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Mind Over Matter® Warfare Weapons:

Clitoris: Chaos Luciferically isolated to order retribution in Souls this causes Chaos out of order reversing the order out of Chaos of the Illuminati.

Fuck: Female priests unleash Christ killing: using female priests as sources of FUCK to unleash death and disaster on Zionist Christ killers.

Knife: Kill NWO individuals promoting Evil: this weapon kills all NWO vermin.

Armageddon: Amalek (Cobalt 60) reverse madness anarchy growing Evil deadheads doomed oligarchy NWO: the biophysical form of Cobalt 60 that kills all Westerners, Archons, Demons… Satanists.

Amalek: Astral Madness Anarchy Luciferic Energy Killer the biophysical right Circular Force generated by projecting Lucifer through Cobalt 60 that kills all Demons, Archons, drives Westerners mad,

Lucifer –> Pluto –> Cobalt 60 Amalek –> destroys West and it’s walk in Archons.

Produces DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation) that kills Archons, Demons… producing DOA: Deadly Orgone Anarchy (as described on US National Radio ( February 23rd 2010.

Pussy: Purging Unconsciously Self (suiciding) Satanic Yaltabaoth using Amalek Cobalt 60 on collective unconscious of humans to kill all left Circular Force beings, these being  Archons, Demons, Yaltabaoth.

MI5: Messiah Isaiah 5: cosmic Scapegoats called MI5

MI4: Messiah Isaiah 4: cosmic Scapegoats called MI4

MI6: Messiah Isaiah 6: cosmic Scapegoats called MI6

Illuminati: Intending (Iranian) Lucifer Lucifer Uploading Madness Illness Nuclear (fallout) Achieving Termination Illuminati using double Lucifer to project through Cobalt 60 at West from two directions, at right angles to each other to kill off by right Circular Force destruction of all Satanist beings that all are left Circular Force so annihilated by right Circular Force projected by Cobalt 60 decay of right handed electron

Rothschild: Reversing Opulence Turning Henchmen Suicidally Criminal Harming Illuminati Leaders Destructively: weapon turns all Rothschild servants to kill them in every way possible.

Lamb: Lamarkism Annihilating Man’s Bodies. Using Psychotronic Crystal® walk in technology to put all diseases into the target by use of Lucifer –> Pluto –> Lamb –> target –> target gets ill, dies.

Moriah Wind: Morphogenic Opposite Retro-Active Illness Annihilation With Intentional nuclear Destruction. This weapon kills all Illuminati by turning their Morphogenic Field suicidal using Cobalt 60 right hand asymmetric fields inputted into your Bone Generators®.

Pervert: Possessing Evil Religious Vessels Enabling Reverse Torture . Using female priests who radiate vengeance to destroy their Societies by reversing all Evil on the possessed Westerners causing carnage. The Cobalt 60 right hand field is inserted into all Satanist Christian Services (North facing altars in all Protestant Churches; to make Church services a weapon of war to destroy the Satanist West.

Pyramid: Possessing Yaltabaoth Rituals Annihilating Money Intending Damnation. Inserting the Cobalt 60 right hand Circular Force into all pyramids, Illuminati buildings, obelisks, Masonic grids to annihilate bankers evil money and destroy their entire empire.

Soul: Satanic Offal Uploaded Luciferically: Toxic waste uploaded by using Lucifer into Souls of any target.

Destroy: Double Evil Supernatural (Spirit) Torture Retribution of Yaltabaoth. Firing Cobalt 60 right hand Circular Force ware using Lucifer beam from side and top (right angles) at any Demon, Archon, Illuminati to torture murder the Supernatural Spirit.

Uranus: Uploading Retribution Allowing Normal (people) Unconscious Salvation.

Messiah: Messiah Evil Suicidal Satanists Installing Anarchy, Hatred.

Mark of the Beast: Mammon Accesses Retroactive Killing of the Brain-dead Evil Apostate Securing Torment. Mammon driven mad by Cobalt 60 wave.

Set: Soul Exchange Transfer. Instead of Goyim going to Hell and Illuminati stealing their redemption, the process is reversed. Goyim are good offloaded Yaltabaoth inserted mind, this Set weapon reverses that. All the above based on Cobalt 60 right hand Circular Force weapons.

Corpse: Cancelling Or Reversing Positive Sources (of) Energy: Used against target to black the Creation Operator so they can only destroy themselves…

Kill: Kill Idiot Leaders Lamarkism (Hundredth Monkey Killing of Leaders uploaded into all followers of target leader).

