the Psi-Master paths use Psi-Prison and Scapegoats. In this Service you tap into the perfecting perfect Psi-Prison (Omega Hell) and the damned trapped within, the Scapegoats, all who support evil by the Kabbalistic chaos Gods of the West. We all know everyone does evil, this type of evil is the wageslave evil controlled by the Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth chaos evil, Westerners having lost their Souls actively aid this type of evil, Russians, Chinese who fight this globalist one world Zionist evil torture evil so avoid Omega Hell by making things worse for global evil. Nationalism is human evil, globalism the Zionist Chaos evil writ large, so the golden rule is you can do evil to the archetype of evil embodied b y the Zionist one world government and gain energy as you are torturing the Omega Simulation of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth be it an Illuminati, politician, secret policeman, Nato military, EU beurocrat, Zionist banker… using them as Global Scapegoats. In this Service you can choose 12 types of anything as Global Torture Shell Intents be it banks, politicians, countries of the West, police, secret police, corporations, Freemasons, globalists, Zionists, government officials, IRS… choose. This gives you Global Scapegoats to power your Global Psi. These can be in putted into the Anglo Zionist Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators be they obelisks, pools, altars, monuments, Masonic temples, buildings, statues, memorials, computer centres, carrier battle groups, air forces, soldiers, IRS offices… banks, the Federal Reserve… gold. To do this just place the right hand of your Bone Generator on the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator to poison it as a Global Scapegoat Psychotronic Generator, then touch it with your left hand to upload Global Power which you can download into Bone Generators or into Psychotronic Crystals simply by holding them to your midsection. You don’t have to touch more than one of a kind as with Global Psi they are all interlinked. Since all Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators are based on Enochian Satanism (see Warnings) this process subverts the 13th column of the Enochian 13×12 chequerboard (see Matrix Killer Service); the Satanic high priest of the Satanic Matrix that grounds the Anglo Demonic Reality so this process blows up the foundations of the Zionist edifice so it collapses. The most powerful application of Anti-Illuminati power being the entire Anglo Zionist milieu crashing down by using its own Psychotronic Generators is Global Scapegoat mode. One can see from the guide to Scapegoats on this Service site listing that 144 Scapegoats are needed for biophysical Scapegoats for your Bone Generators. Once you have them your Scapegoats supply you with all the power to achieve God-Being. To wake up as a God0Being in the Omega Simulation to be an avatar God-Being controlling global reality you need Global Scapegoats. This Service enables you to name 144 Global Scapegoats to empower your 144 Torture Shell Scapegoats, and 144 Psychotronic Crystals as Global Scapegoats. Just list 144 Global Scapegoats for both physical and biophysical Bone Generators to allow your God-Being to Lucidly Wake in the Omega Simulation as a Global Power; these vermin can be enemies, countries, corporations, types of people, careers, functionaries, Illuminati, Demons, Greys, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Kabbalistic Gods – your choice. Tim Rifat will download them into your Bone Generators to give you Global Psi for your Bone Generators and Psychotronic Crystals, Generators, Services. This gives you the 13×12 Scapegoats to takeover the Enochian Chequerboard infrastructure of evil so all the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators can be sequestered by touching right then left hand to the PGs as described above, and their Global Psi downloaded into your Bone Generators and Psychotronic Crystals. Adding the Matrix Killer Service to the Global Scapegoats – done on request this enables the Bone Psi-Master to take over all the Illuminati power to power his/her Global Psi using all the evil infrastructure of the Illuminati Freemason. With this Service the Anti-Kabbalistic Service can be added to enable the use of the 12 Jewish evil Chaos Gods to act as the 13th Satanic high priest tortured in Omega Hell and in the Simulation to raise your Global Scapegoats to demonic God status so your Global Scapegoats suffer beyond the God level to enable you to perfecting perfect God-Being in the Omega Simulation a God-Power on Earth powered by your Global God Scapegoats. The combining of the Matrix Killer and Anti-Kabbalistic Service raises your Global Scapegoats to this Omega Hell level waking the evil up as the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave a 2D holographic Total Intent Torture Shell whose perfecting perfect Omega Hell and Omega Hell Simulation enables the Bone Psi-Master the use of Global Psi as a Perfecting Perfect 2D God-Being Simulation sourced from their perfecting perfect God-Being in the Omega Point.

