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The iBomb: The topology of Evil terminated to exterminate all dark strange energy matter Supernatural Spirits:

The Satanist Talmudic Illuminati who took over from the Bashimet worshipping Satanist Knights Templar build huge stone building, monuments, Sepulches, Churches, skyscrapers and of course the hears of Evil the Pentagon, White House, Knesset… Masonic Jewish Temples. They use the huge amount of Hyperinfinity in these stone structures to manifest Evil on Earth (see Bone Generator® Service). The Sequestered Jehovah Elohim Bone Generator® explains the importance of these Temples, Sanctuaries and associated Wells, pools in the Middle Place. Now lets look at the mathematics, the raison d’etre for the above mathematics is incredibly complicated to the 20 second attention span transgenic chimp, they are so dumbed down they can’t even multiply their times table. One finds all the charlatans be they the MI5 stooges Graham Nickels, Rory Mcaffrey, NSA patsies Loohan aka Dexter Atol and all the ex-operatives be they CIA, DIA, NSA derived avoid maths like the plague as in most cases they don’t even have A levels (high school diplomas). Serious scientists lose their funding if they veer into Illuminati territory so Tim Rifat is the only scientist in the world enabled to give you the Illuminati’s secrets – and then more – how to Sequester them.

The real purpose of all these Satanic Temples be they Wall St, Greek Parthenon or Israel’s World Court, Australia’s Parliament building or the 5 new skyscrapers build on Ground Zero are to act as manifestors of the imaginary Supernatural Spirits of the 200 million Archons, Demons, entities both CF and Pulsar as well as Chaos possessed black Archons, spiders (of Kenneth Grant variety), Reptiloids and Insectiles. Imaginary is used in its precise mathematical definition, the simplest versions of which derive from i the V-I. i is an imaginary number. All Supernatural Spirits are not derived from the mathematics of real numbers but from imaginary numbers, dark energy matter entities form +i, strange energy matter from -i so to inhabit our world and use the bodies of the damned as vehicles they need a means of transferring an i derived entity or wageslave.

How are these 200 million Supernatural Spirits of Evil (promised the Earth as their domain by the Illuminati in return for supernatural power parasitized from the death of 6 billion transgenic chimps and the capture of 6 million wageslave and useless eater Souls) going to possess in full the 200 million transgenic chimps surviving WW111? The huge buildings and monuments dedicated to Satan, Samael, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth do this, they are the means by which the imaginary, Supernatural Spirit can occupy the 3 dimensional human body. This is because in Clifford Algebra i is the Volume of a 3 space. So the volume interior of Masonic Temples, Churches, Pentagon, White House, Congress/Senate building, Houses of Parliament, Aircraft carrier, tank, office building; once dedicated to Satan can act as a Topology transformer of Evil, changing the imaginary i of the Supernatural Spirit into the 3D body of the transgenic chimp and more importantly transferring the Soul of the wageslave into the imaginary dark energy matter dimension of the Middle Place and hence into the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. So the Middle Place is full of buildings as buildings carry out the Topology of Evil. A 3D Kline Bottle that has a passage into the i, imaginary dimensions of Supernatural Spirits. This Bone Generator® allows you to draw, construct, fill out only 3 space in any place, over the Pentagon, White House, Knesset… Houses of Parliament. By doing this you put a Hyperinfinite 3space equal to the building, monument quantum superimposed over the Satanic building.

Automatically this changes the i to 3 space process into -i, so all the 200 million Supernatural Spirits in the transgenic chimps of EU ministers, Senators, Talmudic Jewish Bankers, generals. MI5, M10, NSA became negative causing them to become timelike so they lose all control over the Matrix, super ageing the body rapidly decays, they go instantly self destructive, mad, criminally stupid and all the Middle Place, Underworld, Matrix, CF, Pulsar, strange dark energy matter realms because -i in those regions of co-existence. In effect this Bone Generator® burns a hole in these realms. Put the 3space Hyperinfinity over any target and they become -i, the Supernatural Spirit possessor turned negative so it self destructs. The Bone Generator® multiplies the pairs of targets Hyperinfinity and 3space Hyperinfinity, in AB, BA mode to get -ix-iº͋¹. With respect to you so the extermination of all imaginary possession feeds your Bone Generators® +i positive energies.

The iBomb: The topology of Evil terminated to exterminate all dark strange energy matter Supernatural Spirits: $600 with Certificate