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Matrix Killer Service:

The Matrix is built from Enochian magic created by John Dee the first 007 British spy and black magician in Elizabeth 1’s court. When William of Orange brought in by the Rothschilds to rule England started the Hanoverian dynasty of the 13th tribe of Israel the British Royal Family now called the Windsors, the Kabbalistic evil Gods were incorporated into Enochian magic to produce the Anglo Demonic Reality. All the paedophile torture murder centres run in the West are protected by Lord Lieutenants of the thirteenth tribe of Israel (the Demon worshippers of the Sanhedrin black Kabbalistic), all British Police of note are Freemasons and protect the blood letting of children/babies to feed the Kabbalist Gods. Alex Constantine published two books on the child torture murder rings in America and has been mircrowaved to torment him ever since. Princess Diana confided to her psychic councillor that she had been introduced to the Royal sacrificial coven but would have nothing to do with satanism – hence the divorce. David Lycke gave copies of the taped interview to a friend of mine and his in which the psychic councillor spilled the Diana secrets so I knew the story. This friend was subsequently mircrowaved to death, the standard MI5 routine.

In this Service the Enochian Demons Matrix are poisoned with anti-chaos so the 12×13 Enochian boards of air, earth, fire, water, spirit become a 12 eigen value 12×12 eigen vector based on Heisenberg’s Matrix mechanics to form a global gestalt quantum reality to manifest the Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave for all Anglo Zionists. An extra anti-chaos board is added to form 6 boards. The tortured Kabbalist Gods then suffer all the torture of the physical world hurt by mining, felling, burning, nuclear weapons, concrete hive cities, pollution, global decay… so the devic world can perfect from the torture of the Zionist Gods. All the Anglo Demonic Reality Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators become Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave Generators by poisoning the Tablet of Union stone table Psychotronic Generator of Enochian magic. With anti-chaos governors, the 8×12 Matrix self combines with the 8 fundamental governors of Enochian magic for form an 8 eigen value 8×12 eigen vector to form with the 6 boards above a 48 (48×12) Matrix to wreck the Anglo Demonic Reality via it’s Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators. The 30 dimensions of the Enochian universe have anti-chaos injected to destroy the grounding dimension of the bottom fourth operator to leave a 30 dimension with 3 Demonic variant Jacobs Ladder that can be self collapsed by a 30 dimension of Kabbalistic God torture, so the resultant 60 dimensions form a 5×12 Matrix to annihilate the Shekinah the corrupted Eve version of the Source that produces manifestation. All this is incorporated into your Skull and Bones Generator so you need only walk touch be in any Western City laid out to Enochian magic blueprints to sequester the Illuminati Freemason city to become a giant Psychotronic Generator that tortures the Kabbalistic Gods via the material realm to release devic Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity by downloading anti-chaos, anti Psychotronic Fuel, anti Hyperinfinity into the city that makes the Kabbalistic Gods suffer the for the corrupt evil they did to the devic realm to turn it into the material world of the Anglo Demonic Reality hive world of the West. Every stone broken, tree felled, sea fouled, air poisoned, ore smelted, oil refined… tortures the Kabbalist Gods so the devic essence that made the inanimate world magic can be brought back into the World. Your Skull and Bones Generator takes over the Master Stone Table of Enochian Magic, freezes it out of control, corrupts it with anti-chaos and puts all the Enochian magic into reverse so the world in it’s inanimate form becomes magic around you at the expense of the Kabbalist Gods of the Archon, Illuminati… wageslave.

