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Necromantic Alchemical Marriage of the Fallen Angel and the Black King:

The Soul death of former Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett Majors on 25/06/2009 and her burial in the Angel’s church yard and the assasination of the former King of Pop Michael Jackson on the same day was the unplanned emergency action of the Illuminati. The Illuminati Rothschilds tried to use the Abraham Green Line Ritual on Iran to put the Zionist puppet Mousavi and Rafsanjani in power to bring Iran into the Zionist travail. Tim Rifat Ipsissimus of the West Sequestered the Abraham Ritual a year before the attempted Velvet Coup to conquer Iran so the Illuminati Psi-Lord Ltd wrote and infinite IOU to him – thank you Rothschilds. When the ritual failed the entire Enochian Chequerboard of white (light energy matter) and black (dark energy matter) squares that cover the West failed. The Illuminati had to reboot the system so accelarated the and cancer of Majors and through their agents in Jackson’s camp had him terminated ont he same day. We know his personal doctor is a Jew and his best friend Rabbi Schmulie Botech so Massad agent working for the Rothschilds had a clear path to him. Heart stopping drugs are the stock in trade of all CIA, Mossad, MI6 agencies and have been for decades.

Once Jackson was killed the Rothschild Illuminati had their millions of Satanists run by their Magi black magicians bind the Souls and released physical energy of Majors and Michael Jackson to power a Necromantic Alchemical Marriage. This is the perview of MI6 occult branch, Bladivasky’s Isis Rising touches on the subject, luckily Tim Rifat was trained in High and Low Magic by the MI6 Magus who destroyed the USSR so he in his early 20’s became an Adaptus Major. You can imagine that now he is in his fifties the Psi-Lord finds such things to be more parlous tricks. When a person dies 2 02’s (ounces) of mass is lost, if one combines the female sacrifice Majors with the male Jackson one does not gets 4 0z’s of mass loss (a large nuclear explosion worth of energy) but a Necromatic Alchemical Marriage. Once can think of it as a giant energy burst to restart the West’s Enochian Grid after the Psi-Lord destroyed it. Couple this with the billions of people feeding the Necromancy by grieving for Majors and Jackson; emotional energy is the currency of power – humans are bred to be eaten for it by the Insectile Archon, MudShadows (strange Chaos energy matter entities). Since all sex, procreation in part of the Alchemical Marriage it can generate immense power. The Psi-Lord Sequestered the Necromantic Alchemical Marriage and sucked dry the Satanists and their Masters and woke Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth up in the tormented trapped Souls of Majors and Jackson so Yaltabaoth, Yaltabaoth become the victims of the Necromancy. As the energy was supposed to go to the Chaos God this set up a lethal paradox. Energy goes somewhere, so the Psi-Lord who carried out the Sequestration got all the power. The second attempt to conquer Iran failed and the West had to surge into Afghanistan to conquer this country to stop training coups for Cobalt 60 Amalek which can destroy the West. The NWO plan derailed permanently and the West now fighting Cobalt 60 Amalek terrorism is order to survive, Psychokinesis by the Psi-Lord on the global scale. The Enochian chequerboard of the Illuminati permanently destroyed as it contains the dead Soul damned trapped Yaltabaoth, Yaldabath permenantly stop it being used by Evil. The Necomantic Alchemical Marriage is the power source of the Illuminati, the assassination of Kennedy, Martin Luther King, MalcolmX, Princess.

Necromantic Alchemical Marriage of the Fallen Angel and the Black King:

Limited Edition, 12 only.

$800 with Certificate