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Metabolic Accelerator Bone Generator:

The metabolism of most Westerners and well off Third Worlders is chronically depressed. This leads to obesity, chronic fatigue, laziness, feeling cold at normal room temperature, inability to walk any distance, under-achievement… As the brain is a large user of energy, pound for pound it requires orders of magnitude more energy than any other tissue. The Hyper-efficiency Bone Generator® shows the more energy you have available the better your cognition, mentation, memory recall, perception, concentration and intelligence. So boosting your metabolism not only keeps you thin if you eat cakes, ice-cream, fatty foods… chocolate (all dear to Tim Rifat’s menu); it enables you to be full of energy, hardworking , never cold at normal temperatures, able to walk miles, be a high achiever; as well as have superior: cognition, mentation, memory, recall perception, concentration and intelligence. The ability to turn up your metabolism is therefore vital to high achieving executives, combat soldiers, fighters, athletes, entrepreneurs, sportsmen and A-list personalities with a punishing schedule. In this Bone Generator® Service you get a Metabolic Accelerator to do just that.

Metabolism is carried out in the Mitochondria of your body’s cells. These are ancient bacteria that synergistically added themselves to other nucleus containing cells to power your body. They have their own DNA that lies outside the nucleus in extra-nucleur Ribosomes present in the Mitochondria. This bacterial original DNA runs your metabolism by means of Krebs cycle by which Adenosine Triphosphate, the fuel of your body, is chemically synthesised. The more Adenosine Trisphosphate you have present in your body, the larger your energy supply. This requires good respiration, so this Bone Generator® elevates your breathing cycle, so even while asleep your respiration is elevated. You therefore need more oxygen than the normal slob, wageslave, who lies in a semi-stupor all her/his life, fat failures –  normally impotent. Good sex needs a high metabolism to raise blood circulation to your penis as well as power up the nervous system to superboost orgasm. This Bone Generator® therefore superboots your sexual potency, sexual gratification, sex drive and sexual duration for long held erections… Bone Generators® generate the physical Morphogenic Field that switches on and off your DNA by means of field effects described by Rupert Sheldrake and Oxford biologists (the leopard changes it’s spots in a book vital to his Morphogenic Field theory). So Bone Generators® with Tim Rifat’s bespoke Quantum Computing Engines can turn on the extranucleur DNA in your Mitochondria to elevate your metabolism. This is done by Sublime Good® Quantum Computing Engine enhancement/refinement of the Quantum Field with respect to your Mitochondrial Morphogenic Field. As it is of alien origin it is quantum superimposed on your seminal nuclear containing protocell Morphogenic Field. Therefore the alien Morphogenic Field can be decollapsed, reverted tot he quantum vacuum, then the Hyperinfinity in your Bone Generators® collapses a Sublime Good® archetype of Mitochondrial Morphogenic Fields, optimised by the Bone Generators® Quantum Computing Engine to double metabolic acceleration in concert with your cells to harmonise the process. This is the core technology of all Extreme Situations Bone Generators®, the original Trademarked intellectual property of Tim Rifat (itself a trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd). As no one else can legally use this technology, given here to make you thin, fold resistant, super able body and mind wise, able to be multiple enhanced in all physical and mental activities, due to enhanced metabolism.

This means in combat you can fight harder, faster, more efficiently, with enhance physical, mental characteristics. In business warfare you can run down your competitors by superior longevity, work skills, hyper business augmentation run by an accelerated metabolism, destroy all competition, by out thinking and out manoeuvring them. For any physical activity like hunting and sport this Bone Generator® is vital. It is automatic but to superboost (like putting nitrous in your engine) just mentally intone Boost Boost to up your metabolism at times of need.

Metabolic Accelerator Bone Generator: $600