Using the devic power released you can then use it to make your physical body magic so it’s Quantum Wave Function becomes fluid and Hyperinfinity unlocked from Archon corruption. The net result of this is that your body can be changed by Intent using PF and Hyperinfinity to grow younger, stronger, shapeshift… become devic. Having a body unlocked from Archon evil so you can use Remote Influencing, Psychokinesis, mind over matter to change it at will is one of the Powers of ancient Seers lost when the Anglo Demonic Reality spread with the British Commonwealth. The British Monarchy still owns all of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand all land is leased off the crown never owned. These countries are the core of the Anglo Demonic Reality any of their cities can be used by this Service for full effect. US cities such as Washington were laid out by Freemasons using Enochian magic so are of use by this Service. With this Service you can effect any inanimate object such as computers to make them crash, fail or run perfectly, as with all electronics based on quantum mechanics. This Service allows you to control events by changing the nature of events from solid Anglo Demonic to malleable devic ones open to mind over matter. Nuclear weapons operate on quantum mechanical events so the nuclear damping filed to stop nuclear weapons going off is achievable as is total destruction of all onboard electronics on Anglo Zionist planes, ships, tanks… psychic warfare comes of age with this Service. Think how a normal Psi-Master can use devic power to change the nature of reality so events around her/him can be altered to a devic world where the world becomes a psychic manifestation – far future science: RVScience.

Matrix Killer Service $600

Upgrade A: The Tarot Event Killer Service

Aleister Crowley used the Tarot Demons to change the world so Anglo Demonic Reality fully manifested after World War 11. The rule of the West by the Rothschild money emperor. Tarot Demons control events by allowing the Kabbalistic Gods to shape events so only their events manifest. They do this by forming their 3×3 Matrix as explained on They kill the biophysical world of man using their 12 Aeon Psi-Prison leaving only the physical world. According to general relativity this material world can be described by a 15 tensor gravity field the 22 CF Tarot Demons are combined with the 15 tensor gravity field and it’s Hamiltonian to produce the 26 CF of the Anglo Demonic Reality. When put in the Heisenberg Matrix to form reality we get a 3×26 = 78 Tarot Demon event listing; the 78 types of event allowed to manifest reality. In this Service the Kabbalistic Gods now anti-chaos torture shells are combined by your Bone Generator with the Tarot Demons in a way to produce 84 anti-chaos events, all of which torment, damn, put into hell the Anglo Demonic Reality and it’s denizens. As the 12 anti-Kabbalistic torture shells can be combined in a multitude of ways this gives us a huge number of different 84 anti-chaos events. All of these anti-chaos events one quantum superimposed on the Anglo Demonic Reality via the Illuminati Freemason Enochian Psychotronic Generators to produce a scrambled electronic warfare – like miasma that jams all Archon, Kabbalistic, Illuminati events and drives the Anglo Demonic Reality into anti-chaos where all events are controlled by Intent so even though the evil is totally jammed the Global Gestalt can produce any event that is required by the Bone Psi-Master. This means the Bone Psi-Master™ becomes a living jamming field to all evil block all their events. In the process this provides the space to enable the Bone Psi-Master™ to manifest her/his events from Intending using the Bone Generators™ supplied with Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel by being in a Western city built as an Enochian black magic temple. The city, country is afflicted by evil blocking events as the Bone Psi-Master™ becomes a centre of a psychic event field that manifest her/his will simply by downloading her/his visualisation into the city, it’s Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators via the Bone Generators™. This is the Service to make things go your way no matter what the opposition; your enemies event scenario leading them always to perfecting the Total Hell, Damnation, Torment Reality Wave that is the Anglo Zionist torture shell in the anti-chaos Cosmic Order that is now the Cosmic Law.