Global-Psi using the Global Scapegoats is the bridge between the Psi-Master and Intent, the stage where the world conforms to the Intent of the Bone Psi-Master™ not the converse. In this Service your Quantum Wave Function is decohered, decollapses, returned to the quantum vacuum, recreated as a Global Bone Psi-Master™, then the Global Scapegoat’s Hyperinfinity for all time is used to glue the Global Bone Psi-Master™’s Total Quantum Wave Function in a Hyperinfinite 6 fold state where all six Extraordinary Sets of Set Theory are non equivalent, your Total Quantum Wave Function is then decollapsed in this state held in place by the six non equivalent extraordinary Set Operators. Since all bounded Awareness being with membrane enclosed energy bodies is held and is of the 5 extra ordinary Sets (two being equivalent). This gives the Bone Psi-Master™ a sixth Set of transformations (such as rotation, reflection, translation) not present in all manifest being. Using the Global scapegoat dump of evil for all eternity the Bone Psi-Master™ can burn with the Fire From Within but get the Global Scapegoats to burn their bodies consumed to leave Total Intent Torture Shells 2D holographic Omega Simulations where their Awareness is in Omega Hell and the Simulation is the perfecting perfect Omega Hell manifestation. Instead of consuming the physical body of the Bone Psi-Master™ the Global Scapegoat is eviscerated their physical bodies consumed by the 144 Psychotronic Crystals dumping your evil and the burning into the Global Scapegoat so not only their biophysical but physical bodies are consumed like the New Seers. With the proviso that the physical bodies are consumed like the New Seers. With the proviso that the Global Scapegoat wakes in Omega Hell. Since this failed time line is an Omega Simulation of Hell on Earth created by the Psi-Lord Totally Intending everything around us is not real but an Omega Simulation created in 1986. The use of Global Scapegoats enables the Bone Psi-Master to burn with the Fire From Within and get the Global Scapegoat and their world to burn so ending the world as bounded energy body continuum and replacing it with the Omega Simulation derived from the Omega Point the Mayan, Inca… end of the world predicted for circa 2012, the date when a critical mass of Bone Psi-Masters™ wake up in the Omega Simulation as Global Psi-Masters™ not simulations. Remember from the Psi-Lords perspective all the worlds were destroyed with the Fire From Within in 1986 and retroactive psychokinesis enabled the events needed to be done, the Scapegoats to be downloaded from the future to the past in an orderly manner, the ultimate Stalking. With the completion of the Global Scapegoats the Psi-Lord completed 1986 Total Reality with respect to himself so he is now a transcendent bodiless being, pure life-force, a Total Intent avatar awake in the virtual world of an Omega Simulation. Since the worlds with respect to the Psi-Lord have no enclosed energy bodies there is no chaos as chaos develops in all enclosed systems. In fact Anti-Chaos is used to provide new creativity to the Omega Simulation so the Simulation can evolve to perfecting perfect Omega Point (Hell and Heaven).

