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Jesus Christ Service: Ministering to the Masses.

As we have seen the brown energy strange dark energy matter entities that are the walk ins in Jews have three branches, the two either side of the Middle Sephirotic Tree of strange and dark energy matter are Evil, the middle harbour the hidden part of Total Intent within Evil, that enables the good of the light energy matter Goyim to be liberated from the Evil of the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth brown chosen race of Jew Evil; by the few Jews that are of the Jesus Christ variety, who though alien brown strange energy matter aliens can transcend their Veil and find the hidden place within Evil that enables Evil to be destroyed and the good personified by the Goyim liberated from Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Evil. In every closed Chaotic system there is part of this closed system hidden to that system. This is called Gödels Incompleteness Theorem. This hidden part can sequester Evil as Evil sequesters Good for Total Intent, as no closed system is closed and therefore chaotic to Total Intent, the Global Gestalt. As the brown strange energy matter Jew race are the chosen race of Evil of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, only a Christ from within their ranks can travel tot he hidden part of Evil to unlock the door to freedom for the poor Goyim cattle. Jesus carried out the operation and then suffered to this day for the sins of all the released Goyim, see Christian Legacy Service. As one has seen in the previous Service the strange and dark energy matter parasites in the human form can be used to interfere with each other in Jews to produce negative self destructing biophysical bodies in the Zionist Jew to render them mad, criminally stupid and self destructive. The human body is negative as it ages and dies so this gives a positive output of the self decaying Zionist Jew and Zionist (-x- = +ve) for the Psi-Masters use. The Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals® imposed on the Zionist Jew by the Psi-Lord negate any positive effect tot he Zionist and use Psychotronic Amplification to add the -ve Zionist human body to their -ve biophysical bodies (strange and ark energy matter self destructing). This makes the Zionist a toxic waste dump for negative energy (-x-x- = -ve).

In this Bone Generator® Service the Psi-Lord can emulate the Jesus Christ to save his fellow Man (even though if they knew the Christian Legacy Service they would know they are saved already). The right hand Bone Generator® dumps positive energy from the self destructing Zionist Jew into any deserving Goyim who needs help to boost their physical body for healing and Soul for cleansing boosting their mud, biophysical body. One can do this by ministering or laying on of hands (right only) or using a photograph. The left hand Bone Generator® sucks out the negative energy, Demons, Insectiles, madness, programming of Evil and this is done as above. You can then dump these Zionist spawned Evil on any Zionist you wish using the right hand Bone Generator® . The Jesus Christ Service allows you to use Bone Generators® to heal thousands of pwople like Christ did, or just family and friends and the Evil Zionist provides the energy and acts as the toxic waste dump. As Jesus Christ the Jew set up this process the Jew cannot deny the process as the Sanhedrin Jews had Christ crucified to shut him up as he was against child torture, rape and cannabalism as practised by the Sanhedrin Pharasaic Jess who now control Israel and the West as the 13 Jewish Satanist Families of the Illuminati. As Christ unlocked the door in the pit of Hell guarded by Abaddon, the Beast you can minister to your flock by healing them and then use the right hand Bone Generator® to draw a doorway in front of you in a clockwise direction of gold fire, pick up the photo…. of the person to be ministrered to and push them through it (bodily if you have the person in the flesh and willing!). This automatically, if you push them through with the left hand Bone Generator® to supply the energy lifts them out of the Middle Place in Soul and Spirit and ensures that a way will be found to save them, but the Psi-Master takes the responsibility for ensuring this so builds up a life work to be carried out.

Jesus Christ Service: Ministering to the Masses: $200 with Certificate