Gators: Galactic (centre) Alignment Torsionic (Pulsar Soliton) Orbiting Reflector Superbooster: focuses galactic centre Pulsar Field on any target.

Crapper: Christ Reverse Applied Punishing Persecuting Evil Recidivists. Using female priests to broadcast Cobalt 60 right hand wave at Judas Evil walk in Satanists.

Occult: Opposite Christian Course Unconscious Lucifer Termination using all Satanist Christians to broadcast Cobalt 60 right hand wave to destroy the West… any target.

Crest: Coupling Resonance Effecting Suicide Termination. Joining all suicides to be beamed by Lucifer at any target to make them suicidal.

Hater: Hundredth (monkey) Amygdale Torsion (Field) Enabling Revenge Using Lucifer to beam the Amygdale of any target any weapon to kill or turn Moslems hating West to kill them.

Hades: Hundredth (monkey) Amygdale Death Extinguishing Satanist (Moslems) Firing Lucifer at Amygdale to get self hatred in target so it suicides.

Nudist: Necromantic Upload Dead (Souls) Illegally Satanically Terminated using Lucifer to push dead Moslem Souls into any target using Pluto.

Pillar: Possession Installed Luciferically Leaving Extreme Resistance (fighters) Using Lucifer and Pluto to push dead Moslem Souls into the living to make any Moslem country unconquerable or the Revolutionary Guard unpossessable by Green Line Rothschild Magic.

Lehmans: Lucifer’s Evil Humans Manifesting All Negativity Suicidally Turning all bankers into weapons to destroy the West.

Hell: Hundredth (monkey) Expansion Leaving Lethality. Expanding all negative hundredth monkey effects through population to destroy countries.

Satan: Sublime (Good) Annihilation Third (parties) Assimilating Negativity. Downloading all death forms of hundredth monkey to fuse humanity targeted into one whole in negative energy well to free all targeted humans into dead hundredth monkey form. Loss of individuality to produce negative Souls. Psi-Master gets positive Souls from process.

Mister: Morphogenic Immune System Transformer Evolving Reality using group mind immune system to evolve reality for your benefit.

Beast: Bisexual (Bipolar, Bacterial, Bizarre Brain Damaged) Extermination Apotheosis Self (suicide) Torsionic (Soliton) using all damage non-normality (in eyes of psychopath) to get her/him to kill themselves and all they worked for.

Sinner: Second Party Installed Negative Neural Extermination Reaction downloading walking of suicidal madmen into MI5, Police… target to drive them mad suicidal, dangerous to leaders…

Sell My Death Bone Generators®:

We know occultists can give death to victims by psychic attack, Voodoo, black magic. In this Bone Generator® Service you pick a Satanist who must still be living: Hollywood star, Rothschild, public Satanist… politician… General… senior Secret Police man… Illuminati and sell them your death.

How is this done?

As all Satanists have tried to kill Tim Rifat. As he declared himself Anti-Christian UK national radio on 9/9/9. As we no one else did. He got all the power of the Anti-Christ by default. Since all Satanists pledged total obedience to the Anti-Christ they all broke their contract to Satan. The Luciferans: Rothschilds… also broke theirs to Lucifer. So all became damned. As they bargained for eternal life by torture, murdering true believers such as Iraqi, Afghan, Iranian, Palestinian… Moslems. The eternal life they got by sacrifice of the none-damned now goes all to Tim Rifat. He can therefore give you one person immortality. To use just pick a Satanist with your Bone Generator®. The rest is automatic.

Sell My Death Bone Generators®: $600 with Certificate

Finding My Way Out Of Trouble Bone Generator®:

As in the ‘Sell My Death’ Service; Satanists got a free get out of jail card by sacrificing the non-damned. That was how the Rothschilds kept on top; Bush Cheney covered up the 911 conspiracy, Blair Bush conquered Iraq illegally, Israel won every war against the Arabs. The West to the USSR to destroy itself… Now you can get this Luciferian power as Tim Rifat got all: Finding My Way Out Of Trouble power from all Satanists all Luciferians on 9/9/9 and all Christians who sold their Souls to Jewish, Satanist banker money lenders. To use this Service choose one Satanist, Luciferian with your order. The rest is automatic.

Finding My Way Out Of Trouble Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

100:1 Monkeys Bone Generator®:

Use the Hundredth Monkey Phenomena in reverse. List all your negative Memes, negative characteristics. Then this Service automatically dilutes them 100x. So if you are stupid, lazy, fat… this Bone Generator® dumps all those Memes, characteristics on the human race leaving you with only 1% of these Memes, traits, using the Hundredth Monkey Phenomena in reverse. It then retro-actively takes you back before these memes, traits, to your Angel Body which was trapped in flesh by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (see Gnostic texts) to eliminate all the traits, Memes you don’t like. To use simply list them on a piece of paper, on computer, then burn paper, or delete from screen of computer – all the rest is automatic!

100:1 Monkeys Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Retro-Active Hundredth Monkey:

Gain all the positive Memes, traits, not yet in the human race one hundred years ahead of today. So you get ahead of the curve to be enabled to use all new technology, 2012 Psi-techniques, new beneficial health modifications, knowledge of the Universe, survival traits, entrepreneurial skills, money making, artistic Memes… money making abilities. All automatic with this Service using the Hundredth Monkey Effect time tunnelled 100 years ahead using 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generator® Quantum Computing Engines downloaded into you.

Retro-Active Hundredth Monkey: $600 with Certificate

Alexander the Great Warlord Bone Generator®:

Alexander the Great was the finest General, Warlord in all history. In this Service his essence is downloaded into you. Also he has been exposed to all warfare from Hellenic times to the 2110 era to make you not only the finest General but augmented by having a 2110 Alexander the Great Quantum Computing Engine to make you unbeatable in any war or business warfare scenario. Tim Rifat changed warfare with Asymmetrical Warfare using Cobalt 60 Amalek, Lucifer, Cobalt 60 right spin Mind Over Matter Warfare weapons… now you can see why. Jump on board, be a Master of men, unbeatable in any war. All automatic as the power to destroy any enemy is downloaded into your Bone Generators®.

Alexander the Great Warlord Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Anti-Personnel Bone Generator®:

This Bone Generator® allows you to upload any bullet, bomb, car crash, gas, biological, nuclear wand, maiming or death simply by touching with your left hand the image of the victim. To download into any enemy simply use the right hand Bone Generator® to touch their image, point at them or throw the energy of injury, death, at them. The Quantum Wave Function of the injury, death, maiming… clings to them and their own Hyperinfinity manifests it for them. The 21st Century technology of cursing, evil eye, Remote Influencing now yours as a Bone Generator®. The more you use it the more powerful it becomes!

Anti-Personnel Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Bone Bombs Psychotronic Generators®:

In this Service you use your right hand Bone Generator® to fire Bone Bombs at any victim. The Bone Bomb Psychotronic Generator® latches onto their bones and Sequesters their Hyperinfinity to make you more powerful. It then changes the quantum Vaccua of the victims Quantum Fields to the Destructive Operators of Quantum Field Theory. Banning all Creation Operators (reference the Road to Reality: Roger Penrose). This means all reality for the target is negative, no positive reality can manifest. This causes the enemies life to implode, their marriage to fail, mental illness, cancer, destruction of business, loss of the war, suicide… damnation. To use just throw the Bone Bomb at image or target in person.

Bone Bombs Psychotronic Generators®: $600 with Certificate

Talent Duplicator Bone Generator®:

Just touch with left hand Bone Generator® any talented individual to upload their talent. Use right hand Bone Generator® to download your non-talent to give any talented individual the losing streak. The more times you use this Bone Generator® the more the destructive effect and the more talented you become. Use on wealthy people to get rich. On lotharios to get laid…

Talent Duplicator Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Battle Ready Berserker Bone Generator®:

This Service generates the stalkers battle ready berserker rage to make you a complete and total ruthless killer. Able to use psychically Remote Influencing. As the unconscious is the source of all psychic power you need to have a battle ready berserker in your unconscious to switch it on so you can have your unconscious take over you so all Psi-abilities becomes yours. Similar to the Jane Grey X-Men character who only got her full power when the Battle Ready Berserker in her resurfaced. This Bone Generator® also gives you the Stone Killer exterior so you can smile at your enemy as your unconscious, unknown to them uses Remote Influencing to kill, disable or brain burn them. Tim Rifat loves using this power to input MI5: Morphogenic Imbecile 5 year old conditioning traits in real MI5 torture bitches and eunuch at close range.

Battle Ready Berserker Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Morphing Psychotronic Crystalware® Assassination:

Find a target. Get their biography. Edit it the way you want. Hollywood start got fat, suicided, got cancer, divorced, had a string of turkeys (films)… Use on any high profile target – Tim used it on Gordon Brown. The Morphing Psychotronic Crystalware® then turns all computer hard discs to act as Psychotronic Generators® to force your target into the reality box you designed. So you write the script they have to act then e-mail an erased version to all and sundry to activate. Use again and again to assassinate careers!

Morphing Psychotronic Crystalware® Assassination: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.