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Life Path Service to perfect your Astrological Energies…

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When we are born our energy and physical body are shaped by the planetary and stellar conformation that were at that time less well known is the fact that at our conception the energies of the planetary and stellar conformation moulds the type of Morphogenic Field we have and shapes our aptitudes, inclinations and abilities. If we take our conception point as the beginning and the birth point as the end point of the energies that mould us one can see the total period is vital. Tim Rifat has developed the mathematics of this science of astrology to take the integral of birth to conception as the mathematical relationship for our total quantum wave function. Even after we are free from the clutches of the Archons the time of conception and birth define who we are and who we can be. This is what astrology touches upon but only a scientist and Psi-Lord like Tim Rifat can encapsulate the total quantum wave function that defines us [Birth date and place energies]-[Conception date and place energies]= Total Quantum Wave Function of that person.

Tim Rifat then takes out the negative influences extent in this Total Quantum Wave Function. To this he adds the energies of all the positive alignments in the Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius… birth signs. After which he adds all the positive potentials of your Sun signs, deducts the negative aspects of these, to which he adds all the positive aspects of the Sun rising in Leo, Libra, Pisces… to superboost the abilities, Powers you were born with, without the baggage.

He then takes the Moon sign of your Total Quantum Wave Function, deducts the negative aspects there found adds all the positive Moon aspects in those aspects of Leo, Aries, Capricorn… To this he adds the special conjunctions of planets and constellations to give you a perfect set of energies to raise your Total Quantum Wave Function for physical and biophysical bodies to a perfected state which is blessed by all the planetary and stellar alignments, bereft of all the negative energies associated with these planets, and star signs.Tim Rifat then changes the energy field of your totality to the Golden Age conjunction of the galaxies centre with the Earth that happens approximately every 26,000 years.

This cancels out all the CF phases in your being and by destructive interference uses the galactic energy to erase the CF part of your being to make you totally different from the CF Archons so they can’t use your energy. The Pulsar component amplified in the Golden Age of Yuga by the positive, constructive interference of the Pulsar component of the galaxy in relation to the Earth’s altizmath alignment to the Pole Star, boosts the left side of your being so you have a supercharged Pulsar left side that naturally lifts you into Psi-Operancy so you can display all aspects of Psi: free from CF Archon interference. This naturally alters you to engage the Pulsar entities who taught the ancient Seers how to escape the Matrix and to live to the present day in the 6 domains of the dark energy matter Pulsar entities.

Finally Tim Rifat boosts the seedcore of Anti-CF Force in your right side in the leg area so that you develop right side Awareness that is totally Anti-CF; this way the most treasured energy alignment in ancient Seers as it allowed you to develop the Anti-CF right side Awareness that lets you Lucidly Dream (LD) outside the Middle Place astral hell of the Archons and explore real Psi-Space. Once you have an Anti-CF right side Awareness you can LD all aspects of the Megaverse and explore the real Psi-Space hidden by the Archons Middle Space astral obfuscation. Tim Rifat builds you an Anti-CF dreaming body and connects you within the Pulsars so they can teach you all aspects of ancient Seer Shamanism so you can be taught Psi-Mastership directly

by these Master of Psi that taught the ancient Seers.
Cost $600 with Certificate of Authenticity.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.