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Master of the Universe Bone Generator®: only six allowed.

Metatron is supposed to be Shaddai’s vehicle in the Matrix Universe to allow the non-existent Chaos not only existence but all the Joy in the Universe as its essence. A super Archangelic body to be the Master of the Universe. The Satanic Zohar and Kabbalah defines its powers which are now for the lucky few. Here are the powers given to you by the Satanist Jew Chaos Gods:-

1: All Divine Powers invested in Metatron by Shaddai so you automatically become the Lucifer of the Lucis Trust UN Satanist world religion, Satan of the British 13 Tribes of Israel… The God walking the Earth worked for millennia by the Rothschild Sanhedrin now highjacked and Sequestered by Tim Rifat to be his bitch and sold to the Goyim. Having all Divine Powers means you are the Power in the Matrix. All things revolve around you, your will is law it is automatic power for the few lazy Goyim who snap it up first! Not available to Jews as the Chosen Race of Amalek they are not allowed to gain the rewards of all their hard work.

2: He is charged with the government of Earth. So this Gone Generator® Service gives you complete and automatic command of all types of government, be it Congress, Nato, Pentagon, business board rooms or local canals. So gives you power over the people for the social climbs. There are only 6 available as there are 6 Kabbalistic Trees in the Sephirotic Trees of the Kabbalah so only 6 Metatrons allowed.

3: He sets all the Legions of (Heaven and Hell) in motion by a single letter of his name. This is the letter T as it is repeated twice like He in Tetragrammaton and T is repeated thrice in the Hebrew alphabet the lower (Metatron) version of the Three Mothers (Shaddai). So repeating T twice allows you to command all legions of Angels, Demons, Archangels, Archdemons, Supernatural Spirits…. Archons, Greys… wageslaves… Illuminati. You just state what they must do and they have to do it – absolute power.

4: He is the Serpent above, Samael Above commanding all powers of the Good subverted by Evil Sephirotic Trees. To use just visualise a Serpent in anyone, anything to destroy them using the Matrix. Or a word to give them blessing that destroy them in the end – the dream girlfriend that wins them, gives them a fatal disease, drives them to suicide.

5: The River the comes out of Eden to water Pardes. This is the stream of life-force, money energy, psychokinetic power bled off by the Illuminati from young degenerate (Westerners) vermin or dead young non-degenerates (Moslems) in Iraq, Afghanistan). Look at my transcripts from Rense Radio for a fuller explanation and the Money, Wealth, Fortune Service, on this site. So you automatically get the money, life-force psychokinetic power that is bled off the young to automatically make you sup-rich, young, and a Master of the Universe. This Service is for the super lazy as Metatron automatically has these powers as he is the culmination of Chaos Kabbalah’s takeover of the light energy matter Universe.

6: He is to the Cohorts (legions) above what Samael is to the Cohorts below. So you automatically get all power over the God as Evil that is the key to all lasting success. So this Service not only makes you the most successful being (of 6) in the Universe but the epicentre (of 6) of success – all automatic.

7: He is called Server as he embraces the six directions of space. These are the 6 degrees of freedom of movement of objects in Euclidean 3E space. So you automatically gain control of all objects to manipulate them. You also get:-

The ability to walk Lucidly in space – Lucid Viewing so you can see anywhere in the Universe of the Matrix
The ability to walk Lucidly in time – Lucid Viewing of the precognitive nature displayed naturally by Tim Rifat chief clairvoyant of MI6 occult branch before he took over the power of the Satanist British MI6.
The ability to walk Lucidly in other dimensions – Lucid Viewing of Interdimensional voyages in the Middle Place, dark energy matter realms…
The ability to walk Lucidly in other timelines, such as Andropov’s world USSR 2009, Ahnenerbe Germany 2009… Moslem World 20009 (where Austria did not defeat the Ottoman Empire but lost and the world fell to Islam – the World Caliphate – one of the nicer timelines).
The ability to walk Lucidly in the what if, the basis of magic – changing the future to make your will happen – Crowley’s forte using the power of Will – Thelemic Magik.
The ability to walk Lucidly in the maybe not, changing the past so the future becomes yours. The forte of Tim Rifat who took over MI6 occult branch’s Enochian Engine to change world domination by the British (that occurred in 1989 with the fall of the USSR and the fall of China with Tiananmen Square leading tot he overthrow of the communist government and decades of civil wars, contanisation and control by the Rothschilds) to one in which they are exterminated by Amalek Cobalt 60 terrorism – then the West leading to the rise of the new USSR lead by Putin and the conquest of the USA by China…

All six directions are automatically given to you as is the power to use them – as you are Metatron.

