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No Limits Bone Generator®:

We all know about women picking up cars to save their children trapped underneath. Normally these women would be hard pressed to lift their husbands. What is going on? All muscles have limits put on their use to stop the muscles damaging the ligaments and tendons. Our muscles are very poor being one fifth the efficiency of our ape cousins such as the gorilla, chimp, orang-utan and gibbon. But epigenic switching on of full efficiency in muscles by use of modifying the Morphogenic Field using Bone Generators® so you can use all the muscle strength in your DNA genome is now available with your Service. The Bone Generator® takes away the limiters in your brain and nervous system using the Quantum Computing Engine in the Bone Generator® to change the neural network for maximum utilisation of muscle strength; to reach No Limit Bone Generators®.

Next we have Lamarkism upload Bone Generators® to Sublime Good® the muscle strength of everyone about you, so you download your weakness into everyone around you; while you take their strength, Sublime Good® it to boost your power. Lamarkism the inheritance of characteristics exogenetically, just by Morphogenic transfer is the dominant factor with Bone Generators® and the only technology (owned by Tim Rifat) that can utilise this. By uploading strength from everyone around you, your constantly stay strong, perfect for sportsmen out hunting that suck out the strength of the animals around you. Bodyguards take it from the crowd around the Principal. Special Forces Soldiers take it from the enemy and their population as they kill behind enemy lines. One can see this No Limit Bone Generator® in the future of combat soldiers, professional fighters, martial artists, hunters, athletes… No drug test can test you for the Bone Generator® so it’s the perfect way to up your performance.

The human muscle is very poor quality technology if alien intervention to produce transgenic chimp humans is correct, DNA technology was used to modify chims to produce transgenic chimp humans. This means the echo of our original ape DNA is present in the Morphogenic Field. If this memory of our original ape muscle genes can be brought to the fore and the modified transgenic chimp human muscle genes turned into an echo, then Epigenic Switching on of the latent ape muscle genes present in our genome, can significantly upgrade the strength of the No Limit Bone Generator®. As ape muscle is five times stronger weight for weight than transgenic human chimps this can be an immense boost to our strength. In vivo gene changes have been discovered so our DNA can be changed while we live. The use of Morphogenic Lamarkism Bone Generators® to upload chimp muscle strength genes into the No Limit Bone Generator® to cause your DNA to revert to your chimp progenitors. This takes time as your Hyperinfinity is so small. Hyperinfinity collapses the Quantum Wave Function to produce your body ( see Far Future mini-site: True Adam Bone Generator®…) so the more Hyperinfinity you have the quicker in vivo gene change. To speed up the process the Bone Generator® Service is recommended. As the body is constantly manifested by the Quantum Wave Function collapsed by the Hyperinfinity in your energy bodies. The more Hyperinfinity the more you can modify your physical body, including strength. So one can see the Bone Generator® to utilise the Hyperinfinity has total control over all aspects of your physical body. This enables the Bone Generator® to gradually up your strength using the above technology. The future of gene technology is quantum mechanical modification of DNA using Hyperinfinity controlled by Quantum Computing Engines. This eliminates the cancer inducing gene splicing using viral methods. Gradual increase in your muscle strength enables you to carry more equipment for longer periods. To strike targets with more force. Or to have greater strength for longer periods. To strike targets with more force. Or to have greater strength without huge muscle mass. So the 180 pound No Limit Bone Generator® man can be much stronger than the 200 pound lineman. A 120 pound woman able to dominate her husband as she can have the strength potentially of a 600 pound woman. This enables the wife to physically pussy whip her husband, girlfriend, turn her boyfriend into a sex slave – for the dominant dominatrix girl!

No Limits Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate