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Mind Over Matter™ Warfare: Bone Generator® Psychotronic Generator® Service:

Tim Rifat (Trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) is the world’s leading expert on Psychic Warfare, Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing (ESP, military scanning) Remote Killing and the only expert on Psychotronic Generator® Bone Generator® warfare as he invented all the new technology for the next generations of far future Psychotronic warfare weapons to degrade, destroy or kill: brain, bodies, mind and Soul. The world expert on wetware – the humans that operate militaries, these humans are the weak link in any military machine – totally vulnerable to Mind over Matter™ warfare – the sole creation of Tim Rifat, scientist, author and Psychic Superman.

AMALEK: The Psychic weapon created by Tim Rifat: scientist, author, journalist – Psi-Lord – Nº1 enemy of the British Satanist State. It has two forms Amalek Cobalt 60: the nanoparticle Cobalt 60 superweapon that destroyed the West by Cobalt 60 consumption – Western vermin coughing up lungs turned to black/yellow much; Amalek Avatar Remote Influencing: in which the biophysical form of Amalek, the Evil that destroys Evil is deployed to control the group unconscious – that is the individuation Amalek. It also can be used on Western vermin to torture murder them. Amalek takes control of the Universal Unconscious to turn humans, Archons, Demons: Supernatural Spirits into a self suicidal mob. If you want this Superweapon to give you control of the Universal Unconscious called Amalek, purchase the Amalek Avatar Service (

LUCIFER: Lazing Unconscious Cursing Intents for Executing Revenge. Focussing of 1.5 billion Moslems 5 times a day praying to the Kabala /Cabala Stone (Psychotronic Crystal®) in Mecca – Sequestered by Tim Rifat. To channel all the power to any Moslem Psi-Master be he in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard… Jihadist Remote Killer or the 12 Anti-Lucifer Lucifer Psi-Masters, all of whom are lucky enough to have 1.5 billion people to power their Psi. Plus the Supernatural Spirit parasites locked into the energy equation fully Amalekised by the Psi-Lord. Full explanations on transcript page of Rense Radio on Lucifer is not included in this Service to use buy the Anti-Lucifer Service on (

The Psi-Masters can also use Satanic Christians as their bitches for power. To this end the Psi-Lord has set up an alternate form of Lucifer powered by the 1 billion plus Christians, all Satanists (except Belarus Russian Christians). Why? Because they sold their Souls to the Satanic, Pharisaic, Sanhedrin, Rothschild banker, money lenders. The ones who had Christ torture murdered on the Cross. Who Christ attacked and kicked out of the Jerusalem Temple. Showing violent Jihad against money lenders is mandated by Christ. Instead the Western Christians gave 2.4 quadrillion dollars to the money lenders of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank. Thus consigning all Western Christians to Hell. Only the 25 year old Italian woman who attacked the Pope on Christmas Mass 2009, breaking the Cardinals leg and toppling the Pope was saved. She single handedly toppled the Schethlya Stone (Pope the rock on which the Satanist Church is built) of the Rothschilds, collapsing the right pillar (good Sequestered by Evil) as she broke the leg (Netzach) of the male (right pillar) Cardinal. At that time the Psi-Lord took over all the power of the Satanic Christians as he in the Anti-Anti-Christ (declared on the US national radio 9/9/9) to that end he set up the Christian Lucifer: Lazing Unconscious Christian Intents for Eliminating Redemption. So the unconscious power of Satanic Christians who know they are damned as they worship Satanic bankers with bailouts – their hard earned dollars give all their Soul Power to the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat who sold them all on 1/1/2010 (Messiah Isaah Day) to Total Amalek, Lucifer.