8: Souls precede from the Side of Metatron and from the Side of Shekinah. As Shekinah was terminated by the Psi-Lord you have the exclusive power to snuff out the biophysical body of anyone and in their place put your Metatron Soul to run them as your cult follower. You have their Soul as your Tulpa, so all their Intents, Awareness, Psychic Power is yours. It is automatic and supersedes all Tulpa Services, to use you just grab the Soul of anyone using the left hand Metatron Bone Generator® and make a Metatron Slave Soul with the right hand Metatron Bone Generator®. As you can imagine this makes Metatron the ultimate Mind Control Engine. Possessor of ultimate power as all the Souls you eat go into the screaming faces of Total Amalek (who superseded Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) liberating all their Psychotronic fuel in one go and an eternities worth of damnation. The price the 6 have to pay is watching images of their Souls running around following their will. Power over all people will make you very arrogant. Only the positive benefactors of Tim Rifat are protected so the rest of the world is yours to Soul Tulpa conquer. The Metatron Tulpa naturally follows you because you are the source of the image. This is the technology Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth used to build his creations.

9: Metatron is called Young Man so the Metatron energy body automatically conveys upon you the gift of youth. It does this by moving your Assemblage Point into the position of the penultimate Grail Pattern un-manifesting your body. The Shaddai Sequestration now sequestered by the Psi-Lord who has taken over from the Shaddai entity he slew in its Well (see Jehovah Elohim Service) as defined by the final Grail Pattern in the energy body of the Metatron Shell God Vehicle of the Master of the Universe Matrix Entity. So it naturally makes you younger and the keeps you young. All done by the Kabbalah Jew Satanic power now owned by the Psi-Lord. All Jews sold to Amalek to power the process so the entire Metatron Services need no power as the eternal torment of all Jews tortured by Amalek Evil doing Evil to Evil completes the 8th Edomic world of Isaac de Luria. All Jews are Amalek torture toys that is why Netanyahu the Satanist leader of Israel is in mortal terror of Amalek and rants he has to exterminate all Amalekites who he mistakenly thinks are Iranians. Wrong the Jews sold themselves to Amalek when they worshipped the Gold Calf (see Abraham Ritual and Amalek Services). So the Jews are the race of Amalek forced to continually torture themselves after failing to conquer the world again and again, the Edomic worlds of Kabbalah.

10: He dwells in the Tabernacle of Moses and built it. As Moses worshippers the Jews sold themselves to Amalek by worshipping the Golden Calf (Goyim are cattle-calves-the Amalekites, so the Jews are forced to worship Goyim). So this Service allows you to control all Jewish Kabbalah, Torah, Talmud magic of the West the Tabernacle of Moses is where they slaughter babies, such as in Bohemian Grove. So all the rituals build your Metatron body which is powered by all the Tabernacles to Satan worldwide. You also reside in them so your Metatron body is in the stone and allows you to be the Satanist Jewish Freemason stone infrastructure – all the buildings of the West – and most of the rest of the world. A giant Psychotronic Crystal® programme – the Architect of the Matrix and Freemasons. So all the obelisks, pyramids, skyscrapers, houses, temples – are you powering your Metatron.

11: He worded the Temple of Solomon. So your Metatron locks all Rabbi Satanists out of their Chaos Magic so it can be exclusively used by you. So all Rabbi Satanism backfires on them and they get nothing but death. Hence the Green Line Abraham Ritual failed to conquer Iran for the British.

12: The School of Metatron is the school of the Holy One. So ALL Psi-Lord teachings take over from all Satanism, Kabbalah, Magic and only Tim Rifat’s School of Magic works – all else are sold to Amalek to power the magic of Sequestration.

