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Men Staring at Goats Bone Generators®:

The American military experimented with Remote Killing (see protocols on by trying to kill goats with the evil  eye – the occult weapon of the occult – cursing. We know the Lucifer: Lazing Unconscious Cursing Intents For Executing Revenge, using 1.5 billion Moslems praying to the Kabbala Stone at Mecca 5 times a day provides 1.5 billion x biophysical bodies mass for Remote Killing about 84,000 tons (2009). As the biophysical body Soul of a Moslem weighs 2.1 oz, a Westerner about 0.6 oz. The US military know that one soldier locks the energy or mass to kill a human. So they come up with the cunning plans to mass media like Lucifer to power their Remote Killers circa 2009. The Men Staring at Goats film has millions of people donating energy to the George Clooney Remote Killer. It’s a comedy so generates fear blockages and lots of high frequency laughter energy. The US military Remote Killers then wear fatigues and George Clooney masks while Remote Killing to be the epicentre (Kabbalah Stone) of an inferior Lucifer type Psychotronic weapon. Hundreds of millions of audience donate more than enough energy to kill a human target. Unluckily the Mind over Matter Bone Generators® Sequestered all memetic (media, books, comic…) power so the US military project boosted my energy and sucked dry the US military. AS they have millions of personnel (including Homeland Security) this adds great power to this Bone Generator®. If you are an Extreme Situation hard (wo)man who wishes to be able to stun or disable a target with a stare this is the Bone Generator® for you. It doesn’t have the power of the Anti-Lucifer Service that uses the Lucifer weapon, but is of use to people who wish to harm other people using Remote Killing. This Service automatically dumps the Men Staring at Goats audience and the US military personnel to boost your Remote Killing capacity.

To enhance the Service using Psychotronic Crystalware® you can use the internet computer network to boost your Remote Killing capability by using the Torsion Field generators of the computer hard drives to boost your Remote Killing. You get a picture of a George Clooney as the ‘hero’ of the Men Staring at Goats film. Then you superimpose your picture on Clooney’s character. Morphing the two (use Photoshop or similar). The Bone Generator® downloaded into you has the Quantum Computing Engine to activate the hard drive of your computer using 5D Kline Bottle downloads you copy the quantum superimposed Clooney/you image 169x on your hard drive then email the picture file to as many sources as possible to infect the Internet to power your Remote Killing using Psychotronic Crystalware®. To boost the Remote Killing capability you can copy this Service 169x on your hard drive to download the Intent into your Torsion Field hard drive as my text has the power to psychokinetically imprint computer hard drives to redouble the Remote Killing (see Far Future gallery for explanation of Redoubling to turn probable to certain).

By having Remote Killing as a Bone Generator® and as Psychotronic Crystalware® you also Redouble the Service. To use you have to learn to stare in a mindless manner at the target. Remember Remote Killing is done by the Unconscious which does not talk but has Silent Knowledge, non verbal Quantum Computing. Use protocols on to target Insular Cortex for heart attacks (behind left hear) or to burst a capillary for cascading strokes… since Cursing is the realm of Thought Crimes it is not covered by law so totally legal. For greater power use Lucifer using the Anti-Lucifer Service to use 1.5 billion Moslems for Remote Killing. If you wish to use other films, comic books, as above upgrade with the Mind over Matter Bone Generator®.

Men Staring at Goats Bone Generators®: $600 with Certificate