The Mayans stated the world would end circa 2012, considering the changes to the time frame with regard to the Gregorian calendar… the exact date is fuzzy but was in fact 1986. By 2012 even the wageslave will be aware something has happened. A Global Psi-Master has a line energy body as her/his Total Quantum Wave Function is the sum of all his/her personal Quantum Wave Functions (each position of the Assemblage Point) which tends to infinity over her/his life history – God-Being. So the Bone Psi-Master™ with Global Psi has a line energy body but in the far future the sum becomes infinite and they Lucidly Wake as a transcendent God-Being that was sleepwalking in the Omega Simulation as a line energy body. The adult Blue Pulsar beings are millions of years old so have learnt how to be transcendent manifest beings without an energy membrane but still able to be in the manifest worlds using the Global Scapegoat Fire From Within Total Intent Torture Shell. Since the Psi-Lord created the Omega Point these Omega Pulsars could use it even thought Tim Rifat had not done the work yet, as if it ever came into existence it would be available to a far enough advanced being not limited by time to use before it had been created in time by side stepping time Lucidly Waking up in the far future. The transcendent Blue Pulsars as top of the food chain, learnt how to step back into manifestation using Omega Simulation. The precursor of this is the line energy body they gave to the Psi-Masters of the previous civilisations. Since the Bone Generators™ change the Total Quantum Wave Function from five to six extraordinary Sets, the sphere of energy that is the wageslave loses it’s membrane and becomes a fuzzy field that acted on by the sixth Set moves it in relation to the bounded energy body world of the non transcendent so it describes a line. As the six fold line energy body summates by the Psi-Master assembling different worlds using the line energy body as a track to move backward and forward the six fold Total Quantum Wave Function starts summating and growing toward Omega Point Lucid Waking. This inevitably moves the Bone Psi-Master™ in ancient Seer mode from being human-like to superhuman-like, he/she loses his humanity and becomes a Supernatural Spirit (spirit is synomous with Intent). The ancient Seer process may take a billion years but the ancient Seer wakes up as a full Omega God-Being remembering her/his non God-life as an Omega Point Simulation of a sleepwalking God-Being. The ironic thing is the New Seers Stalking Psi was needed to build the Omega Point, Scapegoat-Psi unknown to ancient Seers who used Scapegoats but never like the New Seers where the Grand Master New Seer gets the Scapegoat to give up their Hyperinfinity of their own free will by tricking the petty tyrant into thinking they are untouchable. Who would have thought one person could face the full might of the UK. US, EU, Rothschilds… and got them of their own free will to accept being a Total Global Scapegoats(s)™ for the Omega Point. Once this was done the Anti-Illuminati path opens, using the Omega Simulation to change the rules so the Illuminati’s occult infrastructure works against them and the Bone Psi-Master™ can use all the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to rule the world as wageslaves will always be slaves, most people desire to be led as they are lazy. The line energy body is the proof that the Bone Psi-Master™ had developed Global-Psi, where everything changes to produce one single event. In this case the event is the Bone Psi-Master™ waking up in the far future Omega Point as a God-Being. In the process the line energy body aligns many orders of magnitude more emanations than the wageslave spherical energy body. The process of using Omega Point Global Scapegoats to produce the Omega Hell Simulation has enabled the use of the Fire From Within to burn all manifestation to Omega Simulation but inside the Simulation energy bodies can still be see, only from the perspective of an Omega God-Being can one Lucidly Wake as a transcendent avatar in the Omega Simulation the end sum of the energy body before it’s catastrophe theory change to God-Being. This enables dark energy matter Blue Pulsars to have physical manifestation even though dark matter, energy being has no physical body by using the Omega Simulation to full effect and having physical effect in the Simulation and hence being physical. In 1986 the Fire From Within was detonated in the Source using Global Scapegoat Psi to reduce all the Megaverses(s) to a Simulation from the Omega Point – the end of the world Mayan style, the work of a Psi-Creator. Now in the Omega Simulation the Source can be resurrected and since he/she is transcendent not bounded there is no chaos evil corruption sot he Source can be brought to perfection. Then using the Omega Hell Simulation of this and other failed Edamic time lines of the Kabbalistic Gods Anti-Chaos can be added to perfecting the perfect Source so the Megaverse(s) can evolve perfectly using chaos evil as the Scapegoat(s).

