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Lucifer’s Chosen Rats Service:

The Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth Judaic God of Chaos and the chosen race of brown strange dark energy matter installations called pharisaic Jews is denoted: YOD, HE, VAU, HE in the Kabbalah, the negative face of the Chaos God HE, VAU, HE, YOD is called Satan in the Kabbalah. So Satan can be seen as the real face of the Judaic Chaos God. Lucifer is not mentioned in the Kabbalah but the Morning Star can be seen as the hidden part with in evil that destroys evil from within by making it destroy itself. This hidden part in evil is controlled by Total Intent which controls Chaos, hence the innate mathematical order implicate within Chaos as shown by Chaos Theory and Feigenbraum period doubling. Lucifer destroyed the Christian chosen race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the Knights Templar who were destroyed by being tortured to death; the Jewish Satanists were also periodically destroyed in the numerous purges carried out against Pharisaic Jewish child sacrifice and cannibalism as noted in their Talmud and historical records. So one can see that Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth was powerless to stop the Lucifer force which carried out torture, killing, penurising and starving the Satanic pharisaic, Sanhedrin, Jews. One can see the holocaust of WW11 as the watermark of Lucifer’s Rat Catching driving the majority of the Pharisaic, Sanhedrin Satanist Jews to Israel, ground zero for the Luciferic final rat catching exercise for Total Intent.

We know non pharisaic, Sanhedrin Jews who don’t follow Satanism live mainly in the USA, Canada and Europe , so the Talmudic, Babylonian, Pharisaic Sanhedrin Satanism of Judaism can be seen in those Jews that took Palestine by force rather than awaiting the peaceful return as mandated by their own spiritual teachings, this is initially the curse on Israeli, Zionist Jews as set down in the Judaic texts. One can see that the massive attack on China, Burma…. by use of US, Australian HAARP, TESLA weaponry in Western and Central Australia causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the Chinese Empire was a blood sacrifice to the 60th Anniversary of Israel to steal the male spirit and its evolvement from China and its satellites; to enable the New World Order one World Zionist government of the Rothschild Pharasaic Sanhedrin. The rituals were sequestered by the Psi-Lord and female Satanic energy of both upper and lower HE dumped on Israel to turn the male energy of Israel completely to the Samael assasin, killer energy of Shekinah, the Spirit of Israel, but now sequestered to be totally self destructive. The number of Samael is 50 so on 30/10/200 8 (October to Americans) the Satanic sequestered Samael energy will be too much to contain in Israel and will initiate the fall of the Zionist Empire; 30+10+2+8=50 which is the number of Samael for the first time this year. Gematria the Hebrew Satanic Black magic of Hebrew letters having numbered magical terms is the core of Satanism with child sacrifice. As Samael controls the Demonic world, the high priests of whom are the 10 high priests of the Sanhedrin, and the female aspect of Samael is Lilith denoted by the 5 of Satanic lower life, now the 5 of the pentagon of the US military and the pentagrams of Satanists, one can see that Samael is the totality of Israel, the Zionist Empire. This Bone Geneator┬« Service you simply use the right hand Bone Generator┬« to direct Samael at any target in the Zionist Empire to act as Lucifers rat catcher to destroy anyone, anybody you like in the West, as the Illuminati could do prior to their fall. In the process you get an equal amount of energy in the left hand Bone Generator┬« as reward from Total Intent in becoming a Rat Catcher for Total Intent to dispense cosmic law on the rat – the Satanists Jewish or non Jewish.

Lucifer’s Chosen Rats Service: $200 with Certificate