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Mind Over Matter Bone Generators® Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal®:

Tim Rifat the scientist who discovered Bone Generators® that are pre-programmed with Hyperinfinite software to collapse the Quantum Wave Function to produce Mind Over Matter, now has the exclusive control of all conscious control of Quantum mechanical reality manufacture – the basis of all creation. To say this is ground breaking is to underestimate the importance of Bone Generators® the trademarked intellectual property of Tim Rifat. If all Mind over Matter is controlled by Bone Generators® by using Hyperinfinity Operators to collapse the Quantum Wave Function then Tim Rifat’s discovery of Hyperinfinite software stands as the single most important event in human history. The evolution of Man from a created entity in the Matrix to a Creator of reality using Bone Generators® programmed with Hyperinfinite software that not only collapses the Quantum Wave Function to produce reality or the Matrix but the Hyperinfinite software defines what is created.

The extent of the Bone Generator® in its evolution of Man to Demi-God is as big a leap as from chimpanzee to nuclear physicist, mould Quantum Wave Functions (reality) at will. Castaneda’s books on Shamanism state this is possible, but as a scientist Tim Rifat had to have a theory to explain Mind over Matter. The Illuminati do not have this capability all they do is to leach off reality, parasitize it turn it to Chaos and produce quantum Simulations -the Matrix. On the other hand Bone Psi-Masters produce new reality at will. Mind over Matter.

If one is to think of the phenomena of Mind over Matter in its basic context, it is Mind controlling Matter (reality). Now we know that matter exhibits mass, it resists motion – has inertia – globally called Mach’s Principle. One can explain Mach’s Principle of Global Inertia by simply using i the square root of -i in General Relativity (though a better starting point is Kalza’s 3D Relativity – used by the Americans for Montauk Expts). In electrical phenomena i is regularly used in electronic calculations so Montauk electrical Tesla Coil manipulation of reality in 1940’s science – kept secret from wageslave scientists of the Goyim variety. Bone Generators® can carry out i operations not using electricity but by Hyperinfinite software. A more direct way of manipulating reality. Psychotronic Crystals® can carry out all electronic field effects. How? When a quartz crystal is squeezed it produces an electric charge and the frequency of this quartz oscillation is used in quartz clocks. The Bone Generator® Hyperinfinity can squeeze Psychotronic Crystals not to produce charge, but to alter reality just like the US Montauk Tesla coils, but much more efficiently. Hence Lemurian and Atlantean technology was posited to run on crystal technology to alter reality. This is impossible without Bone Generators® , these have Hyperinfinity that not collapse or decollapse the Quantum Wave Function of Psychotronic Crystals® but creates pressure on the Psychotronic Crystal®. Bone Generators® can also be uploaded with Transinfinite Operators that enfold 6D spacetime to 5D spacetime, producing a boundary. In imaginary space a right angle is i (the square root -I) In the Born Rule to turn Quantum Wave Functions to probabilities of a thing in space, we square the Quantum Wave Function. If we square (i²) we get -I or (-i)² = I is also turning our right angled plane into a line, a loss of one dimension 6D to 5D space.

It also localises the Quantum Wave Functions in 6 Space as i is a space ixi is akin to a 3Space operating on a 3Space or a 6Space, hence the Born Rule localises 6Spacetime to 5Spacetime (reality). The loss of dimensionality is also akin to the 2 non equivalent Extraordinary Sets becoming equivalent in bounded spacetime. The true sets of ways of extraordinary transformation in a plane in 6Spacetime charging a line, or ingle Sets of ways of extraordinary transformation. So if you are on a Molius Strip curving along the 2 dimensional strip flips you into 3 dimensions, but travelling along the width keeps you in 2 dimensions. So loss of travelling in two dimensions in 6Space to be in 5Spacetime can if we have Kline Bottle enfolding of 6Spacetime trap 5Spacetime in a bounded reality, cutting off Quantum Wave Functions from the flat 6 Spacetime to reduce the bounded energy bottles of all manifest things be they rock or Man. This would be matter. To add Mind we can then bring in other factors to quantum ~Superimpose Mind on Matter. Castaneda’s books state the Mindless State of no thought is a prerequisite to all Mind over Matter. Now one can see why, the Matter enfolding process evolves no mind. Mind is an addition after the matter mathematical process. So Bone Generators® downloaded into you as an automatic Quantum Computing Engine – all Mind on your part would get in the way of True Matter reality control.

