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Kosher Bone Generator® — turns Psi-Lords into Psi-Gods; Psi-Gods into Psi-God a global gestalt.

The Talmudic Zionist run all New York, Chicago and most Western slaughter houses were Talmudic Zionist Satanist rituals are used to kill 100’s of millions of Pigs, Cows, Lambs, Chickens by slowly torturing them to death by slitting their throats – killing them quickly is forbidden by Talmudic Jews. If they do they are blacklisted in the US and can’t sell their meat and foul. Why do Talmudic Jew Satanists impose Kosher slaughter on Americans, Canadians… EU Talmudic Zionist colony countries. They do this because the Satanist Supernatural Spirits feed off fear and cannot ingest the lifeforce, Psychotronic Fuel of the animals if the animals are killed quickly. The Supernatural Spirits of the Satanist ilk are of low frequency so the high frequency Psychotronic Fuel of instantly slaughtered animals cannot be used by them as it’s high frequency is indigestible. For this reason Talmudic Zionist Satanist Supernatural Spirits need all animals foul tortured slowly to death so they can be beaten by these evil dark and strange energy matter Demons… vermin… Kabbalah Chaos entities.

It is for this reason George W Bush the grandson of Alistair Crawley the British Satanist (Barbara Bush is the illegitimate bastard daughter of Crowley according to US investigator Alex Jones) created the torture camps in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Poland, Majorca, Romania, Jordon, Egypt, Morocco… so Moslems could be tortured to death. The worst culprits being the US Navy who use their large ships as torture death ships for all Moslems and US enemies on the death list. They do this so the tortured Moslems can be used for food by the Supernatural Spirit Satanists. It is for this reason that the Talmudic Zionists of Israel torture the Palestinians by starvation, penury, Psychological warfare prior to the Gaza genocide to feed the Supernatural Spirit Satanists with the tortured to death Palestinians. Kosher Palestinians for the Talmudic Zionist Satanist Supernatural Spirits to consume after they have been tortured to death. One can see Gaza and the Lebanon were a giant feeding ground for low frequency Chaos Evil Talmudic Jew Satanist Supernatural Spirit entities. One can also see why Talmudic Zionist Israel, USA, Nato target primarily civilians – the younger the better as fear killed babies taste best to evil Supernatural spirits. Hence Talmudic Jews the paedophile torture murders of children.

In this Bone Generator® all the Psychotronic Fuel past, present and future derived from the torture murder blood letting of Kosher animals and Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans as well as the 50 million plus Russians… killed by Talmudic Zionist Stalin and his Zionist NKVD, the 100 million blocks killed by Zionist slave traders, the World Wars caused and run by the Rothschilds and the Talmudic Zionists, Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Hitler, the genocide of Germans by Eisenhower (10 million) stoned to death… all Kosher killings, fuel the Kosher Bone Generator®. As one can see the number of animals and humans killed by Talmudic Zionist Kosher killing in billions so the Psychotronic Fuel available is gigantic. All human and higher animals so it is perfect to boost health, youthfulness and sexual prowess. Perfect for the human rather than devic orientated Psi-Master. Retroactively Total Amalek total toxic waste Evil killing Evil to damn Evil, the Trinity of Total Amalek is retroactively put in all the Kosher Killings, so one gets to poison the Talmudic Zionist, Satanist Supernatural Spirits with Perfect Perfect Total Amalek as a self propagating toxic waste poison – an eternal poison that keeps getting worse and worse for the Total DeathGoat Zionists screaming in Omega Hells; the Total Amalek version of boiling semen forced into Christ in the Hell of the Babylonian Talmud, now given to Talmudic Jews, Satanic Supernatural Spirits. The Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force derived from the Earth is nothing in comparison with the Kosher Bone Generator® power source as the Total DeathGoat Zionists screaming in Omega Hells (all Israelis… Talmudic Zionists, Satanist Goyim, Satanic Supernatural Spirits), are eternally milked for Psychotronic Fuel, their output growing exponentially as the Total Amalek Kosher Poison of boiling semen of Total Amalek eats them alive, quantum computing every possible way of evading this torture. The SuperBoost for Psi-Gods.

Kosher Bone Generator®

12 only with Certificate