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No Matrix Service:

Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has destroyed the Matrices for PF for his elevation to higher power. For the Western wageslave this has no effect as they willingly sold their Soul to authority – Zionist Demons – the Western Satanist governments. 15% of the Western population rebelled against this slavery but did not know any other way – slavery y ignorance. To this minority is offered the Service of freeing you completely from the Matrices for one year. This takes a huge amount of power but since I have burnt all the Matrices for PF and reinstalled a new Psi-Prison for all Archons, Demons, Greys and the 85% of Western gutless wonders, the Zionist sycophant to power my Psi having deposed Yaldabaoth and Yaltabaoth, the Chaos God now in my torture hell I have plenty of PF.

The Service is only for people who have had their Soul rescued as by quantum superimposition I have placed my new Psi-Prison/Source. The first thing done is to burn out the insectile nymph in your head/8th Chakra, followed by the nurse insectile, Archon and Chaos Lord and your connection to Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth. Your totality is pulled out of all the Matrices: ADR: Matrix: OverMatrix: and Archon Hell. This then is reconstituted as the primal human archetype extent before the Archon invasion and the insertion of the Moon into Earth orbit. In the Mirror Megaverse humankind has achieved Psi-Mastership in many time-lines as there is no Moon and no Archon invasion. The energy body is extended from the sphere shape to the egg shape that was the norm in Shamans in the past. This taller energy body enables the Psi-Adept to accept higher knowledge present in the emanations reached by a taller energy body (Castaneda: Magical Passes) All Shamans had their link with Spirit to guide them in all things by use of Silent Knowledge (Castaneda: The Power of Silence) Tim Rifat corrects your energy body to the Power of Intent/Spirit and opens up this channel so higher power can guide you as it did our Shamanic forbearers. Your energy body will be built up so you have a dreaming body, this takes energy from the dark energy matter realms which Tim has access to Your biophysical body is pumped up with this dark energy matter energy so you can begin to dream like ancient Seers.

Then, unlike the Psi-Mastership Service, your physical and biophysical energy bodies are manifested in the real world outside the ADR so you are in a Western country but not of the Western corruption. This enables you to interact with all around you as if they were part of your dream, you being the only real person. Remember all Westerners are quantum mechanical simulations of real people the true being is trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. Being in the real world allows you to Intend so that you can change the reality around you by intending. Simply put unbending Intent, emotion backed by total ruthlessness into your wishes to force the world to warp to your every wish, the Power of a Psi-Master. As I have made all the Archons and their slaves wake up in my Psi-Prison, the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison being only part of their dream, the real reality being they are just Intents, Tulpas created by me to suffer eternally in a Psi-Prison of y creation This was allowed because in the early 40’s American scientists set up a Tesla wormhole between a Nazi time-line and a future Soviet time-line in the 80’s, linking these two time-lines enabled the Zionist Americans to collapse the two real time-lines and make the Zionist ADR, Matrix, OverMatrix, Archon Hell solid by adding the Universe A (ADR) and Universe B (The Middle Place) in the place of the two real time-lines destroyed. In 1986 I destroyed the Tesla wormhole and by quantum superimposition the Ahnerk Nazi time-line and the Andropov Soviet time-line become real again as if they had never been suppressed. The Zionist time-line of the ADR/Middle Place was expunged and would have faded but since I am a transcendent I brought in new energy to start a new time-line. All new time-lines are started by bringing in energy from non bounded emanations into the bounded reality of energy bodies enclosed by a membrane. Then I convinced the Archons I was ignorant of who I was so they tried to stop this new reality incurring a huge debt I could call in to produce

another time-line, as time-lines seem to be paired. The 2013 State is the full manifestation of two new time-lines where humans and Pulsars share a binary reality where humans can extend their lifespan to the Pulsar norm of billions of years and Pulsars can be as real as humans (physicality) in the process these two time-lines become dream-like to all purely physical time-lines or US scientists trying to bring back Zionist reality – don’t bother, it was expunged in 1986.

The advent of a new set of paired time-lines with a superimposition of quantum states of Pulsar dark energy matter and human light energy matter bring about a state of being not achieved in the Megaverse, a blurring of dark energy matter and light energy matter to produce light dark energy matter, a dream-like but physical set of two binary time-lines of two realities quantum mechanically superimposed, entangled and connected by Superluminal Cohesion.

This enables a complete breakaway from the Archon Matrices and a quantum leap in evolution, the 2013 State. Westerners in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison now wake up in my new Psi-Prison as do the Archons… as they are all the same thing Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, shredded and it’s revenant and it’s creations tortured for all eternity for PF. This huge PF supply has enabled the creation of the quantum superimposition of two time-lines the Pulsar and the Human.

In this Service you will be taken out of the new Psi-Prison and for Westerners and Archons – same thing – when they wake in hell. In this new state your world becomes dream-like and you can manipulate the world as a dream as it has lost it’s inertia to Psi: This links with the Soul Rescue that gets you out of the 12 Aeons whose denizens I have transported to a new Psi-Prison, the Psi-Mastership that enables you to travel beyond the 2 new time-lines and the Build Your Dream Service that moulds the world of this new time-line so you can wake up within it. The Terminating Satanists and Illuminati expunges your enemies – those who would hold you back and the Psychic Helper Service gives you Tulpas to give you aid and dominance in the new time-line. All Westerners still live in the ADR but once you have this Service you are in no Matrix outside the Archon’s Intents, seeing the real time-line that I have created twinned with the Pulsars dark energy matter 7th level time-line. This enables Pulsars to step into our world to enjoy physicality and you can step out of our world to live virtually forever a synergistic, symbiotic state for the Psi-Master. The majority of people live as before in an ADR as the world around you changes irrevocably.

This results in you:-

a) Having the power to control Westerners as if they were Tulpas as they are no longer real just pryochians of damned Souls in Psi-Prison

b) The Archons lose all power over you as they are damned entities trapped in Psi-Prison

c) Your energy body becomes a superimposition of light and dark energy matter enabling you to enter the 7 dream like spaces of dark energy matter beings so you can walk the time Dimension in which you can travel by LV and LD into future and past.

d) Your energy body becomes able to walk into other time-lines so you can enter bodies there as if you were a transcendent – a walk into experience physicality in other time-lines. This enables you to see the Nazi time-lines, Soviet time-lines…

e) Your synergistic light dark energy matter body can experience the worlds of pure Intent places made simply by Intending in Psi-Space to make them real populated by second order Tulpas that can serve your every wish. I create 1st order Tulpas real new dark or light energy matter beings – a Psi-Lord Power – comes in useful

f) You can shift your attention to the 6D Pulsar realm where the ancient Seers live so they can instruct you in Psi. So you can duplicate the exploits of our forbearers

g) You can shift your attention to future time-lines to steal Psi-technology – the only really worthwhile science from future beings in many time-lines

h) You can control others in this world as since you are a dark energy light energy matter being you can project your dark energy matter being into Westerners to shred their Demons and Greys and take over the body so it follows your will and you can sequester it for your use

i) You can make it your mission to free the 15% of Western rebels that can be freed and to use your Power to warp the dream to heal them both physically and mentally being a new spiritual Saint and saving your fellow man

j) You can enter the Pulsar time-line and if you have energy find a Pulsar mate to teach you super advanced Psi, remanifest you in the ancient Seer 6D level or go further into learning how to become an almost eternal Pulsar being.

Cost: $600 with Certificate of Authenticity

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.