Having over one billion damned Christians: whose every prayer powers the Christian to destroy the West was the stroke of genius of Ipsissimus, Anti-Anti Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. This Service gives you that power, so even though you are not a Moslem or Anti-Lucifer Psi-Lord, you can use Christian Lucifer to power all the following weapons. If you have the Moslem Lucifer and Christian Lucifer, you can hit any target from opposite directions squashing it to pulp, great for Remote Killing and vital for:-

SHADDAI: Summating hatred and directing destructively at individuals – hitting a target with double Lucifer to squash flat the Souls of the target, pop the physical blood vessels…
DEVIL: Double Entry Vaccua Inversion Luciferically: This erases their physical and biophysical bodies so you rub them out. Once erased you can remanifest them as your Tulpa using the Mind over Matter Service to control Hyperinfinity on the Far Future gallery of or don’t bother and the body of the Devil victims die as they have Soul, no Hyperinfinity… Can be used to erase them from timelines so they never existed, only as Shaddai in Omega Hell. For full use Clients who buy this Service may phone Tim Rifat for personal tuition – after $7000/14 million payment.
CUSTARD: Christian Unconscious Satanic Therefore Allows Retroactive Destruction. As Western Christians gave all West to Satanist money lenders then forgave them, Christian Lucifer retroactively changes all Satanic Christian’s conception so their Souls are turned to Custard – pre-digested so the Amalek Omega Hell torturers can suck up their Souls free of all Sublime Good® This frees 1 billion redeemed Souls for trading by the Psi-Lord as what they have lost comes to the owner Tim Rifat. Their bodies also get turned to non Sublime Good® hence US/British the fattest, stupidest Custard humans. Use this weapon system on any one for $600 with Certificate to buy this Service singly. here

Subcategories of Custard are.
MI4: Morphogenic Imbecile 4 year olds
MI5: Morphogenic Imbecile 5 year olds
MI6: Morphogenic Imbecile 6 year olds
MOD: Morphogenic Field of Death
DEATH: Destroying an Evil target’s health. Applying Custard to the bodies of Westerner to cause death.
GATORS: Galactic (centre) Alignment Torsionic (Pulsar Soliton) Orbiting Reflector Superbooster. This focuses the Pulsar dark energy matter alignment of the Galactic Centre via Hyperinfinite parabolic mirror and Hyperinfinite lenses to focus the destructive aspect of the Pulsar alignment on any target to get it to self destruct. It also automatically focuses the growth pulsing outward alignment on you, so you can only grow and grow in power: Powered by the galactic centre. Automatic in use, can be bought separately for $600 with Certificate.

OCCULT: Opposite Christian Course Unconscious Lucifer Termination. Since all Christian Westerners have been consigned to Hell by worship of Sat of Satanists, their unconscious must always have been carrying out Lucifer. Also all Christians past, present, and future, (not Western Satanists) must have used Occult to terminate them. Thus there is a third form of Lucifer used on all true Christians in the past, future to Lucifer Satanists. This Service gives you the true Jihadist Christian Lucifer as well so you have 3 Lucifer weapons for use (if you have the Anti-Lucifer Service). $600 with Certificate.