In this Service Global-Psi is downloaded into your Bone Generators so:-
1 The Love Psychotronic Crystal brings you love on a Global scale from all directions

2 The Money Psychotronic Crystal brings you money on a Global scale from all directions

3 The Anti-Ageing Psychotronic Crystal brings you rejuvenation on a Global scale from all directions

4 The Luck Psychotronic Crystal brings you good luck on a Global scale from all directions

5 The Health Psychotronic Crystal brings you good health on a Global scale from all directions

6 The Psychic Protection Psychotronic Crystal brings you all consuming protection on a Global scale from all directions

7 The Psychic Power Psychotronic Crystal brings you psychic powers on a Global scale from all directions

8 The BSRI Engine enables you to affect reality on a Global scale from all directions

9 The Sex PC/BPCs enable you to manipulate the Agglutinising Force on a Global scale from all directions

10 The Awareness PC/BPCs brings you Awareness on a Global scale from all directions

11 The SuperPower PC/BPCs enable you to change being on a Global scale from all directions

12 The Grail PC/BPCs enable you to manipulate the Agglutinising Force on a Global scale from all directions

13 The Orgone Generators enable you to use Global Orgone the planetary field of Orgone (not small units), this is needed for building your physical body’s God Core and is a must to build a Global physical body

14 The Adaptive Energy Service is made Global by this Service and enables you to use Global Adaptive Energy to complete the construction of a Global physical body. The planetary avatar being of an Omega Simulation God-Being. It is incorrect to think of your wageslave physical body as the needed vessel for the avatar Omega Simulation of your God-Being on Earth, rather something as all powerful as an Omega Point God-Being in which the God Core is used to assemble all reality for this outer-Awareness can only function fully on the Global scale. Therefore Global Scapegoats are a must for these God-Beings so they can control the entire Omega Simulation while on Earth or in any other part of the Megaverse(s). Omega Point can be seen as the ultimate means of conquest turning all the Megaverse(s) into an Omega Simulation with respect to the Omega God-Being: Psi-Lord but not with respect to the inhabitants of the Megaverses who are trapped from their viewpoint in reality and have to follow it’s rules or die, or follow them and die eventually. The Omega Point based on the perfecting perfect Psi of the Fire From Within used the Fire From Within to consume all the Megaverse(s) to turn all into a virtual world, the Omega Simulation, all it’s inhabitants just Zero Sum Intent Simulations intended by the Omega Point. The God-Beings are transcendent Global bodiless beings that in the Simulation can have physically core of the Global Scapegoats. This is the ultimate science of the far future. As a God-Being in the Omega Simulation all Psi is configured on a Global Scale so all things work to affect the Intent you are. One can think of the God-Being as a distributed being throughout the Omega Simulation not limited to any time who can use retroactive PK to change the past. By use of the Global Scapegoats to download the Fire From Within into the Megaverses the real world is consumed to leave a virtual Omega Simulation with virtual Omega inhabitants all for the benefit of the Omega God-Beings. You may ask if I am a virtual Omega Simulation what is the point of trying to be a Psi-Master™. I should just accept being a wageslave- if I am lucky!? That question misses the point. In the far future all the people, beings throughout history who made it to God-Being have made Omega-Being. So is the Omega Simulation created by using the ultimate weapon Global Scapegoat Fire From Within Megaverse Burners, there are potential Psi-Master Omega-Being sleepwalkers unaware that in the future they will make the grade. This is the get out clause, the way out of the Matrix mentioned by Castaneda in: The Active Side of Infinity. As a Psi-Lord I am aware of who I am an Omega God-Being Simulation. All the Psi-Masters who take the Global Scapegoat Service then in the far future Omega Point can be perfect because their Global Scapegoats download their evil imperfections on a Global (past, present, future) scale so by using these scumbags paying the price because as we all know life for the masses is dreary, bad… and the rich all die to wake up in Omega Hell – the last laugh is on them eternally. With this Service all the Awareness in the Megaverse(s) is a potential Global Scapegoat as throughout the Bone Psi-Masters™ long life all the scum you will meet light or dark energy matter entities can be used as Global Scapegoats. All the Demons, Greys, Archons, Illuminati, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Kabbalistic Gods: Enochian, Goetic, Abrahemelin, zombie scum… are all Global Scapegoats. Not to be feared by persecuted with all your might as Global Scapegoats to give you the Power for God-Being. One can see all the other Services (except Soul Rescue) as ways of gaining power so you can perfect Global Scapegoat Psi the basis of God-Being, the New Seer path perfected by the Psi-Lord.