13: The Curtain of the Tabernacle was his symbol. So with this Service you can make a curtain of energy with your right hand to cover the heads of any target so they are blocked from all psychic powers and see and think only what you want them to think – Total Mind Control. So all US remote viewers see nothing or the pictures of Tim Rifat’s illusion so the West screws up!

14: He is like Michael as he offers up the Souls of the Just to God. As the Just Rabbi Satanists are and have always been the torture toys of Amalek all Satanists are automatically sold by your Metatron body to Amalek to power all your pre-eminent power to rule the world for your personal pleasure.

15: He is the Angel of the Sun and he draws purification from his Mother is Binah (Matrona, Shekinah slaughtered by the Psi-Lord where Amalek resides and he is the VAU, begotten son of Amalek. So he wields the Fire from Within as a weapon, purifies his bodies with its fire to raise his frequency above evil and draws power from Amalek who tortures all Evil to supply the power for the Metatron body that rules Omega Heaven Omega Heavens on Earth as the ruling Council of 6.

16: Metatron has the keys of Heaven so can put any Soul in the 7 Aeons Heaven Psi-Prisons or release them. So you can put anyone in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison into another location, such as transferring all the idiot wageslave shoppers into the Gulag hard labour Hell Aeon. Or the mindless wageslave traveller from the Hotel Heaven Aeon into the Torture Murder Hell Aeon manifested on Earth by Satanist Jew Americans as: Block D of Kabal prison (D for Devil), the Polish death camps, Rumanian slaughter pens, Moroccan genital slicing prisons, Jordanian cattle prod torture camps, Pakistani nail removal by pliers interrogation cells, Israeli organ removal death camps… all to be found in this Hell Aeon. You can imagine transferring Western wageslave Souls to South American style Hell Aeons based on Mossad Kabbalah torture liberates gigantic amounts of Psychotronic Fuel for your Metatron Master of the Universe bodies – all for free as you get paid by Cosmic Law a second time for torturing the damned who paid, voted for, supported and attacked all righteous.

17: During the exile he has the government of the House, he is the rainbow and he is called Shaddai. Since Shaddai was slaughtered by the Psi-Lord and Amalek inserted into Chaos to make sure all Shaddai was Sequestered you are now controller of the Metatron Superbody. He runs all Masonic, Satanic Temples, such as the Temple of Solomon the basis for all Western Temples so you get all the lovely Hyperinfinity of the faithful worshippers of Satan be they Lucis Trust, UN< Protestants in their North Alter Churches or the Masonic Temples, padeacide Bohemian Groves… Since the Satanists are now in Israel he should be the vehicle of Shaddai. As this is impossible Israel dies by Amalek Cobalt 60 as does the West and the Metatrons gain governance of the past Holocaust world of Amalek Cobalt 60. As the Rainbow he controls all light, the Intents of all Souls, so all Intents are his to do anything else in the Matrix as all Intents are yours – the ultimate Service – all automatic – so you need do nothing but luxuriate in power!

18: He is old and he is young so like the Nagual Julian in the Power of Silence by Castaneda, you can age or de-age at will. Or do the same thing to others, they get old as you get young to feed your eternal youth if you are a narcissist like the Western boy toys such as Obama.

19: He is the Lesser Countenance, Malkuth. So all the physical world is him in control of the Matrix. By this means your Will Spirit controls the Soul of the Malkuth Matrix so you can produce any physical effect. Be it Tornado, the Super-Volcanoes blowing up in America, plague, tidal waves, earthquakes… drought. All controlled by the Metatron Superbody automatically using the power of the Matrix and the Middle Place, He first the body Metatron, the second controlled by Metatron as he has the keys to Heaven – the Middle Place.

