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Magical War by Material War on China by Israel and the West, Sequestered by the Psi-Lord.

The earthquake in China that killed fifty Chinese in the mountainous region of Szechuan province was once again the use of the Tesla and Haarp facilities in Western Australia controlled by the Rothschild Zionist Empire to block the Spirit ascension of the Chinese people. This was because the Chinese climbed Mount Everest on the 60th Anniversary of the founding of Israel, with the Olympic flame. A magical ritual to raise the Spirit (Fire) of the Chinese and Tibetan people at the expense of the Archon Insectiles that are behind Israel and the Zionist Empire. The Satanic Spirit of the Archons, Israel is the Shekinah which is Shin: heavens, fire, Mem: Earth; Aleph: air and Satanic Spirits; Shekinah being Aleph, Mem, Shin, (shock and awe) the three mothers of evil. So Everest which is Earth raised to air raised to fire with the Olympic torch of human Spirit raised by China would be on the 60th Anniversary of Israel (the Archon state of evil) be sequestering the masculine Spirit Vau of Israel, the Zionist Empire, to elevate China for the 21st Century and 2008 the beginning of the Chinese Century. We know China has thousands of psychics trained from youngsters in psychic power so the whole Magical Sequestration of the Archons by China would succeed.

Unfortunately for the Chinese the Archons do not take sequestration of the male (VAU) Spirit Principle, to emasculate the female Archons (they have to steal male energy, so it is the most prized, female energy is common in the dark energy matter realms: see Castaneda: The Art of Dreaming, would be deemed unbearable. So the Australian Tesla Haarp facilities (see Nexus Magazine back issues) was used to cause the Chinese mountains to come crashing down in the period of Satanic Black ritual following Israel’s 60th birthday; the 13th-15th of May to reverse the Chinese ritual and steal all Chinese male, spirit advancement (YOD the Upper Male Principle value 10), reverse it to devolve downwards (hence the earthquake, 7.9 on the Richter scale) so the Archons of the Zionist Empire could suck Chinese Spirit dry to feed Israel’s 60th Anniversary 6 (VAU) x10 (Kabala or YOD) of the Matrix, male empowerment of the Archon female Israel and the Zionist Empire. This death of Chinese had to exceed 10,000 the 4 levels of the Kabbalistic Tree of Satan. So the Anti-Sequestration ritual had to kill 10,000+. It also had to happen to the East of Israel as BETH life in the Matrix for the Jew (brown dark energy matter race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth), Death for the Goyim Gentile by sacrifice, is the East in Gematria; China is to the East of Israel, direction is all important in Satanic ritual. And the Everest heavens position is TAU in Gematria or Dominion and KAPH wealth or depth in position, so the Israel, Western counter ritual would bring dominion and wealth to the West and slavery and penury (by earth, earthquake) to the Chinese Empire’s future. One can see now why only a Psi-Lord can cope with the Archons as the Talmud, the Satanic teachings of the Israel Archons: the even a Heathen (Tim Rifat) who studies the Torah is as a High Priest, so as the leading expert on the Satanic Torah the Psi-Lord is their highest high priest and can sequester all Judaic, Archon, Satanism. Using this clause in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 59a) the Psi-Lord has sequestered Satanism so did an Anti-Anti-Sequestration magical ritual to take all the male principle advancement, spirit uplift taken by China from the Zionist Empire and then by the Zionist Empire from China to the Psi-Lord and his allies in the Russian Federation, the home of Spirit advancement in the 21st Century. This Bone Generators® automatically advances the Male Spirit of all Bone Psi-Masters with no effort on their part. Sequestering the VAU lower and Jod upper Male Principle of Satanism, Sublime Good® processing it and giving you pure male Spirit advancement on tap Psychic Spirit self development on demand!

Magical War by Material War on China by Israel the West: Sequestered by the Psi-Lord $200 with Certificate