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Upgrade A:  James Bone: Special Forces, MI6 Assassin Bone Generator®:

For all you aspiring James Bonds who wish to be an expert in secret agent MI6 assassin capability, this Bone Generator® gives you all the characteristics of a real MI6 ‘James Bond 007’ assassin, in one package. Luckily Tim Rifat’s best friend was an MI6 assassin, who had killed many people under orders from MI6. Before his death, Tim Rifat used 5D Kline Bottle technology to download a Sublime Good® Morphogenic template of this real world James Bond. Characteristics can be transferred from one human to another because Bone Generators® produce your Morphogenic Field. So by adding and deleting characteristics form your Bone Generators® one can delete the wageslave, fat, slob, coward from your behaviour; courage, knowledge of how to kill the enemy, complete the mission, weapon craft, coolness under fire, ability to take punishment… can be added to your Bone Generators® so the Morphogenic Field that switches on your DNA, is that of a real life James Bond. Tim Rifat used this Bone Generator® to modify his being to become the Uber-assassin using thought weapons to slaughter MI5, MI6… the British government, Gordon Brown (thought weapons are above the law as cursing is not part of the legal system; Psi-Lord Ltd explicitly forbids any physical assaults as this is covered by the law and gives the vermin British government an excuse to jail you – so is totally counter-productive – all real assassins use Psychotronic Generators®, Bone Generators® to kill the enemy using Morphogenic killing. These weapons are available to any non-British military by special order – price on application (see Rense Radio on for Tim Rifat’s Psychotronic Warfare broadcasts on US national radio).

This Bone Generator® automatically gives you:-

MI6 assassin training by Lamarkism using Morphogenic Bone Generator® downloads
Fitness to Special Forces standard by modifying your Morphogenic Field using Bone Generator® Quantum Computing to modify your DNA epigentically.
Turn you into a cold calculating killer able to slaughter (by use of thought weapons – physical assault is illegal) your enemy, or as an executive to become an Uber-predator, destroying all opposition in business warfare to kill off all competition.
Give you the cool, cultured, dignified veneer of a real life gentleman James Bond to put all your enemies on the wrong footing. The British way is to be upper-class, smiling, knowledgeable in the best things in life (my friend was an expert in art, antiques, fine wines, food, hunting, fishing, correct manners, upper class bearing and dress…) So you can stab your enemy in the back. To deceive your enemy by making yourself look harmless is vital to being a good MI6 assassin. Tim Rifat smiles, has good manners as he uses thought weapons to kill MI5. The American hard man redneck is inappropriate for a good MI6 assassin.
Enable you to deceive your enemy by automatically making you friendly and open to all your enemies so you can effectively use Psychotronic weapons on them aided by proximity; having your target let their guard down. Tim Rifat used this to convince MI5 he was mentally destabilised so he could have the time and opportunity to implant Psychotronic weapons in the thousands of MI5 torture shells that followed him around into every shop 24/7. They now all have Shredder, Ape, Dummer, Duma, Ape, Prisons, Dumb, Sidearm, Shaddai, Hell, Satan, Raphael, Mad, Devil, Pit, Death, Evil, Edom, Lucifer, Pluto… all strategic Psychotronic weapons field tested on MI5 to expunge Britain… Now available to any non-British military by special order only to eliminate other countries.
Gives you all the physical capabilities of the archetypal MI6 assassin, so you quickly learn: hand to hand fighting, weapon use from knives to C4 use, marksmanship, field craft, living off the land, camouflage in country or in the Street, ability to become an enemy type so you fit in, in all situations – vital to an assassin. This means you learn all the above as if you have always known them because you do – Morphogenic Lamarkism downloaded by your Bone Generator® technology.
Gives you all the mental attributes of an MI6 James Bone assassin, coolness under fire, deception of all around you, enhanced perception, automatic calculation of fields of true escape and evasion techniques, total ruthlessness/killing instinct, flexibility, able to think on your feet…

Upgrade A:  James Bone: Special Forces, MI6 Assassin Bone Generator®:

$600 with Certificate