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Light Bone Generator®: How to build a Matrix for fun and profit.

Light according to Theodore Kaluza (who extended Einstein’s General Relativity into the 5th dimension unifying electromagnetism and gravity) is just gravity in the 5th dimension. Or more accurately curvature in a 5D manifold. According to Clifford the mathematician who developed Clifford Algebra all physics is about curvature and its propagation in an innately flat universe. So gravity is curvature in 4D spacetime, light that is curvature in 5D manifolds. Now if we have a 6D manifold that is the basis of the flat universe, and the 4D ‘real’ Matrix is a phenomena thereof we have to re-evaluate Matter: Clifford prematurely died in 1879 aged 34, victim of the Illuminati? Light, if curvature in 5D manifolds may not be as simple as we presume for in 6D spacetime theory there are two time dimensions, and one more of space to give 4 space dimensions.

So curvature in 5D manifolds can involve 2 types of time 5D curvatures and 4 types of space one of which becomes the 5D or 6D; as the Matrix is made of one time and 3 space always leaving one time and one space. We know from Clifford Algebra that the time and space dimensions form a 5D/6D plane that causes rotation and Lorentz transformations (the basis for Relativity (plagiarised by Einstein from Lorentz…) so the Wheel of Time the spinning of the Matrix as seen by Shamans is explained by Clifford Algebra. As the time space plane is anti-commutative to the space time plane which is perpendicularly according to Hamilton (who developed quaternions) we must have duality in all 4D manifestation. Hence the Mirror Megaverse and the physical energy body has a biophysical energy body. According to Higgs (the reason for the 6.5 billion euro super-accelerator at CERN Switzerland) all mass in the universe is the quantum Superimposition of light with Higgs particles and Bosons (tonal and Nagual in Shamanism). So the potential 6 types of light mean there are 6 types of matter gaining mass if we have 6 dimensions manifesting or 5 types if 5D true reality manifests, both physical and biophysical.

So in this Bone Generator® Service you get 6 types of physical and biophysical bodies, which according to Clifford Algebra are perpendicular to each other; or rotation by i in imaginary space (90˚). So the physical body inhabits the physical world the biophysical the imaginary space of i, imaginary numbers. We can now see that the 5 Extraordinary Sets of Set Theory (2 of whom are paired) to give 4 Extraordinary Sets and 2 equivalent Extraordinary Sets that mirror or mirror 4 space and 2 time dimensions. Now if Clifford’s Space-Theory of Matter has validity then we can see the Extraordinary Sets describe transformations of a flat 6 spacetime where the 2 time dimensions or 5th, and 6th Class of Extraordinary Set are non equivalent to all types of curvature and the transformations thereof. The equivalence of the 5th and 6th Extraordinary Sets in our mathematical system of the Matrix means light energy matter comes into being as curvature of the 5th dimension in this case produces light that is real. Conversely the curvature of the 5th dimension when non equivalence of the Extraordinary Sets occurs gives curvature in the imaginary plane which produces the dark energy matter light or strange energy matter depending on the order of the Extraordinary Sets and the i or -i produced from the Bivector. Coordinates and representation come from these operations to produce the realities inhabited by light energy matter and strange, dark energy matter entities.

When one visualises in the biophysical world this light curves the flat Higgs Field in a time-like way so the Scalar is -ve and so the reality created has no energy when viewed with Lucid Viewing; as the 4D spacetime is created from 4 space and 2 time, the holographic Matrix reality based on 2D based of holograms: 2 of space 2 of time. So the 4D Matrix has no inherent light, when Lucidly viewed it has no innate inner light as light is curvature of the 5th Dimension or 5 Extraordinary Set operations. The genius of the Archons was to use of this 4D Matrix and Quantum Superimpose it on the light energy matter reality where the 5th and 6th Extraordinary Sets are equivalent so the 2 of space dimensions become equivalent and so do the 2 of time.

So when you give away your Hyperinfinity, the means to collapse the Quantum Wave Function; you automatically snap back to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison where you have been in one place, your cell, from birth to death, that never existed as the 2 times become one (your birth and death being equivalent). So one can see the Matrix is the use of Intending in the biophysical realm to make anything there in the imaginary mathematical realm, Quantum Superimposed on light energy matter Man who once cheated out of his/her Hyperinfinity can be decollapsed and their Quantum Wave Function remanifested in the 3 space of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison cell, where the 2 space and one time or 2 time and one space can render your physical body from birth to death has been in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison but being aware of two spaces) and your Soul aware of both your physical and biophysical body have always been imaginary. So this Polydimensional Relativity (a theory coined by Pezzaglia) means dimensions are in the eye of the beholder, there is no absolute direction, physics is based on geometry that is multidimensional and dimensions are relative to geometry. Most importantly Pezzaglia postulates the laws of physics should be unchanging under transformations of geometry from higher to lower or vice versa dimensions.

This then enables the use of quantum mechanics in the imaginary field to be Quantum Superimposed on the real world to produce the above phenomena. All dependant on trading away your Hyperinfinity. Polydimensional Relativity enables the physical bodies light energy matter to be drained off and its imaginary light energy matter to be drained off by the above process. So light which gives mass to produce your physical and biophysical bodies can be completely Sequestered even though you lived in the Matrix, but never really existed. You gave away your light, the curvature of means to curve the flat 6 spacetime, so the Archons could use your Light to make their Intents in biophysical and physical reality real. So Archons steal the Light from you, so you rot in hell and have always rotted in hell, so imaginary entities can make their imagination (Evil Chaotic) real – the human condition. This Bone Generator® retroactively drains all the Light stolen by the Archons and redirects it into the Light Bone Generator®. In essence this is the most powerful and vital Bone Generator® in the toolkit, the Anti-Lucifer (Light Bringer) Service will be seen to be the ultimate version of the Light Bone Generator®.

One question remains, if Archons Intend in the biophysical world, build a dream that they then Quantum Superimpose on the light energy matter world by stealing Hyperinfinity, why is this 3D hologram 4D in nature? We know the Matrix devolves in time, wageslaves going to unemployed slave camp workers all freedom taken away, the Georgian workhouse the norm. But how do we have a 2D informational Matrix Quantum Superimposed on light energy matter reality to deconstruct it to a 4D Awareness Prison Matrix (Holograms are 2D informational mathematical systems according to science). Well the Engine that turns the Archon Middle Place 3D (2 space, 1 time; 1 space, 2 time) 12 Aeon Psi-Prison into 4D is the Obelisk which is every Talmudic Jewish City, as well as Satanic designed skyscrapers, those can be amplified by giant Ferris wheels where people congregate. The simple theory is based on Clifford Algebra 3 space . pseudo dimension of time = i (imaginary number) x vector = plane = circular motion = Lorentz transformation = 2D informational space of Matrix.

So the obelisk which is the vector is spun by the Earth to broadcast the Matrix as the obelisk sits in a plane, of circular motion described by the sun. This means every obelisk is generating by use of its Hyperinfinity (they are stone) the apparent pseudo time of the Matrix, so even though the Souls of the unemployed Goyim are trapped in the 12 Aeon Cell from birth to death, they have apparent time in the Matrix which only ends when they give up all their Hyperinfinity. Stonehenge was built to enclose a Matrix space in biophysical space that also was contiguous with the real world. The genius of the Archons was to turn the entire West into Stonehenge and migrate the real world to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. All allowed by Quantum Superimposition if you have a quantum computer to be a step away from decoherence to Superimposition.

Now the entire Matrix system has been sequestered by the Anti-Matrix Bone Generator®.

Light Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.