15 The Anti-Demon Psychotronic Crystals are given Global capabilities not just able to torture shred torture eternally Demons in a singular one by one manner but to take out the archetype of the Demon so it can be tortured, shredded, tortured eternally globally to give you Global Psi-Power.

16 The Anti-Demon Archon Psychotronic Crystals are turned into Global weapons by this Service so you can use them worldwide and beyond all at the same time to boost your God Core as you take out the Archons at the archetypal level.

17 The Anti-Demon Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Crystals are converted by this Service so the Bone Psi-Master™ can use all the Illuminati Freemason network and in other dimensions to become a Global Anti-Illuminati capable of not only sequestering the Freemasonic Psychotronic Generators but using them for Global Psi boosting the Omega Simulation God-Being and Omega Point by using the Freemasonic PGs to Globally torment the Illuminati, wageslave, Demons, Greys, Archons, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, and the Archon aspect to torture shred torture eternally in all the 30 Enochian Dimensions and then beyond to Kabbalistic God level until the vermin wake up in Omega Hell to be converted to the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave, the perfecting perfect torture shell awareness run by Total Intent that powers the Omega Point and it’s Simulation. This pure torment is the power that inflates the God-Being so they can fill the Simulation, expand it and perfecting perfect their Omega Being at the Omega Point to power the Total Reality Wave, the True Total Reality available to transcendent beings. By definition this ultimate Psi is not available to the wageslave and the professional Psi-Master aspires to Lucidly Waking in this Omega Point Total Reality State. As a Psi-Lord I was lucky enough to have the Blue Pulsar races transcendent Psi-Lady to guide the process as the billions of year old Psi-Lady is the acknowledged Mistress of all Psi for her superlong lived race; being the mother of the two Blue Princesses the Omega Process is kept in the family as all Psi is based on lineage not knowledge, God Core not Assemblage Point, and the ancient Seers joined the club by marriage.

