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Killing Fields Bone Generators®

The use of digital processing in Hyperinfinite storage vessels in the skeleton, the ancient Bone Generator® can be extended into full quantum computing by running axiomatic real number systems as well as imaginary number systems such a Quarternions, Octonions, Grassman and Clifford Algebra. How is this done? In the Total Deathgoat Jew screaming in Omega Hells we have quantum computing of negative states of Hyperinfinity in the Bone Generators of Talmudic Jew UnterGoyim. Their Hyperinfinity has been taken as they tried to kill Total Intent just by being Evil. Amalek then tricked them via their greed into thinking they could take by force the world (NWO) and the power of Messiah – the antidote to Amalek. So in reality they have progressed through the negative number systems in ways of giving away Hyperinfinity they do not possess, till they reached the end of Chaos maths and progressed into non-Chaotic higher number systems of Hyperinfinite debt. As Hyperinfinity collapses the Quantum Wave Function via Mind over Matter the Talmudic Jews have produced a reality of un-payable debt for themselves and the Goyim that nurture and protect them. The 4 quadrillion debt run upon Talmudic Jew computer screens using Theory of Everything physics models to con the world proves the truth of Tim Rifat’s statement.

Now if we have a Matrix of debt this shows the Bone Generators® of all Westerners, Japanese, Africans… are running negative quantum computing Bone Generators®. Just different ways of giving away increasing amounts of Hyperinfinity they do not possess, not the 1 and 0 of digital technology but -1… -00… ;-00 is the symbol for -infinity. Once they reach the Total Power Set of – infinity they drop out of Chaos axionic mathematics so by definition are in unknown territory; the realm of Total Intent. This process is not infinitely extendable as like Schrodingers Cat in the Box there is an end, alive or dead. Since they are -ve Hyperinfinity the end of the road for them is Total Death as mandated by the Killing Field that ends all quantum computing.

In this Service you get the Killing Field Bone Generator® to end all quantum computing so all your targets become Totally Dead unable to carry out any Remote Influencing… Mind over Matter. You can’t have walking dead except in a Matrix which is a quantum Simulation, where the Matrix inhabitant is really dead already in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. Since this used to be the Goyim it mandates that all Talmudic Jews now wake up in Goyian damned Souls trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison enabling Soul Rescue of selected Goyim to be Psi-Masters. All the Freemasons and Goyim slaves of Talmudic Jews numbering 1 billion in USA, Canada, Australia, N Zealand, Nato/EU countries are now all Total Dead in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison . The 13 million or so Talmudic Jews (except self hating Jews) give the opportunity for the few Psi-Masters to not only use the Killing Field to kill off all psychic power, Mind over Matter in the above, but we have also seen Hyperinfinity manifests the UnterGoyim Jew, Goyim. The brain detecting this a second later. So if this is a Matrix the Psi-Lord has replaced them with Total Amalek Tulpas. One can see Tulpas are not imaginary in a Matrix but can be used by a Psi-Lord to get the targets to do things they don’t want to do all the new Hyperinfinite debt downloaded into the Talmudic Jews and Goyim in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. As well as downloading this negative Hyperinfinity into the 200+ Supernatural Spirits the Rothschilds promised could possess Goyim bodies after WW11. So each asshole in the West is now a negative Hyperinfinite Bone Generator® Total Amalek Tulpa, not to damn the Talmudic Jews/Goyim but the Supernatural Spirits. Think of the Tulpas as the ultimate flytrap, any Supernatural Spirit that interacts with them gets all its Hyperinfinity beached and acts as a toxic waste dump for the Sublime Good® Hyperinfinite process. All the negative Hyperinfinity produced by using the Tulpas to create new Hyperinfinity gets dumped on Supernatural Spirits and the damned.


So the Psi-Master can produce a Sublime Good® Hyperinfinite Bone Generator® to collapse his Quantum Wave Function with no hidden parts, a pre-requisite of Total Intent Consciousness. This process also enables the split in humanity so the Russians can live in a non Matrix reality fed by the Westerners in the Matrix. Eventually the two split completely the above fuelling the upward progression of Psi-Master/Russian by use of Sublime Good® Killing Fields.

Killing Fields Bone Generators® $600 with Certificate