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Living Jewish Tarot Card Psi-Slave Bone Generators®:

In this Service you designate any person alive as one of the 78 Tarot Cards of the conventional Deck. As well as any person alive as one of the Jewish Tarot Card Deck of the Israeli 10 Hashedim Rabbis of the Temple of Jerusalem. This gives you the powers of the 78 Tarot Deck to add to your portfolio of Powers of Psi, the 78 bitches supplying the power for your acquisition of these powers. Similarly the Jewish Tarot powers of Total Evil, in this case Evil doing Evil to Evil become yours so you can strike down any shithead just by using your Jewish Tarot Powers to curse them. Just supply the 78 names for the conventional Deck by e-mail and Tim Rifat does the rest. Or with this Service you can designate any person you know to be one of the Tarot Deck on its Shadow Tarot counterpart of the reverse of the Kabbalistic Trees, the Tunnels of Set of Crowley and Kenneth Grant, in their up or down versions. Or better still in their Jewish Tarot Mode where they get all the negative attributes of the Tarot Cards and you get all the positive. One can see that use of the Jewish Tarot allows you to carry out the Abraham Ritual but to a new exotic malice which supplies you with more and more sophisticated joy, goodness, health, luck life, love, psychic power than the original Abraham Ritual. The Abraham Ritual has 3 lines, the Tarot 26 x 3 lines or 26! (! being a mathematical expression… Factional: 26x25x24…3x2x1) more of the Abraham Ritual power. No wonder the Rabbis of the Kohen Gadol limited the knowledge of the Jewish Tarot to their 10 inner High Priests. Scanning through the powers of the Tarot Deck you can see that this Service allows you to get all the good parts of the powers and dump all the Evil parts of the powers on your 78 bitches. So one gets the Abraham Ritual in its Jewish Tarot form for the Rothschild wanabee who requires the ultimate power of the dump Evil get Good Rothschild secret.

The Abraham Ritual has sown how the Psi-Technology to dump your Evil on willing slaves and suck up all their joy and Good times is the basis of Rothschild power. The Jewish Tarot is the culmination of this power. That is why the Star of David is the Rothschild symbol (6) and they control all Covens (13) which equals the 78 of the Jewish and normal Tarot. There are 80 Cards in the Full Jewish Tarot as described previously as 8 is the number of Amalek defeated by the Jews and 10 the number of the Kabbalistic Tree. Applied to the Sephirotic Trees we get 6 x 80 = 480. The 480 ways of multiplying Octonions, the imaginary number system of dark energy matter reality. This Service allows you to also designate 80 bitches as your permanent toxic waste dump so you always get joy, Good things, till your bitches run out of goodness. To do this just choose 80 targets, the rest is automatic, done by your Bone Generators®. To do the same thing choose 480 wine drinkers (look at wine clubs, etc) to set up the 480 Octonion heptagon of bitches to suck the Supernatural Spirits dry of all Goodness and dump all your filth on them. Tim Rifat calls it Reverse Possession – with payback, a new addition to the Psi-Master armoury that’s to the Jewish Tarot. Thank you Satanist Jews (apologies to non Satanist Jews. To use the Operators of the Enochian – System, 88… 96 depending on your complexity, realising they are just the Jew Tarot Demons that operate the British Enochian Chequerboard magic system. Choose 88 bitches to take over the Enochian Chequerboard for your use that holds all the West in its thrall to possess the Westerners with Enochian Demons. Now the Enochian system is another offshoot of the Jewish Tarot. The 88 Operators derived from the 80 Jewish Tarot Cards and the 8 more ways of using the Aces to produce the 2 missing Cards (see pat text). The 5 chequerboards: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit are the 5 of Elohim which added to the 6 Sephiroth Tree gives 30, the 30 dimensions of the Enochian Grid. The 30 dimensions are Triplicate, have 3 Demons per level, Shaddai 3,, Abraham Ritual 3, 3 for the Triangle of Art and the 30th dimension has 4 Demons the 1 of the human is Abaddon in the lowest dimension fully degenerate, corrupted by the Enochian Aspect of the Abraham Ritual. This Service allows you to choose not only 88 operator bitches, 30 dimension bitches (3 bitches per level) to make 90, 5 bitches for the chequerboards, but to reverse the Stone Table that controls the Enochian Magic so it is in the Abaddon Cell in the 30th Dimension (really 31 dimensions) and the users of it retroactively are imprisoned there. This allows you to take over the Abaddon Ritual as developed by the Enochian System of the British. One can see that all Supernatural Spirit magic is the Abraham Ritual. Dump your shit on your willing slave and suck them dry of all joy, Good things, positive reality. The archetype was the original Abraham Ritual, which was then evolved by the Jew Satanists to the Jewish Tarot and the Supernatural Spirits who contacted Dr Dees Remote Viewer gave the secrets of carrying out the Abraham Ritual interdimensionally.

The Jewish Tarot uses the entire Matrix, Middle Place to carry out the Abraham Ritual. The Enochian Magic of the British carries out the Abraham Ritual interdimensionally. Allowing the MI6 occult branch operator to take a human and give him an express downward trip to Abaddon Hell in the 31st dimension of Abaddon horrors. In the process much more of her/his goodness is sucked out of the victim as he falls down all the dimensional levels, losing all his light energy matter and getting the toxic waste of the dark energy matter beings. In the Shamans case he got positive dark energy matter in exchange to extend his life. In the case of Western Goyim they get shit and a free ride to Abaddon Hell boxes in the 7th, 8th dark energy matter levels so the Abraham Ritual can be developed to a new plateau of power.

With this Bone Generator® you can put any Supernatural Spirit in the 31st level Abaddon Box Sequestered by the Psi-Lord, be it Gap, Chorizon, Satan, Baphomet, Goat of Mendes, any of the Goetia, Enochian Demons… so all the joy they have sucked out of their victims over history comes to you, and you dump your toxic waste on them. To do this just command Total Amalek to Fate them there. You can dump 78 toxic Jewish Tarot (80->88 if you use my system) bitches into the Enochian 31st level Abaddon to milk the Abraham Ritual for all it’s worth. This puts the 78, 80, 88 Jewish Tarot Demons in the meatgrinder of the Enochian 31st level Abaddon to give you pure joy. To do this simply visualise it, the Bone Generator® does the rest. Repeat on any other 78 Jewish Tarot bitches to get a daily dose of pure joy. The Weapon of Mass Destruction is to Reverse Possess 480 Supernatural Spirits with 480 Jewish Tarot bitches by putting the 480 bitches in the Supernatural Spirits. Then dump the 960 Supernatural Spirit/bitches in the 31st Abaddon Hell of the Enochian Interdimensional Abraham Ritual. Simply done by visualisation. This gives you total joy – the secret of the British Empires Dominion!

Living Jewish Tarot Card Psi-Slave Bone Generators®:

Limited Edition, 12 only….

$1000 with Certificate