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Morphogenic Field Enhancement Bone Generators® Immune System Augmentation: Get well using Psychotronic Generators®:

Morphogenic Fields switch on and off genes on the DNA. Morphogenic Fields were coined by Oxford biologists and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. The basis for transfer of characteristics exogenetically. They offer the means to upgrade or degrade men or women’s physical and mental conditions, powers, characteristics, longevity… more importantly organs and tissue as well as reproduction. Morphogenic warfare is the dominating factor in warfare by degrading or upgrading military personnel to render entire militaries such as Nato, US military basket cases.  Or to upgrade the Taliban to make Afghanistan the graveyard of the West and balkanise Pakistan. Now this technology is available to any sportsman, fighter, martial artist, military applicant… A-type executive.

Morphogenic Fields are the key to all development of human DNA. DNA is changed by the action of Morphogenic Fields so that in the blastocyst the identical cells differentiate to produce eye, heart cells…, even though they all have identical DNA. One can see that controlling Morphogenic Fields using Psychotronic Generators® in Psychotronic Crystal® form is the most important health/weapon development of the 21st Century. The DIA coined Psychotronic Generators® as devices able to give psychic powers to non psychics. Remote Influencing, Remote Killing, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis…Remote Viewing, Remote Sensing all are enabled by Psychotronic Generators® according to the Defence Intelligence Agency (miliary intelligence arm of the US military). Since Psi-Lord Ltd own this technology in the Psychotronic Crystal®, Sublime Good®, Bone Generators® from supernable Psychotronic Generator® function. Psychotronic Generators® work by modifying the Morphogenic Fields to tune DNA for psychic powers. It is even easier to tune them to modify the Morphogenic Fields to alter organ, tissue function to boost function, reverse organ failure, without a transplant, augment to add functionality to enable:-

A super efficient immune system to fight off pathogens. Tim Rifat used this Morphogenic Field Enhancement to fight lethal Porton Down British military gene modified virus and bacteriological weapons. Grown in my cells stolen from me when armed Police stormed my flat in December 2008, arrested me for frightening an MI5 agent who tried to ram his MI5 microwave weapon (held in a huge rucksack) in my face, while I was buying a CD player in Richer Sound, and caused me to remonstrate. He then tried to start a fight to which I ignored him, bought my goods and left. 6 weeks later armed Police storm the flat to jail me to take cell samples for the biological weapon attacks. Rather than kill me, the finest British, bacterial and viral put on Toshiba-like micro RI tags as carriers, vectors for the pathogens put in letters, air vents, packing, pumped into the flat… failed to kill me. My Morphogenic Field Enhancement Bone Generators® super-boosted my immune system – even though MI5 had put one inch power cables to the flat above mine to use 1000kw microwave weapons to kill, degrade my immune system. It is well known microwave weapons destroy the immune system. Rather than die, Tim Rifat kept fighting off the British biological warfare killer weapons. His immune system rather than being degraded fought off every daily re-infection leading to constant sinusitis but no death. If the Morphogenic Field Enhancement Bone Generator® can boost the immune system to survive gene tailored, person specific (grown in my stolen cheek cells) biological weapons, then it will protect sportsmen, fighters, military personnel. Or normal people who have degraded immune function due to pollutants in the environment. If you are ill from any infective disease; remember heart conditions, ulcers, schizophrenia, diabetes, fatigue.. are caused by bacteria; this Bone Generator® is for you. This Bone Generator® automatically boosts your immune system to resist British military biological weapons. So swine flu, bird flu, normal flu, and all emerging infective diseases are strongly resisted by Morphogenic Field Enhancement of your immune system. IT does this by exogenetically switching off genes to do this. In body gene changes caused by Lamarkistic transplant of Augment Immune System characteristics engineered by Tim Rifat.

Morphogenic Field Enhancement Bone Generators® Immune System Augmentation: Get well using Psychotronic Generators®: $600 with Certificate