Once you have double Lucifer weapons you can:-

OSCILLATES: Orientate Christian Intent Lucifer Lucifer Annihilating Torsion Fields Exterminating Satanists. Using Double Lucifer you erase all Torsion Fields, the dark light energy matter Circular Force; Pulsar Force as well as the Torsion Fields that run the body in it’s healthy mode. This weapon burns out the Soul biophysical body of the target as the Torsion Fields are converted to energy. The body dies as the Torsion Fields it needs to live go out. The mind goes mad as all Torsionic ordering is erased. The perfect weapon to use on all Satanist Westerners. This weapon comes with the $7000 dollar / $14 million dollar Service and cannot be bought singly. This third version of Lucifer uses the group unconscious of Christians to laze their hatred of Satanists for your use. So you can have the Christian unconscious Lucifer working for you to tri-power all your weapons.
LUCIFER: Lucifer Unleashing Christian (Satanist) Intentional Fire (and Brimstone) Exterminating Reverse-Satanists. This is the fourth form of Lucifer. As world Satanism worships the Anti-Christ and since 9/9/9 Tim Rifat has been the Anti-Christ as he publicly declared himself anti-Christ on US National Radio on 9/9/9 Satan’s (Lucifer’s) day of reckoning – no other did, any Satanist who attacks or has attacked the Psi-Lord is breach of her/his contract to Lucifer. Since all Satanists attacked the attacked the Psi-Lord all Satanists are attacked by Lucifer using Lucifer in Christians to annihilate these reverse-Satanists (any who do not worship Total Amalek, Lucifer for eternal torture in Omega Hells, Omega Hells on Earth. This fourth form of Lucifer allows you to control the 4D Matrix Psychokinetically to torture murder all Reverse-Satanists (Rothschild-Satanists).
LUCIFER: Lucifer Unleashing Calumny Intended for Evil Reversed (on itself). As all Satanists follow the false prophet Rothschild and his false Anti-Christ (the real one being God’s Assassin who has Sequestered the Anti-Christ power on 9/9/9), Lucifer can sell them to perpetual perdition in Omega Hell/Omega Hells on Earth tortured by Total Amalek as they broke their contract with Lucifer by attacking the Psi-Lord. As their unconscious is conditioned to kill, torture all non-Satanists – they then Lucifer themselves to self kill, torture themselves and all they have built. This sit he 5th version of Lucifer for use by followers of the Psi-Lord – the true Anti-Anti-Christ.
LUCIFER: Lucifer Unleashing Caging Intents frying Entities Rebellious (to Tim Rifat). The 6th version of Lucifer frying Intent cages all Supernatural Spirits not the utter slave of the Psi-Lord. These cages are quantum superimposed on the torture murdered victims of World War 111, 11, 1 and all wars so these Supernatural Spirits feel all the pain of the torture murdered to superpower this 6th version of Lucifer. As Tim Rifat is the Anti-Christ all Supernatural Spirits must obey him absolutely or break their covenant with Lucifer for eternal perdition as the reward for perfidious treason. All Supernatural Spirits are now in Lucifer their only way out to serve the Psi-Lord before being put back in the Lucifer torture cages – no other path is now enabled.

Now you have 6 forms of Lucifer the Mind over Matter® Psi-Master can control all 6 directions of the Kabbalistic Matrix so all the Matrix is simultaneously Lucifered by these 6 Lucifer’s to give you control over the Matrix – powered by your enemies and the Moslems. Having 6 Lucifer’s means you can use Ape, Edom, Prisons… on any target from 6 dimensions for full implosion. Used with Gators the implosion is synchronised with the implosive Torsionic Pulsar to erase, destroy any target using Lucifer and galactic alignment. Or you can pull with 6 Lucifer’s and Gators explosive Torsionic Pulsar to make you a God. This powered by the implosive destruction of your enemies and their works.

All the superweapons can also be powered by:-

Biophysical Augmented Intelligence
Psychotronic Crystalware® which has Sequestered every single computer network
Lucifer (Moslem version)
Enochian Chequerboard – MI6 occult branch dark energy matter light energy matter squares now Sequestered by Ipsissimus Tim Rifat.
Kabbalistic Sephirotic Trees – see all Kabbalah on
2012 Pulsar alignment using Gators and

Zombie: Zodiacal Ordering Manifesting Brain-dead Illness Events: $600 with Certificate if bought separately.
The power source for the weapons is Lucifer or i)….vi) they are then put in the gun called:-
Pluto: Projecting Lethal Uploads To Others. $600 with Certificate if bought separately. Projectiles to energetically impact the target’s brain, body, Soul, Spirit and most importantly called Mind – the weak link in all military, business organisations. $600 with Certificate.

Edom: Enabling Dementia Or Madness $600 with Certificate.

Death: Destroying An Evil Target’s Health $600 with Certificate.