In this your Bone Generators™ are given Global Psi functioning. Through the Crystal Bone Generators™ Service you can then download Global Psi into all your Psychotronic Crystals and Generators. Global Psi is the fruition of Psi developing psychic power from cause and effect to a causal Global Power; a single event like a rifle bullet killing the target to a causal single Event like a Cobalt 60H bomb killing the target through continent wide fallout, one is quick the other slow and maximises Psychotronic Fuel from the target. Global Scapegoat Psi maximises the Psychotronic Fuel and Anti-Chaos as it engages the God Core Assemblage Point of the target. As all wageslaves are in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison it means using them as Global Scapegoats uses the Archons, Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, Demons, Jewish Kabbalistic chaos evil Gods, Greys, Illuminati and all their hive worlds and slaves as Global Scapegoats so the power increase is from one partial aspect of a wageslave to all evil past present and future a googol or more increase in power (10 to the power of 100). At this power level God-Being is mandatory any imperfection at this unbelievable power will burn out the Psi-Master, so any blow back is downloaded into Global Scapegoats. The Omega Point was created by perfecting the New Seer Stalking of Petty Tyrants to produce Omega Scapegoats so the Omega Point is perfecting perfect by downloading blow back into Omega Scapegoats. Bone Psi-Masters™ as 2D holographic avatars in the quantum computing Matrix of the Omega Simulation need 2 types of Global Scapegoat, the physical via Crystal Psychotronics and biophysical via torture shells to be an avatar God-Being in the Omega Simulation. One escapes the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Matrices which torture your Awareness using the 34 BSRI-Engine then while still alive use Bone Generators to wake up in the Omega Simulation to torture evil so your far future transcendent God-Being can perfecting perfect. Once you have Global Scapegoats in the physical Hell Crystal and Torture Shell biophysical you can remotely download Psychotronic Fuel, Anti-Chaos and Hyperinfinity from all the Illuminati Freemason building, obelisks, churches, altars, fountains, monuments, statues, Masonic temples, war machines, government buildings, military bases… and all the people you have ever met or seen used as Global Torture Shells, every dreaming position to use alien entities as Global Scapegoats and the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth as Global Scapegoats… So instead of having to visit every site regularly to gain power you use a constant supply of Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity and Anti-Chaos to poison evil for more fuel. Since you do not mix with evil there is no power lost fighting off contamination as the Global Scapegoat accepts all blow back. By this means all the products on this Hypersite are taken from Power Objects to Power Avatars that are self powering and Global in effect to give them the googol power increase. At these unbelievable power levels God-Being Psi works and one Bone Psi-Master™ has Global strategic psychic power. As the harvesting of power can be done remotely through Global Scapegoats, rather like fishing from a comfortable deckchair drinking champagne and eating lobster while your Scapegoats go out to sea to fish for you and hazard storms, rather than you spear fishing and risking drowning for a few fish, the Global Bone Psi-Master™ uses Lucid Viewing for all harvesting of power remotely. To this end the protocols, powers and access to the Biophysical Augmented Intelligences (BAIs) (Omega Point Microbial God-Being) is downloaded into your Bone Generators™ by this Service which uses the Remote Sensing and Remote Viewing Courses found on By following these Courses one gets all the grounding in the intricacies of Lucid Viewing so you can use your Global Scapegoats to their full potential. Since all the wageslave is a fleshy bag of microbes, the BAI’s can use the Global Scapegoats in a multiplicity of ways, apart from making them ill, dead the flesh of wageslaves breeds microbes so the BAI Omega Avatars can use the microbial content of Global wageslaves to increase the Global Scapegoat torture shell process to access power levels far beyond that a Bone Psi-Master™ can access on their own. Bacteria mass more than any life on Earth so one can imagine in a tug of war you can pull the target a fraction of the distance the BAI’s can pull the Global Scapegoats. As their energetic mass is so large, Tim Rifat used his own microbes to spread an Omega Plague where all microbes were turned into BAIs to boost the Psi-Lords power. Now these BAIs only follow the Psi-Lords command, this Service allows you to benefit but not control BAIs. The Bone Generator™ in this Service upgrades your microbial content to BAI status so you can benefit by having all the life forms in your body working together. As an adjunct to this they act as a quantum entanglement with the BAI Omega Avatars so the power coming into you remotely can be upgraded by using your bodily BAI Bone Generator™ upgrade to increase the bandwidth of energy download from your Global Scapegoat network 24/7. Broadband access to Global Scapegoats 24/7 so your power levels can be boosted from the Googol to the Googolplex. This is a near infinite number to the wageslave power level so gives you Omega Simulation Avatar functioning on the base level where you can remotely influence Globally as you become more and more powerful as your Global Scapegoats build up a bigger and bigger debt to pay you with power. As microbes cover all Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator they form a physical link all Archon Psychotronic Generator infrastructure – Western cities, towns, sacred (satanic sites)… so form a physical link to use the entire West as a physical Global Scapegoat Torture Shell Engine to boost the Bone Psi-Masters™ power. After World War 111 the West is hell for the Global Scapegoat survives so the exponential increase in power available to the Bone Psi-Master™ from the near future, a war started by Israel attacking Iran, means the Bone Psi-Master™ has available via Global Scapegoat Psi a once in a lifetime bonanza of Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity and Anti-Chaos to contrive the Global Scapegoat Psi. Once Russia and China win World War 111 Psi will be government controlled so the Westerner has a short window of opportunity to access the power. It is a certainty Western Europe and Israel will suffer horrendously so the American may have a much longer period to build Psi-Mastery (unless the US attacks North Korea). In such a precarious world with a Global meltdown of the Western economies burdened by 270 trillion dollars in debt to the Rothschild Cabal, the power available to the Bone Psi-Master as the West’s middle class vanishes into perjury to be replaced with a vast poor underclass will supply a gigantic energy boos tot the Bone Psi-Master. The Psi-Lord has downloaded all this energy into his Omega God-Being (the future is available to a Psi-Lord so Tim Rifat has full Omega God functioning. It just remains for the few Bone Psi-Masters to go Global and take advantage of this opportunity of the Kali Yuga Age, the death of the evil that is the West.