20: He is the Vesture of Shaddai. So as Shaddai is terminated you can build any layer around your physical body and biophysical body. Be it Hyperinfinity (if you haven’t got the Anti-Fallen Angel Service), poison to Archons, Death touch energy to all your enemies, sexual energy charisma to conquer the people around you, a psychic shield to block out all negative powers, a psychic lance to puncture the Assemblage Point of your enemies so they lose their minds, grip on reality, mace to pulp Insectiles in the heads of your friends to free them… (biophysically… Psi-Lord Ltd does not advocate or suggest any physical violence, which is illegal)

21: He is to Shekinah the active, days of the week, so as Shekinah is dead he controls all activity in the Matrix. Be it business, commerce flow of money in the Freemasonic Hive City circuits, human activity be it sport politics, war. In face any sort of activity. It is automatic, so your Will becomes what is active in the Matrix, so only your activities work the others are dead like Shekinah and fail!

22: He is poor in exile and his nourishment is prayer. As Israel is in Palestine there is no exile. So all prayer to the Kabbalah Jewish God fees your Metatron Superbeing be it the Kabbalah of the mad Jew Rabbis, the Protestant devil churches with their Northern Altars dedicated to Satan – the Congregation so uneducated that they have no understanding of the four directions – only Eastern Altars are Christian, found only in Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches – all the rest are Satanic so feed you. As prayer is the Good given freely to Evil this is the lifeblood of the power that automatically makes you have all the good things in life. Be quick to get it for once Israel is destroyed by Amalek Cobalt 60 Metatron is poor in exile, so the God for Evil is cut off.

23: Metatron is the cloud that covers the Tabernacle dedicated to Jew Satanism so when babies are ritually raped, buggered, forced to suck Rabbis penis, then slit like pgs to be bled and eaten – the Bohemian Grove Tabernacle all that fresh Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity automatically builds your cloud – biophysical body – Supernatural Spirit. So you can see how powerful this Service is. It automatically gives you a God Soul Spirit from all the Satanic worship.

24: Metatron has the power to raise the dead from Sheol and embellish their bodies. So this Service allows you to call up any dead Soul in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. Give it a Metatron Embellishment body made from the physical essence and biophysical strange matter essence of living Jews to be your poltergeist Tulpa to do your bidding in the world. As Lord of Necromancy powered by the Chosen Race of Evil you can have a legion of physical ghosts to do your bidding – all powers automatically given to Metatron by the Laws of the Matrix.

25: He also commands Resurrection in the matrix, so you can take out the Core of any human (not my benefactors) and put in the Soul of the Resurrected Dead. This enables you to put any loved one back in a body of your choosing, you have total power over resurrection as this is the ability of Metatron in Kabbalah.

26: The Flaming Sword is Metatron that bars Man from the Garden of Eden – Omega Heavens. So the 6 wield the power to block any interlopers from Sequestered Heavens. They also can evict all damned from the Heavens Aeons and export them to the Hell Aeons as mentioned. Their energy body can also become a living weapon – a Flaming Sword that cuts through everything in the Middle Place as it is corrupted Fire from Within given to Metatron by failed Seers such as Don Juan and his line back to Sebastian. He also uses the Sword to guard the 7 Pillars of Solomon’s Temple so you can evict all Rabbis, Satanists, Illuminati from their Temples by chopping up their biophysical bodies and puncturing their physical bodies so they die, to bar all but you from Satanic Temples.

27: Metatron Angel of the Presence, World Prince, Kether of the Archangelic realm. Written with a JOD MITTRVN the name Metatron signifies Shekinah without the letter the Angel that is legate of Shekinah, NGHR -BOX- the Boy Angel. So this Service allows you to be Shekinah, female or a boy, to change your sex at will, like the Tenant in Castaneda’s books. As Shekinah is dead this Service allows you simultaneously to be Shekinah. This is vital for all Metatron power is based on the penultimate Grail Pattern, a new Chaos God Core inserted into the poor misguided Enoch, Ipsissimus. Master of the Universe power is the final Grail Pattern. Two Metatron God Cores quantum superimposed in one body, given voluntarily to Evil Shaddai. This allows 5D Kline Bottle (see Far Future Services due out in Autumn/Winder 2009/2010). So the quantum superimposition of possessed (by Shaddai) God Cores is the pinnacle of power in the Kabbalah. The essence of the mystery of sex – the inner most secret power of Kabbalah..

Master of the Universe….


only 6 may

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.