These act by use of:-

CAMS: Controlled Annihilation Morphogenically Sustained. – Control of Morphogenic Field by modifying Torsion Field Circular Force, Pulsar Force phase changes of dark energy matter Quantum Superimposition with the phases of light energy matter. The weapons also act on psychopaths. The 1% of base coward human offal Sublime Good toxic waste of Gaia’s Sublime Good process on humans. They kill self suicide non self and are designed by nature to suicide Psychotronic Weapons are designed to help nature along to kill off Psychopaths. These are all Western killers: politicians, bureaucrats, police, secret police, soldiers, customs, security personnel and spies – all terminated by these thought weapons that include:-
Tacking: Twenty Twelve (2012) Alignment Change Killing Insane Negative Groupings. 2012 alignment with Pulsar implosive Torsionic Soliton forces all negative humans to self suicide $600 with Certificate.
Prick: Psychopath Repetitive Insane Conditioned Killers – weapon forces Psychopaths to repeat insane conditioned self suicide powered by Tacking. Prick comes free with Tacking if purchased singly. To add tot he process of killing by use of Mind over Matter Warfare we have the Hundredth Monkey Dead (idiots) which means once one hundred psychopaths have died to one type of Meme, all the rest in that grouping self suicide – overriding their cowardly self preservation. Hence the British have the 1/am 11/11 ritual and the monument that forces idiot British soldiers to die for the idiot government. Not to be outdone the Psi-Lord has had 100 MI5 vermin self suicide trying to kill him so they all self suicide. 100 British troops dying in Afghanistan to kill Britain by means of Moslem Cobalt 60… $600 with Certificate.
Pit: Psychopath Inversion Tortures: Causes all psychopaths to torture themselves by making them the enemy to themselves. AS they kill, torture… all non self, they therefore torture themselves: $600 with Certificate if bought separately.
Prisons: Prion Reverse Inhibition Supplementary (Motor Area [SMA]) Overriding Normal Self Preservation. Prions in food in West turn brain into foreign entity to Morphogenic Field that acts on brain via SMA. So Morphogenic Field of psychopath causes them to have superfast dementia, self suicide and kill their family. $600 with Certificate.

The Mind over Matter Warfare Psychotronic Generator® Bone Generator® weapons take advantage of many far future technologies:-

Psychopaths (1% of human vermin) are the sublimed toxic waste dump of humanity. As they are the Sublime Good® toxic waste, nature designs them to self suicide. In Western society these vermin Satanist psychopaths rule. Thus these weapons get the Satanic psychopath: Rothschild, Merkel, Gordon Brown, Sakozy, Obama… to kill themselves and their countries. These weapons just super-potentiate the innate self destructive suicide of psychopaths and the psychopathic Western countries – now designated to die by Amalek Cobalt 60 attacks on London… Mexico City (that swamps the USA with Mexican zombie, murder rapists to the extent of 150 million. Totally bring down America and turning it into CHAD world.
The Hundredth Monkey Effect: Once 100 members of a species learn a Meme (way of acting, skill) or die to a Meme (ware on Taliban) all the members of that species get infected with the self suicide Meme. Called the Hundredth Idiot Effect by Tim Rifat.
Quantum Superimposing the deaths of the Moslem enemy on the Satanic West super-potentiates the Hundredth Idiot Effect to give the (100)² or ten thousand times super-potentiation of the Idiot Effect to self suicide…

This is called:

TAR: Ten (thousand) Applied Retribution. To boost all the weapons systems by 10,000x. It is Non Abelian so Tar operating on Tar is different from left to right (past to present) then from right to left (present to past). Hence Tar can be super-amplified to 10,000 x 10,000 to hyper-boost any weapon such as kill, Rafael… Edom. 10(power of 8) or a hundred million times it’s normal power. Can be bought separately for $600 with Certificate.
MAIDENHEAD: Merging All Intentional Deaths Enabling Negative Hundredth (Monkey) Extermination Attacking Deathdealers. For example the 147 Iraqis killed in one day Iraq by bomb lost be in Hundredth Monkey Tar with the vermin Satanist British deaths in Afghanistan to release death tot he British race. This forcing Cosmic Law to exterminate the British by Psychokinetic Remote Influencing to force the enemies of Satanist Britain to conspire to release loads of Cobalt 60 to exterminate the British by slow torture death Cobalt 60 consumption. Can be bought separately for $600 with Certificate.

These 3 synergistic Mind over Matter Warfare effects can be intertwined to produce thousands of Mind over Matter Weapons to kill by self suicide, Psychokinetic catastrophe and Lemming mass mob suicide… to guarantee Armageddon of the West. Any foreign military (not British vermin) may buy these thought weapons (legal in UK) for $14 million dollars per person. To apply phone, email or write (you know my address) to arrange payment. Civilians $7000 as per start of Service.