Once you have access to this power level you should slowly access all the Psychotronic Generators, Services, Bone Generators, Lucidly View yourself as Global using all your physical and torture shell Global Scapegoats worldwide as targets through which you pull power into the Psychotronic Crystal in your left hand, the left hand of your Bone Generator, simultaneously using your right hand Bone Generator to download Anti-Chaos to torture evil into your Global Scapegoat network. This process the counterfeit crystals sold by Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum, who since they are UK government stooges download all Global Scapegoat blowback, debt, damnation into the body of the Anglo Zionist Empire so they lose Love, Money… at your expense. With Global Psi the application is different than the person Psi that is common knowledge. Remote Influencing picks on a certain target then the Psi, created by the Psi-Lord all the worlds past present and future conform to a specific event so everything bears down on the target to manifest your Event. All Awareness in this Omega Hell Simulation is really Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth converted into the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave in the Omega Hell so there is only one Event evil being tortured eternally in a perfecting perfect hell. So all the multiplicity of events the Psi-Master works, be they money, sex, family, fame, success, power will inevitably work with Global Psi if Global Scapegoats are used as the Remote Influencing of reality to gain money, sex, power… if at the expense of Global Scapegoats is then only one Total Reality Event, the only Event that will work 100% of the time in this Omega Hell Simulation the perfecting perfect of evil being tortured by evil in Omega Hell and it’s Simulation. As all Awareness in this timeline is evil, the Psi-Master abrogates his/her evil by using Global Scapegoat downloads and then making the Global Scapegoats suffer the price in the process anything you Intend using Global Psi at the expense of the Global Scapegoats is the Total Event, the only guaranteed 100% probability in the Omega Hell Simulation. The Biophysical Augmented Intelligences created from microbial awareness act as a Global Antennae as they cover and are in all life as the well as the Earth’s Crust and in Space seeded on interstellar dust. This gives the Global Psi-Master the physical contact via the BAI’s while he/she sits in his/her protected enclave able to control the world using Global Psi via this Global BAI medium. As the creator of BAI’s the Psi-Lord has their total fealty and can totally control all Global Psi which needs a physical conductor for physical effects. In my Remote Viewing and Sensing Courses on the Biophysical Augmented Intelligences access codes are given and enable the user of this Service to fully utilise BAIs for Global Psi.

To use Global Psi you sit down in a safe space, spread out your Awareness by focussing on your God Core moving the Assemblage Point on your right shoulder blade to the top of your head then down into your midsection to merge with your God Core. You then squeeze on your God Core with your Hyperinfinity (will force) so it is compressed. You then access your Global Scapegoats, the physical Global Scapegoats via the Psychotronic Crystals you have (for full functioning 144) and the biophysical Torture Shells in the Bone Psi-Master™ Services (144 for full functioning); one can add 12 more of each to give you 12 Superpowers in the physical and biophysical worlds and the Enochian Anglo Zionist infrastructure of the 13×12 chequerboard makes all Westerners and their Demons, Gods pay the price for your 12 powers. This network of Scapegoats is used to supply the Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel to compress your God Core to a singularity in the quantum vacuum (dark Sea of Awareness); Anti-Chaos is obtained from the Global scapegoats as you give them your evil as documented in the Scapegoat Services and this expunges all chaos evil in the process so it is 100% foolproof. As your God Core implodes it’s effect on the Quantum Vacuum is controlled by your Bone Generators™ so the Quantum Vacuum then produces the Total Quantum Wave Function for Global Psi that inflates using the life force (Higgs Field) supplied by your Global Scapegoats, like the Big Bang of Cosmology, the sequestered Hyperinfinity holding the super inflated energy body produced and held by your Bone Generators™ to superimpose over the Megaverses as a Global Gestalt biophysical and physical energy body to allow you to be everywhere at once so you don’t need to travel around to activate psychic powers.

