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Amalek Mark of the Beast Bone Generators®:

The Illuminati mean to bring at least 200 million Demons (strange and dark energy matter entities) through a Stargate to possess 20 million+ Westerners. Already the Talmudic Zionist of Israel have to have the microchip implant of the Mark of the Beast. These microchips have the Satanic contract encoded on them and the black magic Sigil inscribed on them. Since they are accepted of the slaves free will, Hyperinfinity, they can use this Hyperinfinity in tandem with Chaos Hyperinfinity to manifest the Chaos entities in this Matrix. The invasion of Iraq was to win back the land of the Babylonian Talmud and the Satanic Stone (Chaos Hyperinfinity) statues of these Babylonian Kabbalah Gods – the original Schethlya Stones to create the original Stargate to Hell, the dimension of Chaos entities – Demons. This Schethlya Stone circle then needs to be put on the 33rd longitude and parallel in Iran to tap into and possess the Hyperinfinity of the planet. The point in Iran is the dreaming position (talked about in Castaneda’s; “Eagles Gift” as well as being the energy centre vortex for dreaming on the right side).

Now the Talmudic Jews of the Zionist theocracy of Satanist Rothschilds need to explode the first of the many atomic weapons of WW11 in Iran on this Earth’s dreaming point to rupture the Earth’s dreaming body as they use the Schethlya Babylonian circle of stars from Saddam’s Baghdad museum to force a dreaming of Chaos Kabbalah dimensions. A well to Hell. A Stargate to Shaddai, the Talmudic Zionist Chaos God of the Kabbalah. This should bring the Sephir Yetzirah Satanist creation from the biophysical to physical Malruth of the Matrix.

Only one problem. The 200+ million Westerners to be possessed have still got the quantum probability of a Soul. Though their Souls are in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. While alive they still have the chance to save their Souls and evolve to Psi-Master (Soul Rescue…) Only the total destruction of their Souls in the Matrix can totally chain the Western slave’s Soul in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison with no chance of redemption. To do this many nuclear weapons must be exploded. The Talmudic Zionist Beria experimented on vaporising Souls, the Americans discovered that Trinity, Hiroshima, Nagasaki killed Souls. That was why 911 had to use mini-nukes to kill the people in the World Trade Centres, as Souls had to be killed to make a path away from Trinity (Shaddai) to Hiroshima (Tsabaoth) to Nagasaki (Elohim) to 911 (Adonai) to WW111 (Jehovah’s Elohim). At least 2% of the world’s population must be killed. The more the better to get the 100th monkey phenomena (where monkeys learn to wash dirt out of rice once a critical mass have learnt the trick even though the monkeys all live in separate distant islands). Kill enough human Souls in WW111 and the human group Soul learns how to be totally dead, so the human body has no Soul and can be totally possessed by the 200+ million Demons coming through the Iran Stargate formed from 60 million dead Iranians on the 33rd parallel, longitude, the major dreaming Stargate to funnel the death of 60 million (could be billions as we are having WW111) into a 100th monkey type kill human Souls Meme – a Memetic death ray for human Souls. This can then be picked up as a frequency by the Mark of the Beast chips in the Western population to kill off their Souls so the 200+ million Demons have the perfect vehicles for possession. The plan of the Rothschild Illuminati in a nutshell.

In this Bone Generator® Service the death ray from WW111 is wormholed by the Psi-Lord back through time from Iran’s Death Stargate to be pumped into the negative Bone Generators® of all Goyim and the UnterGoyim Zionists to vaporise all the Souls, strange, dark energy matter Supernatural Spirits as well as all biophysical vehicles. This Bone Generator® installs in the walking corpse a Total Amalek Tulpa. The Goyim UnterGoyim wake up in Omega Omega Hell Hell as Total Deathgoat Zionists screaming in Hells with no redemption (see Amalek Talmud Bone Generator®). This means when the Illuminati have WW111 the bodies they possess contain Total Amalek – the lethal super disease with no cure for Chaos Supernatural Spirits, thus they find themselves in death cells which they cannot escape and kill them. This death ray is then wormholed back in time to the Goyim, Untergoyim.

Amalek Mark of the Beast Bone Generators®: $1000 with Certificate

12 Psi-Gods, 144 Psi-Lords.