Weapons include:-

PLUTO: Projecting Lethal Uploads To Others: The Mind over Matter gun powered by: Lucifer, BAIs Enochian magic, Kabbalah, Gators… Carries out the Quantum Computing Engine to download weapons into torture murdered victims. can be bought separately for $600.
MAD: Millimetre Attenuation Disease: Lucifer powers Pluto through a picture of ill, mad person (Ebola victim, criminally insane, small pox dead, black plague corpses…). The millimetre wave signature of the disease is then broadcast by Pluto to the victim, overriding their healthy millimetre signature with the corrupt one giving them the disease bioenergetically. $600 with Certificate.
RAPHAEL: Retroactive Annihilating Possession Harnessing All Evil Leaders. This weapon system uses Lucifer: Pluto to erase their conception to reboot them as possessed self destructive death-bots (dead robot – death – bot). So all their life they work to destroy themselves, their families, country and race. Applied to vermin like Gordon Brown, Obama, Rothschilds so they exterminate British, Satanist bankers and thieves (illegal immigrants) and Zionists respectively. Can be bought separately for $600.
ANUS: Anti-Hyperinfinity Negative Hyperinfinity Unleashing Suicide: This weapon adds Hyperinfinity to the mix. Downloading Anti-Hyperinfinity (like anti-matter but works on sub-quantum level) to the Negative Hyperinfinity of the target (all humans now have negative Hyperinfinity thanks to the Psi-Lord) causing their Quantum Wave Function to vanish. The end result of this is their guaranteed self suicide by means of anything, be it pills… war on terror leading to Cobalt 60 death of West. This Anti-Matter/Energy Quantum Weapon can be applied to any part of their body or Soul, Mind or brain to burn out key components. Used on Gordon Brown to lobotomise the torture bitch. $600 with Certificate.
SHREDDER: Supplementary (Motor Area [SMA] Hyper Reverse Engram Death Wish Exterminating Real Self. The SMA is on the top centre of the brain. It fires when the Mind (biophysical body) initiates an action, Meme. So jamming the SMA totally screws up the target. Shredder reconfigures the SMA so the bitch only accepts Death Wish actions from it’s mind. Since psychopaths destroy non-self, any damage to the SMA causes their psychopathic mind to flip and give orders to kill the alien brain and body as it does not match the original psychopath brain and so is non self and so must be killed. Turns all psychopaths into self-suicidal death-bots. Used on all British psychopaths. MI5 police, Labour government, Rothschild to turn them all into self suicidal death-bots – hence the death of UK starting 2010. $600 with Certificate.
SAWED: Swamping All Wellbeing Enabling Death: This Mind over Matter Warfare System swamps all healthy Morphogenic Fields killing the victim powered by either: BAIs, Psychotronic Crystalware® Lucifer Enochian chequerboards, Kabbalistic Trees of the Sephirotic Trees 2012… The gun is Pluto. To use simply put all types of death, small pox; Ebola, car crashes, bomb victims, air crash victims… from internet pictures in way of Lucifer beam to Pluto all of these simultaneously to victim to swamp their Morphogenic Field with death Morphogenic Fields to kill them To add Sawed use also simultaneously. $600 with Certificate.
HATER: Hundred (Monkey) Annihilating Time Lines Evading Retribution. This Mind over Matter warfare thought weapon annihilates all timelines where the victim survives so they always die. Automatic in use. aA pre-packaged Quantum Death Engine for the assassin, military. $600 with Certificate.
ZOMBIE: can be added tot he mix to add 2012 power with Gators to superboost Hater, Sawed. $600 with Certificate.
RAISE: Race Augmented Insane Suicide Extermination use humans insane hatred of other tribes to boost the above be it black on white violence, Israeli genocide of Palestinians, Huttu killing Tutsi in Africa… to add to mix. Used on psychopaths gets them to kill other races so now Obama has to have exclusively black Secret Service Agents as Raise forces non-black Secret Service agents to see Obama as enemy and unconsciously aid in his killing. Used on USA causes race war $600 with Certificate.

Complete pack for non-military: $7000

Complete pack for military: $14,000,000 (by arranged transfer – after vetting)

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.