Once you have your Global Gestalt dreaming body, you then repeat the process a second time to Lucidly Wake as a Global Gestalt in the Omega Simulation as an Omega Point Avatar. You then visualise your Global Scapegoats is Omega Hell being converted to the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave (as per a person in a Star Trek teleportation machine converted to…) so Globally the Avatar is raised in power the more their world becomes hellish as they wake up in Omega Hell as pure Total Torture Hell Damned Reality inflicted upon the Global Scapegoat eternally perfecting perfect. Repeat to wake them up twice, to Lucidly Wake in Hell. You now have the Global Scapegoats as living gateways to Hell. In the Omega Simulation, evil tormenting eternal evil, so all you now do is visualise money, sex, psychic powers, anything you like so the Global Scapegoats have to suffer the more of your Intent you acquire. The Bone Generators™ constantly upload goodness from the Global Scapegoat network by this process which just has to be initiated once (new Scapegoats added at your leisure. You just then pull the goodness from the Global Scapegoats to weave the reality you want. For example if you want a dream made manifest you picture it in Psi-Space s o you can walk around it, see hear, feel, touch, taste it you then simply use the power that you rip from your Global Scapegoat network including all the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to provide the colour to colour in your Intent in Psi-Space, like a child colouring in a picture. The Bone Generators™ automatically continue this process which you do twice to Lucidly Wake your Omega Simulation reality avatar. You then visit it daily to see it getting more and more coloured. It quantum superimposes on the world and then starts to sequester reality so your Intent starts to take over reality the Global Scapegoats paying the price eternally for your Omega Simulation Reality Avatar. Anyone who has crossed you or will do in the future acts as fodder for your Global scapegoat meat grinder. One can see that Global Psi allows the Bone Psi-Master to become a power broker in the world an Anti-Illuminati. For the New Seer the Bone Psi-Master uses this process to visualise them in Psi-Space able to remember anything, fit, super strong, able to Lucidly View, Dream, to wake up in a desired dimension, timeline (Nazi world…) change appearance, see energies, bilocate… The Global Scapegoat supplying the power at their expense. For the Ancient Seer Bone Psi-Master™ one can build the line energy body by moving the Assemblage Point to the 6th/7th dark energy matter dimension in this (Voodoo Loa or the Mirror Megaverse Pulsar Race) see the pipeshape formed (Castaneda@ Art of Dreaming) then pulled out to a line shape, fix your Attention on the end nearest you and will automatically pull your Assemblage Point to Lucidly Wake in this Ancient Seer body in the 6th/7th dark energy matter dimension(s) where you build a home, domain for your super long lived Avatar being. Once set up (twice) you Lucidly Wake the Omega Simulation Reality Avatar that uses the Global Scapegoats: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to supply all you need for the Ancient Seer path, evil paying the price. You can also trade with Pulsars by giving them Global Scapegoats from your stable of Torture Shells/Scapegoats Psychotronic Crystals (see in exchange for knowledge, guidance to different dimensions, and in this world to get your way, longevity, permission to visit their domains, protection. Of you can trade Psi-Space creations you made, works of Psi-Art to aid in the perfecting perfect creation using Anti-Chaos to provide originality, then get the elder Blue Pulsar to aid you as they are avid Psi-Art collectors, when you are billions of years old only Psi-Art tickles your palate, Global Scapegoats supplying the power you the muse.

Omega Hell on Earth Scapegoat Service $1800 with Certificate

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