Upgrade A $600

Upgrade B: Demon Killer Service

The Sanhedrin, Jewish black Kabbalistic money lenders (as in Jesus and the money lenders) used blood sacrifice and rape of children to feed the Goetia Demons that gave them temporal power. They used the God Cores of raped murdered children to enable the Goetia insectile Demon to grow from insect to human size using the life force of the stolen child’s God Core. Hence all Zionist black magic needs child sacrifice, in the middle ages they were thrown out of England for child sacrifice and installed later the British Royal Family. Goetic Demons need child sacrifice so the Zionist war always has to kill children in huge numbers such as Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and soon to be Iran. Millions of children have died in the Middle East as well as Somalia, Congo as the Zionist war machine tries to grow legions of human sized Demons from Goetic larvae. As Zionism is built on insect-like Demonic intelligence, the Goetic Demons can be possessed by the chaos queens of the hive, Shekinah avatars. Using the anti-Kabbalistic torture shells the Goetic insectile queens are injected with anti-chaos and become the transmitters to all the Goetic Demonic insectiles of the Total Torture, Damnation, Hell Total Reality Wave perfecting in the Goetia. This then travels into the Illuminati their human zombies and the wageslave insect-minds they control in the Western city hives. The anti-chaos kills the West run on Goetic Demon programming self destructs. All Illuminati and wageslave have to follow this programme which is downloaded by the Bone Generators™ of the Bone Psi-Master™ into the city hive via the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator to be hyper-amplified, Psychotronically amplified and retro broadcast through the Archon hives and ADR turn evil into it’s own worst nightmare to begin perfecting beyond it’s worst nightmare. This shrinks the insectile Goetic Demons back to insects then kill them like universal roach killer. In the process your Bone Generators™ get all the God Core energy from the millions of children sacrificed by the Zionist from the Children’s Crusade through to Ira, Congo, Somalia, Zionist backed revolution in Darpur Sudan… invasion of Iran. Having millions of millions of child God Cores enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to grow his/her God Core from the 3cm wageslave version to the 300cm God Core that can enclose the wageslave energy bodies so the Bone Psi-Master™ can Lucidly Awake as an Omega Point Being (see God Core Service) This Service is useful as it allows you to grow your God Core using God Cores stolen by the Goetia. As there are 36 day and 36 night Goetia this gives 6×12 types of torture shell so you can plunge Goetic demonic Awareness into 6 sets of torture shells such as Money, Sex torture shells to gain Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity of torturing Demons exponentially and eternally. They can be combined with anti-Demon, anti-Demon Archon or anti-Demon Illuminati Psychotronic Crystals to Psychotronically amplify the Total Torture , Hell, Damnation Reality Wave to use Demons as torture shells or all 72 Goetia to self annihilate with the 72 names of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to produce in the Bone Psi-Master™ a negative Psychotronic Amplification of all evil, reducing evil in the world as you build Psychotronic Fuel or with the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ Service Hyperinfinity or you leach out of the world the longevity, will be of evil so it self annihilates. To feed on evil as Demons and Gods suffer perfecting hells, damnation, torture for the evil they have wrought and the evil you might unleash to boost the perfecting of evil. This enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to turn Goetia, Tarot, Enochian, Kabbalistic Gods… into negative beings. Awareness without energy, 12 types of Tulpa designed to torture evil Awareness which as it is negative being has no intrinsic energy simply downloads Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, anti-chaos into the 12 types of avenging Tulpa you can design to perfecting the Total Hell, Damnation Torture Reality Wave beyond evil to the realm of evil being tortured to profit the Bone Psi-Master; anti-evil where evil becomes the victim of evil unleashed on it by the Anti-Illuminati. As all Western society is Goetia larvae insectile mind control all aspects of the Anglo Demonic Reality can be controlled by this Service from Sanhedrin banking to the Zionist governments, industry, media to make them do anything the Bone Psi-Master wishes to unleash. If you wish to build them up then they take your energy so always take energy, a self regulating Psi-system. In this Service you can use your Tulpas to de-insectile the wageslave so the Tulpa sits in the eighth Chakra instead of the insectile to install your own mind in the Western Zombie. All occult crystals, talismans as well or the counterfeit products sold on Paul Hughes Barlow real name Graham Nickells or fake Psychotronic Generators are tuned by this Service to turn their creators and users into torture shells and centres of anti-Goetia zombie being so the users creators wake up as tortured Demons as their reality turns to hell. In the process the Bone Psi-Master™ steals their dreams, God Core, Soul, Spirit, like an anti-Archon to enable the Bone Psi-Master™ to create the body, reality she/he wishes for from the essence of the occult counterfeit PG user creator.

