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Memetic Zionist Tarot Bone Generator®:

The Shamans of the New World in their form as Ancient Seers had mapped the human bioenergetic body and discovered all the dimensions therein. The outer layer around the Assemblage Point but not within it was immensely useful to their quest for power. The Assemblage Point is fixated in Western slave man on the right shoulder blade region, two feet from the physical body. For a Psi-Lord it is simplicity itself to actually see this Assemblage Point on all the humans around me. It was my faculty of Total Psychic Perception that made me so valuable to MI6’s occult branch – hence their attempts to contain me when I broke loose. Around the Assemblage Point is a large area called the Graveyard of Dreams. A region populated by all the creative ideas, books, works, endeavours of Man that failed to achieve breakthrough into the Zionist mainstream. The Satanist Zionists rigidly control all creativity by total control of the Medici, Arts, Films, Books, Music… MI4 the thought police section all dangerous creatures in mental prison.

Now the creative streak in humans can be seen as outbursts of emotional energy on the predated outer shell that rise from the revenants around the feet region, burn very brightly on the outside of the energy body for a brief time and then fade away. The Jewish Tarot feeds off this highest aspect of Mankind, the Manna from the Gods, Elixir Vital as the Middle Place is built from these dead dreams, that burn very bright for a short time. The Jewish Tarot siphons all this highest emotional energy of Man to build the Middle Place. This is done by making sure when the Zionist Matrix is complete 16/04/2009 there are 13 millions Jews. The flag of Israel the Star of David is a 6 sided image to give the 78 of the Tarot. The six countries of Echelon the secret police on the internet, phone, digital cameras in every digital TV… enable the 78 of the Jewish Tarot in the noosphere – mind of Man. But the 6 million Jews dead in the Holocaust Religion (if you say 5,999,999 in Germany you get 6 years in Mannheim jail) enables the Memetic reality to be Jewish Tarot possessed. To give 6 million x 13 million Jews or 78 trillion applications of the Jewish Tarot.

Why do the Satanist Zionists so crave dominion over the world of Creative Waking Dreams? As explained above Memetic Space is the highest form of human emotional energy or Loosh (as described by dark energy matter Overace as the fuel they crave to shape reality). So Memetic Space shaped the fabric of reality. Why? All new reality started as a creative idea, be it the wheel or the Dodge Viper. So the Jewish Tarot in its Memetic form transcends the Matrix of which it is the infrastructure and allow the Matrix to grow and occupy new reality as it improves its malice. For a Psi-Master control over Memetic Space is a prerequisite to power. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has Total Control over Memetic Space and so changes history to his whim. Amalek Cobalt 60 destruction of the West (see radio archive); Memetic Space made manifest. Ideas are not thoughts, they are power. With this Service you can highjack the Memetic Jewish Tarot, retroactively turn all the Jewish Dreams to Total Amalek – self suicide. Then re-install yourself in Memetic Space as a Mariah Wind Illuminati Rothschild. They did the work to make themselves Gods in the Matrix – absolutely powerful. Now you kick them out give them to Total Amalek and become a Rothschild Illuminati God as planned past WW111 in the Gulag World of the Rothschilds. As the Rothschilds planned to be all powerful the Matrix has no immune system to stop this Sequestration by this Service. This Bone Generator® makes you the Memetic Rothschild Jewish Tarot God of the Matrix using all broken dreams past, present, and future to power you. As you sold the Rothschilds to Total Amalek they act as your toxic waste dump so you can carry out the highest form of the Abraham Ritual in Memetic Space. To dump all broken dreams on the Rothschilds and take their manifest dreams to make your Creative Ideas real. Tim Rifat has done this to make himself the Ipsissimus in the Matrix and dump all magical impotence and worse on the Rothschilds. Now all that awaits them is Amalek Cobalt 60 that destroys their Empire, probably on 9/9/9 if Israel attacks Iran.

To use the Service just visualise the Creative Idea of you. Close your idea space to all else. Then shut your eyes and visualise yourself in the same position in Memetic Space, close your Memetic eyes open them again. Then Intend to never wake up back in the Matrix. Repeat at your leisure. This makes Memetic Space eat the Middle Place and the Matrix like a cancer to corrupt it to your Creative Idea with you as Rothschild God. The Memetic Jewish Tarot gets stripped of all joy, good things to plunge Israel into hell to act as the Red Line for your Green Line of the Abraham Ritual. Tim Rifat has changed the Memetic Holocaust to 10 million Jews dead which gives 10m x 13 million live Jews or 130 trillion in Memetic Space multiplied by all the 6’s of Zionism Star of David Hexagrams, Echelon, Vau, 6 Sephirotic Tree Kabbalah Trees, which makes 78 x 10 trillion in Memetic Space, to Sequester the Memetic Jewish Tarot, as my Memetic Space is 10x larger than theirs, so relegates their Memetic Space to the Qlippothic lower levels of hell for Goyim, and now Jew UnterGoyim. Thus the importance of 10 million Jews died in the Holocaust disseminated via the Internet, now or every Zionist computer hard drive running my Psychotronic Crystalware®. Having all the West’s computers running my Memetic Jewish Tarot enables the Sequestration of all Memetic Space. As the only really valuable part of the human race are those emotional energies that make it into Memetic Space, book, music, film…: ideas; not a sow worrying whether her eunuch will have enough money to pay for her credit card bill! The emotional energy in the latter is negative the former positive. Hence only Memetic Space emotional energy (Loosh) is positive, so in effect it is the Natural Abraham Ritual Tim Rifat spent years building a Memetic Psi-Lord being in Memetic Space by writing books about him. This Psi-Lord Titus Magnus is the stalker in the Wild Women books (on The original book was stolen by a Jewish Agent who gave it to an American Military flunky, so I could dump all the toxic waste on America and the Jews to Sublime Good® Memetic Space for me, so I could reunite Titus Magnus as the Psi-Lord of the Sublime Good® Memetic Space. By creating yourself as a Psi-Lord of the Sublime Good® Memetic Space. By creating yourself as a Psi-Lord in 1982, dumping the toxic waste or Zionist thieves and reuniting yourself as the only Psi-Lord superbeing in the Megaverse then gets all the Memetic Space energy to make you that being your original stolen books acting as the Red Line accepted of their own free will to damn the Zionists so you could achieve your dream, to be a Psi-Lord.

This Service enables you to automatically steal the Rothschilds God Memetic being and exchange your place in the Gulag post WW111 and give it to all the Zionist Satanists.

Memetic Jewish Tarot Bone Generator®:

Limited Edition, to 12 only, $1000 with Certificate