Hence the completely automatic Services of Bone Generators® not only do not require your Mind to operate but only operate on Matter when Mind is switched off – so all Bone Generators® are automatic and the more you try to free them with Mind the more you lower efficiency. Why? Because Matter has no Mind, Mind is a secondary artefact that involves Assemblage Points, Matter in its basic form has no Assemblage Point, a rock has no Assemblage Point, nor has a dead body. So to effect Matter you have to get tot he lower Machine Code level of no thought just mathematical operations, the machine code of reality. Bone Generators® do this hence they are automatic having the Hyperinfinite software to carry out Mind over Matter or more accurately Mind switched off to effect Matter.

As we saw the Born Rule of squaring Quantum Wave Functions if they are imaginary can produce 1 or -1 as the square or reality more accurately probability of finding a particle globally (1 is 100% probability). What is -1? Well Theodore Kuala’s 5D Relativity that merges light with gravity by saying light is gravity in the 5th dimension we get a 1- tensor for gravity, a 4 vector for light and a scalar for a Higgs Field or something else. One can postulate the 1 or -1 is the scalar field where 1 is spacelike real and -1 timelike or biophysical. So we get the devic energy bodies at a fundamental level. Now we saw a scalar, one dimensionality a scalar just has magnitude, not direction, can be used to cause enfolding of 6spacetime to be a bounded 5spacetime as long as we use Kline Bottle mathematics (more on Kline Bottle on the 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generators® on or Supernatural Spirit if you are on the site already. This means paradoxically a scalar can cause enfolding of flat 6spacetime to bounded discrete 5Dspacetime, as explained previously. So quantum mechanics does not define the maths, the maths define quantum mechanics and the Barn Rule carries out of the enfolding process.

If we add other imaginary numbers to the mix such as Quaternions, Grassman imaginary numbers, Octonions… Clifford Algebra we can get energy matter realities, strong energy matter realities and the panoply of Supernatural Spirits and dimensions. If we have non commutavity in the simple light energy matter case of the Born Rule so -ixi ≠ ix-i or even worse the first i in none commutative with the second then the order of (ab) or (ba) is different even though a and b may have the same magnitude. We see on that when a square Quantum Wave Functions the Schrödinger Wave Function and Heisenberg Matrix version are non equivalent. So we get two realities for every light energy matter Quantum Wave Function collapse. That means that all timelines are paired and have to be due to the mathematics. Hence the Andropov Soviet timeline and Ahnenerbe Nazi Hitler timelines were paired and collapsed by the Philadelphia Expt, Montauk were first to discover them, the second to destroy them. US expts to produce the Talmudic Jew Matrix in the 1940. This was destroyed by Tim Rifat in 2013 and 1986, to restore the real timelines.

Now one see that the Bone Generator® applied Psychotronic Crystals® is the ultimate far future reality Mind over matter science. It needs a mindless recipient – perfect for the transgenic chimp wageslave so is more effective in wageslaves than far future super humans as the wageslave is totally mindless with respect to far future super humans and Bone Generators® require a mindless state. In the case of 21st century man no problem as all your thoughts are Insectile dark energy matter parasites. So once the parasite is terminated you are as close to a mindless avatar as history will ever produce. Bone Generators® are therefore automatic and the specifications on the websites define the Quantum Computing Engine that automatically creates Mind over Matter. So never fear you aren’t using them right, the more you relax and become passive the more powerful they are.

In this Mind over Matter Bone Generator® you get a Bone Generator® in it’s pure form. Where you need to absolutely nothing. No Mind on your part is involved. In fact all Mind is precluded from this Bone Generator® to make it perfect. All you do is clear your Mind, or stare at a wall, blank piece of paper, listen to music, sleep, mutter a mantra and the Bone Generator® springs to life – automatically. With this Bone Generator® come two Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystals® that acting as explained above enable the Bone Generator® to transfer tot he Psychotronic Crystals® – inverse bone downloads to Psychotronic Crystals®. This automatically collapses your Mind and Matter back to the 6 spacetime flat over-reality so all of you is de-created meaning all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in you is erased. Once this is done, normally while sleeping the Sublime Good® Engines in the Bone Generator® dump all toxic waste from your old reality into Chaos as Total Amalek to act as an avatar of Total Amalek in Chaos. In return the Sublime Good® is enfolded to produce a 5D spacetime you and the world around you, so the entire Matrix is configured to be Sublime Good® with respect to you. So you get the Sublime Good® Mind in a Sublime Good® Matter only with respect to you. So you live in a perfect world for you which is imperfect for non you!

Mind Over Matter Bone Generators® Sublime Good® Psychotronic Crystal®: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.