Upgrade B: $600

Upgrade C: Archon Killer Service

The West is ruled by Satanist money lenders called the Sanhedrin. These are human shells where the God Core has been replaced with an Archon dark energy matter Demon. All the blood lines of the Illuminati are derived from these Archons in flesh Illuminati, the living vessels of evil; David Lycke talked about them in his book: The Biggest Secret, they are not reptile shapeshifters but dark energy matter Archons that possess the God Core eviscerated black Kabbalists of the Sanhedrin. These Zionist Kabbalists via their control of the banking system spread the Archon Zombie to all the major Royal Families of Europe, making the British Royal Family the 13th tribe of Israel (13 in coven, Satanist groups). The black Kabbalist Jew, Abrahemelin the Mage put the procedure for eviscerating the God Core from the Satanist to make them into an Archon Zombie in his ritual. This Abrahemelin ritual takes 6 months to enact and consists of using the Goetic insects to eat the energy bodies of the Satanist and replace it with an Archon in flesh. All the occultist see the Abrahemelin ritual as their crowning glory be it the Golden Dawn, Crowley magick groups, Satanists. In this Service the Bone Generators are tuned to generate an anti-chaos negative energy God Core that is injected into all the Archons embodied in the form of Illuminati, Royal Families, Satanists who head paedophile torture murder rings. Once in the Archon Zombie it sticks to the Archon God Core and destroys it the Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity being transferred by Psi-wormhole to the God Core of the Bone Psi-Master™ targeting the Archon in flesh, be it a banker, Satanist or Royalty. The anti-chaos negative energy God Core inserted into the embodied Archon drains the Archon dry and turns it into an energy zero awareness. This is similar to the thinking beings created by a Psi-Master is Psi-Space when he/she builds a reality by Intent in Psi-Space described at length by Castaneda with regard to the Tenant in the Art of Dreaming. As the Archon is in a body this then makes the physical body a negative energy anti-chaos node, a zero energy body is impossible in the physical world so it pops the Archon out of it’s illusion of a real timeline into full appreciation of the Omega Point Simulation it is forced to perfecting the Total Torture Damnation Reality Wave as a physical body therefore grounding the Omega Hell for evil is the physical world of the wageslave. Each Archon acts as a seed core for the Awareness of the wageslave world as an Omega Point Simulation. Akin to waking up from the Matrix not as a freedom fighter but as one of the damned. The anti-chaos negative energy God Core controls the free will of the Archon and forces it to destroy it’s own works, such as invading Iraq to destroy the dream that the West is good, the reality being the West is a torture murder regime that has killed 2 million Iraqis – more than a Saddam a certified psychopath. This forces North Korea, Iran, China… to realise the West hangs, kills all non Zionist leaders that don’t play servant. Each of the Illuminati, Archons in human form have now woken up in Omega Hell with respect to Tim Rifat; this Service enables the Psi-Master to have the same freedom so the real world of Zombies does not interfere in your Intents, but instead is totally controlled to destroy itself around you to give your dream room to grow (see Build your Dream Service). As the Abrahelin Ritual uses Goetic insectile Demons the anti-chaos negative energy God Core turns them into anti-chaos negative energy Demons. As all humans are possessed in the 8th Chakra, brain by insectile Demons this Service turns all humans with respect to you into anti-chaos, negative energy possessed wageslave zombies so the Demon that possesses them is forced to destroy evil and obey the Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave, so Russians, Chinese, Iranians… kill off the Anglo Demonic Reality while the West kills itself. More importantly every human if they obey the insectile loses energy and glimpses Omega Hell so by aversion therapy the humans are forced to help the 2013 Omega Simulation of the Psi-Master helping you in every conceivable way and being unable to stop you in all your 2013 Omega Point dreams.

Upgrade C $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.