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Hyperprocessing Bone Generator®:

The brain functions at over 28hz more usually over 30hz as recorded by EEG. The brain has a resonant frequency of around 40 cycles per second. Meditation lowers the frequency of the brain to alpha, around 14 Hz. This is the level found in daydreaming and reached by meditation courses, of which there are numerous. Use of biofeedback equipment can get you into theta, around 7hz, or use of the protocols on this is the frequency found while in deep dreamless sleep. Delta is the brain state for Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Bi-location, Dreaming Body Production. So control of brain frequency is vital for all Psi Paranormal Activity. But unfortunately all Extreme Situations raise the brain stress level and release large quantities of stress hormones/transmitters, that raise you into high delta. So all combat soldiers, fighters, hunters, athletes, stressed executives, have no paranormal abilities. In fact high stress levels produce resonance with the Psi-Damping Field, produced by the brain, Soul activity of the wageslave masses. Therefore all soldiers… executives have negative Psi-activity where they get negative Remote Viewing, ideas that lead to failure. Full details of brain stress system, brain frequencies… on as books, illustrations and Remote Viewing, Remote Sensing Courses.

Now if you can lower the brain frequency of the individual, you increase the efficiency of brain function. This is because Energy = Planks Constant x Frequency (E=hf) from quantum mechanics basic equations. So if you lower the frequency of the brain the energy needed to run the brain (that downloads the quantum computing of the mind, in the biophysical body is lowered. This means your brain is not working as hard so you don’t get tired (mentally) as quickly. Or more importantly you can carry out more complex computation, processing … using the same amount of energy. So you can radically improve the brain functioning to enable Hyperprocessing if you can entrain, this lower brain frequency as your basal brain frequency. So for example if you operate as an executive in high delta under stress, or as a fighter in the ring, or as a soldier in combat, basal brain frequencies are raised by the stress levels. So your efficiency goes down the more stressed you are making your brain burn out to make you fatigued. Hence US fighter pilots have to take amphetamines to keep going on missions. Lowering efficiency dramatically to make complex tasks difficult or full of faults to lower combat efficiency. So if you can lower a high delta frequency of 40hz to say 10hz (in the alpha rhythms) then efficiency is increased fourfold. Meditation programmes do this but only while meditating. In combat conditions you lose the alpha rhythm. A technology is needed to keep you in alpha or theta (for even greater efficiency) all the time. Only Bone Generators® do this as they operate on the quantum level to collapse the Quantum Wave Function using your own Hyperinfinity (see Bone Generator® Service for explanation of Bone generators®). This Service gives you a low alpha brain rhythm to increase efficiency and allow you to think better and longer. To use you simply repeat alpha, alpha as a mantra to initiate the Bone Generator®.

Hyperprocessing Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Hyperprocessing Bone Generator® Upgrade A:

To lower your brain into theta this upgrade soups up your Bone Generator® using other people’s Hyperinfinity to give you a basal theta level for super generators using other peoples Hyperinfinity to give you a basal theta level for super-thinking and efficiency for longer. To use you repeat ‘theta, theta’ to activate!

Hyperprocessing Bone Generator® Upgrade A: $600

Hyperprocessing Bone Generator® Upgrade B:

(needs Basic + Upgrade A)

This Bone Generator® lowers your brain frequency steadily and incrementally lower and lower to delta, the aim being to reach the Silent Knowledge level as you acquire Hyperinfinity. This gives you with practise Hyperprocessing brain function. To enable you simply repeat ‘delta, delta’ to activate Hyperprocessing brain function that improves every time you use it!
Hyperprocessing Bone Generator® Upgrade B: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.